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Halting the March of Industry [Sabotage: Reiner the Bastard | Raymus]

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Halting the March of Industry [Sabotage: Reiner the Bastard | Raymus] Empty Tue Jun 29, 2021 7:48 am

Twice in one month Odin was to be paired with a certain werewolf, this time he was glad he actually knew who his partner was ahead of time. Perhaps that was because he hadn't requested this mission from Hildegard, rather he had arranged it all himself, including who would be joining him. He had met the princess, and didn't know if this was something she would approve of, so he figured it better to just do it and then explain himself. Ask forgiveness instead of permission. Today's plan was, after all, perhaps not something the Beastmaster would like to ever admit having anything to do with.

Today he decided to wear, shockingly enough, the same outfit he always wore. However, today the enchantment placed upon it would be even more useful than it had ever been. After all, it allowed him to make no noise as he moved, something he'd likely need in a stealth mission, if it turned out to be one.

Every mission thus far from the Lich had been designed to gain more support for Hildegard, whether it be from saving dinosaurs, building houses or saving the forests from bandits. They had all been reacting to threats or working to prevent them, he hadn't caused any threats yet. That was where today was different. Today, Odin's plan was not to help Hildegard in her advancement towards the throne, she had many more allies to help her with that. No today, as Odin watched over the camp for Reiner the Bastard, and the contraptions they all seemed to be making, he had plans to do a little bit of sabotage.

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Raymus Kouris
Skeptical. That would probably be the best word to describe how the werewolf was feeling on this particular day in Stella. For the entirity of the whole Bosco succession battle he had been more or less a pacifist, only fighting when he needed to out of self defence. Usually out of the norm for a man who loved the heat of battle and to crack a few skulls, so long as they weren't lawfully good of course. However in a situation like this where he was fighting on someone's behest? Well it put a bad taste in his mouth that he may do anything to harm their reptuation. Sullying your own name through your actions was one thing but of another? Well it put quite a bit more pressure on him than just being a slightly unruly beast in a mages guild. His stress level was even higher knowing the one he was fighting for was fighting for his kind's rights. So when he began this undertaking he promised himself that he wouldn't do anything to harm her name.

But yet here he was. Planning to meet up with one of the most wanted men in Fiore. A Lich of all things who had some plan to help Hildegarde albeit indriectly. To put it more simply, they both would be sabotaging another's attempts to gain support. How did things come to this? Well let's just say the Lich's silver tongue wasn't to be underestimated.

Approaching Odin with the cover of trees hiding their pressence, Raymus would clear his throat loudly enough for him to be heard by the lich. Even though they were working together again Raymus wasn't going to pretend to like it.

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A grunt from behind let Odin know he was no longer alone, as his friend Blue had finally arrived. The way the man approached, the lack of speech directed at Odin, all of it betrayed the fact that he was here reluctantly. But, and this was the most important part, he was here. There was some part of him that believed in what Odin was suggesting: that maybe increasing support for Hildegard would not be enough. That instead, perhaps, it would be better to sabotage the others. "Welcome my comrade", Odin would whisper so as not to alert any of the men working for Reiner. They were pretty far away, but he didn't want to risk any of them having incredible sensory magics or anything similar. That would ruin the plan before it even started.

"You'll be glad to know that, if all of this goes as well as planned, we might not even need to kill anybody. Because I", Odin paused for dramatic effect, not really caring if it only pissed off the werewolf as he gestured towards himself, "have a plan."

Looking down across the valley where the men tirelessly worked for the past few hours, Odin had gained a good idea of the land. He saw where some men went off to cut down trees, where those logs were brought for cutting, and where those logs were turned into various machines. Odin had to admit, some of the machines looked pretty interesting. Shame they wouldn't last the evening.

"I want you to arrest me and take me to the camp. Either tell them you work for Reiner or, if they recognise you, tell them you're switching sides and brought me to sweeten the deal. They should hopefully give you praise and let you rest at the camp for the night while the lock me up. At night, we both sneak around and break their machines. Give them no way to recreate what they had made and generally just ruin their day, without killing any of them. What do you think?"

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Raymus Kouris
He did not like this. Not one bit. Not the mission, not how he was being spoken to or the way Odin was looking at him with his floating red orbs in his eyeless sockets. Even without the luxury of actual eyeballs or eyelids, hell even facial muscles, Raymus got the vibe that he was receiving a somewhat smug look, playing right into the skeleman's hands.

