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Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala]

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#1Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] Empty Tue Jun 29, 2021 4:28 pm

Fala †
Fala hummed softly as Frosch sat there right next to her. Today was going to be one of the last days before she had to go meet up with her Demon lord. Apparently, they had something important to tell her and something was going to happen. She motioned her body left and right while wondering what today's thing was going to be. She remembered they were going to do something and then they stopped. That was how it went, right? Her memory could not remember. Her hand went over her face as she was frustrated. Sweat was dripping as the heat was overwhelming her. Not because is was overly hot, but because her heart was pumping wildly.

"Ouu, maybe you need to get some water," Frosch offered as they got up. "We have things to do, we don't have time for that," she spoke in a husky voice as she feared what the lord might want. The girl had to get ready to get going as the quest was with Tempris. Her only friend as of right now other than Jikan. She heard that Jikan is from another group and it just made her frown for just a small amount of time. Perhaps, Brunhild will seek Alliances. They were above all, but there was no harm in having allies. Slowly, Fala got up and started to dangle her arms against her side. She gazed up to stare at the hot sun that was as hot as Hell. "Let's go...", she instructed to Frosch as they walked to where they need to meet Tempris at.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] Wannap10

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Tempris stood at the church leaning against the wall in the shadows. Her feet have been chattering and their obsessives desire to dance ever since her last assignment. Even through the night, she could feel the pain of her feet hitting the wall and the bed rest. Large bags hid under were poorly panted with make-up, something Tempris rarely did. She did not have a problem with make up, but in her line of work. It was not needed. Plus, she felt she looked good without it. Maybe she would add a touch of blush or a little bit of eyeliner but this was different. She new she looked terrible due to lack of sleep and  she was too embarrassed to ask for help. However, this did have the side effect of her make up looking pretty bad. Its kind of heard to apply concealer or foundation without practice or without being taught. The best she had was looking around at other people doing it in the bathroom but she never cared. She did not need too. At least until now.

This along with her aching feet just set the girl up for completely failure and she just had to settle for her crappy job. If she was lucky, who ever was helping her could maybe do something, but she would need to find a way to get her feet to stop kicking.
"Argh. I hate you stupid feet. Why are you doing this to me... why now. Illumin help me"

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#3Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] Empty Tue Jun 29, 2021 5:40 pm

Fala †
Her purple orbs gazed around as her hands went inside of her pockets. Her jeans were snugged against her skin and hips as she wore her white shirt. Her neck was decorated with a black lace collar which had a red gem in the middle. Her boots crushed against the ground as her womanly hips swayed in each direction. Her black hair flowed behind as Fala didn't tend to it so it was quite messy. The woman got closer to where they were supposed to go or where Fala is supposed to meet Tempris. Something was off though as she got closer she saw Tempris's feet dance. What was going on?

Today they were going to Sabotage Hildegard, they ignored her for too long, and now that the Alliance stuff was happening between the other two. This was going to be ending soon, rather it was her and Tempris's accomplishment or someone else's glory, the Loli was going down. "Evening, Tempris, quite a nice day to dance...~" she joked around in a calming tone before giggling. Her eyes watched carefully as if someone was manipulating them with their own humor. It was like the show of the human puppet.

Quite a story it was, "So, fancy feet, you ready to start? I heard we're finally going to damage Hildegard," she pounded her own hand against her fist to cuff them. She smirked happily as Frosch hid behind Fala's legs. She was curious on what exactly their goal was. As to how they were going to sabotage.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] Wannap10

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Tempris was sweating from exhausting but she still managed to keep herself up, using the wall for support. Her hair dangled unkept due to the girl not having the energy to focus on it. Of course, it was completely possible that she forgot, but that was going to be her story. She could not remember which was the actual truth. Only Illumin could answer that. Her dark blue veil dangled from her fingers. Her dress was black, not matching the color scheme of her veil like she normally would do. In the morning, she could not focus enough to properly match colors. She wasn't wearing socks as they disappeared a soon as these cursed shoes found their way onto her feet. She did not have a shirt underneath her dress but this dress was very modest, so the most people could see was was her collar bone and a small v in the middle. Her sword rested against the wall, as the girl forgot her hook. Though she did not really need it as she was using her sword to support herself. It was not the purpose of the weapon but it was the best she could do in this dancing craze.

