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And Just How Did One Get Here?(Open Social.)

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And Just How Did One Get Here?(Open Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:31 pm

“I really don’t like city doctors.” Nadine smirked and shook her head. “I do not trust their medicines when I can grow my own. The doctors I saw in the navy were all too happy to prescribe a drug just to get you out of their office.”

The demi-human’s brows raised up as Judith started to plate the food she had cooked. Again she could feel her mouth water as she smelled it from where she was sitting. It was a good thing she had eaten earlier, or else she would have reached out to grab a piece of meat with her bare hand. The thought made her stare down at her palms knowing they were still dirty. Remembering her manners Nadine stood up and went to the sink to wash her hands. As she watched the dried blood wipe away from her fingers she said nothing at first, only listening to Judith correct Nadine’s question about being stopped.

“It’s rude to bite the hand that feeds you. So you have nothing to worry about, Mother of Fairies. Brave and ready as you are in the face of death, I don’t foresee you needing that courage today. If nothing could kill you in over sixty years, I do not think there’s anything I could do to change that.” She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders trying to lighten the mood. It would be a waste to spoil good food with bad talk. That was her own fault for bringing it up, and she tried to fix that. As she sat down to join Judith at the table she noticed her own plate had larger portions.

“Thank you, Madame Karlinius. This is a warm gesture in these frigid lands, so far from both our homes.” There was sincerity in her voice as she looked across the table to Judith, nodding gratefully. She then started eating, trying the meat first of course. The demi-human was pleasantly surprised by the taste and tenderness of the meat. As she ate several bite sized pieces she glanced at Judith's mystery bag of spices on the counter.

“Forgive my curiosity, but you’ll have to share with me your secrets one day,” she said with a smile as she pointed to the bag with her fork. “You were not lying when you said you had experience with cooking, but you were being very humble, too. This is tasty. Fairy Tail is lucky to have you.”

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#27Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Not overly shocking."In some manner most people do not like them, Makes me think I should have considered being one if i had not busied my life with other things."Judith had no doubt she would have been a great doctor she made herself a woman of many talents, But playing what if's was a dangerous mind set, For Judith knew each time some one thought that way, She realize how different her life could be with what else she had been through.

But Judith could not help but merely mention."Plenty could have killed me, I told a lich my very same view of death, Yet he did not kill me. He only broke my leg and I fled."It was a something that might be a larger example then most, But Nadine just learned pretty quick that there were some things that might come up.

Most people could not proclaim such a feat, Judith did not sound prideful about it either."Crawling away, I truly expected death. Yet I still stand."It was almost life it continue to allow a person to continue being humble about their life.

When it came back to a conversation about her it still seemed like it was normal to her."It is only the trip back that might be interesting, For I expect my husband to be confused why i just upped and went to Iceberg to collect a flower, When i generally had no reason too."This part Judith seemed to laugh about because she just did these things and it was common for her.

"To think, I only joined my guild because I had free time after my children had grown up."Which also was another entertaining thought."I did not have as many mouths to feed or things to do, So rather then gardening at home, I walked in and asked to join under the position I am now, I just happen to do normal mage things too."It was something most guild hired other people to do, Or just did themselves. But Fairy Tail just happen to have a healing mage, That cooked, served drinks and cleaned the guild as member."I could have just been okay doing the normal work if they never wanted me in the guild to start with."It all seemed like chance it all worked out like that.

Casually eating her food, she could only help but ponder."I do wonder where i would be now if I had not taken the job, But sometimes thinking of What If's is dangerous."But Judith nonetheless still seemed content and happy. As always like she was easy to get along with, In the cold bitterness of winter and everything around it, These moments did helped."I did also pack tea and coffee if either are your fancy."Judith's bags of wonder seemed most likely have food, drinks and spices. It would be the easy way to most likely assume it to have.


