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Myras - The Snare Necessities

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Quest: The Snare Necessities

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Hayden: Hayden is a happy citizen of Myras trying to make his living as a bard. He sings about historical events and feats accomplished by heroes. It's not easy to live as a bard, because it's an exhausting, meager way of life. But when he plays his instruments all of his worries melt away. He hopes that he can impart the same feelings to those who hear his songs.

Summary: Hayden needs to get his hands on some new snares for his cittern. Fortunately, a famous merchant selling musical wares is coming to Myras today. Since Hayden has accidentally insulted him in the past, he needs someone else to purchase it for him. The merchant, however, is quite a musical snob and won't sell his wares to simply anyone. Find out how Hayden can relay the answers to his questions to you without alerting the merchant in order to purchase the bare necessities.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find a method to relay the question to Hayden and receiving the answers from him without alerting the merchant in order to purchase the snares.


  • Create a topic in Myras City.
  • You will meet the client who will then explain the whole situation before sending you to the merchant.
  • Meet with the merchant in his designated location, Hayden will back you up by giving you signals from afar.
  • Repeat the questions the merchant gives you so that Hayden will be able to hear you, and then he will try giving you inaudible answers, even for the means of playing charades.
  • Convince the merchant enough for him to let you purchase the stuff you need, then send it back to Hayden, who will then reward you for your efforts.
  • Collect your reward and leave.

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