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Support: Reiner the Bastard #2

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Support: Reiner the Bastard #2  Empty Thu Jul 08, 2021 9:22 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Another day, another chance to make a bit of money Shichiro thought to himself. Roaming the regions of Bosco, he went to the stronghold he's been frequenting recently in order to see what jobs were currently available to do for the Reiner campaign. He's been enjoying the money he's been getting so far from his earnings and it's been helping him fund certain equipment he's been planning to buy and activities for his knights, primarily for himself though. He didn't really like being a leader of some sort of operation but admittedly he does attempt to put in his all, even if it doesn't yield any extra profit or merits. Still, if it's one thing he's learned, it's to try your hardest when given a task in hopes it'll yield rewards later down the line for a job well done.

For now, he'd just continue on his way to where he could find the job listings. When he finally made it to his destination, he'd inquired about another transportation mission in order to get some money in his pocket. The last caravan mission was easy and paid well for the job so he wouldn't mind doing it a second time to see if he was afforded the same luxury. He hoped to be able to get one and as if something had answered his prayers, there were a few that were hiring security for the ride from Bosco to Stella. The pay was once again very generous and it even offered more than the previous one.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

There were some disclaimers however saying they were expecting some trouble as information of their schedule had been stolen but this was an important delivery that was too important to reschedule. This was fine with Shichiro as this means he could get a little bit of a workout while he accompanied this caravan to its destination. After getting situated a bit, he made his way to the wagon and planted himself next to some other guards for the time being. According to them after a brief exchange, the caravan was carrying important supplies, alongside the merchants, to an encampment that's along the borders of Bosco. Well, he didn't know how long or short this ride was gonna be but regardless, Shichiro made sure to get comfortable. 

As he thought about how long the trip was, it seemed the organizer had been clairvoyant enough to ask if they should take the longest or the shortest route to their destination. Shichiro was surprised he even got a choice as normally some other organizer would be the one calling the shots but Shichiro decided to take the short route in order to sate his curiosity about how foreigners handled themselves in a fight. Maybe he might pick up a technique or two that he could use in the future. They nodded hoping he would be able to handle the brunt of the danger when push came to shove as the shortest route was also known for being the most dangerous due to how convenient and frequent its use was.

#3Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

With that the caravan had begun to start its journey towards its destination. Shichiro found himself getting comfortable quite quickly like last time, a bit lacking in perception despite being told on the missive there was some danger to be expected and choosing the shortest route where danger was guaranteed. A battle cry had begun to emerge from the distance as he did so, causing him to get himself ready to jump out of the wagon and face his potential foes. As he did so, it seems the foes he would face finally revealed themselves to be brigands. The brigands had surrounded the wagons as they demanded they hand over the goods.  That was cue for Shichiro to jump out of the wagon and to deal with them alongside the other guards. 

The skirmish didn't take long as Shichiro and the guards made short work of them. They weren't formally trained or anything, just used to easy marks. Going back and sitting in the front of the wagon, Shichiro had leaned against the caravan wagon in anticipation of their arrival. He was feeling somewhat fulfilled from the encounter they had, although it managed to go away quicker than usual as they weren't particularly strong. At least, not as strong as the ones who had turned and trained him some time ago. It was a shame that they couldn't live up to the outward challenges they've produced themselves. Hopefully, he'd find something else to do on his way there but if not, he'd mainly just take a nap until they made it to their destination, if they didn't get attacked again. After all of that, they had made it to their destination and received payment.


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