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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ]

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 11:49 am

Jikan's time in the city of Baska had been...interesting so far to say the least. The city itself had an initial feeling of plainness to it, it had hills, open grasslands to the far side with the farmers were, some good places to enjoy the properties of nature. Connected to another section of the area, was the lively and boisterous parts of the city filled with it were day to day activities of citizens bartering for their goods, doing work, or just have a cool drink while sharing laughs. The small merchant town was one that Jikan would see as a simple peaceful town, an illusion that was steadily becoming more and more false the more time she spent in the town.

In a random encounter, Jikan found herself at a doctor's office in the outskirts of the farm she met a doctor named Gerard. She soon found out why he was giving out free check ups, there was a plague going on. Doing strange things to the people here. And if it was not for the fact that she was sure her brother was in this town, she would have left immediately. But alas, she couldn't, and so she had been helping the doctor. Hunting animals to get samples, trying to find out who could have started this.

However, even though they were making progress, they still had questions they could not answer yet. A bad situation because Jikan was losing her patience. Because of this, she had gone out in search of more information, more people to do work. And recently it had paid off, for she had gotten word that there was another person looking into the disease and were using bodies, animal and human, to do research.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 8:22 pm

Cain; this was the name of a powerful Necromancer and a former employer of Ikazuchi. It was a name that the young man wouldn’t easily forget. This was the first person willing to hire him in Baska, so he attached a certain amount of importance to Cain. Despite that, Ikazuchi hadn’t interacted with the Necromancer after that day.

At least, that had been the case until yesterday. A letter had been mysteriously delivered to the room of the inn where he was staying for the night. It was a request addressed to him from Cain, however most of the details weren’t included. It noted that he would have to meet Cain in order to hear about all of the details. Ikazuchi disliked the invasion of privacy that became apparent. His only comfort was the fact that it would have been nearly impossible for someone to deliver a letter secretly in his presence.

Presently Ikazuchi found himself sitting in front of Cain, both individuals awkwardly drinking tea in silence. Neither individual had anything to say as they weren’t interested in the other as a person. Their relationship was strictly employee and employer, so there didn't seem to be any need for excessive friendliness from either individual.

The awkward atmosphere was due to the fact that they were waiting for another individual to arrive. Cain didn’t intend to explain the request twice, and neither individual excelled at small talk. The young man regretted his lacking social skills at this moment. Ikazuchi may not have intended to be friendly with his employer, but he didn't enjoy this atmosphere either. In the end, he could only restrain a sigh and think to himself. ‘I hope they get here soon, this silence is killing me…’

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 8:58 pm

As Jikan walked through the paved roads that she had got used to in her days in the city of Baska, she soon found herself in a 'different' part of town. The aura and vibe of the life her gave a different essence than the rest, a feeling that Jikan was used to. It was dark, it was the shadow of the light that the common folk experience and what the people in the seats of influence wanted to be seen in their market trade themed home. I guess even this place has a different side of the coin, I am surprised it took me this long to find it though~.

In between the corners and alleys of the shadow streets Jikan went, a right, a left, a shady looking man in a coat in a corner and in a few minutes Jikan was there, standing before the shop she was told about and had sent a letter to. With a quick knock to the door frame, Jikan waited for a verbal answer before opening the door, walking in, then quietly closing the door before walking closer in. In no time she saw who she had grown to know who she assumed the name Cain belonged to. An odd headed shaped, man(?) was before her. Horned skull in place of a face with glowing red in the sockets of his eyes. Welp....that was right on in the description. "Cain". Jikan was sure of who he was, but the fellow sitting down beside him was an unknown matter. She had no knowledge that Cain worked with anyone.

"So, you can help with this problem I am working on?".

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Mon Jul 05, 2021 4:05 pm

Ikazuchi was thankful when he saw a woman enter the building. He learned many things about her as he observed her, but he didn’t care much for this at that moment. Her presence disrupted the awkward silence, and this gave Ikazuchi a positive impression about the woman. As he observed her, he couldn’t help but learn many details about her. This meant that he knew her name with just a glance, along with countless other details. In some ways, it was more awkward than the silence existed between himself and Cain previously.

