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Mother Knows Best [Tempris]

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Karisa gazed up from the balcony of hers and Kazimir's penthouse special. The wind made her hair flow back slowly as the went felt warm and welcoming. She flipped her hair, turned around to walk towards the door. Before leaving, she put on some flat shoes and exited the place. She was unsure what Stella gave and wondered if maybe they are willing to give her a hand in some things. A partnership perhaps in clothing and designs. She use to own an article of clothing and cafe all in one. She remembers designing Alice's wedding dress to a perfect fit. It was a good moment.

She no longer hears from her nor her own cousin, Kon. The last time she saw him was when he was a she. It was an interesting thing to go through. The area was filled with beautiful nature and music played by a few men. The guitar play was melodic and calming. People were in beautiful dresses and now she wanted to go shopping. Perhaps, she will run into someone who needed help and then use them for company. The one thing she did hear wrongly about this Country was that the poor people used their children for money.

It was sickening and she hated the thought that pureness being corrupted by something so materialistic as money. She sighed softly as she thought about her guild. She needed to build it up more, gain more people as she wanted a neutral guild that accepted everyone. Everyone that wanted to turn into good, anyways.


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Tempris felt sick. On the inside, she was sick of the dancing. She was sick of people looking at her and she was sick of the laughter. Her feet felt like they were stepping on wooden needles and even moving them through the air gave her the feeling of treading through molasses. Despite how much harder it was to move. The girl's feet found the energy some how and painfully jerk forward and back  to keep up the dancing. But this was not even the worst of it. Countless nights of dancing and being unable to sleep had finally reach it's peak of the girl's sanity.

The girl was doing work in the area the other day for Brunhild but due to her poor performance, the church wanted her to rest, or find a way to rest in as they seek out a cure to the shoes. Tempris could find no such way and while lying in bed kicking everything in site, her brain snapped. Laughter exploded out of pain and she took her sword and moved to the window. The church knew she would continue due in her delirious state so there was only one way to free herself.

The girl jumped out the window, with only her plum night gown, her sword, and cursed shoes and made her way deeper into the alleyway. A grin that flipped between pain and mania dodged tears of blurred makeup. Her eyes were covered in messy makeup of various shades and colors as if a money painted it on her face. This caked on top of a tired and worn out face. The girl looked around and saw the alley way till she came across a trash can. She squinted forcing the image into a person... no a demon. A demon that cursed her.
"CURSE YOU. DEMON I HATE YOU." She gripped her sword and slammed it down on the trashcan continuously while crying, laughing, and dancing.

The people who saw her freaked out claiming a crazy person was destroying private property.

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She walked calmly down the street of Stella wondering where to go first. There were many selections, but Karisa was really indecisive. The woman looked like a beautiful goddess from someone's point of view with the sun beaming within her steps. She remembered how she was such a nature lover, flowers even followed her everywhere, but now she was the Sun and darkness in their own respective ways. Eris was always in the shadows, but when she appeared she sparkled and shined as her eyes were the Sun. Eris stayed within her shadow as always and then all of a sudden she heard cries about some crazy person.

Her instincts kicked in and she walked towards the commotion. A little child that looked like a complete mess was kicking a trashcan everywhere, having a fit. How adorable...
People moved away as she was known even as she stepped within Stella. Not as a menace, but as someone who caused Chaos for the good of the people around her. She flipped her black long hair that went to her calves and tilted her head. "Hello, child. May I help you with something?~" she questioned. As the small-time flew she realized her feet kept dancing. Her eyes squinted and wondered if she could perhaps do something about this. "Let's give your little feet a break, mm?~" she questioned.

Her pointer finger looped a little creating a small-time stopping of her feet and legs to make them take a complete stop. "Maybe after a few minutes it will stop now,~" she spoke warmly and motherly. Karisa kneeled to their level and gazed at them as she was six foot seven. The tall Goddess wanted to take a good look at her. Something felt weird as she gazed into her eyes. Something was pulling her heart strings... But what was it?


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Strike after strike her sword dented and melted away the trashcan under holy flames. To Tempris, she was just striking a demonic creature that was just filled with so much sin. So much corruption that even her flames could not take it out. Only another wave of exhaustion hit her. Her mind went blank for a moment causing her whole body to freeze except for her feet. Then she began to hallucinate. The walls turned dark blue resembling the cold church.
"no..." she whispered, "no... I dont want too."
Tears rolled down her face as her arms trembled. She looked up forgetting about the demonic trash can of sin and saw a figure walking toward her. The figure was powerful. Tempris was scared as her memories fought to turn the figure into another memory, a dark one.
"No. No. please. Im sorry." Tempris mumbled. Her dancing feet sending more pain up her legs, but then, they stopped.

