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Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 11:16 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Branches brushed by Jin’s face. Scratches broke the top layer of his skin. His heart beat. Thumping louder and harder against the cage of his chest. His calves flexed with each step. His heels dug into the muddy ground. Puddles splashed, soaking the bottom layer of his pants. His spear bounced against his back and shoved the overhead tree limbs. His eyes took in all the color of the world around him. His pulse vibrated in his ears.

Footsteps resonated behind him. Beside him. Above him. Elves danced across the undergrowth and through the trees. Jin stopped as his feet tipped over the edge of a plateau. The elves slid to a halt, one by one appearing beside him. He glanced back and forth at them and then to the ground below. Trees sprouted high and between them was Stellan forces marching. One man carried a cage with a family of owls huddled within it.

The elves stood ready to dive. One looked over their shoulder back at Jin. Their eyes were ablaze with anger. Jin nodded back and glared down at his feet and the drop to the forest below. Rubble skipped from the ledge as his toes inched over. Specks clanked atop the rocks below and one of the missionary s' armor.

Jin jumped from the ledge. The wind whipped across his face. One by one the elves dove off, leaving a trail of leaves behind them suspended in the air. Light bounced off their armor. Jin’s spear flickered in the sun.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:59 pm

Jin Tatsumi
A warrior missionary dusted his shoulder off and panned his gaze upwards. His hand rose to block the sun. The warrior missionary’s eyes widened as Jin held his spearhead facing downward. The warrior missionary’s arm dropped as he frantically reached for his blade. Jin squeezed the shaft of the spear.

Before the man could react, Jin plunged the weapon through his chest. It punctured through his back and pierced the ground. He gurgled for air. Blood trickled from the corners of his mouth. Jin yanked the weapon back, letting the body crash to the ground. Yells echoed through the woods as elves and demi-humans clashed with elves. Jin locked in on the book of illumin hanging from the back of a wagon, holding the new teachings Brunhilde was set to bring to the land. They bounced in the hands of a warrior missionary sprinting away from the assault.

The ground indented as the light mage kicked off into a mad dash. An arrow glimmered by his face. The head shone in the reflection of his eye and punctured three inches from his face. Jin skidded his feet to a full stop and stumbled to the ground, rolling into a crouched position. A crossbow man's head popped up from the bushes a hundred feet away. More and more rose out of the wilds and fired bolts into the conflict.

Demi-humans cried out in pain as bolts stabbed into the shoulders and legs. An elf collapsed as a bolt struck him in the face.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 3:00 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The elves jumped to the trees above and drew bows. Elven arrows replied to the crossbow assault, bringing more stains onto the forest floor.

Jin charged forward at the man that shot at him. A shield of light encased his arm. He rose just as a bolt flew toward his eye. The bolt bounced off the shield.

“They have a mage!” The crossbowman yelled.

Jin gritted his teeth. The shield knocked bolt after bolt away. Small cracks in the light let in darkness and rattled his arm. The light mage spun his spear and tossed it in the air, just high enough to flip his grip on the weapon. The left foot plunged into the ground and the right foot planted high. His arm cocked back and he hurled the spear.

The spear glided through the forest and struck the man’s arm. The warrior missionary spun from the impact. His arm hung at his side with the spear hanging from his shoulder. The crossbow was held in one hand and slowly rose back up with a bolt still cocked and ready to fire.

Jin leaped over a fallen tree and wove beneath a low-hanging branch. The crossbow panned upward toward the light mage’s face. Every inch the crossbow rose, was another foot of distance he covered. Jin leaped into the air, above the bush, the crossbowman had hidden behind. The bolt pointed at his face once more. Jin hovered over the man with only his fists and shield. The crossbow string loosened and shoved the bolt forward.

#4Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 3:00 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Light sparked in the air. The bolt clashed against Jin’s shield. Flakes of light showered their faces as the shield shattered. The bolt flew off, grazing Jin’s cheek.

The light mage landed. His fist battered the man’s chin. Jin spun and yanked the spear free. The crossbowman tumbled to the ground and clawed at the earth. One inch at a time he tried to crawl away. Jin finished the job with a spear held high amidst the chaos of bolts and arrows around him.

