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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala]

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 12:49 pm


Tempris did not find the woman's taunts funny. It was torture to have to dance like that, but here is the thing. It was over. So she did not care.
"It was not funny," Tempris tried to frown but could not help but smirk, "Nor was it a good nickname. My feet were never happier than at this moment." She chuckled before limping over to Fala. The work here was done. The cages were all open and the animals were following the woman around. Tempris's vision made it hard to identify the animals but she really did not care about them. As long as they were not bugging her, she would leave them alone.

"I think I'm ready to go. I just cannot run..." Tempris would limp her way to the forest following the woman. The sand was much easier to transverse given she could control her steps and when she got to the grassy forest, the cool blades were so relaxing. She almost fell asleep. But her happiness to be free was flooding her with the energy to keep going. Plus, it was her idea to talk to the villagers. If anything, she even developed a plan.

"Fala I have a plan... Can you hold my sword." Tempris would set the weapon down and cover her legs with dirt and leaves. Then she hobbled to the stellen village that Fala brought them to and started crying in pain. once she was close enough to people she just fell.
"It. hurts... my legs... someone help. Hildeguard's people attacked me in the forest"

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#27Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 1:15 pm

Fala †
Fala watched and chuckled at Tempris' complaints of how her feet were hurting. Not because she thought it was funny, but because it was a daemon instinct to do so. Soon enough she heard Tempris come up with a plan. The little girl wanted to do something as she watched her suddenly cover herself up with some dirt and started limping after she was given her sword. Something felt strange to her as she felt the sword. The sword of Illumin, a sword a Daemon was carrying as she did not believe in Illumin fully. The only reason she was doing all of this was because of Tempris. She believed in Tempris, but not some 'god' that she has not seen personally.

She sees Brunhild so maybe she was the 'god' in this story. She had her own idea as the sword was already hurting her by just having it in her daemon's hands. Her hands burned, but she swiftly put cuts on her skin and then punched herself in the face. She chuckled quietly as she was hurting herself. Why did this feel so fucking good? Was it because of the pain she liked or was it because she was about to put the accusation onto someone else? The animals followed Fala as she had her arms dangle, sword dragging against the ground as she met up with the villagers. They looked at Tempris and Fala, running up to them. "H-Hildegard?! How dare they and -," one was saying as they checked up on Tempris first. The others came out and looked at the animals supporting Fala by her arms as her feet were dragging. Her own blood dripped onto the ground and noticed that these two were the very same that made them the festival.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Wannap10

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:12 pm


Tempris did not look back when she enacted her plan. She could not afford to. She had to sell the act. While she was not lying about her pain, she was not sure how the constant dancing actually affected her legs. At the very least, she had the blood of that dead animal and sand all over her. This all ensured that the villagers would believe them. To be fair everything was not truly a lie. They were fighting with the supporters of the Beast Master. They did free a bunch of dinosaurs and animals. She was hurt or at least injurie because she wasted too much energy attacking them. So there was no reason to not believe her.

A villager picked her up and took her to a healer. The healer was a woman who wore a mask that looked like half a sun. Her clothing was green and Tempris could see her blue eyes behind her mask. The woman's calm voice kept Tempris more relax, but she made efforts to keep trembling and over exaggerating the pain in her legs. The woman cleaned off Tempris, first starting with her face and hair. It was rough giving all the sand and dirt that was tangled up in her hair. Tempris did her best not to whine or complain but. Eventually, the woman got to her legs which stung a lot. After the dirt was washed off. the woman pulled out some ice and bandages. Tempris suddenly perked up realizing what the woman was going to do.

"No wait... its okay. Please. Don't put that cold thing on me."

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:28 pm

Fala †
Fala was approached by the villager's Elder as he took a look at her and then the animals who were willingly carrying her. He snapped his fingers and instantly his guards came up. One was a bulk built woman and the other was a man who equally was as built. "Take her to get taken care of. Seems like they saved our precious animals," he spoke in a crackling tone while petting one of the beasts. It purred and the Elder followed the Guards. At the Corner of Fala's eye she saw something that made her heart run cold. From afar... as 'him' standing there. The fluff of Evil, Pink Llama sama. He was in his Llama form of pink to disguise himself. She could feel his mood from where she was.

After this she will have to go visit him, talk to him and see what was going on. It was sad she could not tell Tempris the truth of herself because she didn't even know who she really was. All she knew was that she killed people to survive. The two guards took her to her own room with a ground spa-like bath and some good-looking people who looked like servants(?). She was told to undress over the curtains and that she did. Slowly, she walked into the bath and had bubbles cover her scar from long ago plus the cuts that she inflicted herself. Next, the Elder came in and questioned her as to what all happen and that was when Fala explained in Stellian.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Wannap10

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 4:53 pm


The woman was a bit taken back by Tempris's reaction to the ice. Tempris on the other hand could only imagine to the different punishments she had to endure at the hands of the church using the substance. Tempris pulled herself to a corner scared. If her legs weren't actually so hurt, she would probably attempt to escape but she was sure she would not even make it to the door before she fell over. If anything her fear already stole the resolve she had to overcome her pain.