As Fala came. Tempris made her best effort to smile after hearing the woman's voice, however she was too tired to really keep it up. She just had to trust her ears.
"No its not... I can't make it stop. I think a demon is cursing me... or maybe this is just a test from my lord..."

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#5Fala † 

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Fala †
Her head tilted as they were unsure what she said, was that right? Did they not hear her fully? She frowned as her eyes slanted boredly. The girl had no idea what was going on other than the dancing, huh. She licked her canine on the right. Well, it looked like it was all up to her. She stretched out and walked towards the girl, "Come on, let us start going through the woods and I'll explain some things," she instructed while grabbing her hand. If it was by the wrist, it will hurt, but the hand will harm the structure of the whole arm less.

It was gentle as they walked into the forest. "So we need to go attack the Hildegard Supporters who are causing harm to Stella - stealing their stuff," she spoke directly and gazed away innocently with her large eyes. "Maybe Stella will thank us instead of doing harm like last time if we shoo people away from here," her smile was hopeful and made sure to drag them fast enough so their feet won't trip and they can do other movements within the dance. She could not think of a demon that will make someone dance. "Did you talk to anyone by the way, maybe someone who seemed really nice?", she wondered curiously. It could be an enchanter or anyone who had the magical capabilities - not just a demon. Everyone blamed demons and it could explain why they do act bad, because they were seen as bad...

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Tempris could feel her feet go numb from the dance. So much dancing non stop was really wearing on her. She completely forgotten what Fala was trying to hell her as she rested against the wall... or at least attempted to rest. The woman's voice was enough for the girl to briefly wake up enough to realize her hand was being yanked. She barely had enough time to grab onto her sword though she did not have the effort to left it. Instead she let it drag against the ground, the same ground her feet kept clipping and clopping. "Ouch... Fala... not so hard. I'm awake. I'm coming." Tempris danced her way up closer to the girl while still dragging her sword.

"Attack," tempris was interrupted by a obnoxiously large yawn that she could not cover if Fala did not release her, "Hildeguard's people? Harm to stella... What are they stealing? I know Reiner was mining ore and stuff... Wait... I thought..." Tempris felt brain skipped from exhaustion just as her feet made her skip up in the air. Her upper body was not ready for the jump so if she was not holding Fala's hand, she would stumble but not fall due to her sword holding her back.
"I dont remember... Argh. I know... a bunch of people were on fire from the event thing. It was pretty. Though everyone else was screaming for some reason... but okay... sure. Lets stop... peo...ple."

Tempris was ready to doze off but a tug from Fala woke her up to hear most of the woman's next question.
"No... people dont talk... i mean... I dont talk to sinners. Waste of breath to those who uhh... mmmhh"

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#7Fala † 

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] Empty Tue Jun 29, 2021 7:20 pm

Fala †
Tempris seemed to not even remember much and was clearly exhausted. Was there some way to stop this? Maybe she will think of it as she goes or try to... She knew manipulation of a being very well. She felt like she knew it well, anyways. Her eyes soon spotted some movement from afar, ears listened to some buzzing as people were chatting past the bushes. She will let go of them slowly and then backed up to give them some space. Her eyes gazed at her passed her own bangs as she then nodded her head towards the location she 'felt' there were people. Her lips pierced and were licked as the air was dry around here surprisingly. She crept towards the bushes to see some people from Fiore go around collecting honey, trapping bees for the people back in Bosco.

Why were they stealing things from Stella? Bees were needed for nature all around this Country. This was her Country, she was from here. She knew that much as she then faced Tempris who was probably quietly tapping and dancing. "Let's go on in, maybe they will stop ... or fight us," she assumed as it was always one of those options. She then stood up and walked out of the bush. The people stopped and glared at her. Scoffing, she spoke coldly, "Gazing at me as if you were doing something wrong,~" she made a sinister smirk as her eyes cat-like slanted. The two people turned fully towards her as they were going to start fighting. "That's fine, let's go," she snarled, nose flaring as her eyes glistened red. Fear struck them down as they slowly backed away. Fala laughed happily as any psycho would.