Odin of course welcomed the werewolf pleasantly, as if they had become fast friends and he was glad to see him. The way Raymus was called a comrade by this monster made his skin crawl, the whisper feeling as though it slithered in one ear and out the other. He wanted to bark back that they were far from comrades but given their current situation required some modicum of stealth he choked them back. He still scowled at the words though, even going so far as to grit his teeth in annoyance once Odin began his theatrics, wanting to just say get to the point as loudly as he could. If there was anything Raymus knew about the Lich it was that he did things his own way at his own pace and shouting profanity at him would probably only hinder things. Besides, he wasn't so hung up on hating the calcium creature that he didn't notice his intent on refraining from murder, a very large plus and one of the main points the werewolf voiced before.

The plan itself? Well it left a lot to be desired. Mainly by Odin, desiring a simple minded puppy to go along with such a ridiculous plan! But then again he would be the kind of person who would have done something like this before so Raymus truly didn't know how to respond to this one. "I think it could work, given how many foregin mages there are it'd make sense that I could be one. But what are you going to do while you're being held captive? If they even decide to take you Alive?" He responded, forgetting for a moment that for all intensive purposes, the Lich could not be killed by conventional ways. "Or leave you in once piece." He said correcting himself, wondering what the Lich had in store for himself while Raymus was seemingly doing the peaceful heavy lifting of this sabotage.

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Did Odin choose his words, inflections, and general demeanour entirely because he knew that Blue would hate him for it? Quite possibly, but the payoff was incredible for the Lich. It was made even sweeter by the fact that Blue actually thought the plan had some merit. Maybe he was finally getting ready to accept that Odin was, in fact, a genius and shouldn't be underestimated. Regardless of why he was in favour of the plan (maybe he couldn't think of anything better) he did have some reservations.

On one hand, it was cute that all of his concerns regarding the plan were to do with Odin's safety. One the other, the Lich was well aware that it was likely just that the werewolf did not trust what would happen if he didn't keep an eye on his 'comrade'.

"Maybe I'll just sing to myself, annoy the workers to no end. Or maybe I'll contemplate the concept of mortality with them." He was enjoying himself here, and honestly his actual plan was just to make it all up as he went along. He had no idea whether he would be kept in multiple places or all together, it was entirely likely that the men were too scared of the Lich to even try and separate his arms and legs. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time it had happened, so he wasn't too concerned.

"I've been separated before. If it happens here, I'll just work with it. The plan has about a five hour period where nothing is actually set. Amuse yourself, drink or eat with the workers. Honestly do whatever you want in that time. The more you interact with them, the more they'll trust you. And don't be afraid to put distrust in me. Tell them about how 'disgusting' etc the Lich is. Appeal to them."

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Raymus Kouris
"That's a lot of unaccounted for time." He said when the Lich given his follow up explanation. "You'd think from how you did presented the plan it would be a bit more, what's the word... Refined? Structured? Coherent? Rather than just winging it for a couple of hours." He chastised now feeling a bit more at home in his own skin. He hoped his mockery of the Lich's attempt of a plan would help balance things. Probably would not work but to hell with that, there wasn't going to be any winning with him so any personal victory the werewolf could salvage. "But I have nothing better myself. Probably doesn't help that a scout could spot is at any moment and throw this whole 'plan' of yours down the shitter."

With that being said, Raymus approached the Lich and would spin him around by the shoulders so his back was turned on his friend Blue. With that done, Raymus took both his wrists and held them tightly together up behind his back. For humans this kind of hold would put a lot of pressure on the muscles and joints of the arms and shoulders, making a good restraining move. He wasn't sure if it would look quite right with the lich but he was sure he could come up with some reason as to why he was holding him in such a anatomically poor position.

"Hey! Prepare some restraints! I caught this thing spying on camp!" He called, now moving through the bushes towards the camp, making both of their presences known. With any luck making the whole situation believable.

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"It's no fun if every single moment is planned out." That was the easiest way for Odin to explain, and he didn't bother saying anything more as Blue voiced his concern at the plan. It would be impossible to plan the reactions of the men down at the camp from watching them for an hour or so. Each one was a complex individual and would react differently to the sight of the Lich, let alone the fact that he was now their prisoner. And there was no way to know in advance which sorry worker would be put in charge of Odin's imprisonment, so winging it was the only way to truly plan ahead. Otherwise you were just setting yourself up for disappointment.