The healer was very calm though. She promised that the she was not going to do anything that would hurt Tempris. She just wanted her muscles to relax and the ice would help with it. Tempris shook her head but the woman was insistent on treating her that way. Tempris whimpered, eventually closing her eyes. She could feel the icy bag biting her shins. Then the woman placed ice over her thighs. Tempris trembled as her breathing escalated. Her legs were going numb but the pain was actually lessening. Still the girl was scared. Tempris didn't realize how much the woman was helping her.

"Fala..." Tempris whispered with her arms folded. She felt cold, alone. The woman placed her cool hand, due to handling ice, on her forehead and then left to grab a blanket. She tried to comfort Tempris with the blanket. Tempris stopped trembling feeling the warmth from the blanket but she was still scared. With Tempris looking a bit calmer the woman left to go talk about the Tempris's state.

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#31Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:20 pm

Fala †
She was enjoying her bath. It was hot, warm, it was everything someone who loved to fall asleep in an embrace will love. She listened to them talk to her as she explained back all the details. It was all from the animals that were caged and free, Hildegard's people that they punished and the bees they were collecting to steal from them. Fala told them that they have been doing this for a while now as they were also stealing the people Stella to make more numbers. It made them concerned, but before they could say any more a woman came in that had a mask on. She spoke about Tempris and how she was concerned about the cold.

"Then bring her in here. Let her join me here. She deserves that much," she insisted. The woman gazed at the Elder who nodded, "They're a witness of this as well. Bring them so they can get cleaned in our bathing pool," she told her. She nodded her head and sprinted for it. Soon enough they brought the girl and she watched their every move. "Come, Tempris.~ It's warm in here," she chuckled, and once she joined they will next then be joined in the room by some guards. They whispered to the Elder and he sighed once they were done speaking.

"Looks like we will have to ask you for a favor once more since you helped already," The Elder said in a tiring tone. "It seems Hildegard's people are at our treasured station where we put our most endangered species at. Seems they're trying to steal them. Do what you must to save them..." he slowly fell back and the Guard caught him. The old get tired easily it seemed.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Wannap10

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 11:45 pm


But just take off the ice packs Tempris if you did not like them so much! Yeah, this was something Tempris could have done. It was the smart move from her mindset of cold being bad, cold being evil. However you got to think about what was happening to her or at least what happened. The girl was fighting exhausting and had not had the spec of sleep since being curse with the shoes. She was fighting all this time and she was finally free. Her poor tiny zealot brain did not want to work properly to think about such easy solutions. So when it came to her taking a bath. Tempris was all but extra confused and tired. But how could she fight. She was just forced to put on these torture ice packs on by a healer, a healer she could have cleansed if her legs did not hurt.

Well, this little bit of acceptances and doing what she was told turned out to be a good thing. Tempris was stripped by the healer and aided into a towel before released into the bathhouse with Fala. The healer was sure to ensure that the girl made it into the bathroom where she perked up after seeing Fala.
"Oh Illumin. Fala. Your okay!" Tempris broke away from the healer entering the bath like a child who was reunited with their mum after preschool.
"Fala. It was horrible. They made me wear ice. I was cold. my legs felt numb... lets never do this again."

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#33Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:02 pm

Fala †
Fala watched Tempris come in talking about how they made them wear some ice, how it was cold and their legs felt numb. She sighed and chuckled as she listened to Tempris not wanting to do this again. "Why wouldn't I be fine?", she cocked her eyebrow and then looked at the Elder who was now sitting down, fallen asleep apparently. The others left so it was just three of them. Perhaps they were going to be nice enough to give them food and some drinks. She sighed softly as the woman was getting tired. Her eyes were dropping as she rested within the hot springs. If tempris had anything to say at all, she will listen, but till the others came back she was going to rest in this bath.

The people brought in food and drinks and once again left them alone. They really wanted their favor, them to save their beasts. What did they all have that was so precious? Fala crouched while walking towards the food and then rested her knees at the bottom of the bath and chest squished against the wall of the springs. Her fingers plucked some fruit that had a tangy flavor with more sweetness. "Mmm, this tastes great. You should try some,~" she told her. The elder finally spoke up once more before falling back asleep. "We have precious ones that are special to all - mostly the elves. If Hildegard gets her hands on it then the elves that live in Stella will be angered... It is their sacred beast, the Hallas," he said and then his head went down. Fala listened to it all but slowly plucked more fruit in her mouth awkwardly, "okay then...", she said confused.

