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Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde]

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#51Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:57 pm

Jin Tatsumi
A platform was fitted in the courtyard. A walkway made of wood with stairs on either side and the beam overhead. A singular rope hung from the beam and beneath the platform were bundles of sticks placed stacked atop one another.

“They intend to try him soon,” Jin said and made his way to the bundle of rags. “Hey are you alright,” he called out and the rags shuffled. A groan followed and a frail elven leg slid out from beneath the torn cloth blanket.

“Have you come to end my life finally.. For worshipping a faith of my homeland,” the weak and raspy voice spoke through parched lips.

“No. We are here to get you out,” Jin replied and slammed the spear against the lock. The device snapped in two and clanked against the ground. The elven man looked up with a light in his eye that had not been there in some time. The songstress crossed her arms next to Jin with a smirk.

The third elf on the mission looped his arm around the elven prisoner and hoisted him up with words of thanks pouring from his mouth. Jin waved the praise away. “I’m here because it's the right thing to do,” his reasons changed from just supporting Hildegarde to feeling connected with the people. “We gotta move fast though. Let’s go,” Jin ran down the path and took another quick glance out the window. The crowd was beginning to gather.

The window on the opposite side, showed the dirt road they had taken to get there.

#52Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:57 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin pulled the window latch and slid it open. With a wave of his hand, the elves hiding in the bushes poked out and returned the signal. The group shifted to flank both sides of the road. A small carriage creaked out of the brush, hidden behind the trees and shrouded in elven magic.

“That’s how we get out. Make it down to the second floor again, and repel to the road. We’ll have cover fire as we get you away,” Jin explained and opened the door to the stairwell again. He paused waiting to hear any sounds before taking it one step at a time. If anything, they would have heard the sounds of battle from their comrade if there had been trouble.

Jin rounded the last corner. The pace was slow as the elven leader was wounded and fatigued. Each step he took was a laborious task. Jin Stepped into the hall, only an archway remained, leading to the second-floor staircase. Amaris dashed down a corner and waved both hands at them. He left bloodied footsteps behind him. The songstress stepped forward, eyes flooded with fear. She exchanged a look with Jin. The paladin scowled at the turn of events.

“They’re coming!” Amaris yelled and braced himself against the wall by his comrades. “The others are dead.”

Jin looked at the elven leader and the others he was with. Battalion boots scrambled up another stairwell that Amaris had come from. Shadows cast along the stone floors from the glow of lacrima.

#53Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:58 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin flung his spear in front of Amaris, protecting him. “Someone needs to hold them off then.”

“Not alone,” the songstress said and stood next to him with her bow at the ready.

“Ridiculous. This is my fight. I’ll stay,” Amaris stood to his feet. His knees hobbled on the way up. Blood ran down the side of his face. His arm dangled at his side, bound loosely by a ripped shirt.

“It’s okay. We’ll be right behind you. Just get the leader out of here,” Jin spoke and flashed a grin over his shoulder at his ally. Amaris hobbled over to the elven leader and stood tall, mustering up the last of his strength. The leader, Amaris, and the third elf rushed down the stairs as quickly as they could.

“Alright, Lianara. You and me again,” Jin smiled.

“Same as always,” she returned the smile. Jin wiped the smear of dirt from her cheek. The shadows cast into the hallway, reaching out to their feet. Eight knights of Brunhild appeared with shields and swords. The symbol of the church burned on one side and Brunhild on the other. Both swirling in unison together. Jin stepped wide and pulled his spear up to his shoulders with both hands and the blade aimed true to the targets.

Lianara rose her bow and aimed a shot at the first man among the many that marched forward. The two exchanged a final nod and Jin pressed off his back foot, dashing into the fray.

#54Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:58 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Arrows whizzed by his head, stroking the strands of his hair like Lianara’s gentle touch. He felt no fear, having had those same arrows fly by his head countless times, without so much as giving him a knick. The arrows battered the shields of the knights. Sparks erupted to life with fey magic. Dazzling lights and bursts of electricity cascaded between the metal armored knights. They rose shields to block the light. Muscles twitched from the surge of electricity.

Jin jumped through the air. His spear whirled overhead like a hurricane and crashed down like a comet. The blow sparked more radiant light into the hall and shattered a shield. The halves of the shield split into shards that dotted the ground. The spearhead bounced off the ground and Jin used the recoil to ram it upward and into the shoulder of a knight. The blow pinned the man’s shoulder to the wall.

