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Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi]

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#1Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Fri Jul 09, 2021 8:41 am

Hildegard Sachsenwald
Walking through the forest felt more like home to Hildegard than the cities and castles of Bosco ever would. She had often felt like an outcast during her upbringing, something about 'not being a true heir' due to her mother's elven nature, so often the young heiress would find herself wandering through nature, learning the cultures of the wood elves and communicating with the various animal life that lived among the vast expanse of forest that made up her home country.

Today however, as she wandered through one of the demi human settlements she had set up for lost souls, Hildegard was not walking purely for enjoyment. She was on a mission. A great storm had blown down many of the buildings in the settlement, as they had been rudimentary and formed using whatever materials could be found in the nearby area. She wished to improve upon them, to make them even stronger and able to last the next storm when it came.

A light laugh escaped her lips, "Hehehe~ I'm basically doing the same thing as brother Reiner." Working on progress, upgrading things that weren't at their best level, it made sense. "If only he wasn't so content on ruining nature."

She had invited one of the people from her last meeting to join her today, the human male. She didn't know anything else about him other than he had put more work in for her reputation than any other, and so it made sense that he be the first person she goes on an adventure with.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Fri Jul 09, 2021 10:23 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin sent the woodland messenger on its way. The little animal had brought a summons from... "Hildegard," jin spoke aloud and rocked forward away from the tree stump he was resting upon. An elven man peered over at the paladin's abrupt reaction.

"looks like you better hurry," the elf replied.

"Guess so. See ya soon," Jin stood and bid the man farewell as he wandered to the small settlement where she awaited. He wasn't sure what to expect. He may have done his duty but it was a bloody path. And one that left a lasting scar lingering in his mind.

Debris littered the ground as he approached. The closer he came to the settlement, the denser the rubble became. Large bulks of timber were strewn about. Trees laid, uprooted on the ground. The front gate was split in two. Each side formed a shattered crescent moon. Within was no better. Homes were torn a part. Roofs were missing and walls had collapsed. Trees from the forest had been ripped free and thrown into the town square.

"This is bad," he spoke to himself and stepped around the catastrophe. He asked some of the locals if they had seen her and soon enough he was pointed in the only direction she could be in. Down the road, he saw a bobbing head of green hair.

"Hildegard...you called for me? Good to see you're in good health," Jin said, still not one for much formality.

#3Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Sat Jul 10, 2021 2:32 am

Hildegard Sachsenwald
The human, Jin, soon approached Hildegard, showing virtually none of the pomp and circumstance that the small wood elf had come to expect by her greeters. It filled her with such glee as she breathed a sigh of relief. Already she was liking this man, he didn't have any preconceived notions about how today was going to go, he was just happy to be invited. A somber smile formed on her lips as she responded to the man, "I am doing well, although I wish the same could be said for this village." She quickly snapped herself out of her misery. She was a Princess, she didn't lament over things she could not control. Instead, her job was to seek out a solution, and she knew exactly what she was going to do.

There were many ways to phrase the situation, but only one was right for Hildegard: "Jin Tatsumi, we're going to help this settlement rebuild." She said it with pride, showing no sense of failure. She had set out a task to complete, and nothing was going to stop her from completing it. Looking around, there were some demi humans gathering nearby. They looked strong, and had a desire to help rebuild. After all, this was their home. Scaling a tree standing tall next to her position, Hildegard addressed her people from one of the branches, balancing with the grace and dexterity of a trained dancer. This was her home too.

"Greetings everyone. I wish to ask those strong and able to work to follow me. We're going to rebuild this place stronger than before, so that it can weather any storm."

All those lessons on etiquette and addressing the people had clearly come in handy. She descended the tree just as gracefully as she approached Jin once more, wanting to give the man a personal meeting with the heiress.

"We're going to move East, where we can find a grove of some of the strongest trees in Bosco~", she gestured as if trying to showcase how large they would be, "The forest will provide, it always does." The smile that had beamed from her face after her initial speech still sat proudly. It was contagious, she could make other people happy and it was her duty to do so.

