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Miyamoto Akuma

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#1Miyamoto Akuma 

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Miyamoto Akuma


Name: Miyamoto Akuma

Age: March/30th/773 | 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Berkserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Behind right ear, Dark purple

Face: Mannendake(night walker) - Onmyoji


Height: 180cm

Weight: 68Kg

Hair: White

Eyes: Soft Purple

Overall: Miyamoto Akuma is a teenager on his prime years. He maintain his body in shape. With his tanned skin color, his muscle shows up a little bit better. His white long hair that he tied, and his soft purple eyes become the center of attention of his body because they have a contrast color from his skin. He have a black and white piece of headband that cover his forehead, and an earing on his right ear. He use this white kimono that have black bamboo motive on both side of that kimono. Small part of black samurai shoulder pad can be seen under his kimono.

Extra: None


Personality: Akuma have an overall calm character. Beside training his sword skill and magic skill, He often train his focus and his mind by meditating. This way he manage to gain mindstate where he can calm cand think clearly before taking decision. For some people that ever see him fighting might think that he is always rush into a fight and berserking, but he is actually have that speed thinking from his training. The fact that he enjoy the fights and training give him the spirit to train and push his limit. His excitement offer fighting has sometimes bring him into trouble, especially when he saw strong people fighting. He always think that by fighting against strong people, he will learn more stuff and will become stronger. He use to train more than his friends, who are also in his father sword class. His father is a honored swordman from their village, and Akuma is really inspired and influence by his father. His love for swordart comes from seeing his father, and his will to be stronger also come from this situation. His father have a swordart class and has been a master of some greatest swordman around earthland. Akuma once had a dream to one day being able to defeat his father and all of his students.


  • Fighting: Akuma see something more in fighting, not just throwing punch at each other, no just swinging sword, or casting magic, but he see fighting as an art and as a way of learning. Because of his will of being stronger than his honored father, he get this habbits to learn fighting skill from an actuall fight instead of training or sparing.

  • Swort Art: Growing up as the son of an honored swordman, Akuma also trained hard by his father to be one. This training has been happening since Akuma’s childhood and developed a really deep connection with sword art. Not only the skill to control them as a weapon, Akuma also falling in love with the process of making sword.


  • Weakness: This might sound classic for most of people. But in his opinion, being weak is unavoidable. What he really hate is those weak people who stay weak and doesn’t show any will or effort to get stronger.


  • Learning Sword Art Technique: Because of his enjoyment of fighting and sword art, Akuma have a will to go around earthland to meet with sword master and learn the best he can from every sword art in earthland.


  • Incapability: He always pushes himself near to the cliff, pushing his limit. Because he's afraid that he might not be able to face some situations, that he might not be able to solve a problem, that he might not be strong enough, or smart enough to pass those problems.


Strength: 6

Speed: 6

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: 黒火魔法 (Kuro hi mahō)

Magic Element: Darkness + Fire

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Elemental Magic

Magic Description: Kuro hi mahō , or known as the dark fire magic is a combo elemental magic from two element, darkness and fire. This magic allow the user to take advantage from those two element, allow the user to control dark fire element. With the variation of both element, the user can cast a darkness element magic that have an effect of fire attribute or the other way around.


History: Miyamoto Akuma, son of an honored swordman from Joya. He grow up in a dojo with his father as the master of that dojo. His mom died after giving birth to him, while holding Akuma for the first and the last time. He have 2 older brother Miyamoto Kuro and Miyamoto Raijin. The fact that their mother died after giving birth to him, gladly his family see him as a gift left by his mother. But his childhood is still hard. As a kid of a dojo master and an honored swordman, he have to train super hard to reach his father expectation. Especially because both of his brother are great at sword art. Luckily for Akuma, he also born with a natural skill of using sword and a magnificant amount of magic. He can easily catch up to his brother skill when he was 12 years old, and his dad honestly ran out of skill to teach him. 

Being this talented doesn’t come freely, Akuma have this regret and feel guilty for his mother death, for 10 years. Akuma was a silent kid that lock him self in his room morsing his mom dead. Even though Akuma doesn’t have a chance to meet his mother, his brother always tell him how wonderful their mother was. They doesn’t mean any harm to Akuma, but turns out it hurt Akuma. Noticing how Akuma always sad about this, his father take him to one mountain near their house. His father tell Akuma that this area was his mom favorite. His father then take him to a waterfall nearby, and teach him how to meditate. His father tells him that he also learn meditation from Akuna’s mother. Start from meditating next to a river, in the middle of the wood, and even under the waterfall, those trick apparently make Akuma feels calm and accept himself and the death of his mother. Through this method, Akuma learn how to calm down and be sensitive with his surroundings, make him able to be more focus on training nad focus on his dream.

After accepting his past, Akuma finally able to train better. This calm state of mind actually help him on his training and fights. Akuma show the really good growth at sword art, and start to enjoy learning more skill by having an actual fight. He wants to be able to defeat his dad and the other student in a sword fight, and learn more and more sword art. He want to go on a journey to learn sword art combine with his magic from masters around the earthland, and off he go on his journey.

Reference: None

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