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Judith as a doctor. Nadine nodded in approval of the idea thinking she would have been good at that kind of job. Especially if she had been a pediatrician. The older woman was full of surprises, though; hearing the story of Judith’s encounter with a lich made the demi-human pause for a moment. The mention of undead made her frown, and hearing what happened to Judith made her clench her jaw in irritation.

“Sometimes it’s the people who resist death the most that deserve it the most,” muttered the woman with a shake of her head. “Liches are only delaying their own end while spreading misery to others. Immortality is beyond the reach of those who never had it to begin with.” The subject of the undead was a heated topic for Nadine. She did not believe making zombies or liches or vampires was a justifiable process. “People that die should have the decency to stay dead, and respect the natural order of the world. But, that is an unpleasant topic.” Nadine looked away as she shrugged her shoulders, not wanting to discuss it too deeply right now.

She did share a laugh though when Judith admitted to coming here without her husband’s knowledge.

“Well, now you can tell him you heard someone’s stomach growling from Magnolia, and left to fix that problem,” she said jokingly with a grin. If she was reading Judith correctly, that very well might have been a reasonable excuse for her to leave so suddenly. Continuing to eat as the Mother of Fairies went over how she joined her guild Nadine continued to focus on the meat on her plate. She had heard that Fairy Tail accepted all kinds of people, and this seemed to be true. Although, Judith no doubt performed her specific duties admirably if this meal was anything to judge by.

“I may have to stop by one day to see this guild of yours myself. There are plenty of guilds in Minstrel, but not many have a reputation like Fairy Tail. They are too concerned with appearances to be so reckless, but somehow you fairies make the best of things. Maybe that’s the kind of bravado a guild needs, though.” She stared at the table thoughtfully, thinking back on her own past experiences. She had never been in a guild before, and being in foreign lands was difficult. Maybe when she got back to Fiore she would decide. Glancing back up at the mention of drinks the demi-human’s expression perked up.

“Oh, tea would be good for me! I don’t suppose you grow your own leaves, too? I might have to take some home to plant myself.”

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#29Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
She was lucky enough to be able to not react to that start phrase, only because she knew much about in some manner resisting death in different manner then becoming a lich, But it was one of her secrets."Immortality if anything is a curse in the guise of a blessing. To watch be able to witness the life of everyone you love slowly fade away, while you continue to persist ageless and alone."It almost seemed Judith's continuing wise ways had something to at least to figure out what to say."I would safely assume either good or bad intentions for continuing to live on even beyond the pale door of death."

Judith at least still continued to quietly munch on her food so casually."Do keep in mind, That would not shock him, I have brought mages tired from the road into my home with out telling him before, Same with children and animals."So Judith being Judith was the best way to think that, Since she was really easy to deal with.

"All I wanted to be sure and ask of most guest is not to ruin my garden, I put a lot of effort to make it the quiet sitting area it is."
To think she would do that for people, and so far seemingly expecting nothing in return, She was a rare soul indeed.

So visiting Fairy Tail? she would not mind entirely."You already seem to know what your getting into if you know of the guild, If you do visit you will just see me doing what I do here on a larger scale."Working Judith most likely was a different kind of monster.

So the question of tea was a simple one, Judith would progressively finish her food a bit quicker."You do guess that well, Do keep in mind my youngest son also sell tea leaves, After I taught him how to grow and keep them alive."So she had two options to get tea from Judith. Getting up from her food for a moment Judith gathered and carried over three different boxes of tea. One marked Orange pekoe with strawberry, one marked Green with honey, lemon and ginseng. With the final one being marked Lasong souchong. She would presents these boxes for Nadine to choose.

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Immortality was a curse. Nadine nodded in agreement with that. Judith made a very good point of having to outlive everyone you knew, over and over again.

“Eventually you would outlive so many friends and family you would become numb to the loss. What would be the point in making new relationships then? That does not sound like a life at all.” Nadine frowned as she pushed around some of the vegetables on her plate with her fork. She did remember how old Judith claimed to be, but Judith was not a skeleton, nor did she throw up her food so she was not a vampire either. If the demi-human had to guess, the Mother of Fairies used magic of some kind to look youthful. As if realizing the awkwardness in the topic she had brought up Nadine cleared her throat and moved on.