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Tempris did her best to bounce her brain between keeping up with Fala and understanding what the woman was saying. Though at this point she was not even sure if the woman was even talking to her. It was so quiet ignoring the clopping of her stupid shoes. It quiet enough that she could take a nap if her feet would just stop moving for like a minute. It was all she needed. A minute of peace and quiet and not dancing. The ground was becoming softer making it harder to making noise though her dancing. If anything, the little feeling she did have in her feet was less painful. It was nice though not by much. So nice that Tempris managed to find a brief moment of bliss. It was ever so slight but she enjoyed it and her mind faded out to better appreciate it.

That was until she sensed conflict... no. She sensed sin. The words fight us from Fala made her grip her sword tightly. Her arms would start to pump blood as they readied the reserves her she found to fight. Her feet also stopped moving, but the girl did not notice. She was too exhausted to. mentally at least. Her body, though young, was still tough. So tough in fact that she could just feel that there was danger. The good kind of danger that could help the girl relief her stress. Tempris looked around realizing Fala wasn't with her. She stood up, putting both hands on her weapon. Then she locked on to a blurry person who did not look like Fala. She knew due to fala talking and the sound wasn't coming from the blurry person. So Tempris charged forward.
"You! Demon. You curse me. I know it."
A smile creeped on the girls face and she lunged forward with her flaming sword ready to impale the person.

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#9Fala † 

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Fala †
The two were scared of her as any human will be. She was a daemon after all. People were normally scared of them, always judging them even if they were actually good. She lived the wrong way, was raised to be bad as it was the only way to live as a daemon. She always dreamed of a place where a Daemon could be good and not feel as powerless as they really do while doing so. The two started to pick up their weapons as they gazed at her with hate and fear, gripping them hard. Fala was ready to go forward to destroy them. She will not kill them of course, no. She will just knock them out and put them on a boat. They will be shipped somewhere...


That was not her problem.

One started to swiftly run forward as they had a sword in their hand. They were not that far from her now as her eyes watched their movements. With that momentum, they will not be able to change their course so easily. As they lifted up their arms to strike down she motioned towards the right as her foot twisted to rotate behind them. Once Fala was behind them, she pushed them on the ground at full force with her palms. Afterwards, she put her left foot forward, right back as she listened for the person behind her in case they got back up. The girl in front of her had a bow who was getting her arrow ready. With a single let-go, the arrow went for her. Fala dodged it as the arrow went right at the guy who stood up right at that moment.

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Tempris charged forward for a brief moment she felt like she had control over her feet but her mind dabbled a little too close to the edge and the girl's focused dropped. Right as it dropped her feet started... dancing again. This made Tempris jump just a bit throwing off her sword. She still managed to hit the person in front of her but her bladed only shaved off their leg from their knee down. There was a loud scream followed by the sound of a weapon as something light... maybe wooden hitting the ground. Tempris's eyes opened a she tried to focus her vision while dancing. Rubbing her eyes she looked around but her eyes could not keep up with her head. "Fala..." She called unsure if her partner was hurt. The voice did not belong to the woman as Tempris could hear the woman crying in pain next to her.

Tempris lowered her weapon, letting it hit the ground which signaled the flames to disperse. Tempris then rubbed her eyes with the free hand she got by removing her hand form her blade before looking around again. Still she had trouble focusing. Especially with the woman who was still whining. Tempris's feet were dancing when the girl tried to step on the weeping woman which lead her into kicking her in the chest. "Stupid demon! This is your fault. he he. your fault. All your fault. If you did not curse me. I would be able to properly save you from this world."

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#11Fala † 

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Fala †
She watched the girl's face as she realized what she has done. Impaling her own comrade in the face with an arrow. "Damn, that's gotta hurt, hahaha. I don't even mean the arrow part either,", she chuckled some more. The girl fell onto her knees against the smooth glass as she was giving up hope. Fala's eyes rolled over boredly. "Take your dead friend and get outta here, will ya," she turned away to see if she could go back to Tempris. When she got where she left her she saw no one. Fala itched her head while she gave a big yawn. Where did the little girl go? She looked about and then peeked through some more things as she heard Tempris yelling.

"Looks like she is still dancing about," she softly yawned and whispered to herself. This was going to be it as she saw Tempris just kicking the woman who they were calling demon. Fala laughed and stood up, revealing herself. "H-help me!", the woman cried out as she was being dance-kicked by Tempris. "Pft, you're calling that a Demon? She asked while gazing with her purple orbs. Fala stretched and then looked to see some bees in the bottle.

