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Baska - Tournament Arc [SOLO | C-Rank]

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Baska - Tournament Arc [SOLO | C-Rank] Empty Sat Jun 26, 2021 1:53 am

What do you mean? Why are you refusing my request?!” At this moment Ikazuchi was face to face with the tournament organizer that he had been working with recently. It hadn’t been long since their last meeting, yet the man was already looking to request Ikazuchi’s participation in another ‘tournament’.

The kind of tournaments that this man had to offer didn’t pique Ikazuchi’s interest anymore, so he denied the request directly. There wasn’t any room for negotiation, so the businessman wasn’t able to remain calm. “Don’t raise your voice at me.” Ikazuchi responded to the man with displeasure after being yelled at. This frightened the man as he had seen Ikazuchi covered in blood on more than one occasion.

Seeing that fear was enough to satisfy Ikazuchi for the time being, so he continued. “I’m not just refusing your request, I simply have no interest in fights at this level.” Ikazuchi calmly looked at the man who seemed frustrated by his answer. Still, the man didn’t express himself like earlier. It seemed that he was worried about what Ikazuchi may do if he spoke rudely again.

There were several guards in the room, but it was impossible for any of them to measure up to the young man. These people were those who couldn’t progress as adventurers and were forced to settle for steady jobs protecting the wealthy. Ikazuchi didn’t look down on them for their choices, but he wasn’t threatened by such people either.

Seeing that the man didn’t have anything else to say, Ikazuchi sighed and spoke one last time. “If there isn’t anything else, then I will be leaving.” After leaving those parting words he confidently left the building with a specific goal in mind.

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It was currently a bit before noon in Baska as Ikazuchi made his way towards the Great Baska Rock, the unique tournament arena and proving ground that was constantly in use. His goal was to use it as a challenge stage to announce his supremacy among his peers. It was a decision made after contemplating his own goals.

His desire was simple, he wanted to experience his limits and prove himself. He was classified as a C-Rank combatant by various organizations, and this restricted the work that he could do. He accepted this previously, but he didn’t wish to after his recent realizations. He had confidence in himself and took pride in his skills. If he had to be classified as a C-Rank then he wished to be known as the strongest C-Rank.

Ikazuchi arrived at the arena to see a tournament currently ongoing and smiled. ‘This is my stage from now on.’ He thought this to himself as he pushed through the crowd and leapt directly into the arena under the shocked gazes of the spectators and participants.

Everything came to a halt at the moment as several people whispered about him behind his back. Many were treating him as if he were a mad man. “My name is Ikazuchi Kumo!” He shouted his name loudly in order to silence everyone present. He smiled at the perplexed combatants who he interrupted and continued as he drew his two swords. “I’m here to challenge anyone who is willing to step forward.

What followed this announcement was an uproar that was far louder than when he simply entered the ring. Someone had ignored all of the established norms and invaded a tournament. It was an abnormal situation, yet many people showed excitement at the situation. Some even ran off intent on dragging others into the audience.

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‘I guess I will start with them?’ Ikazuchi didn’t care about the crowd's opinion at this moment. He was focused on the two who were staring at him with ill intent. Naturally Ikazuchi understood the reason why, but he didn’t care about them at this moment. At this moment, he chose to simply treat them as his first challengers for the day.

Looks like you guys want to go first?” Ikazuchi had a slight smile that radiated confidence as he spoke to the men and taunted them, and it worked. “Fuck you!” “You trynna die, Asshole?!” These were the responses that Ikazuchi received as the previous opponents teamed up against him.

‘Not bad...’ Ikazuchi was happy with the result, but also pleasantly surprised by their speed. Strong individuals weren’t particularly common, so it was abnormal to see two decent individuals. ‘...not good enough though.’

His swords moved without hesitation and cut through the weapons wielded by his ‘challengers’. The two fighters were naturally shocked by Ikazuchi’s skill and power that were displayed at this moment. Even the crowd was stunned as Ikazuchi skillfully stopped his swings as the blades came in contact with the neck of each man.

