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The Greatest Upsurt In History [Support:Brunhild]

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Toma wore his usual attire of his blue hoodie , white shirt, and black pants and boots. In the streets of Bosco he was on a mission of great importance and he would do so in the best manner of order. Pure and utter chaos.

Making his way through the street he scanned the store fronts people scouring through. With all of his looking however something or preferably someone caught his eye. A young mage who looked to be around the same age as him was outside a store. He was hunched up wearing simple clothing that was smudged and dirty.  Walking closer Toma looked down at the man with a blank expression.

It took a moment before he looked up as Toma gave a rough smirk and extended his hand to the man. "You seem upset." Toma replied looking around at the passerby going around them. "It seems no one here has a heart." He chuckled with  a final glance at the name of the store. 'Dunwoick Books' it would seem it was a book store. The young man grasped Toma's and was helped to his feet.

He took a moment to dust himself off before sticking his hands in pockets. "I'm Edgar Dunwoick by the way this is my bookstore. However it won't be mine for long it seems." Toma crossed his arms and raised his right eyebrow out of habit curious to learn more. "No one seems to be buying books is it? Sales haven't been doing well huh?" Edgar simply rubbed a hand through his disheveled brown hair. "That sums it up." He sighed again a tear forming in his eye.



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Toma grabbed Edgar's shoulders with a comforting grasp. "I see you're troubled my friend but you just have to look towards the light." Edgar looked puzzled and tried to speak but Toma cut him off just before. "May I come in friend? I may be able to help you out it seems." Edgar closed his mouth and simply nodded.

He moved to open the door before allowing Toma inside. The bookstore was a simple one with a main counter to the left upon entry. Shelves embedded into the right wall and around the shop making it a simple set up. "Quite nice and simple it seems."

Edgar closed the door before leaning up against the store counter. "Exactly how can you help me sir?" His face was desperate almost making Toma have a light hearted smile. Moving to lean against the counter as well Toma coughed before beginning to speak. "I was in a dark place myself before I moved to Bosco a lot happened." He started off with a hint of pain in his voice. The best lie's he thought to himself always had a bit of the truth.

"But then I found my light at least for myself y'know?" He finished snapping back to look Edgar in his eyes. "What exactly do you mean ?" Toma reached in to his back and pulled out something he carried with him. It was a book on the Illumination faith. He handed it to Edgar before nodding at it. "That right there and Brunhild the Divine she saved me." Toma said as Edgar flipped through the pages.



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Edgar moved around somewhat nervously. "How will it help me?" He simply asked outright. Toma thought how to respond for a second. He bought himself some time bringing up his finger as if to bring up a important point. "The faith has helped me but for you spreading the gospel can help you." Toma said going to dropping his gleeful face. Whatever it took to complete the mission he told himself.

"Now Lady Brunhild is trying to help spread the faith to help saves those like you. And you can help in that my friend." Toma offered as Edgar set the book down before walking around the room thinking for a moment. Toma simply flipped around resting on his elbows as he leaned back. Observing Edgar leaving him to his thoughts for the moment.

He didn't want to overwhelm him but he needed to let the target come to him. Edgar finished his pacing before looking to Toma. "What do I need to do?" He asked with a focused gaze Toma had finally got the poor man to believe in his gimmick . Toma rose up and reached for the book. Grabbing it from its place on the counter he handed it over to Edgar again. Edgar grabbed the book and let his hands fall to his side waiting for his answer.

"That book is for you but the more that join the faith the more books are needed to sell. I can have my friends with the church supply you with a few crates of the books to sell and in turn promote your shop." Toma spoke before he walked to the door. " Do you accept?" He questioned without looking back.
"I do." Upon hearing Edgar's confirmation he simply walked out of the store having completed the first part of his plan.

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Toma was patrolling the city of Bosco he was staying vigilant as a Brunhild supporter. The night life wasn't to vibrant but people were still out and about. One thing snatched his attention and it was the smell of booze and loud voice. "ALL HAIL VALUROS THE LORD OF THE PEOPLEEEEE!" oma smirked while shaking his head. It would seem he gets to spill some blood today.

Walking to the entrance of the bar it seemed some rowdy adventurers were starting trouble. Toma scanned the bar first seeing as the loyal patrons were obviously annoyed. A older man wearing a semi formal attire and a serving tray was standing somewhat shly in front of the group trying to calm then down.

But the men kept up their banter ignoring the old man waving around their drinks merrily. Toma walked in to the bar catching the attention of some of the patrons inside. He tapped the old man on the shoulder before giving a gentle nod.