"heh," she chuckled and then grabbed a nearby stone to throw at the bottle. It instantly broke and the bees started to swarm. Fala grabbed onto the collar of Tempris's outfit to drag her backwards as the bees did the work. "That... that is what a demon would do..." she whispered with spite.

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Tempris felt herself dipping in and out of rage to take a brief break in the mindset of exhausting. Her hand tightly gripped her sword, the only thing keeping her mind tethered to this world. This painful and cursed world where her feet wouldn't stop moving. Tempris wanted it to end, but hurting this "demon" was not making it go away. If anything why would a demon let their own curse be used against them. It did not make sense in the brief moment of intelligence she managed to grasped. This brief moment of sanity would be yanked away as some force grabbed her by the back of her shirt and yanked her away. Soon after their would be a loud scream of pain and agony which made Tempris remember Fala.

"Wait noo. Where's Fala. She is my partner! Don't take me away. Please. Dont bring me there." Tempris body felt cold. She could feel the air of the church that once held her prisoner. Only there were no candles to briefly hide the horror that would come to her.

Tempris jerked out of Fala's grasp, ripping the back of her dress if she had too and danced off into the forest. She bounced of trees, but her dancing feet managed to keep her leveled on the ground. The girl only stopped when she happened to walk in on the middle of Hildguard supporters trying to capture a baby triceratops. The cries of the baby made Tempris freak out more and pull up her sword with both hands. A large blurry mass was behind the people that had a lot of red on it. It wasn't moving and while Tempris could not identify it, if Fala saw it, she would see it was a dead parent. Beside it was another parent which was not moving due to restraints but Tempris wouldn't notice

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#13Fala † 

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Fala †
The bees were going nuts as they were swarming the woman's body as if it was honey. "Ah, they say that some blood is simply sweeter than sugar itself," she spoke poetically. The bees attacked their attacker as she was starting to get stung to death. Sadly, one cannot die to bee stings so she will just endure the pain till she passes out. Soon enough the girl did and the bees went off to do what bees did best. Her tired eyes gazed towards Tempris who was still dancing. "Alright, Buddy. Let's go find us more people to beat up to save Stella's nature and animals from Hildegard," she pushed the idea onto Tempris who she hoped she will agree.

Tempris was running off to who knows where. Fala was all smiles as usual till she then ran into something she did not expect to so soon or at all around here. Killing Herbavores was a sin, a sin for even Fala unless killing things was out of survival to eat. Her lips formed immediately into an angered frown as her gaze ran cold. She walked forward to touch the Motherly Beast with her fingertips and cursed whoever did this. As she was trying to talk to herself she listened to what were cries of a baby animal. Did the baby belong to this dead Herbivore? Instantly, she ran off towards the cry and saw it was a human carrying a baby tri. Without even stopping she opened her palm to fit the person's back of their head and slammed their face instantly downward into the ground. Fala's eyes were demonic red as horns slowly started to form. "Tempris... grab the baby animal and return it to the people that will take care of it..." She whispered as a darkened aura went around her. As she spoke, the person's face that was smashed into the ground had blood slowly pooling around their head as the cracked ground was being filled.

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She was surrounded, by demons. All of them cursed her with this dancing curse and to wear these painful shoes. They were the reason she was forced to do this and now they were cursing other things and Fala. Yes, those cries were fala right? They had to be. Fala was not here any more. She was never here. In this cold place. It was so cold, filled with demons and curses from Hildegard and her supporters. They wanted Tempris to return to the cold room. They wanted her to suffer for seeking warmth, for seeking the love of her god. That is what this all was. It was their trap. At least, that's what Tempris thought. And with that final thought her dancing feet pushed her forward so she could cleave the two demons in front of her. Only Tempris's blade made her lose balance and she fell into the red mass.

A warm but cooling sticky goo splatted over her which woke the girl up for a moment. She was covered in blood, blood of a dead creature dripped all over her close and off her face. Tempris froze, dropping her sword. Why was there blood here. Was it her blood? Was she about to die? The girl was prepared to scream but Fala bumped into her and passed off some baby creature that was whining. Tempris held it but not very tightly as it squirmed and stopped crying. Confusing, exhausting, and horror swirled through her head as she felt herself dancing self knocked over by the creature which started licking and nudging a bigger yet still living creature.