#4Jin Tatsumi 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Mon Jul 12, 2021 12:03 am

Jin Tatsumi
He looked over the village again in dismay. It was in rough shape and was met with weary faces from the inhabitants. "Yeah. It's a shame what happened here," he replied. As was expected, Hildegarde was right to the point in helping those in need. Despite his fervor in supporting her, he had spent very little time with her and only knew of her through stories and accounts of her actions. But it was enough to paint a picture that was becoming more and more accurate.

"Yes," he replied as she said his full name, reminding him almost of his time in the forces. The way she spoke and the shimmer of conviction in her eye, spoke all the reasons why he chose to follow this woman. "Yes ma'am, he replied with a smile and one hand on his hip. "Just lead the way and I'll be there."

He watched her scale a tree, and could only think how it was possible for siblings to end up so different from one another. Jin gave a small clap at the speech that roused the demi-humans to action. Just like last time, Jin began to turn and help the villagers when Hilde called for him once more.

"oh," he replied quickly and smiled at her gesture for the biggest trees. "Alright then, miss. Let's find those trees," he nodded back, infected by the woman's enthusiasm and optimism. If they started to walk he would place a hand over his face to block out some of the sun and see a bit further. He kept his ears alert, out of habit from being ambushed so many times here.

"I feel like I only know you from stories. It's nice to officially meet you. You're as optimistic as people have made you out to be. So...If you end up winning this conflict...what will you do?" It felt odd to try and make idle chatter after all the strife in the land.

#5Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 8:24 am

Hildegard Sachsenwald
The sign of respect Hildegard received from Jin, being referred to as ma'am, did much to help the young elf's confidence. He had already shown that he didn't give respect and fealty to just anyone, instead he had chosen to give it to her, as she had earned it in his eyes. Many of the demi humans and elves in Bosco already viewed, and spoke to her, with the same level of formality and even beyond, but hearing Jin say it was different. For one, he wasn't from Bosco, and so owed her nothing by birth. He didn't stand to gain a new leader for his own country, and instead was here because he believed in her. The second, and arguably more important, reason, was that Jin was a human. Many humans had sided with Cassia, believing her 'for the people' promises. Hildegard had seen what that had meant in the past, and it had been the reason these settlements existed, and why she had explored nature more than the palace. For the humans may have been a more apt description for how many felt.

As they walked towards the strongest grove of trees, Jin sparked up a conversation with the heiress, looking to know her more as the person and less as the title. It caused her smile to grow wider, as she was more than happy to oblige, "Conflict, you sound almost like my big brother Wilhelm. He was my closest friend among the siblings, always caring, always fighting", she chuckled lightly as she thought about how her eldest brother (not including Reiner who she had only recently heard of) had acted during his younger years, "None of us want conflict, I have to believe that. We just have disagreements on how Bosco should be ruled." Realising how solemn her tone was becoming, Hildegard lightly slapped both her cheeks, bringing her back to the present before continuing, looking at Jin with a big smile, "I want to change Bosco, give more power to its people, and ensure that all races are just as respected as one another. As Queen, I will handle matters that involve the country as a whole, but it is the people, those who live in the towns and villages, who should choose what happens. They know themselves best, who are any of us to say otherwise."

Taking a breath as the two continued on their walk, getting closer and closer with each step. The grove could almost be seen through some of the foliage, "I want everyone to be safe and happy~"

#6Jin Tatsumi 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 8:00 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"hmm," Jin replied to her comment of comparison. He never thought he would ever be related to someone like Wilhelm, but perhaps his time in Bosco and Stella had changed him. "Well I hope that's a good thing," he said with a smile that hid the confusion around the man he once was and the one he was becoming.

"I guess I have been in a few scuffles since coming here. How is he doing?" Jin asked about her brother, knowing the awkward state that things were in. He peered forward as the woman spoke. Her bright optimism shined through the thicket of the forest and Jin had to hope that she was right. Despite whatever else happened. He rose his brow as the lady slapped her cheeks, "huh," he began to laugh at the silly gesture but held it back as Hilde began to proclaim her path.

