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Mzuma's Move

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Mzuma's Move

Mzuma was still not satisfied. The meetings in the war room at Muhuictlan were taking too much time since none of them could agree on the right approach. Thus, Mzuma decided to act on his own without informing the other leaders except for Quetza. He told Quetza that when the time was right, he would support her choice to return one of the Sleepers. In return, Quetza had to keep her mouth shut about what Mzuma was about to do to Bosco. Mzuma was very much aware that the other leaders wouldn't have allowed him to retaliate on his own since it could harm the prospects of future negotiations with Bosco. But it wasn't negotiations that Mzuma was after. It was blood.

He had told Shbraqi and Thaqoal that he needed to speak to the warriors of the Stellar Resistance to raise their morale. Especially now that everyone knew that it was Mzuma who took out Wilhelm in combat. Shbraqi and Thaqoal agreed to it, while Quetza pretended to know nothing about Mzuma's plans and nodded along.

Quickly, the troops gathered outside their tents to find out what the commotion was all about. Mzuma slowly scaled the steep stairs of the War God's Temple, a terraced pyramid leading to a plateau at the top that could oversee the whole forest. Upon reaching the top, he looked below and saw countless Stellan warriors all gathered already at the bottom, waiting for what Mzuma was about to say. Thaqoal, Shbraqi, and Quetza remained at the bottom with the warriors as well to view Mzuma's speech from a distance.

"Brothers and sisters," Mzuma shouted.

As Mzuma did his speech in Muhuictlan, he had laid out a plan to simultaneously attack Bosco. Thaqoal and Shbraqi wouldn't have any chance to stop his plans now. Mzuma's forces had already cautiously maneuvred themselves near the lands that the Boscosi had annexed to hide. The warriors looked at their sundials and started to breathe heavier as the time was nearing. They used a breathing technique known to some Stellan warriors to increase their adrenaline and reduce their sense of pain. While Mzuma continued his speech at Muhuictlan, the sundials indicated that it was time to move for the Stellan warriors at the annexed regions.

"Not bothering others and keeping to ourselves has apparently made us Stellans seem weak in the eyes of the Boscosi and the Fiorians doing the bidding of the Boscosi."

A horde of Stellan warriors suddenly revealed themselves at the Boscosi camps situated in Stella. It didn't matter to which Sachsenwald the camps belonged, the same way the lives of Stellans didn't matter to the Boscosi when they spilled the blood of their innocent. They raided the camp with such haste that the Boscosi soldiers weren't able to properly respond. Besides, the Stellans knew the lands better than the Boscosi. All across Stella, the Boscosi camps were being burned, the throats of the soldiers slit, and the dead impaled on stakes to be mounted as a warning to others.

"They entered our lands, took innocent lives, and labeled us as rebels when we refused to serve them. And for what? They want to brand us as slaves to serve foreign masters while tearing down the lands of our ancestors," Mzuma continued.

The loved ones of slain Stellans, who weren't warriors and couldn't assist in the attacks on the camps, had infiltrated Bosco itself a few days ago. The pain that was inflicted on them was going to be returned a thousandfold. Mzuma had tasked them to hide themselves in populated areas while awaiting the sundial as well on the right day. And that day was today for them. While the Stellan warriors raided the camps at the border during Mzuma's speech, these individuals would sacrifice their lives to Xiuhtecuhtli to restore honor to their ancestors and loved ones.

"Without freedom, we shall never know peace. Whoever dares to enter Stella under the orders from the Boscosi from this day on will forever regret it," he shouted while raising his weapon in the air.

With the speech still ongoing at Muhuictlan, a young Stellan man stood anxious in an empty alley of a crowded Boscosi street while trying to maintain his grip on a knife in his tremulous hand. He remembered what had happened to his partner. How she must've screamed and begged them to stop when she was being violated by the Boscosi soldiers, and the state in which he found her body. "Oh great Xiuhtecuhtli, my warmth in cold, my light in the darkness, I sacrifice myself to you. Burn my body and burn my enemies. My blood is yours," the young Stellan man cheered right before he slit his own throat.

The bodies of the Stellans who had sacrificed themselves in the Boscosi cities started to burn intensely. A sign that their offers were accepted. Unlike the Boscosi who would spend a lifetime praying at their churches without ever seeing a miracle, the Stellans could pray directly to some of their Gods and request something by providing the necessary sacrifice. Steadily, the bodies of the Stellan who sacrificed themselves started to burst and engulf the streets of various Boscosi cities in a sea of flames.

"Your brothers and sisters are out there right now to defend our ancestral land. Raiding their camps and burning the streets that the Boscosi call their home," Mzuma continued shouting.