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#15Fala † 

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Fala †
She ignored what was all around her, the surroundings did not matter at that point. The fact that someone killed a defenceless parent rather it be a beast or some other type of living being was sinful. She did not realize the other parent was alive, but just one being dead was enough to make death into a game for her when it came to those that did this. The people that did do this appeared out of the forest to witness their friend's face in the ground. Blood was still sinking in the Earth. "You tell those Hildegard supporters what you have witnessed. If you wish to continue to harm the living kingdom of this Country, I will die killing you all," her red eyes glared at them all.

The fear went into them, but not all of them were feared to move back. There was a guy who scanned her body up and down. He had black hair and red eyes as he chuckled, "I didn't think I'd meet one of my kind here," he spoke while cracking his knuckles. Fala gazed at him interested and then spat on the ground, "Gross, don't compare me to you," she spoke to him. "I have at least a few morals. Like... what kind of fucking pers-," she started to say, but was interrupted. "A daemon of course, a true one rather... I just want my pay so I will do whatever I want," he shrugged and gazed at the dead guy. " I could care less who you kill out of these people, but don't get in my way," he cold told her. Fala gritted her teeth and cornered her eyes. "Hey Tempris, they said they were a sinful daemon. How does that make you feel?", she questioned sarcastsically. It was obvious how they will feel.

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It took a long minute for Tempris to really properly process what the baby was doing, long enough for her to start dying if she was actually dying. Put her few working non overworked braincells did managed to put two and two together. The baby creature belonged to the big creature. Watching the two, Tempris felt something cold grab her heart and tears fell down her face. These were not tears of pain from the constant dancing this time. It would be tears of an unknown origin. It was like she seen this before or maybe felt it.

Suddenly Fala's voice brought Tempris attention forward. Her vision struggled to focus but she saw that a man and other people were surrounding someone. Was it Fala? Tempris picked up her sword and her feet stopped dancing. She did not care about no curse, all she cared about right now was the woman who helped her out and gave her these warm memories. Silently, she rushed forward and before the man could react, her sword burst out of his chest as she impaled him from behind. She then lifted him so that he couldn't escape the purifying flames that burned away all sin that made him a Daemon. Her first kill of an evil race. While she was not any more hateful to a race, as all sin was the same before Illumin. It did feel good to actual take out a much bigger sinner.
"May the world rest easy knowing it won't have to carry the weight of your sin... Heretic!"

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#17Fala † 

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Fala †
For some reason seeing Tempris destroy the daemon man who dared harm the beautiful nature and creatures among these lands was quite spectacular. It made her laugh as the others gazed in fear from Tempris's strike and Fala's demonic fear that struck down her enemies only. She was semi-calm down in comparison to earlier. "She turned to see the baby with the other adult beast. She made a slight smile as she was happy to see that the baby will not be alone. She knew what it was like to be alone. Sure, she had the company of her Demon Lord, but something has been amiss. She has been feeling this unknown feeling ever since she has met Tempris. It felt harmful to her heart and now every time she sees loving parents or another that is alone she feels this feeling. That is what it was, right?

She looked at Tempris and then looked at their feet that barely danced. "No more Fancy feeting?", she'd say that and most likely the feet will dance harder. She wanted to think of something to do that will probably help out or make sense. She walked towards the people that were still alive, fearing over them. "Hey, ya know any other supporters that are doing harm to Stella? We'll let ya free if ya tell me.," she offered freedom. The three looked at each other and then nodded, "Go follow the stream and to the beach. People are having a party and gathering creatures from the ocean and the beach," they explained.

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Tempris watched as her holy flames chewed away at the man's sinful body. The man would not have time to scream, cry, or feel pain as he was bless to feel the glory and freedom of being purged by the Herald of Rapture herself even if she was currently cursed to dance forever. Speaking of dancing forever, as her blade lighten, her feet started to kick up. It was only now that she realized Fala looked a little bit darker than normal. It was almost like it she was covered with sin... more sin than usual. But exhausting was returning as her feet dance more and more. Her vision was getting more blurry as more sweat was rolling down her face. She did not even know where her veil was as her hand fell covered in blood, ash, and sweat.

