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Third Eye Open [Sabotage:Brunhilde/Hitomi]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

Third Eye Open [Sabotage:Brunhilde/Hitomi]  Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:53 am

Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi decided she needed to be a little more active in the fight for Hildegard. She needed to be clever, underhanded, and dare I say..Ambitious. Having been absent for as long as she was she had the idea to work against Hildegard's greatest foe for the thrown, and that was Brunhilde. The wicked bitch that used religion to further her own agenda in the most disgusting way possible. She wasn't good, she wasn't kind, she was evil in the worst way. Hitomi had a bad taste in her mouth just thinking about how Bosco would fare under that religious nut. How many people would be run from their homes just for praying to another god or being hunted down for not going against what they believed in.

Her mind flashed back to the time when that same religion almost had her burned to death. Those people made her sick. Placing her hand on the hilt of her blade she smiled to herself. She was learning about honor and the gods of her mother's culture. Her task today was a simple one. All she had to do was disrupt Brunhilde's priests from going into places where the people were down-trodden and on their last leg, looking for hope in all the wrong places. Easily manipulated people who would give their whole life to a god for a little bit of food and betray their neighbors for some clean water and better living conditions. They needed help and those priests were gonna feed them some false hope and she was gonna stop them.

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#2Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
A few days before she found herself hiding in the trees Hitomi was out collecting information to aid her in her task. Bosco was a very big country with many different people trying to leave in peace. Since the start of this little royal battle royale, peace was on rocky terms with everyone who had to live in Bosco, but it hurt those of the lower class even more. The way things were looking and with Whil out of the running, those who were helping their chosen Royal were doing overtime to help them succeed.

Hello sir... What's this I keep hearing about Illumin will save my soul?

Her voice rang clear as a little bell in a large church to a man dressed like someone who was important in the building. She figured he was the head priest or something but in short, she didn't care, she needed to have them think she wanted to be " converted ". The man turned to her with a kind-hearted smile, one that Hitomi could only take as a snake in the grass sort of facade. Nothing these people would do could convince her that they weren't predators. The man nodded and made a sweeping motion with his hands towards one of the pews. Hitomi figured he wanted her to sit down so she did just that. The man followed behind her and also took a seat.

Yes my child. The light of our Lord and savior yes it can and will save your soul.

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#3Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
But...How? And am what happens to my soul if I'm not saved, sir?

Hitomi's voice trembled under the question as she tried to make herself small in front of the man. She was already dressed in humble clothing and her hair was in a low bun. She had the appearance of a commoner and one who looked to be struggling, which was what she was going for. The man next to her on the other hand looked well-fed, with rosy cheeks, and a long beard that he stroked as she spoke. It looked like he was in deep thought but she knew damn well that he already had a whole spiel or getting wide-eyed, naive, people into the church and under the religion.

I'm sorry my dear child. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Dario Magmus. I am the head priest of this church. Following the light of Illumin protects your soul from wandering the darkness, because that's what happens to your soul when you die. But you don't have to wait before you are at deaths door to receive his blessing at gain favor now.

And there it was. The bullshit. He went one for what felt like hours talking about the history of Illumin, what the church could do for her and her family, how even getting more people to bask in the light and glory of the pitiful religion would save their souls. It was an actual clown fiesta coming out of his mouth. He even had the audacity to speak about Brunhilde and how she would become the next ruler of Bosco.

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#4Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Dario explained to Hitomi that Brunhild was the messenger of Illumin who would destroy the heretics running about in Bosco and further extend her influence into Stella. Anyone worshipping other deities would be given the choice to change their wicked ways and pray to Illumin or burn at the stake to purify the land. Hitomi didn't like that but she put on a brave face before asking the man a simple question that would start her journey into infiltrating this stupid ass sect of the religion and joining their ranks. Getting on her knees and holding the hem of the man's long robes she mustered up the fakest real cry that there is in order to play into this man's power fantasy that she knows he has.

Sir, my family have all died of a terrible plague. Is this because we didn't pray to Illumin. Is this because we didn't believe it? Please tell me, sir, what do I have to do.. truly to save my soul. I don't want to die and be in the dark

The man only smiled, took Hitomi's hands in his, and kissed them gently. The action alone would cause mental turmoil for Hitomi, but she had to keep face no matter how much she wanted to fucking throw upon him. His chubby face full of lecherous glee was all she needed to know that he would be the first pig on the pyre when this was all done. He was going to use his influence to prey on her but she was going to use him to dismantle the work of Brunhild from the inside out.

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#5Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
The sparkle in Dario's eyes made Hitomi wanna puke but she did not. He began to speak about how she can easily be a daughter of Illumin by just believing and having faith in the religion while converting others to be saved. He said that he would house and take care of her if she would do favors for him, favors that need only be between them and the lord. He spun a tale of the two of them being married as one because she was such a pretty little thing and since she didn't have the family she would be alone without him and the grace of God. His words made her sick but she agreed to them but not before he kissed her on the lips and said she needed to be properly inducted into the love of Illumin. Not knowing what that meant she was told to come back to the church at the end of the day.

Hitomi rushed to the room she had bought at an inn on the outskirts of Bosco's royal city. She felt disgusted at the actions of the so-called priest. With what he knew about her from what she said he was already eager to prey on her. She couldn't believe the audacity of that man but she cleaned herself up and went back to the church. Dario was waiting for her and even though he was ready to marry her he said he wouldn't do that unless she knew what giving herself to Illumin was all about.