Suddenly, Thaqoal's face dropped when he realized what Mzuma had done. While the Stellar Resistance was still looking at Mzuma in rapt attention, Thaqoal clenched his fists and held his tongue to not cause any division. Meanwhile, Quetza had a devilish grin on her face that almost stretched from ear to ear while listening to Mzuma's speech and sensing Thaqoal's frustration over it. Her amusement was palpable. Thaqoal could feel it in his bones that she was behind all of this. That was not a smile caused by admiration of Mzuma's speech, it was the smile of someone who succeeded in what they wanted to accomplish without showing their true colors.

"Let us all honor them!"

Mzuma stood tall as the crowd cheered loudly and revered him. Boldly, Mzuma protruded his tongue and initiated a ceremonious dance to celebrate the achievements of today. The Stellan warriors all followed suit. With vigorous movements and stamping of the feet, everyone rhythmically shouted along with Mzuma. Thaqoal couldn't bear to remain any longer and immediately mounted his trusted steed Orac while riding towards Bosco to stop Quetza before it was too late. She was a harbinger of death, Thaqoal believed, and her hubris would become the downfall of both Bosco and Stella if she got her way.


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Mzuma's Move has caused a decrease of 20 to the Influence of all heirs. Boscosi citizens and troops are demoralized by what happened and wonder whether the expansion is a good idea in the first place for the future of Bosco. Some believe that the Sachsenwalds should retreat and end the expansion, others think that they should retaliate even harder. In the end, it might take some time to restore Influence, however, the leaders of the Stellar Resistance are not on the same page anymore either. Perhaps a mutual understanding can be reached between an heir and resistance leader to wrap it all up as fast as possible.


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  • Relationship: Mzuma despises everyone equally. He doesn't care about who comes seeking him out, however, he can't work with Hildegard. Since she is the youngest, Mzuma considers her unpredictable. The only reason he'd help one of the Sachsenwalds is so that they can make it easier to take themselves out. Meanwhile, it makes things easier for him to take them out as well.
  • Annexed Lands: Mzuma doesn't care whether someone wants to give up their rights to the annexed lands or not. Eventually, he will claim it.
  • Special Power: In the next 3 weeks, the supporters can select another heir each week who Mzuma will attack. The troops will be displeased to have Mzuma's men assisting them because of what recently happened, thus the heir will suffer in their influence. The supporters can choose the number they will sacrifice and have Mzuma deal 2x that amount to an heir of their choosing.
  • Special Power Combination: Should the supporters use Sperrfeuer in addition, the attack will be considered 3x instead of 4x. The supporters won't lose more Influence Points than what they initially sacrificed for Mzuma to attack.


  • Relationship: Quetza can't work together Cassia because she is too good-natured for her taste. Quetza believes that Cassia doesn't have what it takes to do what needs to be done in order to secure the throne in Bosco.
  • Annexed Lands: Quetza doesn't care about the plans of the Boscosi to remain in the annexed lands. Mzuma isn't aware of this.
  • Special Power: In the next 3 weeks, the supporters receives a modifier of 2x for their Sabotages.
  • Special Power Combination: Should the supporters use Blitzkrieg in addition, the Sabotages will be considered 3x instead of 4x.


  • Relationship: Shbraqi can't work together with Brunhild because she opposes the Boscosi Church. Shbraqi believes that Brunhild is overzealous and will eventually feel the need to try to convert Stellans again by force.
  • Annexed Lands: Shbraqi can't work with someone who isn't willing to return the annexed lands. Should the supporters want to align, they must surrender their claims to the annexed lands.
  • Special Power: In the next 3 weeks, the heir receives 0.5x of their Sabotage efforts back as Support for their own heir.
  • Special Power Combination: Should the supporters use Schutz in addition, the Supports gained from Sabotages will be considered 1x instead of 0.5x.


  • Relationship: Thaqoal can't work together with Reiner. Reiner needs a massive supply of wood, stone, and minerals for his plans. Should Reiner succeed in securing the throne, he would eventually be tempted to get his hands on Stella's resources.
  • Annexed Lands: Thaqoal can't work with someone who isn't willing to return the annexed lands. Should the supporters want to align, they must surrender their claims to the annexed lands.
  • Special Power: In the next 3 weeks, the supporters receives a modifier of 1.5x for their Support and Sabotages. The number is rounded down if it results in half points e.g. 3 posts is 4.5 posts and rounded down to 4.
  • Special Power Combination: Should the supporters use Schutz or Sabotage in addition, the efforts will be considered 2x instead of 3x.


  • Solo: Should the supporters decide to not align with a leader, they will receive the following bonuses in the next 3 weeks.
  • Week #1: Upset about what happened, the troops are ready to end this as fast as possible to place their heir on the throne. Sabotage efforts are 2x in the 1st week.
  • Week #2: The troops have calmed down a little bit but not enough. Therefore, Supports and Sabotage efforts are 1.5x in the 2nd week.
  • Week #3: The troops are pleased with how their heir handled the situation. Support efforts are 2x in the 3rd week.

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