The girl lowered her weapon if only to conserved strength and propped in on to the ground so she could lean and dance off of it. "No... No matter how many I take down. This curse will not leave me alone." She could feel her eyes close as she forgot her situation and conflict she was in. She was not comfortable but she did not need her eyes to keep up right. Her magical dancing feet and the sword prop into the ground would be enough support to let her continue to endure this painful existence in torture and agony. If only she could find the source. If only she could strike it down.

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#19Fala † 

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Fala †
She sighed softly as she was sometimes just getting tired of going and going, but this was what was needed to be done. Her eyes were tired, had bags even, but she enjoyed their Company, Tempris's. Her raven hair was resting against her shoulder as they walked towards the beach where there were people about. It was about time that they will go and destroy them once and for all. It was better this way to help the Stella people instead of forcing things onto them. Her eyes were lit by the sunset after leaving the Forest's embrace. Her feet were connected with the sands as she witnesses within forty meters people partying. Her eyes looks around them to see some caged animals as well. Were they really partying while caging defenceless animals?

This was quite horrible as she could hear their cries through the music they were blasting. It was definately Fiore. This music was common there as people partied around Hargeon. This was absolutely disgusting. "Tempris, it's time to destroy Hildegard's people once and for all. Rather it's you beating them in dancing or your sword through their black souls," she coldly said while then walking forward towards the people. Now and then again there were times were Fala could be peaceful, but sometimes there were times where she will have no mercy. Those that harmed these poor creatures... They did not deserve Mercy at all. She approached them as they seemed welcoming. "Pft, I see you didn't capture any. That's fine. We captured all the best for Hildegard," they were snarky and confident. Some could say even cocky. Did they think they were apart of Hildegard's party? PFt...

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Tempris stood there seeking any sort of relief from her exhausting. Fala was nice enough to give her a minute before moving on but it would not help much. The erratic and painful dancing would greatly reduce any and all efforts on the girl to regain stamina but jelly legs would not stop the dancing. Nothing would stop the dancing. Tempris was sure that if she impaled herself with her own sword, even she would not be spared from the dancing as her soul would just start dancing its way to Illumin and she would be turned away do to the demonic energies that embedded its self into her soul. Once rejected by Illumin, she would fall to a cold hell which would be worst than any cold room that the church once put her in. Sweat rolled down her face as the thoughts easily creeped around her body and took away all but her hellish nightmare.

Her eyes opened as she tired to fight the thoughts. "Okay... lets go... I... am ready."

When they got to the beach Tempris felt herself constantly off balance by the sand. She had to keep moving due to her feet kicking her deeper into the beach. It was tiring to deal with this but what was not tiring at this point. Tempris inched forward, tripping and hitting the sand... getting more dirt over her already dirty clothing and hair.
"I hate this... I'm just going to fight them... I'm too tired to care what happens."

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Fala †
Fala listened to Tempris wanting to go in. There was no time for dancing apparently. Fala stretched and gave a sinister smile. "Oh ya know, we weren't here to help you per-say, but ..." she started to say as one of them was walking towards Fala with a drink in their hand. They did not know what was coming. The people started to yell back for the person to fall back, but as they looked behind them to look at the people Fala dashed forward with her hand out. Her full hand fit onto the side of the person's head to slam them downward. Just like the other person's head, it crashed into the ground and created a sand pool of blood. The others moved back, the music stopped and Fala gazed down at the knocked-out person. Swiftly, she kicked the person's head and broke it.

"So, who's next?", Fala questioned and picked up the drink on the ground. She took a simple sip after opening the can. "Mmm, grape. Pretty good," she shrugged and threw the can in the trash from afar. These people had no idea what was coming. "W-what group are you from?! Wh-who are you supporting?!", one of them asked while scared. The girl had pigtails and a dress of pink and blue. It was a gross combination. She was not into all the Easter color crap. She loved her dark colors with her pink, but that? That was a light Easter blue.

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You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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Tempris laid in the the sand for a bit. Her feet kept kicking the sand as they attempted to dance away. Tempris pushed herself left and right rolling her body like a baby turtle who just wanted to be free from its wee little nest and make it safely to the big vast ocean where it would never have to freaking dance again. Eventually she built up enough momentum and energy to push herself onto her back. Then she used her feet's desire to jump to propel her on to her dancing feet. She wanted to scream in pain as it felt like needles were running up her legs. She wanted to just fall to the ground but her feet would not let her.