Arrowheads pierced into the land. A bolt stabbed at the ground next to Jin’s feet. The light mage dove to the side. The ground was riddled with five bolts, one of them caught Jin’s pant leg and tore the fabric from it. He rolled into a thorn bush, with an arm across his face to give cover. Behind him was the bolt with the fabric of his pant leg fluttering in the wind.

He snorted with frustration. missionary s dotted the perimeter with more crossbows aimed at the elves. Jin dashed through the trees, weaving between shots.

Bolts whizzed by his head. A shield of light encapsulated his arm and deflected the oncoming attacks. Jin slammed his back against a tree for cover. The sound of bolts striking the tree echoed. He peeked over the side. A bolt shattered the bark of the tree. Splinters flew towards the mage’s face. Jin whipped his head back into hiding and squinted, rubbing his face. Small flakes of bark brushed off onto the ground.

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:39 am

Jin Tatsumi
An elf howled in the distance. Blood sprayed onto a tree, painting it red. The man collapsed to his knees, gripping the bolt in his shoulder. Another bolt pierced his chest knocking the elf against the tree and prone. Another elf rushed forward but bolts held any assistance at bay.

Jin grumbled and clinched the spear in his hand. The light shield flickered. Bark shattered from the side of the tree. Splinters cascaded into the air. His lungs filled with air and resolve. The heartbeat of a nation pounded alongside his own.

The light mage rolled from behind the tree. Bolts crashed into it and trailed behind him. He ducked and darted through the wilds, inching closer to the crossbowmen. Pain raced into his shoulder as a bolt plunged into the flesh and scratched the bone. He yanked it out and cast it to the ground. His spear whirled around his body.

He wasn’t strong enough yet...not nearly. Nor was he meant for this kind of action. But he knew he had to do something. Had to get better. A bolt cut his quad open and blood drained down his leg. He stumbled forward but caught himself and continued his mad dash, with fury in his eyes. “I hate war,” he whispered to himself and leaped over the bushes. The missionaries s stood below him with puffed-up chests.

They looked up with wide eyes. Each one grasped their crossbow and frantically aimed them skyward. The mage spun in the air and swung his spear.

#6Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:40 am

Jin Tatsumi
Yellow light danced down the length of the spear and glowed at the tip, leaving a trail of light illuminated behind the wide arcing strike. Two missionaries s dropped to the ground. The spear slashed across their faces. Jin landed on one knee with his spear pointed behind him and his eyes locked forward. With another spin, he brought the spear around once more to slice the wounded missionaries. This time their stomachs lit up crimson and they stayed on the ground.

A bolt soared at the light mage. He flung his shield high and watched the air splatter into pieces against it. He changed the line of archers, swatting away the bolts that were shot wantonly. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the elves advancing now that the aim was focused on Jin. A smile crept onto his face.

“Got you,” he said and lunged the spearhead forward, ending a crossbowman’s service. The spear tore a hole clean through the missionary s shoulder. Jin yanked the weapon out leaving more blood to spill onto the land. He spun the weapon, cleaning it off, and continued the assault. A missionary dropped their crossbow and unsheathed a dagger. The blade stabbed at the shield of light and the two danced around the foliage in sparks of light. Jin lunged with the shield. The barrier of light collided with the man, sending them both to the ground. Jin fell on top of him. The missionary s face smashed between the shield and the ground, with his cheeks squished against it.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:41 am

Jin Tatsumi
Small gasps of air whizzed out as the man squirmed for freedom. Jin shifted his weight trying to keep the man pinned.
The missionary’s shoulders dug into the ground, deeper with each failed attempt at freedom. The dagger swung, stabbing at the light mage. The blade veered wildly as the missionary was battling against the awkward angle. The blade nicked Jin’s flesh, with tiny cuts trickling down onto the shield of light. A groan left his lips from the piercing pain and he pressed his weight heavier onto the shield. Flashes of his life in the military flooded his mind. All the times he chose not to fight. To remain a healer on the sidelines. Leaving his allies to fight alone. He didn’t have the means to. But he did now. His eyes flashed with light and he pressed the shield down harder. The missionary gasped for air. The dagger swung once more, struggling to bend around the shield.

JIn rolled forward and flipped onto his feet. The missionary scurried to his feet but Jin closed the distance and bashed his shield into the man’s head, knocking him to the ground. The spear shone in the sun and extinguished the light in the missionary s' eyes. The elves charged forward up the small hill. Crossbows rained down on them. Jin stabbed the spear into the ground and raised his hands. A magic circle appeared around his feet. Light washed over the area around him. His wounds began to seal up. The missionary wrenched over in pain as the light poured over them.

