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Spar under the sun [Raymus]

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Spar under the sun [Raymus] Empty Mon Jun 28, 2021 9:00 pm

It was the middle of the day in Bosco, the clouds were numerous but light, giving the illusion of being cotton candy. Giving a very slight amount of shade from the sky.

Jikan was away from the small town this time, the defense of the area may have been successful against the rebels, but their task was far from done. Bodies had to be moved families and people comforted, and honestly, defense preparation to do. The civilians turned warriors had to set up a perimeter to have a proper defense point, the issues last time showed them that they could not just hope to fight them head on. But Jikan could have told them that. They needed skill, experience, and strategy. Thankfully it seemed the hardship gave some of them that. But for now, Jikan, the random outsider who just happened to come at their time of need, was out on patrol. Scanning the nearby forest area but hoping to only get signs that the enemy were a long way from coming back.

Renewed vibrant green leaves flowed to the ground as Jikan walked through the grove. The open dirt roaded quickly turning to a grassy base. A string of leaves passed her face as a gust of wind pushed them past her, her hand casually moving back to move her long loose auburn black hair back into place. Within several minutes she reached an opening amongst the trees. A small stream flowed along an assortment of rocks, the area wide, the ground formed from a combination of rocks and dirt. Open space, free from hindrances.

Stats and Equipment:

Strength- 40

Speed- 13

Con- 21 + (40) Stalwart Ring

Edu- 21

Int- 61

Mana- 1000 / 1000

Weapon: N/A

Head: N/A

Body: N/A

Ring: Stalwart Ring

Necklace: N/A

Earning: N/A

Relic: N/A

Puch: N/A

Companion: N/A

Wc: 266
Twc: 266

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#2Raymus Kouris 

Spar under the sun [Raymus] Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 1:46 pm

Raymus Kouris
Raymus was never one for cloud gazing. It always seemed like a childish pastime to him, even as a child! Like why would anyone want to look into the sky for hours on end staring at accumulative water vapour? So dumb! Like just because that one looked like a fluffy white rabbit might be enjoyable for a child no more than three years of age but for a Werewolf nearly twenty-three years of age? It just made him hungry. And that one floating along with the wind? Just because it looked like a boat sailing on the open blue sky some would say it reminded them of their home in Port Hargeon by the Blue Pegasus guild hall. But not Raymus, no siree.

All this staring at the sky definitely not cloud gazing had made him slightly delirious and before long he found himself way off the path he had intended to take on his little stroll. Being a werewolf Raymus had a fairly good sense of direction. Perking his nose up into the air and sniffing slightly, he got the whiff of some unfamiliar scents, making him believe he was in some enemy territory. Or at the very least not in his own. Instead of turning back though, he continued on with a cautious nature hoping he wouldn't step on any toes. One would think he would try to retrace his steps and stop himself from looking so suspicious but no Raymus! No he figured he could find some landmark the way he was going to help him find his bearings. And with some luck he did! It was a small stream, no doubt leading down to a larger river. However as he entered the clearing he also saw someone else. A stranger. And in foreign lands with the current standing it did not seem good. Raymus said nothing and instead lowered his knees and upper body slightly, as if he was getting ready to fight. He knew he already looked suspicious and saying anything more might be a bad idea so he remained quiet, allowing the stranger to act first.

stats and stuff:


no equipment

Spar under the sun [Raymus] VKsDy2Z

Spar under the sun [Raymus] Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 10:11 am

The sight of the vibrant green leaves flowing to the ground and the quiet light blue stream was a comforting sight for Jikan. The welcoming view of nature was a needed vision for Jikan. The night of burning flesh, slashed wounds, and adrenaline within combat was a draining sight. And the direness of the situation was needed to be counter balanced by this sight. As Jikan was not a native of this country, of this town, she had no reason to do what she did. The only reason she could really say why she came to their aid, was that they were known supporters of Cassia. And if they fell to the swords and magic pointed at them, there would be one less corner to lift up who Jikan felt was the best leader for the nation's people and benefit to her own goals. That and...well, she could not help but try and do something when she realized the massive number of kids present in the town/ The people who fought were not just fighting for their ideas, but for the younger generations in the crossfire.

As Jikan continued to walk towards the stream, she looked forward to nature's drink that would quench her thirst. Within a few seconds, she was there and knelt down, cupping her hands and taking a mouth full of water from the running water. From the first taste it seemed that the water was fine, no land animals or fish were around and the water did not taste salty.

After which Jikan stood up and turned around, preparing to continue her scouting of the nearby area to ensure no separate forces were nearby. Unfortunately, she was greeted with an unexpecting sight when she turned. A male kneeled to the ground,
his body crunched forward, silent. Jikan did not like the situation she felt she was in and immediately got in a fighting stance. Lowering her legs in a horse stance, her legs sideways and torso turned away from the man. Her arms handed low, one in front of her chest and the other closer to her core.

