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Sabotage: Hildegard 2 [Solo]

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Sabotage: Hildegard 2 [Solo] Empty Fri Jul 09, 2021 5:58 am

The burnt canopy was all that remained of the clearing as the follow up crew arrived at the scene of the massacre almost forty minutes after the initial group had encountered the walking thermo nuke that was Seika. Many of them scratched their heads at the wounds that the fighters had suffered, the lack of any physical wounds outside of impact wounds with any trees or branches they may have collided with, baffled them immensely. It was as they checked the burns that they could see the true damage that had been caused. The immolated bodies had all literally been cooked from the inside out, their bodies forced to breath in superheated, ultra compressed air continuously for several seconds at most, turning their insides into cooked jerky. The sight and smell of all of the cooked flesh left many of them gagging at the scene as they turned away and covered their brethren with leaf tarps. But all of this begged the question.

Who did this?


Almost a mile away, Seika could be seen continuing his stroll towards the primary encampment of the Wood Elf tribe. He would save the warriors hideout for last as that would likely be the most fun he would have out here for the next few days. His mind already burning through several plans and spells he could use on the unsuspecting citizens of the outpost, the many noncombatants working diligently to provide goods and services for their allies in the war. Unfortunately for them, Seika was about to halt that entirely.

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