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In Support of Brunhild: Home Invasion [solo]

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In Support of Brunhild: Home Invasion [solo] Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 3:46 pm

Every moment is a fresh beginning, and every beginning is bound to an end. A day can go by in seconds yet it's filled with so many possibilities. That’s why Alistair gets up early in the morning to do as much as he can without wasting a single instant. The sky is still a bit dark and cold, but warmth slowly approaches. The sun is bound to rise. He strolls through the thick pine trees in the forest. As he ventures on and on, without a single drop of bitterness, his vision of the world was turning into admiration. There, beneath a towering tree, he found a gathering of leaves. The sight seemed appropriate for rest, spending too many days surrounded by people and their chatter have gifted Alistair the appreciation for silence and isolation. “The silence is comforting. I can hear myself think and it feels… nice.” His words are suddenly interrupted by a small group of cultists that happen to follow a nearby path. A sense of malice then stifles Alistair.

“I swear! It’s no lie.” The green-eyed cultist said impulsively. “The Elders spoke of how Master found a way to open up the same door that was sealed by those pesky knights.” In an instant Alistair's eyes glittered, hopeful, he followed the cultist to learn more.


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Atop a near, tall hill Alistair overlooks the men cloaked in black, As he got closer the more apparent it became, these fanatics were demon worshiping cultists. The stench of demon worship drenched the whole area. Following the toxic fume, his gaze rested on a familiar flag. A temple has been rebuilt under an unholy name. “Unbelievable, this unhallowed site makes me sick.” His eyes went after the cultist as far as they could. But he now stands at the very front of the beast’s mouth. To investigate further he would have to venture inside and engage in a bloody discord, in search of an answer. Absolutely prepared to face whatever rested inside he enters the dreadful temple.

Just mere moments after, from within the temple, a fight can be heard. The loud noises are only followed by painful screams and cries. A sound of conflict travels deeper, and deeper fading as it goes further. The whole structure shakes and alters, pieces of it fall, and a cultist is thrown from its grandest aperture. Ejected like if blown right out of a cannon, luckily their flag was still intact. As she flew, her instincts kicked in. She gripped tightly onto the cloth but it wasn’t strong enough to hold her, it was a matter of time before falling to her death. She stares within the building’s orifice and a moving light slowly approaches. “No, STAY AWAY!... DON'T YOU DARE GET ANY CLOSER.” As she fiddled in a panic, the flag began to rip apart. Her tears wiped away her face paint showing more of her alabaster skin. “No, this can’t be how it ends. I REFUSE TO END!” At that moment the flag ripped off, and so she began to fall. Shock followed as her life began to flash through her eyes, but there was nothing she could remember that would bring her comfort. “That’s right... it’s always been this dark for me.” She closes her eyes to slowly embrace her end.



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In a flash of light, a hand stretches towards her and grips tightly to her. “Hold on!” his words felt warm and true, she responded in obedience because it was convenient. Alistair pulled her back inside, it was hard but he would not give up. Inside, both of them rest for a breather. Surprised, she stares at him confused. “Huh. You must be the silent type, that's fine…” He lifts himself back up and stretches his arms before walking away. As he motions himself to leave the girl stops him halfway confused and shocked. “Wait!” Alistair stops and looks back at her. She gulps while searching for the courage to speak. “Who do you think you are! bursting into someone else's home and having your way with everyone and everything as if you had any right!” Alistair’s eyes widen and so he approaches her. She closes her eyes, scared “I should’ve remained quiet... so stupid!” Once again she finds herself surprised. Alistair approached her and hugged her. Up close he said: “I’m sorry, but this was not home. You looked so scared as you laid on top of that bloody altar.” He let her go and turned his back. “As far as I know, home is not a place…it’s a feeling. But it's ok now, you're free to go and search for a home, just stay safe alright. Oh! And you might want to get rid of that old cloak before wandering off.”

Gazing at him as he leaves, her eyes begin to water, and think: “What is this kindness, this warmth? It's... ” Snapping back to reality she realizes, her body moved on its own, it seems she was trying to reach out for him. Hastily she hid her arms on her back before he would realize. “I... wouldn’t know where to go.” Alistair turns his back and smiles at her “Why don’t we head into town, maybe you could start there.”  He grabs her hand and together leaves the desecrated temple behind. Just seconds after leaving the place, far off she gazes back not nostalgic but relieved. She then lets go of her cloak and walks forward and behind Alistair as he guides her to a brand new start.


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