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Support: Brunhild the Divine 3

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Tempris stood at the church leaning against the wall in the shadows. Her feet have been chattering and their obsessives desire to dance ever still but now it was time to use this to her advantage. Tempris was going to host a dancing event like party thing to help raise money for the suffering, in the name of Brunhild because the party idea that Fala had worked so well. Since she was cursed by these demon shoes, she thought that maybe she could take advantage of the curse. So she did.

She had a bucket in front of her and a sign saying raising money, will dance until I raise 1,000,000 jewels. People just looked but there were not many people supporting. It was not like tempris could stop though so she had nothing to use. All she had was time. So she danced and she kept dancing. Eventually some kids came up to her and started trying to copy her. She fought her feet trying to slow them down. Because she kept an effort to keep dancing her feet actually listened. With slower steps, the kids would pick up and start dancing with her.

She was impressed. There was no way she would be able to do that without the curse of the shoes. The kids were so gifted, maybe it was a sign of Illumin that they should be dancers. She laughed and let her feet return to their original speed. The kids struggled to keep up but they were no quitters.

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Eventually, the kids started dancing. It was at this point that the crowds really started showing. Tempris could feel her feet get lighter. Then she felt the ground. Not only that but the bucket was fill with jewels. Tons and tons of jewels thanks to the show. Her fundraiser was a success. Not only that, but the shoes were gone. Her feet were free from the pain, the suffering, it was all gone. Her test or curse was over. And she vowed to never wear shoes for a long time... that was unless she has too or she was going to finally work up the nerve to enter a church. Still there was a high chance that was not going to happen. So she was not worried about it.

For now, she had to figure out how to help the unfortunate people with this money. Her first idea was to just give it away but that would not truly help the people. She remember reading in a book somewhere that people who were not good with money tend to only make their lives worst once they had some money. It would be sinful to make their lives worst. If anything she should problem just send them to Illumin right here and then... but her memories of Fala throwing that party stopped her. She really wanted people to have fun, just like with the dancing. So she continued to think about what she could do with this big ole pot of donated money.

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Tempris took her money and carried it to the market place. Maybe people thought it was weird and honestly dangerous for a girl of her statue to be walking around alone with all that money. However, once people saw her face, they realized she was not any ordinary girl. This added with her sword on her back ultimately kept the people safe from making any stupid mistakes and attacking her willy nilly. It was a little disappointing, as Tempris was more than happy to purge anyone in self defense. However, it did make her current work some what easier. Finally in the market. Tempris decided to purchase a cart of clothing. She thought that if the poor people looked less sinful, than maybe they could change their situation.

Upon returning from the market, she sighed at how boring this was. She missed the days of just fighting heretics and watching buildings burn. She missed Seika despite how insistent he was on causing problems for her. She missed Fala and her knack for getting them into the most interesting of activities. This charity stuff just was not her forte. Still, she was going to see it through. The people where happy to have new clothes. All of them thanked her and brunhild for her helping them. Tempris smiled and pretended to be happy. It was the only thing she could do, pretend to care. Sadly she did not care one bit for them. All she cared about was supporting Brunhild. With that, she wave them goodbye and returned to the boat so she could sail back to bosco.

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