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The master builder smiled when they looked up and saw that it was Jikan. Word of her last minute arrival and aid the previous day were already spreading amongst the towns people. Tales of her speed, agility, and strength were told, and a little bit exaggerated. But the sight of her walking up with a few blocks that were causing issues for the normal people working and waiting, trying to have a quick conversation to do work made a few jaws drop left and right, and a few eyes raised. Maybe Jikan was just as strong as the returning fighters said after all.

Jikan was used to that assumption. Her body was a well tone and elegant machine, not bulging with muscle but powerful still. So it never looked like she had a lot of muscle or strength on her, but she did. Enough to put body builders to shame in comparison without magic assistance. Although, some of her feats yesterday were indeed aided by her magical power. But anyway, the people here did not know those details and in the end, the men and women gathered their bearings in some time at the sight of Jikan at work. Jikan did share a few chuckles though, a few people wearing glasses took them off to clean them, and rub their eyes then look back at her as if she did not exist and that they were witnessing something of a magical miracle.

"Ah, you must be that Jikan lady everyone has been talking about".


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"Thank you for your help yesterday, you really saved our hide there. Thanks to you and everyone else, the damage that was done to our town was a lot less than it could have been. We are in your debt", the man said so with a big thankful smile, following it with a bow."Thank you". After a moment of straightening himself he pointed to the right to where the nearest stonecutters were getting ready to sculpt the rock into pieces. As Jikan walked over to the location and got closer to the people Jikan thought of how she could probably help with the taste of breaking down stones. Once again she thought of the funny irony of the situation. Jikan was not a warrior, some knight, or really a martial artist, she was a mage but she had the strength to do a lot of what the others could not do. As a result, making her more useful in the construction and really the type of hand to hand combat situations they faced yesterday. Albeit with the small amount of fighting experience she had that had only grown in the last two months.

As Jikan made her final steps she heard a voice call out of her, looking to the side of the material she was carrying she saw the man that she saw earlier when she made her way over, one of the fellows that she fought alongside with yesterday. "Hey, you can just put that over there.", he pointed out, chuckling as he admitted, "Gotta say, first you helped us fight now you helping us build. You seem to be all over the place".


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"You know.... when I heard people, mages, warriors, mercenaries were coming to help us defend our home. I felt happy, but also distrustful. I had doubt of if they actually cared or just came to make money and take stuff. And they weren't that much of help when it came to it". He looked at Jikan, "well, there were a few people that were true to their word and stepped up to the plate. And then...well when I got told that we had mages willing to help us rebuild, I certainly expected something a bit more... Magical? and honestly, though not many of you would show up. But hey, I ain't complaining here about it. ...Thanks".

Jikan chuckled and smiled at the man's comment, "Heheheheh, well glad to show you that mages are more than just magic. And yeah, that was so hard situations we all faced. Magic users are just like people, good, bad, and the ugly", she nodded to the former fighter, following his instructions and lowering the material down with a quick huff. Jikan thought of that, a wizard user was much more than just their magic. She said that but wondered if she was unable to use her magic against a true warrior, a weapon user, or a martial artist, could she really defend herself and not be helpless? The need to be able to function in different ways was not a new concept for Jikan. When she was back home growing up she had to use her intellect, use her mind to play the games of the court, and survive through the fingers of her parents. And when she left, the rough world that did not see you as a person but your dollar sign, wanting to use you any way they could to get a profit.

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