After obtaining the ability to simply ‘know’ most details about those he observed, he developed the bad habit of further analyzing individuals. ‘A mage who fights with a gauntlet?’ Ikazuchi felt a growing curiosity as he looked closer at her. He could see from her physique that she had trained herself well. It was something that surprised him due to his bias towards a typical mage. He expected individuals who could rely on the convenience of magic to pass on self-improvement. This could only further improve the good first impression he had.

In the time that he was observing her, it seemed that she had been doing the same to Cain and even himself for a brief moment. It was only now that she spoke and addressed their employer in a slightly surprising manner. ‘She’s working with him because he can help her?’ Ikazuchi was curious how their conversation would go, and intended to quietly observe until directly spoken to. The slightest bit of curiosity could be gleaned from the expression he wore as he waited.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Thu Jul 08, 2021 1:38 pm

"Ah so you are the one that I have heard from my 'birds' that has an interest in my and my work? Well, yes yes, I am indeed one that can help you with dealing with this problem that you have been dealing with for quite some time now. Well, at least not as long as the city, me, and well, the dear Doctor Gerard of course", Cain said with a deep calming voice. "I take it that now that you are here, you have found at least a little information about me, like my name for example. But dear lady, if we are to do business and be co-workers in pursuing this solution, I think I should be on a first name bases with you. Its a policy of mine".

Jikan looked at the bull horned man, calmly, "I suppose that is in line with pleasantries, Cain. My name, is Jikan. Now, moving own to a more important matter", Jikan walked up leaned up across the counter, "you seem to be a well connected and informed man, so tell me, just how are you going to help me?".

Cain chuckled, well, as much as a deal skeleton walking around with horns could, "Ah ahhaha, well as you know, a well connected man like myself, solves issues with two things, resources, and knowledge. As you know of your dear friend Gerard, there is only so much hard work and time dedication can do. Knowledge, is what we you need. And if you do something for me, I can give you answers".

"And what pray is that?".

Cain eyes seemed to close as if they were smiling, his face turning into a cheerful, wily, sadistic, and sarcastic smile. "A body".

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Fri Jul 09, 2021 12:44 am

Ikazuchi had to actively prevent his jaw from dropping as he compared Cain’s interaction with himself and the woman known as Jikan. ‘He acted anti-social with me, but perked up the moment she came in.’ It was all Ikazuchi could do to limit his expression to looking at his employer as if he were some strange creature. ‘Oh well..’

Ikazuchi learned more about the situation that was implied moments ago as they spoke. ‘What does a doctor have to do with this?’ He was naturally curious about what kind of shady doctor could be involved with a man like Cain. The conversation had an oddly polite and distant tone to it as introductions occurred. Around this moment, Ikazuchi developed a new feeling of awkwardness. ‘Am I just invisible to these two?’

He finished his tea as their conversation continued in an even stranger direction. All he could do now was silently observe the two as he lacked an opportunity to cut into their conversation. If nothing else, he was seeing a side of Cain that he hadn’t before. A powerful necromancer who was generally out of touch and uninterested seemed to become a shady businessman as he dealt with Jikan.

Eventually, their employer stopped beating around the bush and informed them about what he actually wanted. ‘A body?’ Ikazuchi was a bit surprised by this as his thoughts rapidly shifted. ‘What kind of necromancer can’t obtain a body?’

Ikazuchi was doubtful, but he didn’t miss his chance to speak. “Dead or Alive?” Cain had an immediate response to this question. “Dead; How else would I want a body?” There seemed to be some slight disdain in the voice, but Ikazuchi asked a follow up question. “I assume that’s why I’m here?

Of course Ikazuchi, though I hope you can keep it in pristine condition.” Cain paused and gave him a wary glance before continuing. “I’ve seen some of the bodies you’ve left behind…” The statement seemed to imply many things about Ikazuchi, including the fact that he had killed someone on more than one occasion.

