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Splash Mountain[NQ | Charlotte]

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Another beautiful day in the city of Hargeon. It was the dog days of summer so the city streets as well as beaches were teeming with life. Other businesses were bustling, but not one little hole in the wall. Mainly because it had yet to open for business.

Odd, wouldn't you think? For a bar to not be open on a weekend afternoon, a perfect time to make some money. Well you'd have a point, but there was a method to the madness of one particular owner. If you're closed during the bustle, you get to keep the drunk and disorderly out of your establishment.

Manzo had very little patience for people like that. While he did own a bar after all. It was a cozy place, not somewhere idiots could congregate to start fights, or sexually harass the other patrons. He was proud of that.

Though most patrons knew that if they walked in during this time of the day, he'd be happy to see them and serve them. With no qualm at all. After all it wasn't them he was trying to keep out. But it was a beautiful day in paradise, so odds are it was the beaches they were flocking to.

He was positive the place would fill once night fall had descended. So until then he would prepare for such a thing to occur. It was time to change the kegs out, put new bottles of wine in the cooler to chill. As well was wash the glasses.

Once done with that it was time to wipe everything down and water the plants. Such a thing was his usual afternoon ritual. Something he enjoyed doing quite a bit. Talking and humming to his plants, which he always found interesting how well it made them grow.

Now that all that was out of the way, it was time to decide what todays special was going to be, That was a hard one, a cold gazpacho would be appropriate for such a hot summer day. That would be sure to help simmer things down. Which was a plus.

Giving people a nice place to cool off would certainly keep them coming back for more. That is what it was all about after all, giving people a place to be themselves and relax. Of course beating the heat was a plus no doubt.

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Splash Mountain[NQ | Charlotte] LGnxHvk

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I bet he'll get quite the the hoot when he sees me like this… Heels hammering the cobbled stones which made up the roads and paths of Hargeon and the face of the femme seeming to carry a little more of a smile than usual for once, Charlotte Caldwell was to be found in rather a good mood as she caught her reflection in the shining window of a storefront and took a moment of vanity to indulge the experience, and enjoyed doing so immensely.
Both before, and after he realizes who I really am~? Twisting herself to one side and then another as she admired her relatively recent change to her image and had to admit that she rather loved the woman who was looking back at her, not only was she relishing the departure from blonde to black but also the opportunities that the revolution in her image provided her with, especially when regarding one particular resident of the town.

I wonder how long I should keep the charade going? After all there one person here who she had grown closer to than any other and ironically enough despite this him not having had much of an exposure to her change in image either, the mischievous part of the now malachite-haired minx told her to take advantage of the fact that she looked like a stranger to the friend she had made in town, and Charlotte felt an immense sense of satisfaction in giving into the impulse, that was for sure.
Be nice to make him squirm a little before I reveal it, right~? Unlikely to ever tell him that he was the gem in a town of gravel which had kept her from departing when the festival her guild had arrived for had come to an end, or at least one of them, it was with pride and perhaps even a sense of passion that she marched further and arrived at a set of doors which she barely broke her stride to push open, however, once she had done so it was perplexment rather than playfulness that the woman discovered on the other side.

“Oh.” More than familiar with the home of the handsome fool she had taken quite a fancy to and as such feeling somewhat stunned when she shoved the doors to his home open and found a face she did not expect waiting for her, though most would not be disappointed to discover someone with a nice blend of pretty features and rugged countenance waiting for them in a bar, on this occasion the beauty in black couldn't help but feel a little let down by the fact that, apparently, the manager was out.
“Are you… New?” The smile that she carried seeming to slip away because of this and all too quickly the fire within the femme seeming to be overtaken by frosty feelings, once more the feet of the fox were jabbing the floor but with noticeably less spring as she took a few steps forward, and tried to clarify who this was in front of her in the hopes of finding the man she sought. And with any luck, it wouldn't take her too long either, right?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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The man behind the counter, looked up to the malachite minx in front of him. What an interesting development this was, a new face in the bar. How interesting, he thought to himself. But then again, it was time to open for business, so he couldn't truly give her the time of day. Though her question about him being new here struck him as a tad bit odd to say the least. "New? No. I just recently bought the place. But I guess you could say the place is pretty new. But I've been a citizen of hargeon for years." He said in response to her.

He could tell from the look on her face that she was quite disappointed to find him there. But that too was strange. This building had been nothing before he bought it. Just a vacant property. So once again, the new comment struck him as odd. So odd in fact that he had to press for more than what she had originally gave him. "Well uh, who exactly are you looking for?" He said as he carried on with his opening routine.