Blood splattered the back of Jin’s head. He spun around, leaving his spear in the knight's shoulder. Another knight stood behind him with a sword halfway to Jin’s back. An arrow jutted from his neck and he collapsed to his knees. Three more arrows pushed the knight all the way down. Jin reached behind him without looking as more knights began to surround him. They blinked rapidly trying to regain their vision. Jin spiraled forward with his spear, meeting blade to shield. Arrows peppered the stage of battle, keeping the knights on the defensive. JIn rolled beneath a sword slash and drove his spear into a knight’s thigh.

#55Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:59 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The knight collapsed and lowered his shield. In a brief instant, an arrow punctured his eye and dropped him to the ground. Two knights drug their comrade to the back. The remaining forces descended upon Jin. Blades pierced forward. The spear clinked off of the walls and slashed, tore into his clothes, and ripped his flesh. Lines of blood painted the floor. With each strike they landed, another arrow flew true. A knight dropped his sword. An arrow ruptured his shoulder blade and burst out the other side. The sword bounced on the ground. Jin stomped on the shield and pressed it to the floor. The man’s body jerked downward. Jin rolled over his back and drove the spear into his back.

Jin’s steps kept the knights walking into and around each other. Only a few able to get a swipe in at a time. The others tried to dash out to the sides but a snipe of arrows pinned them in close. Jin parried a sword out of the way and stabbed it into a knight’s shoulder. The man hobbled to one knee. The blow was swift and agile, the knight gurgled and Jin spun back to his feet as another knight’s blade crashed down. The blow cut a slice out of the stone floor. Hopped back down the hallway, giving more distance. He needed time to think and analyze the next step. The knights were still five men strong. Three of them rushed forward. Jin stabbed his spear head-on at the knight in the middle.

#56Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 12:59 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The blade collided with the shield and halted the man’s movement. The other two stumbled forward as the middle knight suddenly stopped and bumped their shoulders. Jin shoulder tackled the knight on the left, sending both of them crashing into the wall. He grasped the top of the man’s shield and gave him a swift headbut. It was just enough to disorient him, so Jin could yank the shield down toward the man’s hip. The joint in the knight's shoulder popped loose and his arm dropped.

An arrow whizzed through and finished the job. Almost instantly another arrow stopped a second attack from Jin’s back. The paladin ducked and spun around his spear, lashed out, and tore chunks of armor with radiant precision. The knight fell back into the arms of another knight. It was enough of an opening for another arrow to find its way to the jugular of the one being held.

Jin jumped forward and kicked off of the deadman’s body to fly into the air and bring his spear down on the knight that thought he had saved his friend's life. Jin’s legs hit the far wall and a shield battered his side. The buckler rammed his shoulder and flung Jin through the air. The light mage crashed onto his back and bucked upward from the shock of pain. The knight was upon him with a blade aimed at his body. The sword pierced downward. An arrow ricocheted off the knight’s pauldron sending the sword stabbing into the floor inches from Jin’s face.

#57Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 1:00 pm

Jin Tatsumi

Jin kicked upward, driving his foot into the man’s hip. The knight's body lurched back. His hand left the hilt of his sword. The blade stayed stuck into the stone floor. Jin looked at his reflection in the blade and back up to Lianara. She had saved his life yet again. The light mage rolled to his side and swiped the sword from the stone. He used it to block another Knight’s follow-up attack. The blades dinged off one another. Jin front kicked the breastplate of the knight, knocking him backward, and heaved the sword. The blade spun through the air and sliced the knight's hip. An arrow sang by and pierced in the same spot as the wound stopping the knight’s advance yet again.

The wounded knight grunted and bound forward. Jin side stepped and smashed the blunt side of the spear into the same wound. The third blow to the knight’s hip dropped him to his hands and knees. Spit flung from his lips as he gasped in pain. Jin booted the man’s head, as the songstress kept the pressure on with well-placed arrows. They had to move quickly. Jin knew she couldn’t have had many more arrows to fire.

The light mage struck a lantern lacrima, filling the area with sparks. The shower of stars stung the eyes of the knights. Jin dropped low and wrapped his face with his sleeve. The shower sparked its last flicker of light, bouncing off of Jin’s back like a signal flare.