With the pieces of meat finally gone from her plate Nadine then focused on eating the mashed potatoes and vegetables while listening. It seemed that Judith had a habit of inviting strangers into her life. In that way she reminded Nadine of her own mother. Again Nadine nodded in agreement, this time over the rules of Judith’s garden.

“Growing something yourself, it turns a plant into something more than just a plant. I wouldn’t want anyone stepping on my things, either. Sometimes I’ll alter and change plants I grow to include thorns if I think the location is not secluded enough.” Pain was always a good teacher, and for the most part that modification worked.

“You doing what you do is more than enough reason to visit,” replied Nadine with an amused smile, “your home cooking is great; I’d love to see what you could do with the resources of a guildhall. Maybe if I beat one of your mages in a friendly fight I can eat for free, even?” The woman’s smile widened as she chuckled. Perhaps that was too bold of a statement for people who didn’t know each other very well, but Nadine did not broadcast any malicious intent.

When offered a choice of tea she took a moment to read the boxes before choosing one.

“I’ll try the green tea. If it was made by someone in your family, I’m sure all of them are delicious, though.” Now that she stopped to think about it, she couldn’t remember the last time she sat down to have tea with another person. For the past two years tea had always been a warm solitary comfort for her. “Next time I’m in Magnolia I’ll bring you some tea leaves of my own, so you can have a taste of Minstrel’s flavors.”

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Judith Karlinius
It was indeed horrible sounding, it all seemed like a pointless thing to achieve."I will never understand why some seek it, Then again...life's cycle should always be turning."Judith mentioned casually, to anyone else it could easily be considered that Judith just viewed it as something must always just keep going."Tales of immortality always has some one alone in the end...It might be just me, But I just view that as the worst option."At least here, Judith was in good company in terms of views, Just there was one tiny add in she would say."No matter who, Death waits us all, To avoid it is pointless."Must be in the nature mage thinking of the cycle of nature again.

When talking about altering plants Judith seemed to smile a bit."Maybe just how I am by nature, but thorns seem unneeded."Then again, with the talk of magic plants."But I am of a different kind of nature mage then what you might be."Just how was most likely the right away thought, So Judith just quietly extended out her hand. seemingly as her hand extended out,a vine was as well. Judith leaving her palm up and up for them both to see, then as the vine got to the back of her hand it wrapped around her palm twice then grew an inch from her hand and sprouted a glowing yellow blossom.

Saying nothing about it right away, Judith wanted to see how she would react. After all it was small things she could do with her magic, Just for the moment it was the a basic the nature mage showed to everyone eventually.

Judith did seem to do more then just grow her own plants in a basic manner, now as this progressed one, There was always more to Judith then everyone generally sees up front.

With that question Judith seemed to laugh, With an interesting part to add in."Oh you would fit right in it seems."With a light hearted chuckle about it. But there was a small poke about it."I am sure, If i am expecting a guest ever, You could ask for the Welcoming Fairy Mother Discount, I am sure you will get by just fine."Judith does change that phrase sometimes, just so people did not check on."Just if some one else gets upset, Well guess they can talk to the chief."

So green it was for her company, For Judith she choose Lasong souchong. both vastly different flavours of tea. Judith's smaller plate of food being empty, she had ate her food fairly quickly during their conversation. So Judith did not take much time making the tea either. Judith would quietly place the mug of tea that Nadine choose then place down her own tea. The normal,plain and always easy to remember flavour of tea had accents of different flavours from the honey,lemon and ginseng added in. Were Judith's tea seemed to be a vastly strong and bolder smelling, smelling like a campfire, it was a tea that was out of place because you could smell a smokey smell from it, but a pleasant one.

Judith's Magic.