#8Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:41 am

Jin Tatsumi
Its energy sapped the health and wellbeing of their bodies and transferred it to the caster. Behind Jin, Blood from the elves stopped falling on the green land. Bolts dropped from their bodies as the holes closed. The wound was fixed within an instant. The rejuvenated elves charged the bluff and drove thin elven warrior blades into the hearts of the missionary s.
An elf placed his hand on Jin’s shoulder, panting loudly. He clutched his side. The missionaries let out final yells of panic and pain before silence gripped them like the morning after a hunt. “Things are far from over but we made it up. You...you’re a healer. Thank you,” the elven warrior exclaimed. Jin looked away. He felt more like a killer than a healer now. But maybe he was both. He looked at his hands and felt the magic course through him. Maybe this is who he was now? Bloodstained his hands from the battle up the hill. The healing light beat through his veins like blood from another.

The elves stood next to him. Demi-humans began to emerge from the woodlands. Some approached timidly at first but the elves eased their minds. The demi-humans joined next to them on the ridge. Jin looked around at the comrades pouring out of the wilds. Brunhilde’s presence was slowly being pushed back by the people of the land.

Smoke rose through the leafy green glades of trees beneath them. Small billows from what Jin knew had to be a campsite.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
“They are the rest of the missionaries down there. Once we charge them we should be safe,” an elf replied. Jin nodded and pulled his spear from the ground. Bits of dirt scattered into the wind. The light mage gave the ragtag team a once-over to treat their injuries. “Alright we should be ready to…” his voice trailed off as he heard a mass of rustling from below. The trees parted. Leaves blew apart and branches were flung to the wayside. A massive boulder rocketed out of the trees and up toward the ridge. The reflection of the boulder grew and grew in the light mage’s eyes. He pulled his spear back and dug his feet in.

Another boulder burst from the trees. And then a third. And a fourth. Jin’s foot wavered and he forced it to plant deeper into the ground, but there was little to do. A gulp ran down his throat and he looked back at the forces of elves and demihumans with him, all wide-eyed and fear-stricken. His spear lowered as the boulders propelled upwards and swung it back, “Run,” he yelled and dove to the side. A boulder crashed into the side of the ridge. The earth upheaved and rumbled with chaos. Stone and dirt filled the air. Jin hit the ground and rolled. All he saw was a blur of browns and greens. The smell of grass and grim invaded his nose. Rocks and chunks of the boulder pelted his sides.

#10Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He covered his head. His back rammed into a stout tree, taking all of his momentum. Spit flung from his lips. His back ached as he clung to the tree for support. Blood splatters covered various parts of the ground.

“Hey...Hey,” He coughed up blood, yelling out into the wilds. Elves and demihumans were trapped beneath the rubble. Boulders had torn through the trees and ruptured the land as Jin was rolling out of the way. His comrades moaned in agony. Some wandered, holding broken limbs, staggering from the attack. A few stood with their wits about them looking over their kin with pain singing in the quiet of their eyes.

No one answered the light mage. Jin slumped back against the tree. Bark tore at the seams of his clothes and scratched his back. The dirt was cold and hard. A hand fell on his shoulder. “Amaris,” Jin whispered, looking up at the elven man that had stood beside him on the ridge. Delight in his voice that his ally was still breathing.

“We have to move in for the next attack. We can’t let them keep firing,” Jin said and pulled his spear in close. His legs pressed against the ground scooting away from the debris. Dirt scouring his tunic and pants. Cuts ached, running down his arms and his muscles throbbed from all the combat already.

Amaris gulped and glared back at the carnage that plagued their forces. The elves and demi-humans that lived were battered and weary.

#11Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Fear slithered through the ranks, dripping from trembling eyes. Amaris sat back on his butt and took in a deep breath. It was quick as the elven man stood up despite wobbly legs threatening to collapse inward. “I’ll follow your lead.”

Jin nodded and used the long shaft of his spear to press into the ground and help himself up. Once he was back to his feet, he could see all the damage clearly. His allies crawled to safety. The crank of gears and pull of strings strained in the wooded area below. A click resounded through the cliff face, alerting the people of the next barrage.