#58Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 1:00 pm

Jin Tatsumi

The paladin rose up to hear the elven woman give a battle yell. He knew the signal and dropped once more. An arrow soared through the hall, growing in size. It gathered the sparks from the lacrima like a black hole. And shined like a comet. The arrow struck the ceiling above the knights and exploded with a spring of burning lights that shot downward like falling stars. The stars burned through the metal armor, sending the knights into a crying frenzy, trying to cast out the hot sensations.

Jin wove through them like a death knight putting them down one by one in their panic. He stood breathing heavily in the remains of battle. Blood trickled from his ribs, head, chest, and back. He held his ribs and stepped over the battlefield toward Lianara. A weary smile on his face.

“Time to…” he began to speak when two more knights stepped out of the hallway that Amaris and the others had escaped down. Lianara whirled around to face them, mere feet away from her. She jumped back and aimed her bow. Her gaze turned toward Jin as the two knights gave chase with swords aimed at her heart.

Jin began his run toward her but knew she would be able to fire off two arrows quick enough to end the knights. Lianara turned her bow away from her attackers and at Jin. The paladin’s eyes flashed with worry and confusion. Sadness gleaned in his lover's eye, but there was a hint of happiness swirling with it.

#59Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Sorrow and regret released the arrow she had readied. Her quiver flopped empty. The last arrow burned through the dimly lit hall. It got brighter and brighter the closer it came to Jin. The paladin froze where he stood. Had she aimed the arrow at him? Why? But he trusted her more than any he had ever before. The light mage stood still as the blazing arrow burned through the hall. He closed his eyes waiting to feel its warmth fly past him.

Heat caressed his cheek as the arrow blazed by. It was just like her warm touch on his cheek the first night that they laid together and looked at the skies above. The night they gazed at the stars hoping for a future for the elves and a faith all their own again. A scream burst out behind Jin. Flames licked the walls of the hallway. An assassin loomed behind the mage. Robes of the church adorned his body. His blade not even a foot away from Jin, the man hung from the ceiling. The arrow burned through him and he dropped to the ground.

Jin whirled around to see the knights with swords plunged deep into his beloved. His heart sank as her blood spilled onto the ground. Death came in a land that was not truly her own. Jin’s hand reached out as Lianara’s bow dropped to the floor with her limp hand. She mouthed her final words.

“I’ll...always have your back Jin.” The light faded from her eyes.

#60Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin barreled down the hall. The two knights brandished swords against the paladin. Jin’s grip strangled the radiant spear. His vision narrowed. Only those two nights existed for him. The light mage drove his spear forward. The knights swung swords in tandem. The two forces collided in a flurry of blows. Sparks ignited the dark hall. The lacrima burst one by one from the flames of Lianara’s arrows whipping down the walls and bursting out the window to the outside.

Jin spun low and tripped a knight. His heavy body clambered on the ground. Jin booted his head and spun into the air once more to collide with the other knight. His arms rippled with fury. Bloodstained the halls as one knight fell to the spear’s slash. The other rose and stood wide with his sword held overhead. One final slash from both of them. Jin charged and the blade fell down and sliced into his forearm. He spun enough to keep it superficial, but blood spilled out from it.

The knight coughed up blood and collapsed. The spear poked out of his back. Jin grunted and kicked the man off the spear. With a shallow breath, he kneeled down at Lianara. His spear dropped to the floor. Its light faded. He placed his hands over her body and poured in healing magic. His hands trembled, but he knew the truth. Tears ran down his face and his hands fell onto her lap.

“No...no,” he whispered and placed his head next to hers. Voices echoed from the archway that opened to the final stairwell.

#61Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin realized the person that he was. The choices of his life flashed before him. He held his spear to the side. His body was framed by the archway that led below. The church elite Marched up the stairs. Lianara’s body rested behind him. He felt a cold distance from the world. A world he had to protect. The paladin waited for the rush of holy knights with longswords and shields. His arm tightened. The grip on the staff intensified as he pulled it back, sliding his foot into a fighting position.

His eyes panned up to see them charging. Their metal boots clacked on the stone steps. Words need not be uttered to know why he still stood. “Aghhh,” he howled as his spear pierced the shield of one of the knights. The force stumbled the warrior and sparked off. He spun, as blades ripped by him. He tossed the spear into the air and clapped his hands. Light boomed into the hall. Pain ravaged the knights and Jin’s wounds healed save for the one that mattered most.

