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Obasi Cross

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 Name: Obasi Cross

 Age: March 4th, X768

 Gender: Male

 Sexuality: Bisexual

 Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

 Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

 Class: Spellhowler

 Race: Deni-Human(Octopus)

 Rank: D-rank

 Guild: Guildless

 Tattoo: The center of his tongue

 Face: Octoling Boy Original art Pigeon666



 Height: 5”0

 Weight: 100lbs

 Hair: Brown

 Eyes: Red

 Overall: Where a mighty mane typically reigned unchallenged, Obasi instead boasts a legion of slime-slick meat.  Painted alabaster and slathered in suction cups, the writhing tendrils hung lazily betwixt Obasi’s eyes. Like an annoying lock of wayward curls, they forever loiter upon the bridge of his nose—a sharp contrast to dark chocolate skin that coats his body upon, which two gray orbs sit. Beneath steely gray eyes, a little button nose pokes out from his face. Lastly, fangs and a forked tongue dwell at the base of his round head. Below them, he bears scars etched into his features. Despite even a scar, Obasi is what some people would consider cute, although; he is not aware of this sentiment.

Of lithe physique and diminutive size Obasi is shorter than most males his age. Due to his juvenile looks and short stature, he is often mistaken for a child. In more extreme cases, he’s been mistaken for someone decades his junior. Because of this repeated case of misidentification, he’s developed somewhat of a complex. Thin with hints of definition, Obasi is best described as lean. Admittedly, he isn’t the strongest or the fastest, but his health and shape are ideal for someone his age. Something he takes pride in, even if he doesn’t always show it.

Prioritizing comfort over everything else, Obasi wears loose-fitting clothes. Sometimes he will wear shirts or baggy pants, just so long as it maximized his comfort. Beyond this, his attire doesn’t become too crazy, with his most elaborate being a slightly more formal shirt and pants. Due to his lax style of dress, he often comes across as more light-hearted and relaxed than his personality would imply.
Extra: Numerous bruises paint Obasi’s face, with countless bandages plastered atop them.


Personality: Uninterested in toils of labor or the sacrifice that duty commands, Obasi favors easier routes to power.  If a task requires more effort than he’s willing to expend, the Spellhowler will cheat. If Obasi has a higherup that he must report to, the youth will bribe them. This isn’t to say he’s incapable of completing an order, as much as it is to say that he has no desire to. His motto has always been, “why to work hard when you can work smart?” To this end, he prefers to use his charisma to get by or take on easier jobs. Often that work is of a shadier nature and involves association with people of dubious morality—both of, which are elements he’d more than accustomed to and prefer.

Somewhat of a lone wolf, Obasi prefers his own company over most. That is not to say he hates interacting with people, but his lonesome childhood instilled within him a comfort in solitude. Perhaps it is this preference for isolation that has earned him a reputation of an “Ice King.” As most onlookers have come to consider him cold and distant despite his protest otherwise. Admittedly, it does not help matters that he often shoulders burdens alone.

Pragmatic by nature, Obasi takes the most practical course in life. In his opinion, the obvious and sensible answer is probably the best one. This rationality extends to everything from interactions with others to his goals. If he can reasonably accomplish an objective, he will pursue it. Otherwise, he will not even try. Of course, this aversion to the daring has haunted him on several occasions, such as missed opportunities. Even still, Obasi shies away from the adventurous path in favor of something realistically obtainable.

Darkly tinted comedy is Obasi’s forte, with raucous and lascivious jokes being his favorites. Of course, this isn’t his only form of humor, as the Spellhowler tends to have a wide range of tastes. From the lighthearted to the morbid and offensive, Obasi has an appreciation for comedy of all stripes. Nothing, however, beats the discomfort he sews through inappropriate comments. Despite these provocative impulses, Obasi knows when to tone it down. At times, his clownish tendencies still break through when it comes to working, but they vanish when things turn serious. Despite these provocative impulses, Obasi knows when to tone it down. Casual environments, on the other hand, are where he can really cut loose. Jokes flow from him like a stream with no sign of slowing down. Paired with his sarcastic nature, the Spellhowler  is an entertaining conversationalist.


  • Battle Maniac: Obasi loves combat. He enjoys seeing fiery doom flung into bystanders. Golems built for war colliding with each other leaves him ecstatic. There is nothing he enjoys more than a good conflict.
  • Conquest: His lusts are endless, treasures, peoples, or lands, he seeks to covet them all. The son of parents with a similar disposition, he possesses a powerful inborn instinct for plunder and subjugation.