The elves receded further. Only a few dared to approach the edge and peer into the throes of battle. The light mage joined them. Dirt caked around his boots. He stepped down into the deep grooves and ridges left by the battering boulders released upon them.

“I’m going down before they can fire again,” Jin flourished his spear behind himself. The face of vengeance sailing across his face. He leaped from the ledge toward the pits below, like a man descending into a hellscape. His spear pierced the rocky wall of the cliff. Fragments of rock splattered from the spear dragging downward. The blade cut jagged etchings into the cliff, leaving a scar. Jin’s foot pressed against the side of the wall. Muscles tightened in his leg, holding him steady. It was as if he was back in the war once more, but this time he wouldn’t fail.

#12Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
This time they would live. His mind was more focused than ever. No longer was he just a medic on the sidelines of history, content with patching others up to face the odds against them. He was taking charge of his fate. The faint and frantic flutter of elven steps cascaded down the path on the side of the cliff as allies raced the long way down. A ridge that spun itself into the edges of the forest, but none would arrive before Jin’s mad plummet into the heart of the enemy. A bolt burst from the trees below. It split the leaves in two. Wind funneled behind it, dragging the leaves in the backdraft of a deftly placed shot. The Bolt whizzed by Jins’ head. The bladed point of the bolt head cut his cheek. Blood trickled down his face. The scarlet lifeforce streamed a thin line into the air, painting streaks across the leaves, all consumed by the swift passing bolt.

Jin grunted and scoffed at the attack. His resolve remained unfaltered. It was too late now to feel any different anyway. The woodline was only a dozen feet beneath him. He pulled his body closer to the spear. His white knuckles clutched the wooden shaft of his spear. His arms struggled to hold his body, pressed against the force of the spear cutting through rock. A branch shattered. Wood splinters peppered the leafy green waves of foliage decorating the tops of trees. A boulder erupted once more.

#13Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin pulled the spear from the wall. It resisted and held its position, too deep to be tugged free. The boulder roared into the air. Jin slammed both feet against the wall and gripped his weapon with both hands, determined not to fail. His legs strained against the momentum of his fall. His body slowed inch after inch. Rocks flung from beneath his feet, scraping into the wall. With a forceful yank, the spear loosed from the cliff face. He spun and flattened his back against the wall, but it was too far away. His vision spun around in a blur, coming to focus on a blob of beige before him. The boulder consumed most of his vision. Faint outlines of green and blue clung to the sides of his peripherals.

He stabbed forward. The spear sang and cut the wind with dull precision. The blade clashed with rock. Sparks flew. The mage’s arm bent. His bicep flexed and forearm strained. The spear shaft jotted backward in his grip as the boulder rammed forward at pulverizing speeds. Jin spiraled in the air, from the impact of the boulder. His plan worked. A last-ditch effort to save him from being splattered he had thrust the spear forward to absorb the impact and send him spinning to the side. The boulder barreled by him and up higher to the elves on the edge. Jin fell backward to the floor below. More boulders blasted through the woodland. Most of them followed the same path as the first barrage.

#14Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin felt the rush of the boulders careening by him. The wind ruffled the already turbulent air. His heartbeat slowed in his chest. His eyes shut, blocking out the melancholy dissonance of the world above him. A deep rhythmic beating..thump...thump, like war drums rising. It grew faster till it felt like thunder in his veins. He opened his eyes. The boulders crashed into the cliff face once more. Elves were thrown backward and forwards. Some flung from the top of the cliff into the open air. Others bleed beneath the colossal weight of immovable oppression. The same kind of oppression that was promised to their souls if Brunhilde converted their lands.

“Monsters,” Jin spat through his teeth and spun around just in time to see the flash of green foliage from the tops of the trees. He crossed his arms over his face. Branches snapped as he fell through the canopy. Leaves rustled violently around his head. Nothing made sense in the disorienting descent to the ground. Jin peeked his vision through the gap in his arms. A branch rushed at him. He reared back his spear and dropped with the force of his entire fall. He thrusted the spear before him and the limb severed. His eyes were fixed on the catapult being manned by three people brandishing the symbol of their divine leader Brunhilde. Even the catapult was emblazoned with her symbol. The men looked up at the falling mage and scuttled to grab a nearby boulder.

#15Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:44 am

Jin Tatsumi
Two men hoisted the boulder. Their legs buckled from the weight and they walked like slow crabs toward the catapult. The third man squinted and held his hand up to see what it was that was falling toward them. A fourth man arrived and cranked a lever to bring down the arm of the catapult.