The pain was gone? No, it was more like, her legs did not exist. She looked down but her feet where there, not moving. She tried to move but legs would to budge. She looked back up and saw the figure was getting closer. Tempris Pulled her sword closer to her she wanted to point it at the figure but a combination of different emotions carved into her chest. One was an fear, as if she was a deer staring right into the eyes of a massive lion. The second was a deep sadness, and if she did attack the figure her heart would become frozen. Still she was too scared and couldn't move. She could hear the figure speak but this feeling of being in the church made her words unintelligible.
"Dont take me there. Dont take me. Its cold..." Tears fell from her face as the memories of being thrown in the room of ice for her failings.
"I wont fail again. Please forgive me." She hugged her sword tightly to ensure nobody would take away her light, her precious flame.

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The child was freaking out and she listened to what she had to say before taking action. They didn't want to be taken somewhere? "Taken where? What cold place have they taken you?~" she asked motherly as she offered her hand to the girl. Someone was doing something to her and she now wanted to know who. Her facial expression was warm and welcoming, but within she was raging and murderous to now those who did this to this child. "Come with me and we will go somewhere warm. It is beautiful outside this Alley so come join me.~ I was about to go shopping and go somewhere to eat anyways.", the mother waited for her to grab her hand. If she did then their feet should stop moving by that moment. She took back her time magic and saw that the feet no longer moved.

She stood still waiting for her as she was giving her patience. Good thing Eris was hidden or else she will probably freak out the child. "Why not start with a name?~ My name is Karisa,~" she giggled with a sweet quick smile. The sun was warm and some other places were warm as well, like the spa. Perhaps what she needed first was somewhere where it was always warm. "Let's go to the spa first, my treat!~" she giggled once more as she will lead her to the Spa she knows here. If she did not grab her hand then she waited for her to be ready instead before leading her to the Spa.


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The figure was coming closer making it harder for her blurry eyes to continue its cruel trick. It was a woman, not a man. The girl tried to move back again, unable to bring herself to bring down her sword. Tears rolled down her face as she felt trapped. However, for a brief moment... a feeling of lightness in her feet. She wanted to look but fear kept her weak eyes trapped on the figure, the woman. From this distance, Tempris could make out her words.

"I don't want to go. Please dont take me to the ice box." Tempris wanted to cry, she wanted to ball like she did in her memories. However she didn't. As she continued to look and peel away the blurry filter of trauma. The woman's voice became more clear, more soft, more comforting. It was like something she heard before. It was special, a voice she felt like she knew in her heart. But something stopped her from remembering. Something cold, something dark pulled her mind back to the church. The evil place that pretended to follow Illumin. Then she saw the hand.

Tempris looked at it clenching her teeth. The voice that followed it was hypnotic, something the girl wanted to give into if only to hide from her fears. It was something she wanted all her life. Still, she found herself flinching away, trembling as if the hand would capture her by her hair, pulling her away out of the invisible trap. However, it didn't. Not only that, it waited. Tempris opened an eye, seeing it was still there. The woman was much clearer now. A beautiful lady, a face that she never seen yet it was a face that felt... familiar. It was something she should of known.

The woman name was Karisa, the Guild Master of Empyrean Divine. One of the well establish mages of the land. But that was not what Tempris should have known, or lets say... thats not what felt familiar about her. This was their first meeting, the girl has never been this close to a figure yet Tempris in her heart could feel that they meet before. It was a moment of faith, The girl started to hyperventilate as she ran through every memory in her head. None of the pain she felt had this woman in vision. The woman, was a new warmth. All warmth should be accepted.

Tempris suddenly felt her sword hit the ground and her hand in the woman's. The feeling in her feet returned allowing her to feel the soft earthly ground beneath her toes. Her feet weren't dancing and so they were free to finally give out. Tempris fell to her knees dropping her weapon completely due to her exhaustion. With that, the vision of the church and everything that felt cold vanished.

It took Tempris a minute to build up the energy to remember how to control her legs again, but the girl still had her resolved. In this warm presences, she would find a way to stand. She grabbed the handle of her sword and pushed slowly pushed off the ground. Her legs wobbled a baby just learning to walk. Then with her knees locked she looked up at the woman. She wasn't in the church anymore. She was free from the dark memory.