  • Dishonorable Displays: Paradoxically, Obasi loathes those who cheat in combat. Battle and his chosen craft are two of the few things he holds in respect, and seeing them exploited angers him. If someone fails to measure up, he believes they should improve or quit. If they get ahead by cheating, they are not only hurting themselves and the integrity of the art. This perhaps is one of the few times Obasi will show any degree of honor.
  • Cityboy: Soil and foliage are deadly allergens to his city slicker sensibilities. Obasi hasn’t experienced the “wonders” of nature since childhood, and he plans to keep it that way.


  • Power and Influence: Absolute authority begets ease and access; thus, Obasi finds himself drawn to wanting more of it. Born a beggar, just a mere taste is enough to drive him mad. As such, he has dedicated his life to obtaining wealth and clout.


  • Death: Finality terrifies Obasi to his core. To die without leaving a single mark upon creation is perhaps his greatest fear.
  • Destitution: Poverty worries most people, but unlike most he takes it to an irrational level. Even he is aware of how illogical this concern is, but he’s clueless about what causes it.



 Strength: 2

 Speed: 4

 Constitution: 2

 Endurance: 11

 Intelligence: 11


 Magic Name: Blackest Miasma

 Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement:
Debuff on Strike(Offensive-Type)

Price: 1,000,000 Jewels

Description: This enhancement causes the selected spell-type to also debuff the target for one post equivalent to the spell's rank. This must be defined on spell creation.

 Magic Description: An oppressive gloom reaches ever outward, strangling all life caught within its tendrils. Obasi’s magic concentrates mainly on hexes meant to harm and de-empower. Beyond this, it can be further manipulated into various shapes and sizes. He can even impart an ally with its evil might. However, its chief function is seen in its health or status impairing effects.   



History: Born in shame, ignominy characterized the formative years of Obasi’s life. An unwanted consequence of a wife’s infidelity, Obasi was conceived in secret. Thought a mistake by his “mother” Azula, Obasi’s existence was one of disgrace and disgust. Embarrassed at the thought of ruining the life she’d built as a chieftain. A powerful woman with a known family, she was a stern and cruel leader. She emphasized the importance of loyalty and faithfulness within her tribe, but Azula had cravings that she liked to satisfy from time to time. Of course, such hypocrisy couldn’t be known, so the woman planned to keep the boy hidden. To further her deception, the boy was sent to live with his aunt, who treated him relatively well. The older he’d grown, the closer Obasi realized that he was a prisoner.

His aunt was a loyal woman who would never reveal the truth, and so, she agreed to keep him. While he lived with her, Obasi was forbidden from interacting with their tribe. Fearful that suspicion would be cast upon him, ruining Azula’s secrecy. So, the boy lived isolated and alone, resentment building for the woman who birthed him. Meanwhile, his mother continued with her life as usual, away from her bastard son.

Eventually, the hardships of age caught up with the old woman ending her life. Without the support of her aunt, Azula found herself in yet another bind. She had to be rid of Obasi, but she was too much of a coward to kill the small boy. “What if someone found the body?” Haunted by these thoughts and the possibility of her conspiracy being uncovered, Azula grew desperate. Using her contacts, she had Obasi taken to Fiore.

Concerned only with her own interest, Azula cared not for her son’s safety. She only wanted him gone and saw to it that he would be removed from her life. The man who would be her “savior” was an unsavory bandit by the name of Tavin.  A fellow whose morals were easily exploited by coin. He was more than happy to answer the woman’s summons. Initially, she asked him about killing the boy, but Tavin, who shockingly didn’t enjoy killing, said he’d just dump him somewhere in Fiore.

When he was taken away, no tears were shed between them. Even at a young age, Obasi hated the woman who treated him like an anchor. Instead of a heartful farewell, she had him snatched away amid the night. Tied and gagged, all the boy could do was “enjoy” his trip from the only home he’d ever known. During the voyage, Tavin ran across an old hermit friend of his named Reglan, who lived just off the coast of Fiore.  A  spellhowler of little note, he took an interest in Obasi as an apprentice. After agreeing to take the boy off his hands, the bandit surrendered Obasi to the spellhowler . Life was cripplingly lonely, and he’d appreciated the company.

Initially, Obasi was terrified of the sagely wizard, after being kept as a virtual prisoner for so long.  Aware of the hardships the boy had gone through, the spellhowler gave him room to adjust. Eventually, the boy began to warm up to the old codger after realizing he wasn’t horrible like Azula. Soon a friendship blossomed, and an apprenticeship was born. Obasi learned magic and so much more under Reglan’s tutelage. He also helped with chores and other tasks. When Obasi reached adulthood, his time with the old sage had reached its end. The old man had died but left his young apprentice with enough money to travel the world and pursue the life he wanted to live.  


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