With that, Blue would restrain Odin as best he could. There were few restraints that could actually hurt the Lich, but at least this way kept him from moving his arms which would likely make everyone feel at ease. And it didn't matter much, as they were quickly spotted by the camp and the call for actual restraints was made. Blue didn't need any aid in voicing his disgust of the Lich, and the way he said thing was almost cutting even to Odin. Maybe he was just a really good actor?

A tall woman of slim build, intimidating but for what reason Odin couldn't quite put his finger on -she just seemed to exude authority- approached the two of them, followed by a scrawny man with magic reducing handcuffs. It was annoying that they were sabotaging the man in charge of industry, he was going to have the top range stuff. The woman looked at Odin, who winked back at her, before addressing Blue.

"Where did you find him, and who are you? Answer these questions truthfully and you might not suffer the same fate."

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Raymus Kouris
Raymus scoffed at Odin's reply. It was getting tiresome having to be treated like some naive novice when it came to war. He wanted to just give some smart retort on how any vague plan is better than just throwing yourself into the fray with only the foundation as the entire baseline of the mission. But nevertheless he had nothing better to add himself. At least on what the Lich could do. There was far more he had to prepare for. For example, the small talk for when he brought the Lich in. And sure enough he began he was already being asked questions from the camp's general.

"Ah yes, just bringing a being on par with a demon who was spying on the camp is punishable by death, how did I not know?" Rolling his eyes he quickly regretted his disrespect. He had to try and blend in and being an ass probably wouldn't help matters. "I'm a mage from Fiore. My name is Raymus and I came to help his Majesty Reiner. And this dastard I'm holding back is the Lich Odin. I can excuse you not knowing me but if you don't know him I seriously question your leadership." He answered, knowing the Lich's infamy would probably stretch outside of their own country, especially since he had decided to join the whole Bosco event too. Even with his attitude Raymus was fairly confident that this action alone would be enough to earn some trust. That being said the woman didn't show anything that might put the werewolf at ease with the operation. In fact he was half certain that he would need to waste more times with questions before he could do anything meaningful. "I was told to come here and on my way I happened to catch his stench hiding in a clearing just over there." He then gestured in the direction of their own hiding place. "Now, could you please prepare some restraints for him? I have my own job to do."

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Odin couldn't tell if Blue was great at deception or terrible, as he jumped between being respectful and being a smartass on more than one occasion as he spoke to the leader of the camp. The Lich started to wonder if that was how he sounded anytime he spoke to someone, but he knew that that was ridiculous. He was much more eloquent in his mockery after all, he would never be so overt in his insults. Maybe Blue was just bad at it.

Regardless, the woman seemed to take his arrogance as a sign of his strength, and it turned how she had in fact heard of Odin. It seemed like the Lich's reputation was finally starting to get him somewhere. Must've been what happened when you were one of the only people ever to break out of the Rune Knight's prison. "It is that exact difference in reputation that concerns me. How could you, Raymus, a random mage from Fiore restrain Odin Morningstar." She would pause a bit as she thought to herself, before continuing, clearly having a change of pace, "I'll be keeping my eye on you, on both of you, but simply having the Lich here will make us more useful in the eyes of Reiner than any other camp." She would then signal two more men to take Odin away, putting magically dampening restraints on him, very similar to the ones he had placed on him in Fiore actually, although these seemed to drain his physical powers as well. Clearly Reiner was quite ahead of his time.

The general would then take Raymus into her tent, likely to discuss why he was sent here and the story of how he took down Odin, while the Lich himself was put in some makeshift cell, built out of what looked like lacrima. His shackles were removed but the effects seemed to linger. Perhaps these cells would be harder to escape that the last ones. It also didn't help that he couldn't just off himself like last time.

"Well now, this is going to be fun."

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Raymus Kouris
Despite his poor speaking skills Raymus somehow managed to convince the woman of his lie. Although only partially. Maybe if they went over the plan a bit better the could have had an easier time, huh Odin?! Well regardless they were going to be let into the camp although not without a watchful eye on them both apparently. Clearly Blue needed to convince the woman a bit more since she seemed increasingly skeptical of him.

