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Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard)

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#1Raeburn Gamebell 

Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 11:50 pm

Raeburn Gamebell
Squirming in bed, it just feels uncomfortable to Raeburn. Resting and camping in a tent is something Raeburn's used to. Stella just isn't exactly a nice place to be right now for a Bosconian like Raeburn. Smoke doesn't taint Raeburn's tent, yet there's all sorts of stomping footsteps around his tent. Opening his eyes, the old man groans in frustration, it begins to seem like he'll have to end his tour of the warring countries. Safety first, safety always, Raeburn just can't feel like he's alive when there's any sort of risk. Sleeping in an unknown place, sleeping anywhere, old men tend to have nightmares without any automatic special precautions.

Drowsily looking around his tent-room, there doesn't appear to be any change, just flat tentness with a backpack next to Raeburn's "bed". Smart annoyances will just disturb Raeburn's sleep anyway before he gets up. The people with real grudges tend to have a sense of humor, and want their targets to see their last moments while awake. Happily rested, Raeburn immediately donned his equipment. Invisible-seeing glasses adorn Raeburn's face and a plague mask goes above his glasses. Not getting up from his bed, Raeburn might as well be on the ground, and it's a burden to jump up so readily.

Extending the left hand brings some substance into Raeburn's palm. Invisibility dispels first, then some distorted dinosaur-thingy on 4 feet manifests next to Raeburn's side. Using the grasped neck of this dinosaur, Raeburn finally wakes up fully and throws the dead creature on to his backpack.

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Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) 2iKq472
#2Raeburn Gamebell 

Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 11:54 pm

Raeburn Gamebell
Ah, a nice start to the day, some magical dinosaur coming to ASSASSINATE Raeburn. Why is it doing such a mean thing? Taking a glimpse at his backpack, there's some mismatched eggs, as Raeburn had an omelette a while ago. Trying to remember which dinosaur he'd killed last, old man memories can't seem to rise to the task properly.

Proceeding to the entrance of his purple tent, Raeburn prepares for today's mission. After indirectly helping his divine waifu, it's time to mess with the lesser nobles of Bosco. Validating oneself by aligning to a fluffy heir is kind of weird. Hildegard is friendly with the warry son and her whole pet-loving thing is great too, yet what is she supposed to offer Raeburn? Honestly, even if Raeburn gets nothing, the others heirs are just BORING kingdom-building losers. Demi-human rights aren't gonna go nowhere just cuz Bosco gets a demi-human ruler. Equality is a nauseating pursuit. Some demi-humans must taste so yummy, why can't Raeburn eat some more of them if their animal counterparts taste yummy? Aligning with the fanatics vs the furries is always the right choice. Ritualistic sacrifice of the furries! There's no better way to Illuminate.

Coming outside, it's a sunny day in this forestry, and Raeburn feels like mounting something. Apparently, he keeps forgetting to, as Stella pet-lovers mount lots of furry dinosaurs. Boiling corpses dot a few feet out from Raeburn's tent. There's a few elves lying around, hey, their scentlessness has finally come in handy! Ever since Raeburn first killed an elf, he's always loved how their smelliness doesn't exist. Friendly elves are always better elves, and Raeburn doesn't judge those.

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Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) 2iKq472
#3Raeburn Gamebell 

Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 11:57 pm

Raeburn Gamebell
Most elves are stagnant elves, and a preservation of boredom, always being guardians of what they deem always theirs. Aren't "High" Elves simply superior to all other silly elves? Only the most special elves can attract Raeburn's attention. Taking in his surroundings and remaining on-guard is just a normal habit of Raeburn's. For today, it's best for the old man to gauge how he'll accomplish his mission with the most entertaining haste. Stella hasn't passed down anything directly threatening, it just passes down useless things that can be found elsewhere, like uuuh how High Elves taught magic. Keeping himself on the agenda, Raeburn figures he'll slaughter a few more demi-humans and Stella WILDLIFE that should die. Anything that doesn't abide by the tenets of Illumin is simply stray meat to Raeburn. Awaiting his prey, it's already been determined that the prior deaths are food for the other animals to be baited with.

Adjusting a white hood that seems attached to his mask, Raeburn comes into full view, as he notices some figure's approach from some bushes. Some people have a special item to talk to beasts, like Hildegard might, only making their luring capabilities suspect. Torturing hundreds of weak animals is fun okay, hunting's a fun sport. Trial by combat is more fair and engaging, but Raeburn can't help liking pets sometimes. Unfortunately, the figure that approaches him is not what he'd first expected.

"Hey, come poison me like the Bosco king you weak Stellas. COME AT ME YOU DIRTY TREE-LOVERS." randomly, Raeburn can't help shouting. Flashing back to a moment, a FULL HUMAN figure had approached the harmless old man. Unfortunately, by shaking a hoodie, Raeburn assured himself of the effectiveness of his glasses and saw through an illusion disguise. The figure was some creepy and uncivilized local half-elf. Instead of being a lovely woman, it turned out to be a almost-lovely male demi-human. Bitch slapping, Raeburn takes care of the male elf the moment it got in range to say whatever it was going to say to deceive the old man.

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Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) 2iKq472
#4Raeburn Gamebell 

Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:02 am

Raeburn Gamebell
Beginning his challenge, it's time to speedrun whatever the Stellaniananian are up to. Squishing his leg on the almost-corpse, Raeburn repeats what he's been doing for most of his prey. Draining the blood is typically a difficult process to lure others, but with a shallow breath the old man's utilized his mask to increase his strength. Mimicking a B-rank spell's strength is decent enough for some squishiness. Becoming a Scout or finding some way to be silent, Raeburn did it to mock half-silent elves but also because it starts to sound kinda weird squishing people loudly.

Assessing environmental threats, there's surely some evil elf allies while Raeburn plays with his grounded food. Uncivilized natives are most creepy with their poison, even killing the Bosco king with it, good thing Raeburn's immune with his mask! Feeling like he's pissed off enough people for some chaos, the mood begins to set in for a climatic engagement. Fortunately, Raeburn is going to run away now. Poison clouds the area, some purple nastiness that matches his tent. Disinterested and unaffectionate to any more conflict, Raeburn totally departs the area without a sound.

Having stalked enough, the old man found a few seeds and important plantlife here, his objective is now getting all poisoned while he gets off scot-free. Pollution doesn't bother Raeburn much, there's no value to nature when there's other dimensions and magical forces. Stella seemed scenic, Raeburn could even consider betraying his country to help it instead, yet the option isn't available to him without immense investment. Fully assured in his actions, Raeburn could of killed some Dwarves, although it's said they worship some Stone Thing. Dwarves seem to want to make love to a rock okay those cute pebbles are too cool to kill, and Stella/Bosco used to have Dwarf kings in lore. Dragging away a body, Raeburn's all set with taking away any real beauty. The heir that doesn't consider anything a war crime is the best heir, it's not like you can wantonly slaughter INHUMAN CREATURES like Raeburn has if he was in Bosco.



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Die Fluffy THINGS (Sabotage: Hildegard) 2iKq472

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