Ikazuchi found his gaze settling on Jikan at this moment as he was curious if she would have any reaction to the statement. It was at that moment that Cain continued speaking. “I want the two of you to figure out the rest, I just need that body. Any questions?

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Fri Jul 09, 2021 9:16 am

A body. Well Jikan wanted an answer and she got one. Although, Cain's delivery of his answer to Jikan's question was off putting. The man felt like a snake wrapping around her, her wrists, ankles, neck. And it was cold. The man whad a form cordiallity in his persona but definitely also had a sinister side to him. The few pieces of detail that Jikan got about this man were very true about one thing, he was a deal maker that could do all types of things for a situation, like magic. But that magic always came with a cost. A body? Where the heck am I going to get a body though? How? I...can't really think of grabbing a random person off the streets or bar.

In the few seconds that passed after Cain spoke of their task being the acquisition of a body, Jikan did not speak. Taking in the information and attempting to come up to a response to it. She needed to make progress with this, livew were in danger, children were suffering. The sooner they got a resolution, the sooner things would start to get better.

Then the silent individual next to them spoke up, joining in the conversation. It appeared that he was not just a regular John who happened to be in the building when she entered. No. He was familiar with Cain, by the sounds of it, a lot more of just knowing a few rumors of Cain, more of a coworker perhaps.

Jikan turned, this turn towards the normal looking man, giving him a strong shook and grip if he accepted. "Jikan", she extended her hand out in a grasp of a hand shake, she was sure he got her name, but she did not have his. And if they were going to work together, they needed to know each other names that they went by at least. She mentally acknowledged the hint given to her, that this guy was a killer who had done it probably numerous times. Slightly shocking by his age, but she had no idea what lead him to those or this type of path. It did not really matter to her, as long as he did not cause her any trouble or did one of her rare no nos. "No, no questions from me".

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Sun Jul 11, 2021 5:03 pm

Ikazuchi accepted the woman’s handshake calmly with a slight smile on his face in an attempt to appear friendly. ‘I guess she doesn’t mind?’ This thought passed through his mind for a moment as he introduced himself. “I’m Ikazuchi, nice to meet you.” Cain would go on to explain his requirements after their short interaction.

The young man shook his head slightly in response to Cain’s question while Jikan responded concisely. Seeing that neither had any more questions, Cain immediately began to usher them out. “In that case, I will be awaiting your safe return.” He would open the door for the two at this point, making sure they understood that he didn’t wish for them to remain.

Ikazuchi would lead the way out at this point, receiving another comment from Cain. “Remember, pristine condition.” Ikazuchi would smile a bit awkwardly in response as he nodded his head. ‘Do I look like some kind of crazy butcher?’ This was the response that he kept to himself, not knowing that this was close to how a powerful mage may see a swordsman like himself.

As for Jikan, it seemed that their employer mentioned something to her as well on her way out. Ikazuchi hadn’t paid much attention at that moment, so he hadn’t heard what was said. Still, he could easily imagine what could have been mentioned. ‘Maybe something about her reason for accepting the job?’

After making his way a few steps from the building Ikazuchi would turn to look at his temporary partner and ask a question. “You heard him, we have to figure out the rest on our own. Do you have any thoughts about where we should get this body?

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Wed Jul 14, 2021 3:35 pm

Just like that they were 'ushered' out of the room. If Cain could push air a gust of wind would be sliding Jikan and Ikazuchi out of the room. Following in his steps, Jikan moved after Ikazuchi as he led the way out. A reminder of Cain following them to make sure that the body that they acquired were in 'pristine condition.  A task that Jikan thought was easier said than done. After all, killing someone is not something you do that's easy, neat, or does not cause a mess. Granted, there were other ways of killing people besides fighting. ...and maybe there was a new body in a grave somewhere.