The knights scrambled and rammed him with their shields. Jin was lifted from the ground and shoved back into the archway. He caught the tail end of his spear and with his other hand, he gripped the helmet of a knight and poured in healing magic as a blade stabbed him in the side. The knight groaned and dropped to his knee. Jin landed on his feet and became a whirlwind of spear slashes.

#62Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The light healed the wound at his side. Flesh and bone mended back together, leaving a smooth scar. The light mage pushed against the shields and swords of his foes with vigor. A tear in his eye lingered for his dearly departed, but not even that sadness eclipsed the rage he felt against those that took her from him. His eyes flashed with yellow light and a magic circle appeared around his feet. The mage tossed the spear into the ceiling. It dangled like a stalagmite from the overhang. He pressed his hands together in prayer. A ball of light appeared as he pulled his hands apart. A sword glimmered in the side of his vision. He ducked beneath it, the sword cut through the ends of his hair. The mage slammed the ball of light on the ground, creating another burst of light that healed his wounds. The scars that leaked blood fused together. The knights groaned in dull wrenching pain from the attack.

Uncertainty plagued their faces as to what kind of magic they faced. It sapped their life but healed the user. Jin yanked the spear down as the knights were still doubled over from the attack. Rubble rained down around the mage. His hair dirtied by the stone debris and pebbles mingled with the blood smears in his hair. The spear found his enemies again and again. The knights recoiled and rushed the mage. His back slammed against a wall in the narrow hall. Spit cast out of his mouth with a grunt.

#63Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Blood tickled his bottom lip. He spat it away, landing on the pauldron of a knight. His spear arm was pinned against the wall. The only downside of his weapon in confined places. He dropped his elbow over and over again on the back of one of the knights. The armor shifted but repelled the fleshy attack. A gauntleted hand drove into his ribs. Blood spat from his mouth again. The gauntlet dug in with each ridge of knuckle molding to Jin’s ribs.

The wind mage laughed. He felt every bit of pain but the absurdity of the situation was too much for him to keep. She had died and now he was being battered in a dark stairwell by knights. This was everything he wanted to avoid in life. And yet it would not stop him. Not now. Not for her.

The light mage released the spear. A knight latched onto it immediately. Jin took the chance and pressed his hands together once more. He touched the back of the knight and the man’s legs buckled completely. The blood dried on Jin’s lips and none more sipped out. He grabbed the man’s head and rammed it into the stone wall. The magic restored him once more.

The knights exchanged looks of a never-ending battle. “Come on.. Kill me,” He said with flat indifference. The knights looked confused for long enough that Jin bum-rushed the man that held his spear. The two toppled to the steps and rolled five steps down. Each bump left a bruise on Jin’s body. The knight’s armor dinged but left him with little more than a shake.

#64Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin rolled on top of the night and gripped his helmet. The paladin hammered his head into the ground until the helmet began to dent. The knights rushed forward and heaved Jin off their ally. Jin stumbled back against the wall. His arm burst through a window. A drop from the third floor loomed outside the window. The paladin smiled and shrugged. He rose his hand and gestured for the knight to come at him.

A knight threw his body at the light mage. Jin slipped to the side and took hold of the man’s waist. He planted his foot on a lower step and swung around the man’s body. With a sharp pivot, he hoisted the man up and into the window. His body toggled halfway between the open air and the stuffy stairwell.

“Crap,” another knight yelled and grabbed Jin’s shoulder, swinging him around. The light mage spun facing the new attacker but dropped his body backward, heaving himself into the toggled knight. The man popped the rest of the way out the window and screamed his way to the ground.

The knight stared at him with dumbfounded rage and swung his sword in wild slashes trying to end it as quickly as possible. Jin bobbed and weaved around the strikes. Some landed cuts and thin slashes on his arms and torso. Jin stepped in and looped his arms around the man's left arm and neck. The knight's arm pressed against his own neck, choking him. Jin spun with the man and jumped up.

