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Roc Aeros

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#1Roc Aeros 

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Roc Aeros


Name: Roc Era Aeros

Age: July 2nd, X773

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Purple on the tounge

Face: Kazuichi Soda - Danganronpa


Height: 2 meters (6'7)

Weight: 195

Hair: Neon Pink

Eyes: Purple

Overall: He is a skinny and gangly man with sharp shark like teeth that run through his family his arms are gangly due to lack of proper excercise along with a body that is in general not the best it could be qnd skin that is more suckly pale due to his habit to stay out of the sun. He wears a yellow shirt with a black jacket on it most of the time, and a pair of baggy black pants to help with the cold, he has a pair of sneakers along with a small beanie he made for himself as a way to cover himself from the cold better.

Extra: none


Personality:  The first thing to realize about Roc is his Greed, he wants anything and everything he can get, from the material things like riches and gems to the immaterial such as freinds and companionship, his greed is his greatest strength and greatest flaw all rolled into one. After you get past the greed however there is a skittish man underneath, one that often reacts dramatically and overreacts to a lot more than even that, this causes most to be cautious around him something he has no problem with when interacting with members of fairytail, who welcome his dramatic reactions with enthusiasm. Of course all these emotions lead to a fair amount of weaknesses in his feelings, due to his over reactions he often sees small things as big things, leading to him reacting like he had been betrayed or worse when someone chooses someone over him, or feel like he is being ignored when someone isn't listening to him for whatever reason. But after the Greed, the skittishness, and a bit past the drama, there is a person who loves adventure and discorvery, who's eyes light up in joy and wonder whenever he experiments with his magic, a person first and foremost.


  • Spaghetti: he is absolutely enraptured by this lovely food to the point where he can be distracted by the thiught of it.
  • thrills: he is a thrill seeker at his heart who loves to get into the smallest nook and cranies.
  • Making Spells he loves using his magic in different ways to create loads of different spells.


  • Dumb people: they annoy the heck out of him, he can't stand to hear a stupid person talk.
  • being interuppted:  He loves to talk, be it about himself, his magic, or his experience he will talk your ear off, he is fine if he's ranting and you cut him off because he knows he loves to talk, but if you cut him off while he isn't ranting he will fight you.


  • Desire: Roc is a person of Greed and Desire, this causes him to want more of everything, this includes experience, as he constantly seeks new things.


  • Being Unheard: As someone who talks so frequently he often does it to make sure he is heard, his greatest fear.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 10


Magic Name: Roc magic

Magic Element: Wind/Fire

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Element

Magic Description: Roc Magic is a magic made by Roc long ago when he first saw a Roc, a large bird that is believed to be extinct, large enough to be a mountain itself, he watched it as it controlled the wind, making twisters and giant gusts of wind that burned and evaporated all in its way, and as someone who wanted that power he trained copying the Roc until evenrually he made that very same magic.

This magic is made almost purely for offensive use, able to create large gales that burn opponents and in extreme cases evaporate the blood within them, this can be used defensively in the form of gusts that blow away attacks or ones that surround him to protect from melee attacks while burning opponents. It can be used in Utility by creating small warm breezes for cold days and potentially for flying.


History: Roc was born an orphan in the year X773, his father was a disgraced nobleman of the Aeros family and his mother was a whore (litterally) who was hired with the little bit of money the father had left as a stress reliever, when the mother realized she was pregnant with a noble family line she thought it would be her lucky break, but the child had to be powerful for her to get rich, so she bought food and water to last for a year on her own and set out from the library, she knew the Aeros family often produced wind affinities so she looked in the library, there she found a book of magical creatures one of which was the Roc a giant bird with powerful control over the wind. She set out to find it, and after 4 long and painful months she did, and she stole from its nest a wing of it and an egg, which was so large she had to roll down the mountain.

After she had the egg and the feathers she began to mash them up, she made a barrel filled with the substance of mashed together feather and egg, and over the rest of the 5 months only ate it until the day of his birth when she finished the entire barrel, as she was giving birth however massive gales began to erupt as she began to burn, the magic had indeed made her child powerful, however she was wrong about his affinity, for the father of the child was disgraced for having a fire affinity instead of a wind one, and his son was much the same. The amount of increased magic was too much for the body of the mother, who burned to a crisp as her child was born, dieing from her own greed.

Now without a mother or father Roc was bounced around between different orphanages and adopted houses, leaving him withdrawn from other people, being overlooked by so many people ignored him feeling alone and abandoned eventually causing him to become afraid of never being heard again, it's also what caused him to develop his loud and dramatic personality that sadly left him more and more isolated amoung his piers.

Eventually however his greed, more focused than his mothers, lead him to create his own magic, and join Fairy Tail, this is where his journey begins.


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This character has been approved.

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