Updated Stats and Equipment:

Strength- 122 = 62 + 40 Radiant Gauntlet]https://www.fairytailrp.com/t52370-iii-radiant-gauntlet#502553]Radiant Gauntlet  +20 (Reinforced Leather Cuirass)  1xS-Rank

Speed- 107 = 47 +20 (Radiant Gauntlet]https://www.fairytailrp.com/t52370-iii-radiant-gauntlet#502553]Radiant Gauntlet) +20 Great Huntsman Cap + 20 (Reinforced Leather Cuirass)  Lunge distance and speed: 12.5 m/s     running speed: 25 m/s

Con- 61 =21 + (40) Stalwart Ring  Hit points: 3xS-Rank Run duration: 6 Posts Lunge frequency: Twice Per Post

Edu- 31 Pain tolerance: A-Rank

Int- 61 Mana cost reduction: 30%

Mana- 1000 / 1000

Weapon: Radiant Gauntlet]https://www.fairytailrp.com/t52370-iii-radiant-gauntlet#502553]Radiant Gauntlet Durability: S / S

Head: Great Huntsman Cap Durability: A / A

Body: Reinforced Leather Cuirass Durability: S / S

Ring: Stalwart Ring Durability: S / S

Necklace: N/A

Earning: N/A

Relic: N/A

Pouch: N/A

Companion: N/A

Wc: 355
Twc: 621

#4Raymus Kouris 

Spar under the sun [Raymus] Empty Yesterday at 3:50 pm

Raymus Kouris
The red headed girl also took a cautious approach when it came to him which didn't exactly bode well. he had hoped that maybe she would have greeted him in some fashion as to break the tension that was looming in the air like the humid heat around them. Even with the river beside them the heat from the sun above was palpable as was each other's caution. To make matters wore the woman seemed to be ready to fight from the get go. She had some light armor as well as some nasty looking gauntlets covering her hands, a small ring adorned over one of them too, no doubt enchanted to give her some sort of advantage. She also got into a fighting stance and it seemed like the two were in a sort of stalemate.

Raymus himself was in a battle ready position. His knees were bent but not touching the ground. Given how he lowered himself it would be fair to assume he could try something like that but it would be impractical. He wanted to be able to move at a moment's notice and being in such a position would not help that matter at all. His upper body was also leaned slightly forward to help his movements too in case he needed to make one suddenly, his arms casually hanging in front of him in a boxing stance.

Exhaling sharply from his nostrils as if he was sighing, Blue over here didn't know how to proceed. Given the current climate it would be very easy to assume the other was the enemy and if that was the case a peaceful conclusion would be best. That being said the current climate would no doubt make this much harder that it sounded. So instead the werewolf silently decided to go on the offensive. First with his right hand, he'd jab forward, then moving swiftly forward himself.

The jab that was no where near the woman would naturally enough be a spell motion, a magic circle appear right after, shooting an electrical beam from it 8 meters in total toward Jikan, the blade of lightning about as wide as the magic circle itself. Raymus would be avoiding the beam with his movements, moving left, towards the river where he was hoping to cut off Red. She was about 7 meters away from Raymus and the beam would be aimed so about 2 meters of the blade would be piercing her left torso. It would be easy to avoid moving to her right but to try and go the other way would probably mean she could get caught by the beam in some way.

But Raymus assumed the beam would not hit and went to close off her escape, begging his run along the edge of the river. The plan here was to limit the woman's movements as best he could. After all, trying to fight in a river probably wouldn't be the best idea. With his cape flowing behind him, Raymus would try to get close to her. The mage, if he could even be called that much preferred close combat so getting the woman cornered early on would be his main objective. He couldn't be too sure how she was with the style of fighting from a glance but her stance at least made him assume she had some knowledge. But would she have the strength to back it up? That remained to be seen. As for seeing how things went, Raymus trailed the woman's movement's with his crimson eyes as he began to his run and casted his spell. He was sure she would avoid the spell so he was more focused on her reaction as it would dictate his own.

It would take him a little longer to reach the woman than his spell would so he had time to react accordingly, however Jikan would be under a little more pressure. That being said even the werewolf was feeling the heat of battle starting to make sweat roll down his back. or was that just the heavy weather?

stats and stuff (updated):

Strength :
63 - A rank
Speed :
75 - 12.5 lunge, 25 run
Constitution :
63 - 2 S rank hit points, lunge once per post, run for 4 posts
Endurance :
63 - S rank pain tolerance
Intelligence :
134 - 40% mana reduction
Mana :
2,150 - 160 (20% mana reduction) = 1990

general ww perks:
Predator Smell: Werewolves can smell anyone within a 25 meter range around them.

Night Vision: Werewolves are able to see in the dark as though it is day. This also allows them see through magical darkness.

Magically Inept: Werewolves have difficulty casting magic having a 20% increase in mana cost and a One post cool-down increase for all spells.

Unworldly: Werewolves cannot equip any weapon, armour, or headgear while transformed in both forms.

spells used:
Name: Raiju's Severing Fang
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Shinkuu Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: Self
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect:  By thrusting or swinging his hand a two meter magic circle will appear in front of his hand. A blade of electricity  1 meter thick will initially extend from Raymus's magical seal up to 4 meter and another 4 meters should he want to. Anyone that comes in contact with the blade will be dealt a shocking S rank damage on Contact which pierces any armor due to Shinkuu's increased offensive properties.

Gear: Lucian's Cape

General tl;dr, casted a spell and began a run at the same moment.
About 7 meters between the two of us

PS, we both agreed to allow to update our gear/stats.

Spar under the sun [Raymus] VKsDy2Z

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