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That was another thing Nadine agreed with: the cycle of life would always turn. There was no stopping it, and death would catch up to everyone sooner or later. However, like a forest burnt to ashes from a wildfire, life would find its own way to continue and start the cycle anew. Still, it was a little strange hearing this perspective from someone who looked so young but was in truth twice as old as Nadine was. As far as Judith’s youthful appearance was concerned, it was certainly not normal. The Mother of Fairies had been kind so far though, and she was not an undead, so Nadine would not tarnish their pleasant conversation.

When Judith extended her hand and grew a vine from her palm Nadine leaned forward in her seat, brows raising in surprise. She hadn’t seen a seed in the other woman’s hand, but the vine continued to grow until it sprouted a flower. A glowing flower.

“Wha-?! How?” asked Nadine as she stood up from her seat to lean closer. “That is bio-luminescence. From a plant?” Having been to several different countries the demi-human had seen a lot of strange foliage before, but this was the first time she saw a plant that could give off light. Carefully, as if not wanting to harm the blossom, Nadine held her hands out to block a little of the room’s light from above. In the slight shadow she could see the yellow glow a little easier, but her squinting eyes still did not understand. Whatever nature magic Judith had, it clearly was different and far more advanced than Nadine’s own magic.

“That’s.. beautiful, Madame Karlinius…”

Nadine’s gaze flicked back up to Judith when she said Nadine would fit in Fairy Tail. To that, the demi-human straightened back up with a chuckle and shrugged.

“Hmm, maybe. I just know what I like, and I know I would fight to be first in line if you’re in the kitchen, Mother of Fairies.” Nadine’s chuckle grew into a soft laugh as she smiled. It was a good feeling, to laugh and joke like this in the middle of Iceberg’s frosty lands. She returned to her seat and lightly slapped a palm against the table in amusement. “The ‘Welcoming Fairy Mother Discount,’ I shall remember that, yes! And if people get upset anyways, then I will drag them to you.” Nadine did not specifically promise that she wouldn’t fight, but neither did Judith specifically forbid it, either.

Soon the pleasant smell of tea would fill the room. Two aromas dancing through the air that made Nadine’s mouth water in anticipation. She nodded gratefully to the other woman as the mugs were placed on the table.

“To warm company,” toasted Nadine as she picked up her mug and raised it up slightly with a smile. She then took a sip from her mug and hummed in delight as the distinct flavors hit her palette. “Simple pleasures really are the best when you’re travelling in the wilds. Thank you for this, Madame Karlinius.”

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Judith Karlinius
Just as quickly as Judith had made the plant when she went to close it hand it had gone away. The entire logical explanation of it would not be as complex as she most likely thought it could be."Whatever technical term for what happens, I could not really explain."Judith was wise, but not book smart with a lot of things."It is merely a power, At one point in my life, Just was able to start to do."Which was still interesting none the less.

Whatever Nadine said Judith did not shrug off."All i have gathered is the properties of the flowers and light I create heal other people."She was still being fairly plain about it."But What I just showed is a basic example of what it is capable of."Now Nadine knew, there was more that she could do just left to one small plant, Judith had many secrets still it seemed, But even if she did Judith posed no threat to anyone.

But now beauty a side, IT was now back to there normal conversation."Even if it does happen, Just be careful not to break anything...You might get charged then."It was the only warning she might get, Then again it was not unreasonable, Don't break things if your at a place to eat, sometimes things where costly to replace. As kind as Judith was there also sometimes needed some boundaries.

Dragging them was an interesting thing to say."I don't think,I have never needed to discipline a Fairy Tail member..I am sure it would scare them."Judith mentioned, discipline anyone and Judith mixed in also did sound a bit odd to start with, So maybe that was just the scary part of it.

Nonetheless it was still just happy between the both of them the normal toasting things."You just happen to meet some one prepared in these ways, It just makes the trip back home fairly interesting."It seemed they both had interesting stories when they returned to their homes.


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The plant quickly receded into nothing as the older woman closed her hand, ending the demonstration. So not even Judith fully understood the properties of her glowing plants. Nature magic that could heal was uncommon, but Nadine had never heard of nature magic healing through the use of light before.

