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Exterminator Quest

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Weeks... No months, Maybe even half of a year. That was how long it had felt he had been wandering around Fiore for. City after city, quest after quest, at this point it seemed like his life was one big circle and repeating the same steps each and every day.

Most people would call it hell, but he had gotten used to the fact that Fiore was nothing like his homeland and that following the call of Ezekiel wasn’t for the better. The people didn't speak the same, dress the same, or even acted the same. It was quite funny if you thought about it. The thought would only cause a light chuckle to escape skeletal his mouth.

Today was an ordinary day, he had gotten wind of a quest back in the previous town that had led him to Dahlia City. Apparently it was a city fueled by supernatural entities. Ramses was confused as to why people said that because if you wanted the world to make sense, then he himself was a supernatural entity as well. Hell, he could go around performing vast feats of magic whenever he wanted. Wasn't that considered supernatural? Raising his hand to his head, he would try to clear his mind from thinking about all the possibilities of the world. Not forgetting he was an undead man who had discovered the secrets of immortality.

He had finally broken through the entrance of Dahlia City and would begin to look for the location of the quest. Last he heard it was in a forest by the name of Aldenwald.

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The name reminded him of a word back in his country and caused him to wonder if the name was derived from his own language. The thought would seem to pander his mind as his feet lightly bounced on the ground. While walking, he would encounter a person and ask "Could you direct me to the Aldenwald Forest? I have some business to attend to there and I'd rather arrive before nightfall."

As the question left his lips, Ramses could see the individual shake a little. Whether it was from fear or surprise he didn't know. Putting off the action, he would simply await the answer. The person would respond by pointing their hand in a direction that he saw was north-east. Nodding his head, he would once again begin his walk towards the quest's location. The closer he got to the forest it seemed like the light darkened around the area. He wondered if demonic creatures really roamed the place. The quest's objective was to eradicate a pack of lycans. “Asimov, keep a close watch from above. This forest seems to be far more sinister than the one in Magnolia.” announced Ramses to his flying friend.

Lycans, or werewolves were known all throughout his home country. There was even a tale that two wolves gave birth to the earth and their death gave birth to the Lycans. He didn't know how true that tale was, but all legends started somewhere. Within a few minutes he would finally arrive at the outskirts of the forests.

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The trees stood tall with bark that was so brown it could be mistaken as black. His own body seemed to radiate light due to his brilliant hair. His assumptions about dark creatures roaming the forest would only be confirmed at the moment.

With another step Ramses would enter the forest and begin the actual quest. He didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary, but in the distance he could smell what seemed like rotten flesh. The smell wasn’t foreign to him. At one point of time he himself had smelled like rotten flesh. For as long as he lived he had come across countries who fought for land. The smell of battle only reminded him of those times. It wasn't a pleasant smell, but he learned how to endure most of it. He felt sorry for those who had keen senses. For them the smell was probably extremely sickening. Putting two fingers up to his nostrils, he would follow the smell. The thought of putting fingers over his nose holes was funny considering it did nothing for him.

For minutes he walked in the forest following the smell deeper and deeper in it. As he drew closer to the smell, he could hear what sounded like feet shuffling against the ground. The occasional growl and hiss from some type of animal could be heard as well. On instinct he would remove his hand from his nose and get into a defensive stance while walking towards the sounds. As he moved forward, he heard some type of speech, but it was inaudible meaning that either he couldn't understand the language or he was to faraway to perceive what they were saying.

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Once he felt that he was close enough he would stomp in the direction towards the sounds, causing wind to radiate from his legs and push him forward. "Well, well, well. What do we have here." asked Ramses, watching three adult werewolves feasting on a deer carcass. They were surprised by his sudden appearance and quickly got into a defensive mode while circling him. Slowly, he would eye all three of them, trying to decide how he was to go about attacking them without receiving any damage himself. He was certain that they weren't able to use any type of magic, so they would only try to fight him close. He could just get Asimov to blow them all away, but the machine had already did that in the quest before and he needed to get back in his fighting mood.

Raising his hand, he would produce a blade from his cloak (acquired it from the shop owner) that quickly aimed for the head of one of the werewolves. A cracking sound could be heard as it bashed in its skull and causing tremendous blunt damage for internal bleeding. Now with two left, he would shift his feet a little as they both would pounce for him. With the underside of the one on the left's belly closest to him, he would produce another blade. This time the blade didn't hit bone and would impale the wolf in the stomach. However, the other wolf got a successful hit on him. Reaching for his shoulder, Ramses could feel bone crack a little but knew that it would be ok in a few minures.

"You're gonna die for that." announced Ramses as he raised his hand towards the werewolf. With a quick motion he would find himself lunging towards the werewolf and delivering a well place kicked on its neck that sent it flying towards a tree and falling limp. Quest complete.....

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