"Kar-is-a," Temrpis repeated still mesmerize by sudden warmth of the woman along with her freedom from dancing. There was a lot to pick up after the mental breakdown. It took a couple breathes but eventually she would be able to find the words to answer. "I-I'm Tempris..." She looked away from the woman to finally verify the truth. Her toes clenched the earth, savoring this feeling. "The spa? I-I never been. Is it cold... cold there?" Tempris would allow herself to be guided unable to really resist the woman's energy, unable to resist this familiar warmth.

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Who the hell takes children to an icebox? Her eyebrow arched as she will ask this later when the child has calmed down. For now, it seemed they were in a panic. Slowly within time, the child was calming down to the point where they repeated her name and then introduced themselves. She wondered if this place was cold, the place she was going to take her. She put a single finger against her lips and gazed up thinking. "I don't think I've been to any spa that was cold besides maybe Cryno-therapy," she spoke and gave the girl a smile while looking downward.

"It has many warm things.~ Things that feel amazing after a hard day at work!", then slowly started to walk towards the direction of the Spa. The Spa in Stella and the one in Hosenka were really different in design, but both were beautifully made. There were vines of beautiful greenery hanging on the ceiling rims and the door was decorated with flowers against the building wall. She opened the door with her free hand and went to the receptionist. "Goddess Package for two,~" she purred happily while giving her motherly-sweet smile that was warm like a cup of hot cocoa on a winter's night. The woman nodded and lead them to the room in the back where they can change clothes. "Do you want anything to drink? Water is good to have while in the Spa or a fruit smoothie - my personal favorite," she insisted and ordered a pineapple-mango smoothie herself with added banana. Finally, once that was done she went into the room with the view of their beach as the spa was located on top of a cliff.

There are two resting lounge sofas, few tables, a large hot spring, and a Sauna among a few other things. "Your massuges will be here shortly. For now, please enjoy the hotsprings and spa," the assisatant bowed and left the area.


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"Whe-where not g-going to a Cryo one right... right?" Tempris felt her nerves tick up. Fearing that the woman might have other intentions. She was just freed after all. To be captured again and be put under a worst torture. A demon would do such thing. However, if Karisa would say she was not taking Tempris to the cold place, the girl would believe her. She had too, no... she wanted too. She wanted to be safe, to be warm, to not be locked away.

The description of the spa made Tempris feel a bit more safe about going. It gave her a bit more energy to try and keep up but her weak tired legs kept her from moving at her own normal walking speed, let alone the woman's. "Sorry... those shoes... the dancing..." She was already over this memory and wanted it to be locked up and frozen with her other memories. If she was not lugging her sword around, she would grab the warm woman's hand and hold it close to her chest. But the best she could do was pull her self to her and rest her head on her forearm. It was so comforting, like she was meant to be next to her and it made this walk all the more bearable.

When they got inside Tempris was clinging to the woman, like a shy child. The only thing offsetting about this was the weapon but the building owner was quick to get attendants to take care of it. "But.. but. its..." The attendant promised that she could have it back when they left. It would be place in a most secure place. Tempris looked at Karisa and since she did not object to taking the sword, Tempris, reluctantly gave it up. At least she could now cling to the woman with two hands.

Upon walking in Tempris was offered a drink. There were many choices but there was only one she really wanted to drink. "A warm milk..." Her voice was soft and weak since she felt helpless without her weapon by her side. If she was attacked by a heretic at this moment she knew she would be helpless but it was best not to think about those things.

Finally, they were in the spa area. Both of them were dressed in bathing suits as directed for the package Karisa ordered. They were free to do whatever they wanted but Tempris was a simple girl made even simpler by her exhaustion. She grabbed her and inched to an unoccupied wall. There she curled up against the wall and held the towel to her chest. She never been out in public in so little clothes. It was draining and her face was completely pink. At the very least she could take comfort in being warm.

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Karisa flipped her hair and listened to her order for some warm milk. How adorable. How old was she?~ Wait, where was their mother or even father? She will ask this later because if they exist and they do the ColdBox to her? She will have a talking. She gave a sweet smile and went to the child who was against the wall. "Come on,~ let's go in the really hot sauna and talk about each other. A little game perhaps," she realized and fisted her palm as she had an idea. "Let's play the question game!~", she grabbed her hand and dragged her along with her as they went to the sauna. She opened the door, escorted her inside and then leaned over outside of the sauna to grab the large pot of cold water.