"If you don't mind sir allow me to help you." The old man looked relieved as the Toma went up and slammed the table screaming himself."Hail Valuros!" He screamed as the men all stopped their jeering. They looked to each other before chanting in unison and laughing happily. "Hail to the Pitiful God and the drunken peasants who worship him. Hail to the disgraces of mankind!." Toma yelled raising his arms for affect.

Toma's face was sulken to a degree. He was trying to convey a sense of disgust before turning to look at the adventurers. He needed to add a little more fuel to the fire before it could truly burst for glory.

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The adventurers didn't take to kindly to his words and all reached moved to stand up as Toma stared them down. "Valuros will give us the strength to beat you down." Toma walked off putting his hands in his pocket as he stepped outside. It would make him look better if he were to settle the issue without destroying property.

The adventurers left there gear at the table and followed suit taking the fight outside. Toma began going in to a series of stretches to warm himself up. For some reason he hadn't been able to fully tap in to his magic as of late. Regardless his physical abilities were still with him none the less. He had been in combat many times and his experiences were more than enough without his magic.

5 of them total as they started to circle around. Each one wearing leather armor and all red clothes. Toma summed it up to them all being in the same party more or less. "We don't take disrespect of our God lightly boy." The tallest of the group said to Toma. He was positioned in front of him 2m away.

The entire group was spread out around him at 2m as well. Toma always liked to take note of his surroundings as it was important. The entire street itself was more or less 5m and the roads went on veritcally. He had more than enough space to fight comfortably. He also was better off considering they left their weapons behind.

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The Leader was to first to strike as Toma simple tilted his head to dodge the strike. Shuffling his feet along the ground he kept his body loose. While also keeping a stable and center base. He looked to see more and more on lookers waiting to watch the show reminding him this was also business. Thinking he was off guard the other 4 tried to rush him as well.

Despite their best efforts and training while drunk their movements were far to obvious to hit any trained fighter. Toma didn't complain considering it was making his job that much easier. 2 of the 4 tried to throw a kick at his mid section while he was still moving backwards. Throwing his arm forward he used his fore arm as references. He jumped over the two kicking at him with a perfectly timed somersault.

While mid-air he followed through with the momentum before extending his right leg. Bringing down his heel would send it into the skull of the 3rd person by the two kicking. Toma pushed hard and when his target's head fell he followed up with stomping on it. A loud and rough thud as he crushed the man's skull in to the dirt. He may or may not be alive but he could care less.

Turning his head the other two enraged both swung wildly now. Their swungs leaving them all over the place as Toma calmly danced around them. At this point they were tiring themselves out but Toma was more focused on the crowd of on lookers rather than the fight.

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He wasted enough time now with these fools and looked to the shorter of the two. On the next wide swing Toma would step inside rather than step away. He was moving to go on the counter attack. Stepping in with his right foot both of his hands were mechanically locked by his face. Flashbacks to his training came to his mind. Counter's and throws were something that man use to love before he finally died.

His hands glided toward the man's wrist as Toma pulled down the hand over his shoulder. Following through with the full motion he swung the man over his shoulder. A loud thud came out as the final man realized he was all alone. Sobering up and and no where to go he fell to his knees shaken by the series of events. His spirit was broken as Toma turned around his eyes meeting with the crowd.
"Heretics as you can see people!" Dashing forth with a single lunge he came to a sudden halt.

Grabbing the hair of the man he stepped back his left leg. His front right planted firmly he swung with all of his might. A heavy knee to the man's nose feeling a crunch of bone as he suppressed the urge to smirk. Grabbing his head again he flew forth with a punch and began beating the man with about 7 or more hits. Letting out a bit of frustration he had held on to. Arising from the now limp body he stood flicking the blood from his hands.

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Toma opened his arms and yelled. "I will say again people see how these heretics behave. Their God Valuros how many know of him?" Pointing the closest person the stranger shook his head. He stumbled at the sudden attention before Toma point to everyone as the majority shook their heads. "Exactly my point good people. See how these heathens and heretics act?!Just a moment ago screaming and disturbing these good people in this here store!" Toma paused opening up a hand towards the bar. He needed to tie all of this together before he started to lose the crowd . Otherwise this entire event would have been for not.

"I must say who would stop these people?!" Murmurs sparked like wildfire throughout the crowd as Toma got their interest. His ability to incite such things among people was a gift he thought to himself. But he needed to wrap this up for tonight before he could be swarmed by other supporters. It was too early to try such a thing at this stage. "I for one a child of the Light and Illumination will fight. I will fight for you and your families. And so will M'Lady Brunhild The Divine." Walking over to his most recent punching bag he snatched him by the shirt. "They do not scare US! They should scare you for the Light shines on us all!" Dropping the man back on the dirt Toma dusted his hands off. It started off with the bar keep who walked up few feet from Toma and cheered. "May the light SHINE!" He screamed as the bar patrons back him up. Soon more followed as the entire block was starting to sway.