No she had to dance, even in battle, she would suffer this painful torture of dancing forever and ever and there was no end to it. Tempris held her sword and then eventually and slowly followed Fala into battle. Only, she kept stumbling over the sand. It was getting harder and harder to keep up. She needed to rest, take a break, maybe even rest in the water. It looked so nice. How long has it been since she visited a beach and just relaxed in the sun. Tempris fell back into the sand. She could not do it.  She could not fight any more with these painful shoes. Tears fell down her face. Her resolve has stood strong for so long. Even when she loss to that bully of a boy, she fought to the very end.

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Fala †
Fala noticed Tempris was having trouble with whatever curse she was under. Did this have to do with the Pink Llama sama, her father in disguise? Her eyes turned red all of a sudden as she had to hurry up and get these punks to leave. Tempris needed a break as her friend was surely exhausted. Fala too was tired but for a while different reason. She feared them away which cause them to trip over cages, unlocking them, but the animals did not just leave. Each one started to chase them to probably finish their business with them. There was no point in holding this area as the others left.

She will have to clean up this mess alone because Tempris was too tired to do it. She was too so why did she not get a break from all this? Her lips frowned in annoyance, but went and cleaned it all up. She picked up some cages to stack them, wrap them up in a rope, and then was going to get them ready to be picked up by the Stella Villagers. Next, she grabbed a bag that was nearby and picked up all the trash. She knew how to be good to the environment so she put all of them in the correct order and bags. Once she tied them she realized there were eyes on her. The beasts were gazing at her like clueless innocent animals, but not all of them were free yet so she went ahead and let them free one by one.

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Suddenly, Tempris felt something weird about her feet. She could feet sand, no, even better. Her legs weren't moving. She rolled onto her butt and looked at her feet. There were no shoes. The curse was gone. She was free. Finally free. Tempris could not help but shout.
She tried to stand up but her legs were so wobbly. She was forced to use her sword as a cane or crutch to keep from falling but like a kid who just got a new toy, she felt rejuvenated that she did not have to dance.

Tempris looked around, everything was still blurry a few deep breathes gave her enough strength to pick out important things. Fala was cleaning up the area.
"Wait. Fala, Let me he... I mean... I don't normally do this for people and stuff. But..."
Tempris walked over to her and before she could pick up the trash, she impaled the trash and cleansed it of sin, turning it to ash which mixed in with the sand.
"Trash and garbage is sinful anyway... Even if it doesn't have a soul." She also went to the dead bodies, impaling them and turning them to ash. With the efforts of the two of them, the beach free of sin, though there was a lot of grey sand... it was good for the environment. Sin was toxic after all.

There were some left over drinks. Tempris helped herself to one hoping to gain back some energy.
"To do this to all these animals. We should probably warn the other people about this. What do you think Fala?"

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Fala †
Tempris was super stoked for some reason which made her turn around. She chuckled and jested, "Looks like you won't be Fancy Feet anymore, too bad. It was a good nickname.". Fala gave a large yawn and watched Tempris drink one of the drinks that were leftover. The girl looked relieved and happy now that she did not have to dance anymore. Maybe to be evil she will bring Tempris to a Dancing club on her birthday. It'd be comic relief for both of them at the end of the day. The drinking was all before she went around with her sword flame on'ing everything. They all turned to ashes, including the bodies that then joined the sand. Too bad they did not just collect for the use of the soil. She heard human bodies are good for the soil cause of the blood and nutrience.

Lastly, she listened to Tempris who came up with the idea of telling the people of Stella about Hildegard's people messing their land up and stealing their animals. "I'm sure they will want to know and do something about it," she agreed with the girl. Fala walked over to grab onto the cages as proof and then Hildegard's symbol to finally end up walking into the forest once again. She knew Tempris will slowly follow suit as she was most likely tired. They will have to rest after all this. As they walked towards the village that owned these parts she realized animals were following them. Her eyes looked left and right, but tried to not make a commotion to scare them away so she continued on. Once they entered the village the animals too followed suit.

Do what you gotta do [Sabotage: Hildegard][Tempris/Fala] Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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