Jikan was so caught up in this thought that she had not heard the words Cain spoke as her foot stepped outside of the door. "By the way Jikan, I understand your care for the children and youth in this village. But it is wise to keep your eyes in the back of your head. After all, there are many people that....want to have a word with you since your time in our maleovant city".

Jikan just stood outside, still in thought, still unaware of what Cain had said. "Sorry no idea. Maybe we should look around a bit? Maybe in the rougher part of town?", If Ikazuchi agreed to do so, Jikan would begin walking to an area that she knew from gossip was a normal spot to avoid. Jikan was unaware though, of the fact that there were eyes watching her and Ikazuchi's movements in the night. A chuckle and smile were plastered on the figure in darkness as their eyes zoomed in to their location.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 12:06 am

Ikazuchi was more than happy to accept Jikan’s suggestion. He wouldn’t mind killing as long as he deemed the individual deserving of death. He wouldn’t draw his sword against the defenseless or innocent, but he didn’t feel that this was a concern. Compared to the normal individuals who would take a job like this, Jikan seemed kinder in comparison. It wasn’t likely for someone like that to attempt to harm someone that he wouldn’t be willing to.

After he agreed, the woman led the way to another part of town. He could guess their destination based on their direction, but he chose to follow her lead. Doing so meant that he could avoid any clashes of opinion that may harm their interests, so it only felt natural for him.

Ikazuchi would feel awkward if he silently walked with the woman for the entire duration of their trip, so he spoke up after matching her pace. “So, what kind of work are you doing to need Cain’s help?

His question was simple and direct, openly expressing the curiosity that he had towards the earlier discussion between the woman and their employer. After receiving an answer, Ikazuchi would continue to make simple small talk with the woman as they made their way through the town. This would continue until they arrived at their destination, or something unforeseen occurred.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:32 pm

The shadows of the corner's of the sidewalk they were on were beginning to grow, turning into a darker shade of black while slowly extending to the sides of Jikan and Ikazuchi from the buildings. It was as if they were reaching out to them. Jikan led the way, glad to see that the fellow she found herself working with momentilary had no issue in searching for in a more...hostile environment. It was always more pleasant to try and accomplish something when there was noun- necessary arguing occurring. Jikan had no real quams with killing, it was a natural cycle of life and people actions, just like eating. Granted, she had her own personal flavor to her ideas about it. Everyone kills at some point the target be an annoying bee or human advorsary. The thing about that tho were that she preferred only killing people who she deemed worthy. People who deeply angered her, people who harmed or attempted to harm her. Basic self defense, and survival stuff. Although, she did have a soft spot on the topic of people who were helpless and could not resist properly. Mainly the youth, and because of the past resent events that had transpired in Baska that she has witnessed and had some interaction with in recent weeks, maybe the sick too. Kids were always a no tho, so defenseless, innocent, pure- not having a chance to do wrong and should be protected. Jikan was not a good person, she was not a bad person either, just a person. Granted for some reason a lot of people could not see things beyond one and two, but that had no concern to her mind. She had no idea what this Ikazuchi fellow ideas on the subject were, but obviously had had plenty of time to come up with his own ideas about it according to Cain's words.

Ask her co worker asked his question she turned her head to the left side, momentarily looking at him before turning straight again, she began talking, continuing in her stride as she did so. "Hmm...well. I do not know how long you have been Baska, but I am sure you have seen the...conditions of the people here. Rich, poor, young, old, everyone seems sick, with various conditions severity and....outcomes from their interaction with...whatever is going on. .... I have been working with a doctor, who has been researching into this and I have been helping him. However, things are slow with little to no progress to this and I have decided that I needed to, spread my resources out to try and do more. I have been told by others and promised by Cain that he too, is trying to fix this. Bad for business and all", she said the last part with a smirk. "So, just a little playing doctor I suppose".

"It seems you have, experience, with Cain before. Tell me, what do you know of him and his...etiquette with his partners".

