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Vindice Vice Empty Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:38 pm

Raeburn Gamebell
I'm just messing around, ignore this.

Vindice Vice

S3 when


  • This is where you place your regulations for your guild. These should be the rules and laws in which your members must govern by.

  • Users may look at any of the guilds that currently exist, or other WIPs, in order to get an idea of what sort of regulations they would like to use.

  • These regulations can be relatively relaxed, or extreme. Remember it is up to the creator. If you'd like a strict guild with severe consequences, that is fine. However, keep in mind you must appeal to your member base.

  • The regulations must be things your members are required to do, or are expected to do. There can also be punishments for those who fail to meet the criteria.


This is where you describe your guild's location. You may be pretty imaginative with it, however, keep in mind it's just a building. You do not have an advanced defense system that'll fight your battles; Just a cool house where your members call home.


This will be the current, acting Guild Master. Should the Guild Master ever change, this part of the page will be updated to reflect that change. However, the old Masters will be recorded in an index, so make sure to describe yourself.


  • Title: At Guild Creation, the guild master may select two title spells. 3 titles.


Level 1:

  • Name: One perk, unique

Level 2:

  • Minor Shop Discount: The user receives a 10% discount in the shop on magics and items excluding Companions.

Level 3:

  • Name: One perk, unique

Level 4:

  • Major Experience Boost: The user receives an additional 20% experience from completing Good, Bad, and Neutral Quests.

Level 5:

  • Level 5 Custom: Nope, unique perk


  • User 1: Not 4 founders

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