“I’m going to guess that your magic uses both nature and light elements, and that’s very different from my own magic of nature and water. Healing of any kind is outside of my expertise. Maybe that’s why it’s easier for me to grow more dangerous plants, though.” Healing magic had never been in Nadine’s family. At most, they grew plants with normal medicinal properties that still had to be refined manually. She stared at her own palm wondering if she could ever learn to grow something like Judith had. There was doubt on her expression, but she did not voice it. Her eyes looked back to the other woman at the mention of breaking things.

“Of course, I would expect no less. Especially inside of a guildhall when I’m merely a guest. If you ever need extra wood for construction projects I could always help with that, as well.” Had Nadine ever broken furniture in a restaurant or bar before? Well, that was not Judith’s question so the demi-human did not include that information in her reply.

“And since you’ve already had several children, I’m sure Madame Karlinius can be quite the intimidating presence when the situation requires it,” said Nadine with a chuckle before taking another sip of her tea. Even if Judith was small in stature Nadine knew it took a lot of charisma or force to calm down the infamous members of Fairy Tail, and if the Mother of Fairies looked after the guild then she either had one or the other. Or both, maybe.

“You were very prepared for today’s encounter. Not only with good food, but good advice as well.” She set her mug down on the table and sighed, still unsure of the future but more open minded about it now. “Maybe I will try to have a family one day, and even try joining a mage guild. Wisdom was not something I expected to find on this hunt, but that is how wisdom often works. I hope I've offered you some kind of satisfaction yourself, Madame Karlinius.”

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Judith Karlinius
They seemed to dive into details a bit more, in which well maybe if Judith had actually been the a more brains and logic smart."I do know sometimes with the light of the sun seems to resonate with my magic in some manner."Oh the wonders of being a wise woman, but not a smart one. It was always different. Yet always left some one to wonder, entirely what lingered with in Judith, just how many more tricks did she have up her sleeve, Maybe more or maybe less of them, After all none of them ever had to be any use if they needed to be passive in their existence.

with a small laugh about it."In reality, I have to warn everyone of that more from how the guild it's self works, not the guest I may bring."Can't say she was not a business woman either, she more runs her part of Fairy Tail as a stand alone, one person bar."It saves me problems between cook and serving drinks."this or maybe Judith started have to consider adding more people to her circle, that really was not one Just doing a lot of work.

"So in the end, I am not actually worry about how you will be, Rather then running off of a script towards keeping things settled."So to think this one small mother just did a lot of work, just wonder what else could be done if she really had just felt like doing something else.

But unless that ever happen Fairy tail had Judith to do a fair amount things, to how that it never changes."And to think I have not really needed to be."Sure she had to sometimes depending on the child and what they were being fussy about, but it was not super common.

Just to think maybe her husband had to deal with it more, Or maybe there was some kind of fear behind Judith getting mad or upset ever. It was things to learn over time."Do keep in mind, My entire view of life and wishes for people I can admit it, in some manner reflect all of my own." Judith could even laugh about it."You need to do what exactly what you feel you want too."If it was Judith's choice the world would most likely be a fairly neat and peaceful place anyway.

"I will be departing tomorrow to head back to Fiore, however i am going to be sleep here this evening, You are more then welcome to stay here until my departure."
Where she would sleep and where Judith would sleep could easily just be figured out, It was a warm area and they could keep the safety they set up here easier as well.


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It made sense that Judith felt power in sunlight. To Nadine, it was nothing extraordinary. She felt purity and heat from its rays, but not raw power. In that regard Judith’s magic really was special. When the older woman explained what she meant about being charged for damages the demi-Human chuckled and nodded.