After Jikan asked this question, the darkness began to seemingly come to life. Twitching and shaking with the earth before lunching out and moving with a swiping motion towards Jikan. It hit. Flinging the woman downward into a nearby alley that crashed through some debris and a fence before landing her in an open field of grass. Two fellows stood off to the distance, several meters away from her. Away from her in the shape of a V with Jikan in the middle.

"Well well...looks like we found you", a hand dressed in black reached out in an upward open palm before a red and yellow magic circle appeared under their hand, an amalgamation of blue flame with sparks around it coming to life in their hand.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 12:22 am

Ikazuchi was more than a little surprised by the amount of effort Jikan seemed to be putting into helping the doctor with the situation she mentioned. It was something that he had noticed during his stay, but he didn’t think anything of it. He had been focused on himself, and was feeling guilty now that he heard about the situation from the woman. ‘Well, at least I can help with this.’

He didn’t overthink the fact that the woman intended to kill in order to achieve her goals. It was something that he had personally accepted months ago, so he wouldn’t judge others for reaching a similar conclusion.

Ikazuchi was about to respond to Jikan’s question when the disturbance occurred. The earth rose up out of the ground and whipped at the woman suddenly. The target was Jikan so Ikazuchi managed to avoid being attacked, but his attention was focused on the alley where his partner was forced into.

‘Looks like we may have found some rats…’ There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements as Ikazuchi dashed in pursuit of his companion. He arrived near the woman just as her attacker finished speaking.

‘An earth mage and a dual element fire and lightning mage?’ Ikazuchi gave his opponents a quick glance before directing his attention towards Jikan. She seemed to be okay, but he couldn’t know exactly how she felt after that.

Ikazuchi was ready to draw Spellcutter the instant a spell was fired in their direction at this moment. He was observing every little movement that the two could make as he spoke. “It seems we didn’t have to go far to find what we were looking for...” Ikazuchi smirked slightly as he paused. “Which do you want? Or do you want me to take care of them both?” His question was full of confidence as he took this time to converse with the woman, intent on cutting any spell that came their way.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 5:46 pm

Jikan laid there, flat on her side while the duo stood over her body. She did not have to think about where Ikazuchi was, for the young man was soon present. Standing by ready with his hand on his sword's hilt, ready for action.

Jikan stood off the ground, dusting the dirt and essence of earth from her body and clothing. "Very true Ikazuchi, it did not take long at all".

The duos eyes' glanced at Ikazuchi, a gleam of disinterest and hostility was present in their eyes and words as they spoke out. "We don't know you". "And really don't care. If you wanna die stay, if not, leave.

A creak was heard, and their heads turned back to their target, Jikan. She was cracking her fist with her hand and her neck by moving it to the side. "You know, you guys need to stop coming after me. Your boss got what she got because she deserved it and came after me in the first place".

"SHUT UP", the two yelled in unison.

With a sigh, Jikan lowered her hand slightly, before a magic circle formed under her hand with a flicker of wind in her hand. Throwing her hand out in a slashing motion, she sent an upward wind strike into the ground and towards the duo. Splitting the earth and making the two separate from each other. Jikan's eyes looked at the man using earth magic he was sliding to the left to avoid, "then you die today".

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 8:07 pm

‘She’s pretty feisty.’ Ikazuchi chuckled quietly as Jikan interacted with the men. When she separated the two with a spell Ikazuchi spoke to her briefly. “I will take care of this guy then.” He was staring at the man with the dual elements as he spoke, not caring for what his target may think.

He was quick to move after that statement, rushing at top speed towards the opponent. This caught the mage off guard as it seems that he hadn’t expected this amount of aggression suddenly. Ikazuchi didn’t even draw his swords as he faced the lightning and fire element spell coming from the man head on.

Without hesitation Ikazuchi placed his right arm between the spell and himself, allowing the armor on it to take the damage. With a swipe of his arm as it made contact he dispersed what remained and continued his charge. The man went to retreat, but Ikazuchi was faster. ‘Too late…’ In the next moment, he reached his target and landed an uppercut to the mage’s solar plexus.

