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Fishing Contest [Quest|Akuma]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

Fishing Contest [Quest|Akuma] Empty Mon Jul 05, 2021 4:27 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †

Today is the day. On this sunny day, Akuma prepare his plan and his needs to Jacob win his fishing contest. Jacob Fischer is a kid that really love fishing. Not just a hobby for him, he sometimes sell the fishes that he catched and make some money out of it. Akuma met Jacob a few days ago in Hargeon.Reciving an anonymous message with quest, Akuma was asked to meet this person secretly at Hargeon Streets at night. That message only contain some small information about the quest, that the quest will be related with cheating and sabotaging an up coming fishing contest in Hargeon.

After the day past and the sunset is approaching, Akuma start wondering around Hargeon streets. Walking around the meeting area before going there and meet the client is essential, especially when this client want his identity remain secret from everyone else except Akuma. Checking small alley around that area, Akuma is now sure that this area is safe. Approaching the meeting point, Akuma can see someone with a robe and a hoodie infront of him patiently waiting. When Akuma arrive, that guy introduce himself. "I am Jacob Fischer, your client. I want my identity remain secret as how I mention in the letter I sent you. You're the only person that know about this meeting." says Jacob. To shorten the meeting time, Akuma straightly ask for the detail of the quest. "There will be a fishing contest tomorrow, and I'll take part as a contestant. I want you to help me win this contest, and you're allowed to do anything in secret to make me win. Sabotage the contest and make me win, and I'll give you half of the prize for your payment." says Jacob. Agree to take the quest, Akuma then leave the meeting point and go home, preparing himself.

Back to the present, today is the day of Hargeon fishing contest. Akuma prepared his stuff and go to the contest location to do his job. He prepared some broken fishing rod and some tangled fishing string to sabotage the contest. He also prepared to sneak in that place as a contest crew that have to prepare the contest equipment.

Full of preparation, Akuma simply walks in that place and people acknowledge him as one of the contest staff. He than switch the broken fishing rod and tangled string in the equipment storage, and take one of the normal equipment for Jacob. Having this equipment on hand, Akuma walk approach Jacob and give this equipment. "LET THE FISHING CONTEST, BEGIN" as a clue for the contestant to start fishing. As how Akuma planned, some people start having trouble with their equipment and facing hard time to get a single fish. On the other hand, Jacob was simply catched a few big fish and win the contest easily. After the winner announcement and reciving the prize, Jacob walks out the place and crossed his path with Akuma. On that split second of crossed path moment, Jacob pass a pouch that contain half of the prize to Akuma as his payment. Successfully sabotage the contest, Akuma succeeded this quest and take the prize home with him.

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