His hands finding themselves quite busy with doing the dishes, and making sure everything was spotless around the bar. It was important to him to cultivate a good image to everyone who walked in. Though it seemed that no matter how nice the place looked, the woman in front of him would still be disappointed. Which was a shame, because he could tell she had quite the smile before she walked in to find him.

Though his moment of silent contemplation would be disturbed by the appearance of his companion Happy. It would seem from the look of him he had over slept and forgotten that he was needed to help with preparing the fish this morning. "Nice to see you join us this morning." He said with a sarcastic tone. Happy simply shrugged it off and walked to the back to begin his day. Far to sleepy for all this nonsense this morning.

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Splash Mountain[NQ | Charlotte] LGnxHvk

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Recently? How recently…? The not in the forehead of the femme subtle thanks to the style of her hair but growing at every piece of information she received, she couldn't help but feel a sense of strangeness in how this barman described his current position, and was left wondering if he might have happened to purchase the place from the person she had so greatly wished to meet today.
“He's my… Friend. A friend of mine.” Customarily not so candid with a stranger but the sense of confusion and perhaps something about the bearing of the white haired figure also seeming to infer a sense of trust, whatever the reason or combination was Miss Caldwell opted to reveal the nature of her connection to the person she sought, or at least some semblance of it, which seemed a little lacking in truth even to her. Manzo was more than a simple friend, wasn't he?

“I'd been hoping to surprise him here?” That the reason why the beauty in black had bounded in here so triumphantly a moment ago and now felt such a depth of disappointment that it almost felt like something in her had suddenly died, she spoke half to the new figure she had met and half to herself as she confessed the spirit that had brought her here, and found herself a little drawn to the familiar way in which he seemed to busy himself as he did so.
Who's he…? Unfortunately not given too much time to focus on that latter fact before this apparent stranger seemed to speak up in rather a strange fashion, for a moment she thought she might have to defend herself against accusations of being tardy in her approach, but fortunately a figure to the side caught her attention enough to help her realize he wasn't speaking to her, among other things.

“Happy…?” That fact not the only thing that the malachite minx seemed to recognise as blue fur and an admittedly dopey expression caught her eye and reminded her of the wonderful white friend she had made more recently, the scene was only getting more and more confusing by the moment given the fact that the unknown looked oh too familiar with the partner of her paramour, however, Charlotte would be given little chance to comment on it. Instead only able to open her mouth to speak and question the situation until something or more accurately someone seemed to practically boot the hinges off the bar door as he entered it, the sound and spectacle of the entrance seemed to turn even the head of the ebony enchantress, and to her great disappointment she saw further strangers appearing before her. Ones who looked like pirates, in fact…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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"Oh for the love of fuck." He said as his face turned sour at the sight of the ruffians who kicked his door in. He reached below the bar of a bottle of whiskey. As he did so the bastards with no manners began to speak.

"Where's the man in charge here! We've got a score to settle with him. We know he's here, so don't try anything funny!" They yelled, completely ruining the zen of the moment he was sharing with the buxom ebon haired stranger before him. How rude, he thought to himself. How rude indeed.

Manzo took out two shot glasses, and began to pour himself two shots. One for his health, and one to keep him loose. As he downed them, he looked over to the pirates who were now beginning to tear the place apart. Looking for some kind of hiding place.

Happy came scuttling through the doors to the kitchen. He jumped up on the counter, and then on to the shoulder of Manzo. "Boss, are you going to take out the trash or what?" He nodded of course and downed his first shot. Slamming the first one down, and began to reach for the other one.

As he did so, the commotion from the pirates knocked over his shot, the sound of glass shattering rang through the air. His otherwise non caring face turned to one of blank violence. He twisted his head, the sound of popping could be heard. One pop, a thick vine emerged from under the floor, wrapping itself our the neck of one of the pirates, choking the life out of him.

The second pop, his eyes turned a blood shared of red, as his pupils spawned three yang signs in them, spinning like a farris wheel. From the first vine sprouted a man eating plant, which then proceeded to separate the others head from his body.

"Happy, the gourd if you will." The blue cat nodded and ran to the kitchen to grab a sake gourd. He came back to the side of his master. Placing the gourd in his hand. He popped the cork, black flames spewed forth, grabbing the final man, and sucking him into the gourd, soul first.

"I'm sorry, who did you say you were looking for again?" He said as he turned his attention back to her.

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Splash Mountain[NQ | Charlotte] LGnxHvk

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