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Tempris C-Rank: Baska Outskirts - For the Horde

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Tempris C-Rank: Baska Outskirts - For the Horde Empty Wed Jun 30, 2021 3:25 pm


Tempris was tired, exhausted, completely beaten down by this curse that was casted upon her feet. She learned after speaking with an informant that the name of the dance she was doing was called a river dance. This was great information and so much help in making her freaking feet stop. She would cry if she did not use up all her tears from the night crying cause she could not fall asleep. Fun fact though, she learned how to not tether left and right while dancing. It would be a great skill in the future she she ever have to stand in a crowded zone. Though she doubted that would ever happen because most people just avoided her now. That or they would stand around her clapping or cheering. She was suffering and people were amused by her own misery. She wanted to burn them all down but she did not have the energy.

Little sleep and the in ability to rest proved to test her own resolve. She prayed and prayed but there was no answer to this heresy. If only she had practice her magic more. Maybe she could try and force the shoes off with her own spells. Sadly it was nothing she could do about now. So she tried her best to focus at the task at hand. Apparently one of the heathen's creations was causing problems at a graveyard he needed someone to stop the chaos. Tempris could only guess what the man wanted.

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Tempris C-Rank: Baska Outskirts - For the Horde Empty Wed Jun 30, 2021 10:40 pm


It did not take long to find the graveyard or at least it was not suppose to take long to find it. Tempris's dancing feet made the whole trip take nearly forever since she had to not only dance over to the graveyard, but she had to also avoid being seen by anyone. She did not want any more attention nor did she want to be linked to zombies or graveyards. Fire was the best way to send someone off but those in the graveyard where not given such privilege. It was sad really. Like these zombies would not exist if the proper ceremonies had taken place. So here she was suffering because people cannot follow the will of Illumin.

The graveyard was surely busy. Tempris held herself above a wall hoping to limit the amount of noise her dancing feet were making. Zombies were everywhere startled and upset. The source had not been identified though she knew the reason. To solve the problem, her plan was to take the simplest solution and purify the heathen's creation. After all, she was not tasked to keep it alive and she did not like it. She hated it. It was sinful. It was an abomination. In truth, the man needed to keep better care of his toys. Now she was going to break it.

When her foot kicked the wall, the zombies started coming towards her. Tempris sighed and pull her self over the wall. Her dancing feet managed to catch her landing.

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Tempris C-Rank: Baska Outskirts - For the Horde Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 10:40 am


Her dancing landing hand her basically styling on the zombies in presentation. All this style was not free. First, this dancing was painful and exhausting. Her burning passion for Illumin kept her from fainting or giving into the pain but that did not take away the burning feeling in her feet. Second, she was not a dancer so all these movements were weird and made parts of her ache that she did not know existed or that could hurt. She was more of an upper body built giving how much she used her sword. Now she was sure, her legs would either turn to jelly or become her strongest asset. Third, zombies were not exactly conscience. They could move around, attack, and feed; but they could not understand or appreciate terrible dancing. So there effectively was no point on styling on the zombies. So Tempris did what Temprises do best.

Tempris leaped forward clicking her feet together, though this was not of her own free will and it was due to the demonic curse on her feet. She sliced through a few of the zombies purifying their limbs and eradicate one in holy flames. It was here she stood in the middle of the graveyard. her veil was not on her head letting her sweaty hair flow in the slight breeze. her black dressed was wrinkled due to Tempris being unable to maintenance her clothing. She did not even have on a undershirt due to forgetting... or maybe she was just too exhausted.
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Tempris C-Rank: Baska Outskirts - For the Horde Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:27 pm


In front of the dancing Tempris was the creature that was bullying the zombies. It was a large, gigantic beast with like 5 mouths, 4 arms, .5 legs, 9 toes, 25 fingers, 3 tongues, 7 name tags, 6 different skin tones, 13 fingernails, 32 teeth all pearly white as if it knew to brush its teeth in the morning and at night with Corride, 2 string of floss, 1 tail bone, 8 sets of cheeks, 12 sets of lips, 10 visible hearts, 0 visible humorous but Tempris was sure there was like at least 18 of those bones in this creature, 15 different elbows, 14 same knees, 11 pores, and 1 ugly sinful eye. Tempris would vomit if she had the strength for it as blood dripped from its pulsing dirty flesh. Worst, this creature what was clearly influenced with more sin than a demon was not curse to dance forever. He was free to stand still and take its time as it pop the head off a fleeing zombie.

This was an outrage and Tempris was sure to cut it down. So she did. Charging it with dancing feet she slice the creature in two. Then she quickly fled the graveyard and looked for Cain. He was sad that his creature was dead but happy that people would stop looking for him due to the possible impending zombie attack. Tempris got paid and went home to suffer more because of these stupid dancing shoes. Tempris gladly would have accepted no reward if it meant these shoes would go away though.
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