#65Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 1:03 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He kicked the wall and sent the two flying down the stairs. Jin rolled in the air and rammed the man’s body into the ground. His legs twitched and he fell fast asleep. Jin rose to see another Knight thundering toward him, with the radiant spear in his hands. Jin huffed from his nostrils and dipped below the spear strike. If anyone knew the dimensions of the weapon and how to get by it, it was him.

He was upon the man and dropped below his waist. He shot upward and launched the man over his back and down the stairs. The spear dropped on the stairs, next to Jin’s feet. Jin stepped on the spear, stopping it from falling any further. He rolled the staff sharply with his foot and rolled it on top of his foot. With a quick knee raise, he kicked the spear into the air and snagged it.

“Now. Where were we,” He flourished the weapon that was reunited with him. The Elven words ran down the shaft that Lianara had translated for him. ‘Blade of the Morning Light’

Jin stared down the shaft of the spear to the bladed end like looking down the barrel of a gun at his target.
The knights readied their shields and swords for a final clash. Jin shot forward. His blade aimed low as he crouched down, taking two steps at a time. The knights stabbed forward. Jin sprung off his feet and kicked off the wall, landing behind them.

#66Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] - Page 3 Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 1:03 pm

Jin Tatsumi
A barrage of spear thrusts followed, sending the knights to the ground and another out the same window as his comrade. The spear dented armor till it burst its way through. The knights pushed back to their feet in the stairwell and swords faced off against spears. Jin bled from his arms and sides. A shield battered his side and he heard the unmistakable crack of ribs. He struggled to breathe but forced air deep into his lungs. The onslaught continued with neither side giving way. Jin pierced one knight, through the chest, who fell and stayed down. The knight curled up against the wall clinging to the last bits of life.

The next knight drove his sword into Jin’s shoulder. The paladin howled in pain and was forced down to one knee like a servant at the pulpit of their religious liege. Jin gritted his teeth and bit down on rage, pushing the sword upward, still buried deep in his arm. He stood with his remaining good arm and drove the spear slowly through the man's body. Finally, the last knight of Brunhild slumped to the ground, leaving only Jin alive in the stairs.

He placed the spear on his back and climbed back up to Lianara’s body. He scooped her up and over his shoulder, struggling with his only usable arm. The two made their way down the stairs to the second-floor window. Jin kept his tears back as he listened to the hollow sound from her chest, where her heart once beat with vigor.

#67Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi

He laid her body gently against the stone wall. Her hair still looked as lively as it had always been. Her skin was anointed in her own blood, that the light mage desperately wished he could wipe away. Jin leaned out the window to see the wagon was still being boarded in the road. Amaris stood with his blade drawn at a group of knights coming closer. Down the road was another wagon heading their way. This one sported the symbol of their enemy.

“This day is never gonna end, will it. He sighed and hooked the grappling hook securely on the wall. He gave it a few tugs to make sure it was steady. He tied the other end around Lianara’s body and pulled her to the window ledge. He lowered her slowly as a hidden group of elves snuck out while the knights were giving Amaris all their attention.

The elves whisked the young elf away. Jin took his injured arm and slid it into the pocket of his tunic to act as a makeshift sling. He took the rope and slid down to the first floor. The spear bounced on his back all the way down.

His feet landed with a puff of dirt and the knights looked back. Jin wasted no time in closing the distance and ripping into the with his spear. His moves were sloppy and haphazard from having to fight one-handed. Thankfully Amaris jumped in to round out his flaws. The two dispatched the small group of knights and hopped into the wagon.

#68Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The elves in the woods loaded Lianara’s body onto a horse and rode off to the east. Jin kept a lingering gaze on the wagon as it rode off. Amaris placed a somber hand on the man’s shoulder and left it there without a word. Jin held his head low.

“Jin...we aren’t out of the woods yet. Help us get past these guys on the road,” Amaris spoke with hesitance and mourn.

“My pleasure,” Jin replied and stood up, taking hold of the thin rail that held the cloth covering over the wagon. It flapped almost freely in the breeze that was picking up as the wagon began to ride forward again. “Keep the wagon moving. I’ll handle them,” Jin added and grabbed the top of the rail and pulled himself onto the side of the wagon.

