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Travel to Orchid

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Travel to Orchid  Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:57 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Finding what he set out to look for, Shichiro had discovered a certain rune engraved in what seems like a dragon's scale. It gave off a magical power of unknown origin so to speak. Well, he got what he came here for so in the end, he decided it was in his best interest to return to his knights before he was gone for too long and miss the deadline for their current request. Making it back to where he parked his airship, Shichiro called down the stairs in order to traverse towards the cockpits of the vehicle. Arriving at his airship, Shichiro had climbed aboard using a set of stairs that was attached to the ship itself. He’d activate the mechanism with a push of a button with a remote he had, the stairway had lowered itself enough for Shichiro to climb aboard. Making his way to the cockpit, he began to start the engines of the airship. 

Letting it run for a bit, Shichiro began to make other preparations for take off. As he did so, his companion had jumped off of his shoulder, exiting the vehicle to make sure the sails were loose and ready for the both of them to take off. Entering it, Shichiro made the usual preparations to the ship while his animal companion Panther Lily, went and released the sails. Afterwards, Shichiro had started up the ship, and took off making his way back to Orchid City.  After all was said and done, Shichiro sat in the cockpit of his ship and took off heading out for Orchid City. 

First he'd have to fly through East Fiore, followed by Central, then West Fiore and finally his destination which would have been North Fiore. Making his way through, he saw what Dahlia and Magnolia looked like from overhead. It was like looking at pretty paintings from up above but Shichiro wasn't the art type of guy. So he mainly kept his attention at steering the ship so he could get to his destination as quickly as possibly. he would like to have gone and come back as soon as possible so he didn't hold up his other two comrades from getting any work done. Now flying from East Fiore to Central, Shichiro could spot Era and Crocus from way up above. From up here, it looks as if the two of them were right next to each other but he knew better than to believe they were with all the walking he's done. He's on the fence on whether he misses walking or being able to travel quickly from one region to the other.

After flying through Central Fiore, he'd make his way towards North Fiore, a region he was somewhat familiar with but not by much. He's only been to Orchid City and Sieghart Mountains for a little while but other than that, there wasn't much going for both the places. He did think the mountains were a nice place to hide out though as werewolf. Flying past, finally arrived in North Fiore's region. Traveling over a few cities he's never been to, Shichiro found himself landing near Marigold city with his airship. Recalling the sails when he safely landed, Shichiro exited the cockpit and locked up his vehicle in order to make sure nobody stole it. He'd make his way to Orchid in order to regroup with his teammates.


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