As the other guards came around to get Odin, Raymus spoke up again."As you can see he's a Lich. Made entirely out of bones. And I myself am a heavy hitter as I'm sure you could gather from my build. I'm sure you already know but beings like him do not fair well against people would can easily sever their bones, especially when they are taken by surprise and their only method of casting spells is restrained and can be ripped off him at any given moment. I may not be as famous as the Lich but I assure you I'm just as strong." Raymus spoke once again with a mixture of Abrasive confidence and sprinkles of respect as he was brought into the tent. He needed to get all his eggs on display before the interrogation began because if he didn't there would be a very likely chance that he would fumble over something. As for Odin? Well Blue was kind of wary of him. Those shackles he was placed in seemed different than the ones in Fiore which made the whole Odin busting out himself part of the plan less likely. Probably not the best considering that was one of the only parts of the plan they had actually agreed to. Hopefully Raymus himself wouldn't be joining him there so he could do his part and actually start the sabotage. But that remained to be seen, he still needed to be interrogated first.

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The counting was actually something that Odin found peaceful when imprisoned. He'd go up to sixty, and then start again from the beginning. Counting the seconds, counting the minutes as he wasted away in his state-of-the-art prison cell. He actually enjoyed having a moment to himself, especially given this time it hadn't come at a loss to Shichiro. This time, Odin had willingly gone to prison, and honestly he was enjoying the peace. No Blue, or Raymus apparently, heckling him for specifics on the plan (even though Odin had invited the werewolf himself). He was able to just relax and plan ahead himself.

Because of course, Odin was not just counting the seconds and minutes for his health. As he lay down on the makeshift bed that had been prepared, the red orbs that formed his eyes occasionally, and seemingly wistfully, wandered to either side of his form, as he watched, recorded and analysed the patrol patterns of the guards. Every half an hour they changed, and they walked past Odin's cell specifically every four minutes and twenty-nine seconds. That told him two things. He would have a four minute window to escape without being spotted and, more importantly, the patrols hadn't changed due to his capture. They weren't spending extra time focusing on the Lich, content at his capture and hoping that their fancy cell would be enough to hold him. The Lich couldn't wait to prove them wrong, as he wondered what Blue, he preferred that name, was up to. Maybe the general had seen through his lies, maybe he was about to end up in the cell along with the Lich. Or maybe he had gained her trust and, with a few hours until sunset, the plan was still going to go ahead. Only one way to find out.


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Raymus Kouris
Even after being brought into the tent the woman remained quiet. They sat opposite one another, a large ornate desk, much too fancy to be in the middle of nowhere lay between them. Once he had glanced over the desk for a minute Raymus quickly realized it wasn't a simply well made block of wood but actually a slab of metal, gears and shafts carved onto it. It had a silver sheen even in the relative darkness of the tent and seemed to emit some sort of energy. Be it magical or otherwise Raymus wouldn't know but now he was wary of it. His eyes seemed to betray him as they lingered on the contraption for too long, making him feel all the more suspicious in her eyes.

"I still am not used to all this advanced technology." He stifled hoping it would lessen her intense glare. Being in this kind of tactical situation did not suit the werewolf, not one bit. He wasn't used to being in one of those ethical problems where just smashing some skulls wasn't the direct answer. It was an answer alright but one he did not want to partake in. Mainly because he had given not one but two other of Hildegarde's supporters a lengthy lecture on how their actions reflected on the Beast Master.

The gears were frantically turning in his head hoping to come up with a solution, some combination of words to lead him out of here without a watching eye so he could begin his mission, then he could get out of here. Oh wait there was the small matter of the Lich... Eh screw him, he said he could handle it. Moving his hands behind his head he tightened his ponytail hoping the woman would break her extended silence, breaking the awkward silence between them and making Raymus feel less nervous. His tough guy act probably wouldn't stand much longer as he already felt the back of his neck starting to perspire.

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Halting the March of Industry [Sabotage: Reiner the Bastard | Raymus] 79f3582a7478874f8a4a0b241e737003

General Alexandra Louise Foxpen wasn't as well known within Reiner's ranks as she would've liked. She felt that, of all the heir's many generals and allies, she encapsulated more about what Bosco under his command would look like. She had only ever met the heir once personally, a fact she lorded over many of the men under her command, during a routine inspection long before she had become a general. In the technological city of Talaz Lagaar she had met him, as he had designed a prosthetic eye for her, after she had lost hers in a bandit attack. She had been indebted to his kindness, but had no way to prove that until the truth about his lineage had come out. Her path had been made clear from then on, and she had left her home and travelled to Bosco to assist him in his quest.

She wasn't yet sure if she could trust Raymus. He had brought in an undeniably useful asset in the form of the Fiorian Wizard Lord and, if his wish to help was genuine, he himself could be extremely valuable in the possible wars to come. It was up to Alexandra to find out the truth before presenting him to Reiner as a strong ally.

