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Sanctuary [Support: Hildegard] (Genevieve)

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi smiled at the small elf child in front of her. His family had died at the hands of Stellan rebels but he was full of optimism and an odd amount of realist views on his situation. Currently, Hitomi was with a group of elves, humans, and demi-humans who had lost their home due to fighting between Stellan rebel forces and the army from Bosco. The fighting was so bad that it burned down their entire small village and left them without a home to go to. Word had gotten back to Hildegard on the matter and she ordered those who were currently working with her to help give these people a new home, some supplies, and find out if they had any skills that could be used to give them work within the capital under her. Without Hildegard's intervention, these people would not have been tended to by the current government running Bosco, and they knew it.

Hitomi handed the small elf child with hair as blond as the sun was bright, a bowl of food that looked like porridge with some fruits on top. She was currently in charge of distributing food to the people and once she was done she had to get the families together and take headcount so that houses could be built and supplies could be distributed. For now, they would be sleeping in tents until their homes were up. Scooping more porridge in a bowl and placing a few bits of fruit on top she handed the food to the next person in line.

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#2Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
In total there were two hundred and ninety individuals who needed homes, jobs, and supplies to get back on their feet. It was going to be quite a task but she was sure that they could get these people up and running again. Nothing for them would be the same but with Hildegard's help, they could go back to some semblance of normalcy. Scooping another helping of porridge into a bowl she realized that small blond elf boy that she had served already has back in line. Raising her eyebrow she was told that no seconds could be given out until everyone ate. Holding off from scooping anymore in his bowl the boy smiled and tilted his head.

Hey, didn't you come around here are- Words trailed off almost immediately as another boy came up with the exact same face and it all clicked now, twins! or maybe more? she couldn't wait to get a headcount of the family that these two belonged to. Shaking her head she scooped the food into the bowl and gave him some fruits on top. Handing out the food went in well through the afternoon. With everyone nice and fed and very few issues along the way, Hitomi and a few others were ready to help gather everyone up and start the count. They needed to see how many families, couples, and singles there were in order to give them their tent and supplies and set them up in their own space.

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#3Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Pulling out a clipboard Hitomi was given a group of fifty to divide up in their proper categories and place in their own little plot of land to set up their tents and claim their supplies. She had them further dived themselves up into families and such so that it would be easier to get to them all. Walking up the largest group that consisted of seven people, Hitomi could only smile when she saw the little ones hiding behind their parents. Hello. My name is Hitomi. We've got quite a group here so let's get you all settled first. Let's start with your family name, your names, ages, and race, if you don't have a family name that's fine just give me anything to refer to you as a unit. She spoke clearly but calmly to the group and soon the only man stepped forward. Hitomi smiled at the man, pen in hand on the clipboard ready to write any information he was going to give.

Hello and thank you. We are the Khan's. This is my wife Mora she is forty-five and a demi-human. These are our sons. Nalin, Amier, Quilton, Jahad, and Stefen. They are of elven and demi-human blood and they are all ten years old. We got lucky you see with quintuplets, and I am Norman, I am fifty and of elven blood. Please take care of us, I'll do what I can to help.

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#4Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi jotted down the information that was given to her. The man sounded grateful for the help which was good for Hitomi. With a family, this large they were gonna need two tents which wasn't a problem with the abundance of supplies they were given to help everyone. Directing Norman to grab the first tent. These tents were enchanted by magic so on the outside they looked to be humble tents but on the inside, they were spacious and looked almost like an apartment of sorts.

The outside of the tents although humble were practically indestructible able to stand up to any weather condition without getting the inside wet. The setup for the tents was fairly simple, all one had to do was add mana into it, usually, the more mana added the better the inside looked so Hitomi asked for a bit of help so she wouldn't be spread out so thin amongst all the people she had to help. It was better for the family to add their own mana in any way because the tent would better fit their needs. Norman would place the tent down and Hitomi would stand on the opposite side of it. At the same time, both of them placed both hands on the tent and began pumping mana into it. It only took about five minutes but soon the tent was up and it was very spacious with enough room and rooms for the whole family. This was good to know because it meant that every one after them would only need one tent.

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