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:35 pm


Tempris was in the bath now inching closer to Fala. She felt safe next to her companion. Her... the word was something she stopped using, if she could even remember using it. To her, the word was cold, a cold memory. Yet for some reason, she felt the word appear in her mind. The icy word poke through the mental barriers in her head though maybe that was because she was weak. She was weak from the torture of those accursed shoes. She has not felt helpless in so long. She has not felt so weak. Her mind was recovering. It was recovering from that dark place it was heading.

Tempris inched closer to Fala in hopes to hide her next comment. "I thought they might be torturing you too. Like maybe they thought we were with the Beast Master." The water was so warm. Tempris could feel her something take over her mind. It was a feeling she was fighting for so long. She felt like her body just loss all its energy and then her eyes dropped. Tempris sunk deeper into the water till only her head popped out. Then Tempris felt herself falling asleep. Her ears still worked but she was not interested in eating any of the foods. All she needed was the warmth and safety that being next to Fala gave her. After all, one must accept all warmth for warmth was love. Warmth was acceptance by Illumin and she really needed to feel accepted.

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#35Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 4:14 pm

Fala †
"Torture? Please, that'd tickle me, Tempris," she joked but was serious all in one go. The girl did not want to eat at all so she was just going to get ready so they can get going. She sat up and grabbed the nearest towel to then get out after wrapping herself. "We should get going..." she lowly spoke as she could feel the intensity of the Llama. Something caught up to her though, tiredness. "I guess we could rest first...," she yawned and stretched. That was her what... the sixth yawn today? She rubbed her eyes and sighed while walking towards the bed, wrapped herself up in the silky black sheets, and snuggled the pillow. "Time for bed, Tempris...~" she spoke softly as her eyes closed.

She did not know what happened after that as her dreams pulled her in. She gazed into eyes that gazed at her, glowing and sneered at her. The abyss was showing itself with flames on the ground, lava bursting randomly as she then looked down to see her overlord in his true form. He whispered something to her, something she just stood there and took to the ears. She could not take a deaf tone towards this as her inner child wept within. Flashes of her past self rose as she saw her human parents torture her. They made her watch them drag people in, kill them, and then ate them. The thing that made the last hit was her only childhood friend was a victim to this. She was force fed everything she loved and the only ones that lived were the people she hated the most, her parents. The knife...

Those daggers she had... Did she kill them? She did and she was introduced by her Demonlord after she burned down her house with them in it. She reached out her little hands to the Demon and walked alongside him. She woke up in sweats after that as she gasped for air. Her eyes were blinded by light as it was the next day already.. and Tempris was still asleep.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Wannap10

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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 4:33 pm


It was so peaceful so safe in the bath. Tempris was so close to actually falling asleep, but Fala was already ready to go to bed. A quick nudge by the woman pushed Tempris into enough conscience to get out of the warm bath. Another of the villagers helped Tempris into her room with fall. Tempris could hear whispers but she could not make out the words. All she could do was feel the pity from the villager. This villager's feelings probably represented most of the villagers' feelings about this whole ordeal. How could that Bosco woman do such terrible things to a child? How horrible of a leader was the woman? What would she do if she tried to claim their lands? The villagers really hated the woman. This was at least what Tempris envision in her dreary state.

The bed room had a double bed. The villagers figured Tempris would probably want to stay close to Fala give how clingy she was to the woman in the bathroom. Tempris did indeed want to be close to the woman. She trusted her. Though there was one thing itched in her head. As she was falling asleep the memory of the fight in the forest opened up. The man that Tempris impaled from behind and purified claimed that Fala and him were the same and Fala called him a Daemon. Tempris was unsure if this was true or not. However, her dreams echoed it throughout the night forcing the girl to tremble and sweat. The person closest to her was in fact something different, something more sinful.
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#37Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 03, 2021 5:58 pm

Fala †
Fala got out of bed and went to go towards the bath to enjoy the steaming stream. The moist made it easier for her to breathe as she attempted to enjoy her surroundings while she can. Fala ignored who she was and what she was shown throughout her dreams or in this case, nightmares. She ordered some food as she has some hashbrowns, breakfast burritos that was stuffed with eggs, cheese, some peppers, and sausage. This food smelled really good and she got some for Tempris as well. On the side, she got her some warm milk while she got some orange juice for herself.

She let her body soak in the lavender and sweet honey scents. Her hair was being brushed while she then got out to end up getting dressed. The people here gave them new pairs of clothes and a bag of drinks and snacks. She put on a sundress of pink and red with some black, a sunhat over her head with some flat sandals over her feet. She was all ready finally as she already put on her undergarments. "Tempris, time to go," she spoke to her determined to get this done. Once she was ready and hopefully she was, Fala started to go towards the direction she was told to go. The hill was steep, but it was dry and covered by grass that was as green as an emerald. After the hill, she was astonished to see much beauty. The land was covered with animals that roamed the lands and then she saw it. A broken gate with some tracks that belonged to animals and a vehicle. Once they got there they went and free'd the Hallas. What came after that was up to Tempris as they went their seperate ways.


Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] - Page 2 Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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