Amaris held onto Jin’s tunic, making up for the mages' lack of a usable arm. The Brunhild wagon charged. Horse hooves clobbered the ground. Jin aimed the spear like a knight with a lance. The elven driver dipped to the side. The wagon veered away, giving the Brunhild wagon enough room to pass. Jin braced himself and stabbed the wooden bar that bound the horses to their wagon. The push back sent Jin wheeling into the air. The wooden beam snapped and the horses fumbled over their feet. Jin pivoted onto the seat of the wagon. The driver tensed and shivered. Jin headbutted the man and busted his nose open.

#69Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The driver shook his head in a daze and Jin leaned back and booted the driver square in the chest. The servant of Brunhild fell out of his seat. The wagon wheels scrapped by his face and the man tumbled across the ground with his arms wrapped around his head for safety. Jin stood on the rocking wagon with one arm still holding his spear. A knight climbed out of the back. As soon as their head was present Jin thrust the spear. It cut the knight’s helm as he ducked back below. Jin stabbed his spear into the wagon seat and placed a firm hand on his wounded arm. Light shrouded the wound and the pain began to fade.

Amaris watched, still impressed by the man’s tenacity. He shook his head at how often Jin found a way to cheat death. The elves’ wagon sped up and was almost past Brunhild's. Amaris waved at Jin as he rode by.

The paladin pulled his restored arm out of the sling and jumped on top of Brunhild's wagon. A sword stabbed through the rough. Jin’s boot split open at the side and the paladin yanked his foot up like stepping on hot coals. “You,” he snarled and jumped to the back of the elven wagon as it passed Brunhild's. Time seemed to slow as the mage was in the air. He stabbed the spear at the back wheel of Brunhild's wagon. The wooden wheel burst into pieces and flipped over, throwing the knight from the back.

#70Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The knight tumbled in the madness of the wagon wreckage. Splintered wood pierced the unarmored parts of his body while others battered the hard metal without a scratch. Blood layered the wooden spokes the crash created. The knight crawled a few feet out of the wreck and dropped motionlessly. Jin didn’t know if it was from exhaustion or death. Either way, they were free.

“Leave me here,”Jin replied.

“What,” Amaris grabbed his friend's arm, forcing him to look at him.

“I need to make sure they don’t follow us. If they found him once they will again,” Jin replied, still looking at the keep and standing at the edge of the wagon.

“And do what? Our mission is over. You’ve done enough.

“Not yet. Have the confiscated goods left at the temp camp here,” Jin jumped from the wagon and rolled to his feet on the dirt road. He could tell by the look on Amaris’ face that the elf knew exactly what he was asking for. The elf nodded.

“Do not throw your life away. You owe it to her to live,” Amaris said as the wagon jetted around a corner and out of sight. Jin sighed. He knew he had to live. But he needed to send a message and ensure their safety. Also for her sake. The paladin shuffled into the wild. His time with the elves taught him how to forge even better than before. He built himself a camouflage suit from the environment. Twigs and moss clung to his body.

#71Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He strapped it down with whatever thin vines he could find. It was crude and kick. Pieces of it drooped downward. He pulled at the messy construction and decided to just stay still by the bushes.

Hours passed and the sun began to set. Knights wandered in and out of the camp every thirty minutes, trying to rebuild and regroup after the break-in. Groups moved through the forest near the keep searching for the elven intruders or marks of their presence.

Jin stayed motionless in the ditch of shrubs and vines. The knights scanned quickly before their captain whistled for them to return.

“The elves are long gone. Send a detachment to where we found him before,” A knight commander said.

Jin swallowed. He had to wait...even if he wanted to stop the detachment, he had to wait for the right moment and Amaris could handle himself. The small band of riders took off down the dirt path. Armor as dark as the night they rode in. The true look of Brunhild's radical church.

The light mage crawled deeper into the forest until he heard a small chatter of elves. A campfire burned small and insignificant. Two elves sat on either side of it. Behind them were six barrels separated into groups of three. Each group was on a large wheelbarrow

“Hey, Jin. No complaints. The boss told us you’d need help moving these. So let’s get to it,” one elf said with a smile ear to ear and handed Jin a ladle of soup.

#72Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The paladin rubbed his head trying to hide the happiness he felt in comradery and sat beside them.

“Thanks. You guys...are like family to me,” Jin said and downed the ladle of soup, still standing. He passed the empty ladle back to the two elves. One of them looked at the elven writing on the spear. “You earned it,” the elf said and made his way to the wagon.

