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Well, they did it, after a long hard fought better, Jikan's battle against the assaulting force that planned to destroy the city of Cassia supporters Jikan was staying in. Weapons were draws, bones were broken, and blood was spilled. But at the end of the day, with the aid of some civilians turned into warriors in the defense of their home, Jikan was able to overcome the charging force and claim victory. However, although they were victorious, the larger role of the war for the throne position was far from done. The night was filled with bodies been examined and pulled off of the battlefield. Enemies put into later areas to be disposed of, and fallen allies gathered to be recognized be last known next of kin or friends who could confirm who they were. Beyond that, patrols were held, no room for feasts of celebration. There was no telling how long this moment of peace would last. So they worked, and by the time Jikan got done she had no idea what time during the night it was, all she knew was that she was far too tired and stiff to care.

If the sunny day was excitement, the cloudy day was a well earned chance to rest the eyes, the soul... to daydream and breathe in a calm reflective mood. And a heavy dark cloud, was the sign of the hardships to come in a day, or the lingering smell of conflict and nightmare of death for all who particpated.


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Manzo had finally made his way to bosco. He was a bit late, but the ace was known for his perfect timing, not his punctuality in such situations. He scanned the battered city, and sighed to himself. Memories of what his home country of Joya looked like during the crusades years ago came flooding back to him.

He took a cigarette out of his pocket and put it to his lips. Lighting it and taking a long drag. He felt the anxiety from the ptsd melting away for the moment.
War was truly hell. He knew it all too well. Sadly, now these people did too.

Brother against brother, family against family, it was all just a waste. A game played by the spoiled rich children who strive to own this country. But not Cassia, knowing that, it was the only reason he joined this god forsaken conflict. With her, at least they had a chance at peace.

It was sad to think of what would end up happening if the others were to take control. Though there were a lesser of two evils in the mix. Cassia was his choice, though it was foolish to think about that kind of thing because he did not live here.

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A figure stirred in a bed, the creaking o the wooden floor reacted with the motion of limbs. Reddish black hair was trapped over a face, the unconscious source of a stream of drool that moved carelessly down onto a pillow that held the face sunk into it. A flash of light filled through the brown oakwood window frame, glaring into the face of Jikan as her eyes tightened then slowly opened as she groaned from being awoken. Life once again welcomed her to its stage. The day came, and a new page of her life was waiting to be written.

Blinking then sitting up in bed. Jikan wiped the drool from her mouth using her left wrist. With a yawn she lifted both of her arms into the air, intertwining her fingers as she did so. After which she would bring her hands down to her side, resting one of her hands on her back she twisted her torso to the right slowly, one pop then two. After which she would do the same on her left side, getting a total of four pops in quick succession. "Time to get my day started".

In a matter of minutes, Jikan was dressed and headed out of the door. She donned a long sleeve brown rebar washed twill work shirt with grey low rise slim jeans and matching bean boots.

As she went out she noticed that people were at work today. Many faces were the same that fought along her just the day before. But they looked decidedly different today.


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The burly, brawny men and hearty women carrying out large pieces of stone, wood, and metal around, one young man, in particular, stood out as he hoisted large slabs of stone big enough to put any of them to shame, without looking particularly burdened by it. Squatted down near a sizable stone block, Jikan saw another face, a young woman who she remembers helping up during the clash of battles the previous day. She was dressed in her casual clothes, the (attempted) battle armor slipped off and replaced simple grey boy friend jeans and a plain white tank top. The man and woman's faces were already glistening from the drips of sweat here and there and the odd coating of dust and dirt that were already showing from their time at work. They took a beating just last night, and they are already getting to rebuilding what was destroyed...

The sight of them standing on their feet after the harsh gritty battle, mentally ready to put in work when they body was less than in fitting condition, made Jikan feel a need to do something. Even the children were doing their part too. "Alright then....grrrrnnffffffnnnfff!!", with a low huff, Jikan took hold of some daunting blocks of stone with both hands, her muscles clenching, flexing, tightening hard enough for the outlines of her arms showing through here clothes to show a visible outline against her clothes. Huffing ever so slightly in between steps, she walked over to whom she assumed was the master builder "Ya'll look like ya'll could use another hand".

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