She had her towel over her shoulder as Tempris had her's in her free hand. "Alright, so how you do it is that it won't be cold in here so it'll be alright," she assured her. Karisa grabbed her own towel, drowned it in water and then sat down on the wooden seats. Leaning back, she put the soaked towel on her naked skin. "You do this so your skin won't get too dry and burn. Also don't touch the charcol over there. That'll burn you even more - literally." she instructed kindly and patted the seat next to her own. "So, how about you ask me anything you want first and then we'll share,~" she kindly insisted.


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Tempris nodded, following the woman slowly. The floor was wet and she was not sure she could even catch herself in the event that she fell over. Not only would it be embarrassing to just fall, she would probably just mentally shut down. Other than that she just stayed close to Kurisa in order to keep safe. It was so weird having so much skin showing and being dressed so little. Tempris had never been swimming and even at the beach, she was thoroughly covered. So this was just a new feeling. Her face grew red as she saw more and more people. She pulled her towel up to her chest hoping it would cover up most of her body do to her size.

"The Question game... I-I... Im not a child... y-you." The idea of being looked at by so many people was really getting to her. "Okay..." Her voice grew more sheepish as she followed the woman. The woman pulled out a pot of water and told her to dip her towel in it. It would keep her skin from getting damaged. Tempris did so but got startled by the fact that the water was cold. It wasn't ice cold but it was something she was not prepared for. Still she made her best effort to do so only letting the towel stay under water for a brief moment before pulling it out. She did not respond to the other instructions feeling too sheepish to object to the obvious rules. She wasn't a child... though she really felt like one now that she did not have her sword.

Climbing up to the seat next to Kurisa, Tempris folded her legs into her chest and held them with her arms. Her towel was on the seat beside her and Tempris lowered her lips to her knee. There was a brief pause before she asked her question. "Have we met before?"

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She put a finger to her own lips as she was asked if she knew her. Did she? The last time she saw children like herself was a few years ago or so. Her eyes gazed away as her abyss-colored eyes mirrored the water and charcoal. Maybe she should find out with her magic. It was there to do disposal anyways... She really has not looked far back before from when 'it' happened. She was somewhat scared too because of this unknown feeling. This unknown feeling that she somehow did know this girl. "I suppose we can check," she offered. A glow from her hand started to reveal a book that was see-through.

Karisa touched it with her free hand and it opened up a calendar. "Let me see.. Tempris..." Karisa mumbled softly as her motherly eyes looked at every date and all the things that happened on that day. The girl will be confused, be sure to have questions, but first, she wanted to figure out her first question. So many years went by in the Calander and so far nothing. Before she could answer 'no', she realized the page that had some red on the dates. It wasn't the love red, no, it was flames, death, and more. "Mmmm..." she hummed and touched the square to reveal the truth... "You were a part of the Church, weren't you..." she started to speak softly, but in a sorrow-filled way. "It was burned down and you were seperated by your sister... wait..." she cornered her eye to look at her. Wasn't she home with her sister right now?


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Tempris was beginning to get use to this warm atmosphere. Even the towel was starting to warm up, allowing her nerves to ease up a bit more. She still stayed in her defensive posture not wanted to let people see her but she was, at least, relaxed. The pause from the woman was enough to have Tempris at least turn to her. What she saw what a bit surprising. Karisa's magic was special. Nobody on the planet had the ability to manipulate time. So when Tempris realized the woman could use time see the past, it was a bit startling. She would tense up as the woman made a calendar appear before her. As the dates flipped back, she realized that the woman might be able to uncover something cold, something Tempris fought day and night to not think about.

Her body started to shiver in dread for what the woman might dig up, what she might say, what Tempris would be forced to remember. Tempris wanted to speak but the magic was so... intimating. She wanted it to stop. She did not want to feel cold. "please stop..." she whispered. However she doubted the woman could hear her weak voice. The woman found something red on her magic that interested her and if Tempris was able to pick out the date, she would too scared to look. By now, her body felt like it was surrounded by ice. Then the woman made the connection.

"Ch-ch-church... I... not..." There was no repressing them. Tears swelled up in her eyes as the memories of her past came flooding back. She was without her gear, clothes, or her sword. She was helpless, unable to fight or let her angry lash out and hide her feelings. "stop... stop... Stop... STOP!" Her voice escalated as she pushed herself off the bench and looked around. She needed to hide. but there was no where to go. So many people were around her and her legs were already weak. The best think she could think of was huddle down in a near by corner but even that was out of reach as her legs gave out and she slipped over a puddle.