A lopsided smile swept his face, "Well...That seems like just the right kinda path I can get behind. Freedom for the people to chose." He looked at his hands thinking about the blood he had spilled along the way. "Safety for everyone is a great cause. That's why I chose the path of a healer in the first place. he shook his head as they arrived at a groove with towering trees.

A small chuckle escaped him, "I think that's enough serious talk for now, don't you? Let's get started, Hildey," he snuck in a nickname for her and stepped closer to the trees, waiting to see how she wanted to handle the situation.

#7Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 6:46 am

Hildegard Sachsenwald
Words could not describe how happy Hildegard was, in that moment, to have someone on her team ask after Wilhelm. Throughout the entire struggle, everyone had been viewing the other heirs as their enemies, ignoring that they all just wanted what they thought was best for Bosco. And, at the end of the day, these were her brothers and sisters. Sure, maybe they hadn't all treated each other with kindness in the past, but Wilhelm had always been good to his youngest sister, even allying with and supporting her officially after he was injured protecting Bosco from Stellan rebels, "He is doing well, almost fully healed now, but he is resting. If we make it to my coronation, I hope he will be there." Jin was quickly becoming one of Hildegard's favourites, that was for sure.

He also understood her choices, having learned and specialised in healing magic because he felt almost akin to the half elf. People deserved their right to choose and, when necessary, be guided on the right path. Soon, however, they would move past serious conversations, a light chuckle would escape the Beastmaster's lips at the nickname she was given. 'Hildey', she liked it. Although she'd never be allowed to have it said in any official capacity.

Now that they were in the grove, it was time for Hildegard to take control. Turning to the group, she would point to the strongest trees and address everyone who had come to join her, "Okay everyone, we want to take down five of the strongest looking trees in this grove. Do not chop down any more than five, as we wish to keep the trees growing. We take what we need, and nature provides." She smiled once more and nodded to them all, feeling very proud as many of the demi humans started moving towards the trees, a chant of 'Nature Provides!' echoing through the grove and spreading into the forest.

#8Jin Tatsumi 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:31 am

Jin Tatsumi
Satisfied with the answer about her brother Jin, looked onward toward the grove of trees that towered before them. His mind raced with how they were going to get them down and if the people they were with brought enough equipment for the job.

"Five trees," he repeated to himself. No small task for the little force of lumberjacks. He rolled up his sleeves and looked for a spare axe, feeling that his spear wouldn't really do the job well. He glanced back at Hildey to see how happy she was. He stood delighted at the brief conversation they shared and how she turned out to be exactly the kind of person he assumed she was. The stories did indeed do her justice.

A demi-human handed Jin an axe and the paladin marched toward a nearby tree and began swinging away. Each hit vibrated down his arms, not used to the type of weapon but he pushed through and kept hacking deeper into the tree until another demi-human arrived and they took turns, one blow each until the mighty tree crashed down. It wasn't long before the rest of the trees fell and they began chopping the logs and branches so they could bind them and drag them back to the camp.

Once they arrived back, Jin collapsed against a bundle of logs and let his arms rest.


#9Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Strongest Wood from the Oldest Trees [Support: Hildegard | Jin Tatsumi] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:00 am

Hildegard Sachsenwald
Having grown up as the youngest of the Sachsenwald heirs, Hildegard hadn't been given as much respect as her elders. Of course, she was royalty and had been treated as such by all peasants, dignitaries, and anyone ranked lower than their family. However, her siblings had always held more authority, and many nobles had allied themselves with one sibling or another, long before the Bosco war for succession had ever even been a concept. This left little hope for the half elf to gain a powerful voice, and often she had not spoken with the authority that she was hoping for. That had changed recently, especially now with the backing of her eldest brother, and she felt proud to watch the demi humans and Jin all work together and cut down the number of trees that she had requested. No more, no less, and each done with expert precision. The wood would go a long way to helping the settlement rebuild.

The walk back would be much quieter for Hildegard, allowing all the men and women who had accompanied her to celebrate without requiring any pomp or circumstance. She strode ahead of them all, much more excited to see the looks on the demi human's faces when they all returned with the wood they needed. She was so happy to see them smile as she announced, with pride and extreme happiness:

"We're back with loads of strong logs. This village is going to rebuild stronger than ever before!"


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