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#6Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Upon reaching the Church and meeting with Dario she was quickly ushered inside. Most people were gone by now, with the exception of a few alter boys moving around cleaning up the place and some other people that were most likely a part of the church as well. Once inside she was taken to Dario's office and soon the history lesson of the church Illumin began. She couldn't convert people properly if she was ignorant of the religion and its history so Dario was going to teach her exactly what she would need to know to be a good servant of the lord. The history lesson went on for hours, far longer than she cared to be in his presence. Once he was done he invited her to a mandatory mission where they would spread the word to the poor and feed them food so they would rely on the church and become good little followers.

Hitomi didn't refuse, but of course, she couldn't with it being mandatory and all. Dario explained that he wouldn't be there but she would be going with a group of his men and women and they would show her and tell her exactly what to do for these people. When night fell the group was gathered at the gates and she was given a crash course on what to say to the people who lived in the slums outside of the village. These people would get food but of course it would not be free... They would have to work for it.

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#7Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi wasn't listening to any of this for the most part. She knew the group wouldn't even make it to their destination. She was going to kill them all, chop their bodies up, and spread them around the forest. She wanted to make it painful but she knew she needed to make it quick. Very quick. She was allowed to go " back to her home " or at least where Dario thought was her home in order to ready herself for the task to come. Hitomi dressed in long robes when she got back to the inn, long enough to cover her feet, with a hood attached to it. The robe was to hide Kusanagi, the weapon that would spill the blood of these people tonight. Once she met up with the rest of the group at the church again they explained that they would be going to a village that Hitomi had been to before.

She remembered saving it from Stellan rebels when she was...Someone else. Those people didn't need this sort of stress on them. Once the main leader of the group stopped talking about what tonight's task was, Hitomi snapped back into listening mode. For the most part, she tuned them out but something odd coming from the man's mouth. They wanted these people to earn their food? Give up their children so that they could work in the church? Was that what she heard? The group loaded up the carriage with the food and supplies that needed to be given out to the people of the village before heading out towards it.

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#8Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
The trip was mostly a silent one from Hitomi's end. She wouldn't actively join the conversation between the group because of the topic they were partaking in. They were happy to take children away from their parents to get free labor for the church, and they mask it as " working to gain favor for Illumin ". This was brainwash and she would have nothing to do with it. The times the group tried to talk to her she simply answered with short neutral responses. This caused them to try and pull more out of her but that was unsuccessful they told her that she needed to be more " active " If she wanted them to tell Dario she did a good job tonight.

This caused Hitomi's blood to boil. With her hand on Kusanagi's hilt, she waited until they were far enough away from their destination and their leaving point to walk a bit ahead and near the horse. Taking a deep breath she quickly lopped off the horse's head to stop its movement and before the man driving the carriage could scream she sliced his head clean off too.
The group demanded to know what she was doing. They called her a demon and launched spells at her that she dodged with ease. These people weren't trained in actual combat and she was too close for them to hit her without hurting themselves with spells that took up a large area. They tried to scream for help but her sword was already slicing through necks like butter.

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#9Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Heads fell, blood spluttered and squirted, and soon she was drenched in the blood of Illumin's followers. They would never get to those people, but their food will still come to them. The night was still young and she had a lot of cleaning up to do. Hitomi frowned as she started to drag the bodies one by one into the forest of the trail that they were on. She chopped the bodies up and began spreading them around, knowing the animals would get to it. Next, she took the clothes they wore and burned them. The dead horse was the biggest problem but when she cut it into smaller pieces it was easy to take care of as she dumped it into a nearby swamp. She was sure the alligators would be happy about that. The hardest part was getting herself cleaned up but it wasn't impossible. With enough wandering through the forest she found a freshwater river and it was a matter of just getting in and cleaning her clothes. Thankfully it was hot out so the weather would just dry her.

The next hardest part was getting the carriage and food and supplies to the people. She had to be quick on her feet for that one because she was very far from any town or village with a horse. She wondered how heavy the cart was. Considering how strong she was maybe she could pull it herself. Placing Kusanagi in its sheath she went to the front of the carriage and lifted it. It was a little hard to do but nothing she couldn't handle. Pulling it along the path she thought about the story she would tell these people, and what she was suppose to tell Dario what happened.

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#10Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
The walk to the village gave her enough time to think up a good excuse as to why the things that happened..happened. For one she didn't need to go into detail with the village itself. She could explain that away easily with Stellan rebels attacking again and they would take it at face value. She could also tell that to Dario and the story would match up to the one she told to the villagers. Still, there were too many holes to many ways she could get caught. Hitomi smiled to herself as she dragged the carriage along. She knew of a sure-fire way to end this and that was to take out Dario himself. He was the only one who knew about her so taking him out would end the trail cold. Of course, he would be replaced with a new person but for now, that village would be safe from those Illumin dogs, sniffing around for scraps.

It took her three hours on foot, dragging a carriage full of food and supplies to get to the village. The day was breaking on her arrival and someone was there to meet her. She explained who she was, what happened, and what she had for them. She made sure to say it was a gift from Hildegard because if anyone was gonna take credit for this bounty it was gonna be her. After dropping off the food and supplies she went stayed for two days before returning to Bosco's royal capital where she would finish off Dario and go on to the next task in taking Brunhilde down a notch.


Third Eye Open [Sabotage:Brunhilde/Hitomi]  NRhlo2C

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