The man that peered upwards held his hand over his eyes and the other hand on his sword. Jin fell closer and swung his spear out wide. The man on the ground stumbled backward and fell. His butt bounced onto the ground leaving a plume of dust. His quivering hand pointed upwards at the mage, in disbelief. He kicked at the ground to make his way back to his feet. He slipped once more and dropped back to his butt. Jin pushed through the final guardian of trees and leaves. It felt like he hung in the air for an eternity, looking down at the man that scurried on the ground. He felt his arm drawback the spear, reflexively. He didn’t even need to think about a killing blow any longer. It was natural to him. The spear stabbed into the forest floor. Scarlet ran down the shaft and trickled across the blade, running onto the grass on speckles of lost life. The missionary was impaled on the spear. His body propped up by the angle the spear stabbed into the ground at. His last breaths gurgled out as he grasped for Jin in a feeble attempt to cling to life.

#16Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:44 am

Jin Tatsumi
“Those are my comrades and you murdered them. Now it's your turn,” Jin spoke as the man’s bloodied hand grazed his face, leaving red streaks zig-zagging over his face. The two men that were loading the boulder dropped it. The rock hit the ground with a disheartened thud. They exchanged looks and placed shaky hands on daggers that were strapped to their sides.

Jin pressed his boot on the dead man, lingering on his spear. With a shove, the man slid down the shaft. His body hit the ground with the same lackluster thud as the boulder had done. He flicked the spear back and flung the blood from the steel blade. It still stained the wooden shaft, turning the shade closer to mahogany.

The two drew blades and rushed forward. Jin slipped by the blows. Flashes of steel glimmered in the dark forest between the beams of the sun, pouring through the holes punctured in the canopy from the boulders. Boots shifted from left to right, finding sure footing and reacting to one another. Jin danced forward and back like the tide with the twin attackers.

Each advance was met with a retreat and parry. Blades clanged with the wooden shaft. Jin knew he had to conserve his energy though. Anything could tip the scales and who knew how long these battles would last for. He couldn’t be reckless. He rolled beneath one strike and leaped over a sweeping leg attempt from the other missionary. He rolled on the ground once more and whipped his attention back to them, staying in a low crouching stance.

#17Jin Tatsumi 

Casting out Faith [Sabotage: Brunhilde] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 9:45 am

Jin Tatsumi
He spun, holding out his spear. His hands slid down to hold the spear more like a baseball bat. His heels came together rotating and sending the spear at a wide-angle. The two missionaries leaped back. The bladed tip of the spear tore through the clothes of one and gashed the arm of the second. Together the twin missionaries charged with a zig-zag pattern. Steel short swords were held out in front with both hands adding to the impact. Jin pulled his spear in close as the two flanked him.

They bobbed and wove around each other once more and spread out. One leaped into the air coming at Jin’s left. The other darted low at Jin’s right side. They knew what they were doing. Jin braced himself and dug both feet into the earth. A small mound built up where his foot pressed into the soft soil. He bound upwards into the air.

A blade stabbed into the ground from the assailant that had come at Jin’s right side. He staggered forward and flipped over onto his back from the force of the strike. Jin swung the blunt end of the spear across his body. The wood caught the blade of the short sword aimed downward at him. The falling missionary was held in the air as both men halted for a glimmer in time. Jin’s eyes flashed over the top of his spear. His arm twitched with a quick flex and twisted the staff toward his opponent.

#18Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The staff pressed against the sword and shoved the blade to the side along with the missionary. The servant of Brunhild spiraled in the air. The blade of Jin's spear swiped behind the light mage as he reared it back for a definitive strike. The blade whistled as it sliced the small distance between the two enemies. The blade gauged the man’s gut and sent him to the ground. The missionary tumbled onto the dirt and grim, holding the blood that oozed from his wound. His ally rushed to his side with a comforting hand on his back.

Jin’s feet hit the ground for less than a second and his weight shifted to the balls of his feet and he dashed forward. The spear plunged into the healthy missionary’s shoulder. The enemy slid on his feet through the dirt and grass, until his back slammed into a tree. He held the shaft of the spear and writhed against the tree. With one arm, the missionary pulled at the staff and the blade eased centimeters out of his shoulder. Jin’s eyes widened, realizing he still had a long way to go in physical strength. He let the staff go. The weapon’s shaft dropped to the ground and bounced against the earth. The missionary’s hand yanked the spearhead from the wound as there was no more pressure from Jin pushing against it.