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Karisa watched her freak out about the things she was telling her. Tempris seemed to be not liking the subject of the Church. What did they do to them? She flipped through the pages and looked at how the girl was trapped in some horrible area. She watched as they put Tempris inside the cold room where they would punish them. Throughout time the kids of the Church were taught that the cold was bad and warm was good. It was somewhat a false thing as she knew that as a past Seraphim, all was loved as God Father Winter and the Sun were all a part of it.

Karisa looked at the child and approached them slowly to wrap her arms around the child in a warm embrace. "There there, no one can harm you with me here, I won't let them.", she spoke calmly as the people minded their own business. They did not dare be nosey nor be rude with her around. "Mmm, did you know you weren't the only survival of that fire?", she questioned to her and then continued, "My other daughter was saved from there and in my warm embrace,~". 'As well as a fake appearance...,' Eris replied in her thoughts. 'Is she naive?', she wondered towards Kari. Karisa sighed softly and continued to comfort the girl. She felt like the sauna was over as she slowly got up and opened the door. "Let's go and get a massage, mm?~ and then the restaurant here is also good," she offered. "What's your next question?~" she purred as she did not need to ask, she could just see all her answers right in front of her.


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Before she could slip, Tempris felt the woman grab her from behind. She wanted to scream, cry for help as more memories flooded her head. Memories of the things done to her that gave her the cold feeling. However she couldn't scream or cry for help. The woman was warm. All warmth was to be excepted. So the girl just trembled, sniffling. "Warmth is love," she mumbled to herself as she tried to endure her imagined terror. Instead of a horrible act, the woman just promised her protection and... it felt comforting. The talk about the fire began to rile Tempris up but she managed to hold it in this time for she had another thought to cling on to. It was not link to her memories so she mentally bit on to it, if only to escape the talk. "Daughter... saved..."

Tempris was unsure what the woman meant. Nobody in the churched survived for Illumin had cleansed them all. She was there. She remembered waking up to embers of holy flame. She remembered a sword, she thinks. Only her head now ached. She winched grabbing her head and retreating into the woman's bosom. The offer of a massage, was tempting though Tempris did not realize what she was agreeing to. Her focus was more on the second question.
"Wh-why... are you protecting me."

Tempris was relaxing more, but she still felt this weird feeling. Not to mention, this woman did not answer her first question, but that could have been her fault. She couldn't handle those cold memories. She had seen those cold walls to many times today already.


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Karisa closed her eyes as she was within the embrace of the warmth of her surroundings and this child. She wanted to be sure they were alright before letting go. Her eyes closed as she had to give herself a clear head as her thoughts were going wild. She wondered if this child was actually hers, but she wondered if perhaps the church had some spell on her to change her appearance. It was a huge possibility as there were many spells that change appearances. "How about let's get you a magical warm massage,~" she purred and escorted her to their room.

The room was square-shaped, four meters from across and seven up and down. Two beds with black silk sheets rested against the pillowy mattresses and a single large pillow for each bed. Oil incenses were being burned of sweet flowery scent with a dash of wood smell. Karisa walked into the changing closet and took off her clothes, wrapped herself in a towel and finally resting on her stomach on the bed. What the child did not know was that this was special oil and a special massage. The first thirty minutes in here and all their senses will be cleared and any magic that was put on them will be cleared. It was why she came here. She comes here now that Stella was open to Fiore ever since she found this out. Once Tempris was ready the ladies came in prepared with hot rocks, massage oils and music.


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Tempris looked at the woman, seeking the way forward on this roller-coaster of exhaustion. The woman, however, would dodge the girl's question and shift focus to the massage. Releasing Tempris from her warm embrace, she guided the small girl to the changing room. It was here were they were separated. She was not exactly sure what to change into. She was already barely in any clothes as it was, compared to what she normally wore. There was a pamphlet she took while they were entering the room. It listed the different areas and acceptable dress attire. Her face went completely pink after seeing the options but she did not want to ruin the massage thing.

She walked out with a completely pink face and a towel wrapped around her. Karisa was already on a table in what Tempris could only assume was the position for the massage. The girl looked around, slowly waking away from from the changing room. The room was filled with scents from candles which caught the small girl's eye. Like a moth, she inched her way to a candle and grinned. The little flame was so pretty and fragrant. She grabbed the candle and carried it to her bed. She did not think about what anyone would say. She just let herself become hypnotized by the flame just like when she was little in the church. With the comfort of her little flame she got on the bed rocked her head side the side following the movements of the flickering flame

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