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A Better Tomorrow (Relations: Hildegard and Cassia)[Hitomi/Manzo]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Sipping tea in a cafe sat Hitomi, alone and awaiting a man she had never met before, but she was fated to work with today. The tea was a fruity and flora type of black tea called Darjeeling. It paired well with the light pastry Hitomi had sitting on a small plate next in front of her. As she enjoyed her tea she found herself reading the newspaper that was freshly printed out of Bosco. It seemed another heir was no longer in the running to become the next ruler of Bosco. This bit of news put a smile on Hitomi's face which widened when she read just who would no longer be competition. Brunhilde had been a thorn in Hildegard's side for quite some time with her ridiculous and oppressive religious antics. It was good to see that she had been knocked down a peg.

While she enjoyed her snack she checked the time on the wall of the cafe. Her partner should be showing up soon if the time on her invitation was any sort of useful to him. They wouldn't have to do any work for a while but she invited him out for brunch just to get to know the person she'd be working with before they got to work. Hitomi had met so many different people since her departure from Eternal Nightmare but she hadn't made any solid friends. It was starting to dawn on her how depressing that was.

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For once in his life, it was he being invited to go somewhere and do something. He found the whole ordeal rather odd to say the least. But it seemed this Hitomi woman was persistent to say the least. Though he had wondered how she had learned any real knowledge about him. Perhaps he wasn't as good at covering his tracks as he had once perceived himself to be. After this was over, he'd have to do a better job.

He walked through the doors of the cafe wearing a navy blue nagagi, white hakama, and a white haori on his shoulders. The crest of blue pegasus on the back of said haori being his calling card to just about anyone who would need to identify him. Of course, the gourd around his waist as well, not that he saw that he would need to use it for any real reason, but still, he'd rather not depart with out it.

His gaze would avert to the only woman in the cafe at the moment. Well, the only one with any recognizable features. Not to say the women of bosco were plain, but she had a very pronounced Joyan face. Which meant, hopefully, that this was the hitomi who had sent him the letter of invite. He would make his way to her table, slowly, not wanting to draw any real attention from the other patrons to himself.

He would stop within a reasonable distance of the table so that she could acknowledge his presence. To confirm if she, was the she in question.

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#3Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Moving the newspaper aside Hitomi finished off the last of her tea at the very same moment a man walked into the cafe. He wore clothing that she hadn't seen before and stood out amongst the patrons. Before this man came in one would have thought she was the one standing out as she sat in a black pencil skirt, a white off-the-shoulder top, a pair of black pumps that strapped around her ankle, and of course Kusanagi was placed in a way where it leaned against her chair. Her rather long hair was pinned up in its usual bun, as it's too long to have down and free without it being all over the place. In most people's eyes that she's come across she's been told she was beautiful, almost ethereal. Of course, she didn't believe that but then again she didn't think too highly of herself after Asmodeus was removed from her. It felt like that demon left a hole within her that couldn't be replaced or filled no matter how much she tried.

Letting her gaze settle on the man as he walked towards her table, Hitomi figured that this must Manzo. Even though she was told she would be working with him he was not an easy man to track down, something she was going to let him know. Wiping her mouth off with the napkin, Hitomi made a gesture that said " please sit ".

Manzo I presume? If so you are very hard to track down. You'd think even with instruction to work together you'd be easier to locate. Smiling at him she waved down a waitress nearby with the intent on ordering more tea for the table.

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He chuckled at her words about him being a hard man to track down. If it were any other way, he wouldn't be very good at his job now would he. He dealt in covering his tracks, not allowing himself to be easily discovered. So the fact that she was indeed able to track him down meant one of two things. She was a better tracker than some of the nations most dangerous mages. Or Hilde received his location from Cass, and communicated that to the woman before him.

He took a seat at the table across from her. Looking into her eyes. Which seemed devoid of all life, and purpose. The meaning of this meeting probably wouldn't do very much to interest him. Seeing as the person he was supposed to be partnered with was all but dead on the inside. Regardless, he would humor the young woman in front of him.

"If you could find me easily, then I'd be pretty bad at my job don't you think." He said as he rested his head in his hand with half a smirk on his face. Mainly because he felt his time was better suited to rounding up rebels as opposed to a tea time with this lovely, but quite empty shell of a woman.

"You found me, so what's this all about hm? He said as he removed his head from his hand, raking his fingers through his snow white hair. Accented by the deep blue eyes he sported, and gazing at her with in this moment.

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#5Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Now that was an interesting statement. What exactly was this man's job? she didn't know of course because she had no idea who he was but with this little get-together maybe she could learn a little something. Shifting in her chair in a way that would allow her to place one leg over the other, Hitomi continued to smile, the waitress placing an extra cup and a pot of tea down before scurrying off to help others. Picking up the teapot she began to pour herself some before offering some to Manzo.

If I knew your job then I could answer that.

Taking a sip of her tea she took a better look over at Manzo. She was especially interested in his clothes. She saw that her grandfather wore something like it on the occasions that she visited him. Ever since reconnecting with that side of the family, she had become afraid of learning all that came with it. Why? she didn't know but she was at least interested, even more so now that saw someone outside of her family dressed this way.

Anyway, this might be a little weird I suppose. I've been in Bosco for a little bit now and worked with many different people, some more than once. I guess long story short I'd just wanted to try to get to know the person I'm working with. If you just want to get to work that's fine too. I just thought I'd reach out, looking at you now I'm glad I did, your clothes remind me of my grandfather.

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It's true it was a tad bit odd to be invited to brunch like this, it's certainly not something that happened very often for him. But perhaps he should mellow out a bit and be a bit less harsh on the poor young lady in front of him. Just because he was crabby didn't mean she deserved his rude behavior. What would his mother's think if they saw him acting in such a manner?

"The truth of the matter is, it's best if we don't discuss my job. So let's just table that discussion for now." He said, now with a much lighten tone than previously. Trying to soften up his stance a tad bit for the sake of civility. But much to his surprise his choice of clothing is what had garnered the most attention between them. Which was fair, most people hadn't seen tradition Joyan dress without having had been there.

"Fair enough, I'm an open book, you can ask me anything. I just hope you will return the favor when the time comes." He said with a hint of flirtation in his voice. Not really meaning too much of anything by it, it was just how he was in his social interactions. Which he supposed could be a curse and a blessing depending on who it was he was interacting with.

He took his cup of tea and placed it to his lips taking a small sip from it, before setting it back down on the table. Returning his gaze to the opal like pupils of the woman across from him. "So, shoot."

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#7Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
She was more curious about what he did for a living now. Saying something like that about one's job was sure to pique someone's interest. Of course, it would be a wait before she ever learned anything about it so she just shrugged it off and rolled on with the conversation, tucking that nugget of knowledge away to be dug up later. Placing her empty cup down sat quietly for a few seconds to think about what she wanted to ask. She didn't think this far ahead and never have been the one to start conversations she was nearly at a loss. She couldn't ask yes or no questions because although they would give her some answers they wouldn't be engaging and it wouldn't open up to anything. Taking a hard look at Manzo once more she decided to take a leap of faith.

I'm going to assume you are from Joya by your clothes. Like I said before my grandfather wears those types of clothing. Unless you aren't from Joya and just really like the culture?

She had never been to Joya before. When her grandfather found her it was within the land of Fiore. He made a promise to take her back to Joya to see the rest of the family but she didn't want to leave Fiore so quickly after meeting him, especially not knowing the rest of the family and having a lot of unfinished business on her end.

A Better Tomorrow  (Relations: Hildegard and Cassia)[Hitomi/Manzo] NRhlo2C

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