The hit caused Ikazuchi’s target to fly backwards uncontrollably ten meters before they fell to the ground. He would have used his sword, but it seemed that Jikan had some interactions with them previously. He intended to capture the mage for the woman since it was convenient for himself.

What he didn’t expect was for the mage to suddenly cast several spells one after another taking to the air and shooting into the distance with several bursts of fire. “...the fuck?” Ikazuchi had been walking towards his target, but stood stunned at the sight of what he just saw. ‘He just...ran?’ It was awkward for him considering the main reason that mage had the chance to escape was his own carelessness. He turned his attention towards his relic for a moment. ‘I will be careful with this in the future…’ After that, he focused on Jikan and the other mage ready to jump in if needed.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 2:30 pm

Once again Jikan had to deal with this group of random vagabonds coming after her with the aims of, well, making her suffer with any means possible. They had a vendetta against her and they would enjoy nothing less in ending her life. They had not been able to even get close in succeeding in that, but they would enjoy the process of at least making Jikan's life harder as they tried to reach their goal. Disturbing her sleep, ruining her meals, leaving random notices and instances of harassment to try and unnerve her, coming after her at what felt like completely random times in the day; erasing the productive or relaxed vibe she had going on. Just like today.

The slashed of wind did exactly as Jikan hoped to do, separate the duo before her. Together they were weak but annoying, alone, they were a none issue. Ikazuchi quickly took care of the fire and lighting user, disappearing and moving through their offensive before sending them flying with a mighty punchy. It seemed it took only one strike to break the man's will for he turned tailed and ran leaving his ally alone to face Jikan and Ikazuchi if needed. Impressive Ikazuchi....and this group is more pathetic than I had reason to believe.... Jikan thought the second have as she looked at the man, feeling...sorry for the sad sap. Only slightly. A white magical circle appeared in Jikans hand, her fist lined up with the man's chest before she threw it forward, a gale of wind twisting out and expanding from her hand. Moving far too fast for the man before her to move, slamming into his chest and sending him flying back. His body hit the ground with a thud, the cloak's hood falling to remove his face.

Dread and fear could be seen on the man's face, their hood down from the motion of abuse he just took. No words escaped his lips, the only action from him a feeble attempt to turn around and scatter away but Jikan would not let him. "No". Jikan rushed at her top speed towards the downed opponent, flying above their body with the wrist gauntlets shinning a flicker of the moon's light off of them. With one quick motion, Jikan threw her right hand down into the man, gripping him by the head and slamming him into the ground. His leg twitched slightly, he was dead but at least he did immediately from the force.

Jikan looked back at Ikazuchi, ready to just get the body back to Cain and hope he could keep his end of the deal.

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What's that smell?? [Grab a corpse | Ikaazuchi ] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:10 pm

Ikazuchi remained as an observer after the mage he faced escaped. He assumed that the reason for it was due to himself being an unexpected variable. They could have anticipated Jikan’s capabilities if they kept track of the woman, so that could be why there were two present. His presence could have simply complicated the situation enough for the man to retreat in order to inform whoever they work for. ‘I really shouldn’t have let him get away…’

It didn’t take long for the woman to settle her opponent after he did his own. ‘I think that their boss must have underestimated her..’ He couldn’t help but think this as he watched her finish off her opponent. “That was fast.” Ikazuchi only made this combat as he approached and took responsibility for moving the body. He didn’t say it to her, but he was trying to make up for letting the other opponent escape.

The two moved more covertly on the way back as they now had a dead body that they would prefer no one to witness them hauling. Thankfully, the cover of night allowed them to go unnoticed. Ikazuchi was only there for the job, so he received his pay relatively quickly. As for Jikan, it seemed that she would have a discussion with Cain before departing. At the door Ikazuchi hesitated for a moment before speaking to the woman. “Let me know if you need help in the future, I will make it up to you.” After that, he left without any attempt to explain himself. It didn’t matter if she felt that he owed him. He felt that he did, so he said what he did.

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