What Ikazuchi didn’t know was that the people in front of him were currently competing for a C-Rank tournament similar to himself, and he had interrupted the final between the two. They were already considered good among the normal C-Rank combatants, so Ikazuchi only seemed more abnormal as he questioned them again. “Do you concede?

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There weren’t any surprises as the two obediently accepted their losses and stepped back. One of the two stormed off the stage immediately after, but the other remained standing several feet away from Ikazuchi. He seemed to have something to say, yet was unable to say it. Ikazuchi was curious what it could be for the man to stand there after being humiliated. “What is it?

You, what rank are you?” The man didn’t hold back after Ikazuchi inquired, but the question was somewhat surprising to hear. “Does it matter?” Ikazuchi countered with a question because he didn’t know what the man would think of the answer. “It does!” The response from the man was immediate. “I guess I’m considered a C-Rank?” Ikazuchi carelessly gave an answer to the man, not really sure how he should classify himself. He believed that his strength was higher, but the various guilds and organizations continued to classify him as a C-Rank.

I see…” The man didn’t ask anymore questions, but Ikazuchi felt as if the man’s pride had taken a hit due to his answer. Ikazuchi shifted his attention towards the crowd after that brief conversation and spoke loudly once more. “Who else is willing to accept my challenge?!

What followed was another bout of whispering among the crowd, yet no one stepped forward. ‘No one?’ Ikazuchi frowned, but continued to wait for a period of time. It was only after ten minutes passed that someone confidently stepped out of the crowd. “You’re willing to face anyone?” Ikazuchi saw the man and knew that he was a mage immediately, and he could tell that it was a particularly cocky one. Ikazuchi couldn’t help but smile as he responded confidently. “Of course, why else would I say that?

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Ikazuchi’s agreement was followed by the man entering the area and taking a position roughly fifteen meters away from Ikazuchi. The man wasn’t particularly equipped well, but he specialized in lightning magic. Ikazuchi knew this and much more about the man due to the blessing he received previously. He had properly adjusted to it, but a small part of himself disliked uncontrollably prying into the lives of the others. He understood better than anyone how special the power was, but it was even more apparent that it couldn’t be something unique to himself. What he disliked most was the idea that someone, somewhere, could have gained his own information at a glance.

Thankfully, his dislike didn’t prevent him from taking advantage of the benefits he received. He knew what spell motions to look for, and what he should do to anticipate. He just had to watch his opponent intently, and take advantage of his knowledge. That was the easiest way for Ikazuchi to obtain victory, though he didn’t particularly rely on this method.

What Ikazuchi didn’t know was that his opponent was recently promoted to A-Rank and enjoyed a decent reputation in higher level tournaments. Many people in the audience were excited to simply see a mage like this compete.

Ikazuchi took a stance that led with his recently obtained sword, Spellcutter, in order to take advantage of its capabilities. “Since you’re the challenger, you can have the first move!” Ikazuchi taunted the man knowing that this mage was a prideful individual. He wanted to provoke an easily telegraphed spell and capitalize on it.

What followed this moment was utterly shocking for the spectators. At the first sign of a spell being cast Ikazuchi lunged forward at a high speed, closing the gap in exactly one second. A pillar of lightning had been cast at him by his opponent, but his sword was easily able to nullify as he lunged forward.

There was a look of fear that appeared on the man’s fast as Ikazuchi’s sword pierced through his chest at that moment. “This happened because you were too cocky…” Seeing that the man’s face seemed to be questioning reality, Ikazuchi took it upon himself to speak to the dying man. As for why Ikazuchi made a killing blow, it was because the man had used magic that he deemed excessive. It was easily dispelled, but for others it could have been a fatal opening attack.

What’s going on here?!” A loud voice called out as several individuals pushed through the crowd. ‘Shit, the Rune Knights…’ Ikazuchi realized that his fun would have to stop here for today and quickly departed the area. It was on this day that his name gained some attention. Notoriety was still a form of reputation, right?

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