The two elves lifted the wagon wheels, and poured mana into the handles, causing the wheels to turn slowly.

“Mages,” Jin asked

“He wasn’t gonna leave you with anyone else,” the elf snickered.

Jin turned to face the keep. “Let’s do it then.” The group marched under the cover of darkness. Jin gestured for them to stop and go as guards passed by, the closer they came to the street. Jin ducked beneath the over-hanging tree and shed the camo suit he had made now that it was time to act.

A knight stood watch at the back entrance to the keep and the stables. Jin bobbed a flickering light back and forth with his magic like a fairy dancing in the wind. The knight leaned forward straining to see the strange object and slowly marched closer. As the man leaned in to reach for the light. Jin's hand shot through the ball of light leaving a small burst of sunlight in the man's face and latched onto the collar of his armor. He drug the man down and covered his mouth.

#73Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The knight hit the ground with a small thud and Jin pummeled him with a hammering fist. The knight blinked in and out of awareness and another quick blow left him silent. Jin ran out across the field to the wooden door. He struck it with his spear, breaking the lock as per usual. The door swung open and Jin peeked inside. All was clear for now.

Jin waved for his allies to join him. One elf rolled the wheelbarrow forward and poured and heaved one barrel into his arms. Jin helped lift it and staggered it into the empty stables. All the horses were taken out to ride and look for the elven leader. They cracked open the barrel and poured the oil around.

Jin pressed his ear to the next door that he remembered led to the courtyard from his earlier view. He creaked the door open just as a knight walked by, only a few feet away. JIn headlocked the man and drug him kicking into the stables. He held the man’s neck until he passed out and rolled him into a bale of hay.

“Okay. He should be pouring the other barrel around the outer wall now and the exit. We need to get into the courtyard,” Jin said. The paladin snuck into the courtyard with his spear. People walked the small ramparts and Jin held close to the side of the wall. A walkway led to the second level to his left. Jin eased up the wall.

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Jin Tatsumi
One archer leaned against the rampart and stared out over the wall. He yawned and batted at his mouth. Jin snuck up behind him and clasped the back of his head, ramming it into the stone wall. Blood smeared on it, but the man still breathed. Jin clocked him once more for good measure and bundled him up in the corner as if he fell asleep during his watch.

The elf with the barrel pulled a hood over his head and pushed the wagon out of the stables. They had the markings of Brunhild and anyone else was too far away to see he wasn’t human. The elf pushed it silently toward the gallows in the middle and left it there.

Jin looked over the side of the wall to see the other elf pouring barrel after barrel of oil around the outer rim now that the archer was gone. Jin snuck around the rampart ahead of the elf on the outside.

Another archer stood watch at the front of the keep. Jin hurled a pebble, cracking the wall on the far side of the archer. When the guard looked away, Jin rushed forward and drove his spear into the man’s back. His hand quickly eclipsed his mouth before a scream could escape him. Jin lowered the man to the ground as his life left him. The light mage looked down at the elf leaving the barrels behind and escaping back through the stables.

Charred bodies and skeletal remains piled up at the bottom of the wooden platform from the non-believers the church of Brunhild couldn’t conform.

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin stood up. “Now then...here some fire of your own. For Lianara and all the others, you’ve stolen from.” Jin pulled an arrow out and dipped the padded end where the arrowhead was supposed to be, in a torch. The material caught fire. Jin aimed Lianara’s bow at the fire. A singular flaming arrow pulled back on the heavy string. The arrow flew high into the night sky carried by Lianara’s will and the dreams of those she fought for.

A knight ran into the courtyard and stared up, dumbfounded at the single arrow. Faces appeared in the windows of the small tavern that was occupied. A robed man walked out with a staff that showed he was the minister of the church's affairs for this outpost.

Jin smiled and placed the bow on his back, letting his hand feel the warmth of the elven wood once more. The arrow cascaded down like a shooting star and stabbed the heart of the oil barrel. The knight’s eyes flashed wide, realizing what was happening. The robed man turned to flee back into the tavern. The barrels exploded.

Fire ripped through the camp and reached the stables. The oil within set the whole wooden structure ablaze. The knights rushed to the front gate. And banged against the iron gate. The elf on the outside tossed a torch into the line of oil that surrounded the keep and the walls coated in fire.

Jin sliced the metal chain that worked the lever for the gate.

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