As he sat across the desk from her, he looked clearly uncomfortable at the situation. Perhaps diplomacy wasn't his strong suit, as his words previously had spoken much more of his physical strength. Alex couldn't tell if this man was brave or a coward, maybe it depended on the situation?

"So Raymus, tell me why you want to help Reiner ascend the throne of Bosco? We've had a great number of assistance from Fiore, but everyone seems to have their own agenda. What's yours?"

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Raymus Kouris
Thankfully his small talk was brushed aside as nothing more than some babbling drivel. The woman who still had not introduced herself yet (rude), had gotten straight to her interrogation and asked her question. She sat in her seat with one leg crossed over the other while her elbows rested on the metalic desk, fingers woven together, her eyes just peering over them, giving the Werewolf an icy glare, scanning him for any faults.

Raymus sat in his admittedly comfy chair stock straight. His hands were placed in his laps and for a moment he felt as though he were back at school, about to be quizzed on some remote history of Seven he was supposed to have memorized for that day's class. It made him feel like a child but as for how he presented these feelings, he looked more relaxed albeit awkward and rigid. "To be honest with you, I had no intention of joining this event to begin with." The werewolf began after thinking for the best way to answer. He'd begin with the truth anyway, so it came more naturally. After that, well we'll see. "But, some of my friends had decided to get involved. One thing led to another, you know how Peer pressure is, then I came to fight under Majesty Reiner's banner." The explanation flowed casually out of his mouth, off the tongue like water off a ducks back and hopefully articulated well enough to the point where the woman would believe him. It was still partially true of course. Although switch out Reiner for Hildegarde and add in the part where he sympathized and agreed with her ideals.

To the point where he was willing to prevent the progress of the other royals. So after this interview he would begin. After he was let go regardless of wether he would be watched or not, Raymus would start to destroy all the machines in the camp.

"Alright Odin! Enough screwing around!


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As Odin sat in his cell, letting the hours tick by and waiting for the best moment to break out, he wondered how Raymus was handling things. The werewolf hadn't seemed to be the best at negotiation, but he hadn't yet shown up in shackles so maybe it was going well. There was no way to really know until after this entire ordeal was concluded, but maybe Odin would be surprised at the man's tactical mind. Who could possibly know.


The werewolf's words felt truthful enough to Alexandra. He didn't try to boast of a greater purpose or a tight binding to Reiner. He had found his way to Bosco through his peers and had joined up with His Majesty. He was a mercenary in every sense of the word. All muscle and no brains. This caused the general, in her own way, to underestimate Raymus. He was harmless: just another sellsword, albeit a strong one for taking down Odin, here to make money and assist whoever paid the best. As the most technologically advanced of the heirs, it made sense for him to side with Reiner.

"I've elected to believe your story Raymus. My name is Alexandra Foxpen, general in His Majesty's Army." She would extend one hand for the werewolf to shake, cementing their newfound alliance as her kindness continued, "Go and join the men, tell them your story and have some drinks with them. I know they'll be happy to hear something new." Alexandra would then gesture for Raymus to be escorted out of her tent, as night began to fall. Hopefully this night would be as peaceful as the previous, but something put the general on edge. Something was about to happen, she just didn't know what yet.


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"Alright Odin! Enough screwing around!

If a menacing grin wasn't permanently etched onto the skull of the Lich, it would have been present in that moment. Hearing those words was like music to his non-existent ears, as he finally stood up from his perched position. His four minutes and twenty nine seconds had already begun, he was currently two minutes in, and so he needed to get moving fast. He approached the door to his cell, noting the width of the bars as he chuckled. Ripping off arms and legs, Odin would slowly deconstruct and reconstruct his entire form by passing each section of his body through the gap, until he was simply out. It was always funny the little tricks he could use that people never suspected.

After that, it became much easier. He applied the armour that was Greed, nullifying the effects of any and all of Reiner's new fancy machinery. Anything else he nullified with his shield as he fired out spells with his staff and broke through the ranks of Reiner's group. With his strength renewed after escaping the cell, it was simple to break through all of the machines and ravage the camp, ensuring there would never be another chance for Reiner to recover from this. Perhaps they didn't do enough, perhaps Reiner would have other camps doing the exact same things, but General Alexandra Louise Foxpen would not be gaining the favour of her master any time soon.

After they had destroyed all of the machines, the fires from the camp blazing into the sky, both Odin and Raymus would run as fast as they could away from the location. They had completed their mission, and they went their separate ways.


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