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Toma Quicksilver

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Name:  Toma Quicksilver

Age:  [20] April 9th, X771
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian,
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back  

Face: Static Shock- Static Shock


Height: 5'9

Hair: Black

Eyes: Honey Gold
Overall: Toma is a tall well built human man. Standing at 5'9 he is of average body proportions with a slightly longer torso and square shoulders.  He is very fit and lean for his size being a strong 200 lbs.  He looks big to the eye for having only about 4% body fat. Evenly sculpted muscles across the board with a simple 6 pack. His skin is a deep chocolate color with a healthy and glossy sheen to it.

Toma's head is a normal size with regular sized ears to match. He has what most would call a baby face with thicker than normal lips.  A small rounded upturned nose with large eyes and curly eye lashes. His honey golden eyes have a soft gleam when hit with sunlight. His thick black hair is formed into long over hanging locs.  His locs are long enough to hang in front of his brow and all are over lapping one another.
Extra: Toma has two matching dragon tattoos on both arms with the tails begging at the wrist. They spiral around his arms until the dragon head's are exposed on his upper arms by the shoulders.


Personality: Toma is a goofy yet hardened person who uses his brooding manner as a catalyst. A love for dark humor and sarcasm can describe his attitude when interacting with other people. He maintains a calm demeanor when excited or calm giving the impression of having a level head. But in truth he's just not as expressive as most people and keeps his reactions limited.

This is mostly due to the emotional trauma of his childhood. He is disconnected from the world and people around him. Usually only working with people for the job but always prioritizing himself. A method to keep from him being scarred again.

Toma is an individual who cares to always speak his mind regardless of who is talking too if it doesn't cause too much trouble. As such he has quite the sharp tongue and always has something to say no matter the situation. Despite such a carefree attitude Toma is quite hardworking and punctual.

Toma see's everything he does through mostly as a promise to himself as motivation. That part of him keeps him moving forward and focused at all times without getting side tracked. When taking on a job he doesn't care to mess around too much and does everything to finish everything smoothly.

When in combat Toma is precise and brutal using efficient quick paced movements. He is not one to hold back and strikes for vitals when he can. Toma while pressure his opponents but not blindly rush in either so that he is not caught off guard. The moment he see's an opening he will go for it or mix things up to catch the target off guard and throw off their sense of rhythm.

When Toma is overwhelmed or excited he is more likely to express it through his body through his usual ticks. Such as clenching his fist or possibly jumping to attention to get the built energy from inside of him. When he feels fear he will be more tense and on edge than normal.

  • Combat: Toma having a fear of death has spawned a subtle love of combat that he never truly accepts. Because of the fear having fought for his life gave him such a high he craves the thrill of battle and the gamble of fighting for his life.
  • Seafood: Toma has a particular fondness of for seafood in general. Whether it be fish or prawn he always room in his stomach for any classical seafood dish never having a specific favorite.


  • Wasting Time: Toma is very punctual and does not wasting people's time. Nor does he care to waste his own. It is one of the main things that will quickly irritate him and put him in a bad mood.
  • Chanting: Toma hate's people that are all talk. He believes that people should put their money where there mouth is. He can take a joke but serious boasting will incite his anger every time.


  • Strength:  Deep down Toma believes that the stronger he gets the less he will worry about dying. Because only the strong survive and is one of the driving factors of him working as hard as he does.


  • Death: A deep rooted fear is human morality itself. He tries not to let it overwhelm him but it bothers him every day. It bothers him to the point of getting a thrill every timea he does battle and survives.
  • Betrayal: Toma was betrayed by his own mother and left for dead. That has left a emotional scar on his heart since childhood. He keeps those he needs close but not enough to care. The thought of actually putting love into someone for him just to be hurt terrifies him to the core.


Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 4


Magic Name: Lightning Armament
Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Enhancement:Additional Spell-Type [Defensive]

Price: 1,000,000J

Description: The user may select a new spell-type that they will use for their magic as a normal type.

Magic Description: Lightning Armament is a style of Lightning Magic focused on Lightning magic use for self -buffs. All Spells within this mage originate from the user's body as the point of origin. it is a type of magic mainly to be used in conjunction with martial arts as a enhancement to the body.


History: Toma was born to parent's that he barely remembers. He doesn't even know his last name as father died when he was a infant. Leaving his mother to suffer in poverty. Toma's life was filled with abuse as his mother would often blame him for his father dying. He died from exhaustion and had lost herself in the process. A small hut closest to Magnolia off into the woods.  Emotional and physical abuse were a daily occurrence for young Toma but all he ever wanted was to make his Mother love him.

It was when he was the age of 8 that the men came. He awoke to a bag over his head and being tied up. His Mother's voice having a hint of happiness something he had never really experienced before. But then her screams were soon followed as he was carried thrown in to a carriage.  The sounds of horses and the beating of the road as Yuma cried silently.

He was kidnapped and sold off taken to Wood Worth Sea.  Starving and tired he awoke to a cell and other children like him as he got a sense of his surroundings. The captives were fed loaves of bread given water everyday as Toma got accustomed to this life for a few weeks. During his time as a captive  he made a friend whose name was Ramona. A girl with raven black hair. She  was a orphan found on the street and taken by strange men as well.  

Some time passing the children were greeted by a tall man with long scarlet hair and skinny frame. He scanned the children and pointed to Ramona and Toma before the two were snatched by the guards and taken to a office. Thrown to the floor the scarlet haired man offered them to sit in 2 chairs placed in front of his desk.

He introduced himself as Tyran Onvier a leader of a Guild of bandits and slavers. He was a powerful mage who specialized in a unique curse magic bending those weaker than him to his will. He offered Ramona and Toma the opportunity to train under him as assassins for his Guild. The two accepted only wanting to survive and training began.

For the next 4 years they were trained in a type of lightning magic called Lightning Armament with the ability to buff themselves with lightning and attack with it. 12 years old at this point their training was gruesome in mind and body to be able to keep up with the intensity of the magic. Simply as it required the use of martial arts with the magic. As per graduation Toma and Ramona were forced to fight to the death but Toma refused the death match. Ramon however tried used the show of weakness to try and kill Toma.

Toma was devastated at the thought and retaliated striking the final blow on Ramona first. Toma then turned his hand in anger towards Tyran who struck him easily by activating the guild's isignia curse putting Toma out cold. However a group of mages attacked Tyran in a instant ending him and freeing all of the guild. All the children were set free and Toma was stuck in a coma and taken to safety. 7 years he spent asleep and he woke to the face of a Mage in her later years. Undine Quicksilver a now retired mage living in Era who was apart of the group to take down Tyran. Toma spent the year living with her catching up on society and trying to grow up as much as he could. She even help train him with his magic to help him support himself. Now 20 years old he is out to try and survive in the world.

Reference: N/A.


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This character application has been approved.

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