Leather scented the air. Jin’s fist trailed up the path of the spear. The leather bracer he wore felt like it had his arm in a vice grip, from the pumping adrenaline.

#19Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He drove his fist into the man’s skull. Flesh molded around his knuckles. Teeth cracked and left hollow gaps. Jin’s small knuckle pressed into the tiny gap, sending a tooth sloshing around in the spit of the man’s mouth. Blood swam between the grooves of the bark as he pulled his fist away and the man’s body slumped down. His back arched as a force rammed into his spine. Arms wrapped around his waist. The hurt missionary tackled him from behind. The blood from the man’s stomach sipped into Jin’s tunic. The light mage’s face squished against the bloodied tree. Blow by blow, the missionary delivered hook punches into Jin’s ribs without stopping. Jin winced and could feel his body jolting from the attacks but didn’t feel any pain. He was too caught up in the madness of combat.

The missionary held one arm across Jin’s back, pinning him to the tree while he was punched with the other. Jin wrenched his arm as far as he could. His fingers tapped his weapon, desperately trying to knock it close enough. His body jolted from a hard left hook. The blow sent his body to the right. The joints of his fingers cleared the staff and barely curled around the shaft of the weapon. His body fell back. Fingers clawed at the staff and shook it loose, falling inches closer. His hand curled around the weapon with a smile on his face. With his arm contorted, he took in a deep breath and yanked the weapon free.

#20Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The spear rose high and plunged back down to the earth. The blade stabbed into a fleshy sack on the ground and sifted through the tiny bones of the missionary’s foot. The man howled in pain. The pressure holding Jin against the tree relieved as the man dropped to his knee and grasped at the staff. Jin spun around and leaped into the air. His right knee swung forward with crushing power as both feet left the ground. The boney top of his knee smacked the missionary’s face. The blow knocked the man to his but, unable to fall further as the spear stapled his foot to the ground. His ankle hyperextended from fighting against the weight of the fall and the inability to rotate. The follower of Brunhilde cried in pain.

Bones cracked as Jin pulled the spear out. The man curled up and cuddled his wounded foot. Jin stared down at the man, who now looked like any other man. Someone with a purpose and a place. Just doing a job and duty to his heir. He may have had a family, friends, a home to return to. Jin’s gaze scanned the cliffside to see the carnage left behind and remnants of allies that were now just memories. His wave of mercy faded with vengeance and purpose.

“We all have a goal. It is a shame our conflict has led here. But this is the nature of war,” Jin said and swung the spear once more. A trail of light licked the air behind it.

#21Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A helmed head fell to the ground and rolled to the base of a tree. The roots were tainted by lost life and the sad truth of combat. Jin stood over the headless body as it fell and spun his spear to face the last man.

The final missionary cranked the lever one last time and the catapult clicked, locking itself in place. The man peered over the arm of the catapult at his dead comrades and gulped. The boulder was still resting next to the holder on the catapult, ready to be loaded.JIn and the missionary both looked at the boulder and then back to each other.

The missionary slid his foot not even an inch along the ground, away from Jin. The light mage shifted his weight onto the balls of his feet toward the man. Jin's fingers wiggled with anticipation, trying to guess what the enemy's next move would be.

The catapult guard ran his other hand to his side, but Jin couldn’t make out what was there from the catapult blocking his line of sight. The guard lurched backward. His weight fell on his heels. Veins in his neck pulsed and the man whirled around.

Jin launched from the balls of his feet in a mad dash toward the catapult. The light mage vaulted over the catapult arm, his spear in the other hand. Barely over the top of the catapult, Jin saw the missionary raise a crossbow and his finger slip onto the small trigger.

#22Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The bolt loosed from its stationary position, poised against the tight string of the crossbow. It flew at Jin, whose arm was yanking the spear across his body in a last-ditch attempt to stop it from piercing him. The bolt nicked the wooden shaft of the spear, splintering off a superficial flake of the wood and struck the light mage in the arm. Jin fell to the ground on the other side of the catapult and held his shoulder.