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Toma had quickly left the cheering crowd hours ago and now the cold night was dead once more. He had a new target after completing the second stage of his plan. Once amassing a useful ally and a place to spread the work he needed to get more of the religion out there. One man beating some adventurer's was always a great eye grab.

But now he awaited on a barrel as he looked to a church in the area. It was one of the opposition devil worshipers as Brunhild called it. It meant nothing to him however a target was a target. From what he could gather though there was not type of security of the sorts outside the building. A simple wall encased the entirety of the building with no gate at the entrance.

Hopping off the barrel Toma walked up to the building. No one else was on the road and no normal person could follow him in this visibility. Now was the time to strike if any. Walking through the entrance of the church inside of the courtyard was just dirt other than the building.A few trees littered up against the walls here and there. The main chapel it seemed was seated directly against the back wall.

Toma wanted to be quick so he ran up to the nearest tree. Running up the tree he jumped off and would snag a few of the thicker branches. A spent a few or so seconds snagging some of the twigs as well getting a fairly thick bundle.

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The bundle was a fat one fit in both of his hands. He ran and set it by the building before darting back to the front. He lifted up both of the metal torches and carried them back to the chapel's main door. Taking a short breath he lifted the torch to his right and used the metal to shatter a window of the church. He was to spread the fire just yet.

Taking a few steps back he ran forward and vaulted over through the broken window. He jumped over the glass and looked over the chapel as he searched for any valuables. Nothing in the pews or stands but he ran up to the alter. He felt around for anything leading to something. Kicking it over a loud splash of wood revealing a trap door underneath. Fumbling to fling it open he didn't even bother to look at the papers underneath. Stuffing them in his pockets he ran back towards the window he broke.

Hurdling back through he grabbed the bundle of sticks and lit them on fire before tossing them threw the window. Within seconds a small fire burst into life and started its work inside. Grabbing the torch a gain Toma picked it up into the center of the courtyard. The flame giving him enough light to work with.

He used this to drag out the symbol of Brunhild and her faith as largely as he could. He wasn't the greatest artist but it was enough to get the job done. With that he ran out the gate and disappeared into the night.



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A few days had passed from the church burning as word was spreading. Everything was going good as of yet but Toma would not stop his efforts just yet. Sitting inside Edgar's book shop he went through a few stack of fliers all talking about the Faith of Illumination."How'd they turn out?" Toma paused looking to Edgar and throwing a thumbs up ."They came out perfect my friend." The relgion's logo , the book shop's address, and church locations. It was easy on the eyes and easy to read.

"Please keep up the production for now Edgar you are making a great turn around." Toma collected his portion of the fliers and headed out the shop. "May the Light guide you Toma!" He said with a bow. Once out of sight Toma allowed himself a small laugh.

It was something about these people actually believing this nonsense that was just funny. What was worse is that he was just freely spreading it. Meeting a few people on the street Toma was able to hand out a few of the fliers and chat some people up. It was easy to sell false hope to pathetic people. People were always looking for someone to save them and he was easily that person.

While not talking with the People also took the time to simply put up the posters as well. Covering any other posters he could find and using their thumbtacks to put up his own. He was able to cover a good portion of Bosco while on foot like this as the sun was finally going down.



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While it was getting dark traffic was starting to pick up with slightly more people trying to go home. Looking to see a random crate Toma hopped before raising his voice over the people with fliers still in his hands. "Greetings my good people of Bosco may you lend a ear?!" He called out a lot of people simply ignored but his voice was able to reach some. "Kind people thank you for making the right decision how are you all today?" "Not well" One spoke and the others nodded their head in agreement.

"I was the same as well honestly. A lot was going on with my life but I was saved by the Light. By Lady Brunhild and Illumnian and Illumination!" Toma reached to spread out the fliers as who was there started reading over. "Most faiths pray to a deity that do nothing for you. But our faith is not just a money grabbing scam. We are a family." Some looked generally interested while most were not completely hooked.

"Just the other day heathens of Valuros were causing trouble and it was dealt with. A man coming to this faith has turned his entire life around by dedicating himself to the faith that paper again people. " He was referring to Edgar's store which so far was true with a some pulled strings. But sometimes belief was enough to be a deciding thing in a lot of faiths. "In our faith the if the family is not well then we all aren't. While not have everyone prosper not just a few wouldn't you agree." The crowd was getting larger by the second and his work was done here as he would leave his final words. "Don't just take my word for it find out for yourselves. What else do you really have to lose?" Throwing the fliers some of the people even fought to grab some as Toma escaped amongst the distraction.

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