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Support: Reiner the Bastard [Solo]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro was wandering around or so he thought to himself. The air felt different from Fiore's own, putting him in some sort of uneasy state. Inhaling, Shichiro was accompanied by his buddy, Panther Lily, had begun to move to a certain location in question in hopes of fulfilling his request. The catch was, this job took place outside Fiore and he was supposed to support one of three potential royals. In terms of ideology, the one he could get behind the most was Reiner the bastard as Shichiro was very big on the advancement of science and technology being a blacksmith himself.

In order related news, the guy was pretty big on gathering valuable resources and expensive knick-knacks. He figured, if all of that was going on then eventually, envious and shady people will begin to surface and attempt to acquire them by ill-gotten means. And once that starts happening, Reiner would need to hire some muscle in the form of mercenaries or military police. Since that was the case, it would be in his best interest to support him only to keep his active profession alive in the near future. admittedly, another leader had also caught his interest but he enjoyed gaining wealth with little risk to himself, then the looming presence of death every single time.

With the thought of future prospects ahead of him, Shichiro made it to his destination of where he was suppose to escort some supplies from point A to point B. Though normally nothing big happened on these travels, he was still itching for an event or two to surface in order for him to take part in.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Maybe some highwaymen, bandits or even opposition from another supporting party that would oppose Reiner. Wearing his yellow shirt, navy blue pants and black shoes, Shichiro was draped with a white, hooded mantle known as his Battle Cast Cuirass and his headgear known as Battle Caster's Hood. It was an item he managed to find and re-forge in his travels. Arriving at the scene, Shichiro had kept his eyes peeled in order to scope out who or what may look like  a potential client in which he may offer his assistance too. Well, it seems an individual in question was indeed the client he was searching for.  The woman was rolling up a map before she decided to approach him, informing him of the schedule of the caravan he was hired to guard. 

According to her, they were stationed in the front wagon where they would be the frontline should an emergency or something happen, which was fine with Shichiro.  Fine with him, whatever happens,. he'd deal with it.  After that, Shichiro watched as his client had made her way to the front where the driver was, making a gesture for him to follow. Giving a slight shrug, Shichiro had no choice but to follow as that's where he was informed he should be while the other guards took the middle and the rear. Walking over towards the front, Shichiro had climbed onto the wagon and planted himself next to his partner for the time being. According to her, the caravan was carrying important supplies, alongside the merchants, to an encampment that's along the borders of Bosco.

#3Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Well, he didn't know how long or short this ride was gonna be but regardless, Shichiro made sure to get comfortable. As he thought about how long the trip was, it seemed his partner had been clairvoyant enough to ask if they should take the longest or the shortest route to their destination. Shichiro was surprised he even got a choice as normally some other organizer would be the one calling the shots but Shichiro decided to take the short route in order to sate his curiosity about how foreigners handled themselves in a fight. Maybe he might pick up a technique or two that he could use in the future. Hopefully, they take the shortest route to their destination. He wanted this mission to be over as quickly as possible, Shichiro thought to himself. He was a bit uneasy about it but overall, he knew he'd be able to handle himself.

Sitting in the front of the caravan, Shichiro decided to relax and let Panther Lily take point, keeping an eye out for anything even remotely jarring. All and all, even if it did take some time, it was smooth sailing from here to his destination and so this ends his escort mission. Nothing like an easy job to relax the nerves and getting paid on top of it. Shichiro went to see the woman one more time in order to receive his payment. She thanked him for his service although he didn't really have to do anything but when there's a feud or war going on, it never hurts to be prepared.


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