The bolt bobbed in the wound and Jin steadied it with a firm grasp. Relief poured over the missionary’s face and he dashed off down the narrow trail. Jin ran in pursuit, dropping his spear into the hand with the injured shoulder. With his good hand, he wrapped around the bolt. His breathing was rapid and short. Preparing himself for pain, but restraining from wasting any magic.

The bolt tore out of his shoulder with blood and bits of skin, He cast it to the side, still giving chase to the missionary. His eyes were fixed and the missionary looked back over his shoulder to see Jin hot on his heels. Jin flexed his hand and rolled his shoulder, shrugging off the pain.

The missionary’s foot tripped on a thick branch jotting out of the ground. The man stumbled over it with flailing arms, trying to reach out for anything to grab onto. Jin Skipped over the branch only a few feet away from his enemy. Without slowing down he jammed the spear downward.

#23Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin jumped over the body of the missionary, who laid on the ground lifeless. A spear wound punctured his throat. His hands flopped to the ground. A rumble of gears echoed behind him. The elves had arrived and were breaking apart the catapult that Jin had left behind. Their swords split the gears and Warhammers battered the giant wooden arm.

Finally, they were making progress. Jin refocused on the path before him. The path was narrow and filled with vines that dangled from the treetops. A small clearing was up ahead. Two men shuffled to the side, with legs bent and hands filled with a boulder. They bounced up and down to create enough momentum to heave the boulder up and over, rolling it into its small round holder connected to the catapult. The two backed away and gazed through the trees.

A hand reached out to the lever on the side. The gears rattled with eagerness to be freed and launch despair upon those deemed unworthy despits of a weak religion. Jin saw the future of a people in the singular hand that reached out to rain despair. He flipped the spear in his hands, hoisting it over his head. One foot lunged further out. Jin pulled back his arm and the spear. His shoulders stiffened as muscle contracted around bones and joints. He heaved his right arm forward. The heel of his right foot rose with the pivot of his foot, and then it was completely off the ground. Leaves fluttered beneath the heel.

#24Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
His foot left the ground as he hurled the spear. It spiraled toward the enemy, whizzing between the two boulder lifters. The third man's hand grazed the lever and in the next instant, his hand shot backward. Fingers drifted suddenly away from the lever. His body rocked onto his heels and he fell three feet away onto his back. The radiant spear protruded from his chest. His hands cupped the sides of the spear, too afraid to touch the weapon and risk worsening his wound.

One of the boulder loaders rushed to the aid of his fallen comrade. He knelt down and analyzed the spear with terror in his eyes. The other boulder loader whipped around and made eye contact with Jin, who was still hopping forward on one foot, pulled by the kinetic force of his own throw.

Jin ran his hand through his hair, brushing the sweaty mess of loose strands from his face. He was breathing heavily. His chest bobbed up and down. Long breaths stilled his racing heart, but not the anger burning within. He leaned forward and took off in a dash toward the catapult crew. The one man in his way planted his feet in and braced for impact. Jin balled his fist and charged. The boulder loader balled his fist and swung a right cross punch. Jin rolled beneath the strike and rose up on the outside of the man’s right shoulder. With his left hand clenched tightly, Jin threw a left hook.

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Jin Tatsumi
The punch grazed the top of the man’s shoulder and clipped his jaw. The blow spun the man toward the catapult. His back flailed against it and he rolled over, on the arm of the catapult, prostrated with his butt facing the heavens.

Groans came from the wounded man with the spear in his chest. Frantic words of support spilled from the boulder loader that checked on his dying friend. Jin climbed atop the catapult. The man that was laid across it pressed upward and knocked into Jin’s legs. The light mage stumbled and fell to his side. His hip bumped against the wooden structure. The man climbed atop Jin and squeezed Jin’s throat with both hands. Fingers curled around the muscles in the light mage’s neck. His veins throbbed. Hands clasped atop his assailants, trying to pry them off. The attacker shuffled higher until he was towering over Jin.

Sunlight poured through the leaves from above and haloed around the head of the man that strangled him. A small slice of a surreal moment. His own life hung in the balance. He tried to swallow but the saliva was trapped in his throat. A whimpered cough struggled its way through the vice grip on his neck. He gritted his teeth. The symbol of Brunhild flinted in the sunlight on the man’s tunic. The symbol left behind in the burning wrath of those who refused to forgo their faith. Jin’s teeth ground against each other and the tendons in his neck strained.

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