“Fairy Tail’s infamous recklessness, of course. Friendly fights are common from what I’ve heard. Still, a noisy place like that must be fun to be a part of.” Nadine would be lying if she claimed to not be interested in visiting Magnolia’s premier guild after meeting Judith. One thing she’d also like to see was Judith’s ability to assert authority over her more rowdy guildmates. The Mother of Fairies was not physically intimidating, but maybe she had other tricks and magic to compensate. Nadine assumed it was a large amount of respect that prevented harm from befalling Judith, though.

She sipped at her tea again as she pondered over Judith’s advice. Do exactly what you want to do. That sounded simple, but again Nadine’s doubts lingered in her mind.

“I’m not even sure I know what I want sometimes,” she admitted softly as she stared at the liquid in her cup. Simplicity and survival was all she had for goals right now. Hunting was just to pass the time and feed herself. Again she sipped her tea, humming thoughtfully as she did so. “Maybe when I see something I want, then I’ll know.” Nadine glanced back to Judith when offered a place to sleep.

“Hmm, a hot meal, good tea, and a safe place to sleep. I would say you are trying to spoil me, but this seems to be normal for you.” She chuckled at her own joke before nodding.

“I’ll take you up on that offer, then. I plan on staying in Iceberg for a little while more, myself. I’ll be gone by sunrise to get a early start on hunting. I hope you and your flower have a safe journey home. Perhaps we'll meet again in Magnolia some day.”

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Judith Karlinius
Given the nature and the reputation of her guild this remark was most likely fairly fitting."Then I consider myself an anomaly with the ranks, Even If I have been there for a fairly long time."Keeping in mind Judith most likely did not say that about herself to insult herself in anyway, She truly knew if you took that view of Fairy Tail, Judith stood out in a strange way, Even if with that strangeness she found her own place rather fitting, Leaving her rather respected in some manner, Maybe that was where the heart of that guild was the entire time? It was good to ponder, After all everyone in Fairy Tail fit in some how in their own way.

Funny enough, Judith had heard that before."It is fine, sometimes it is better to be unsure and learn over time, It is all about the path towards learning that that could be good as well."It must have been something she had deal with her daughter when she was alive or something Judith personally deal with at one point.

In reality Judith also suggested it as well for an entire different reason."Since I am also in area I do not know enough about, Some one being around in case something tries to attack me while sleeping, I have some one around  to either help or know what has happen."It was also a safety measure for Judith as well, Healing only got you so far, then you had other things to worry about.

So with that it would just be Judith cleaning up everything after they had finished their tea, then settling in for the evening to sleep, Since Nadine intended to be up and early Judith did not mind using that a needed moment to at least get up at that time for a good bye, Then pack up and head back to magnolia for well her normal life.



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“An anomaly in some ways, but fitting in other ways.” Quiet and humble as Judith was, she managed to wear the mantle of Mother of Fairies well. If anyone had the patience to look after such a rowdy guild, it would be Judith for sure. Her style of kindness was rare in this world, too. Being invited into her home when Judith had no reason to do so, would be a gesture that the demi-human would remember.

Continuing to sip her tea she nodded slowly in agreement. Learning was a lifelong process, and it never really stopped. Nadine's goals would no doubt evolve as she grew as a person. All she could do for now is keep her eyes ahead as she moved forward.

The woman chuckled as she gave Judith a sly look after hearing why Judith was glad to have her stay the night. For an old woman, the Fairy Tail mage was clever. It made her wonder how many years had Judith extended her own life by. Surely the future for her would only bring more knowledge and wisdom to the pale haired lady.

"If anything tries to come inside, then I'm insisting that it stays for breakfast tomorrow." Having a diverse appetite Nadine wasn't against trying to eat exotic beasts. If anything, it would be a nice gift for their mutual departure.

Once she was done with her tea Nadine helped to clear the table of dishes. The rest of the day went by quietly, and Nadine made a bed for herself on the floor near the front door. Sleep was peaceful that night. When the morning came Nadine had thought to quietly sneak out, but again Judith was too clever for her. After an embarrassed but friendly farewell Nadine parted ways with the Mother of Fairies, heading back into the Udgard Wilds.


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