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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #4 Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:10 pm

Jikan may have successfully beaten her last opponent, but she still had a long way to go. As Jikan picked herself up and walked off of te stage, she held the few cheers for her, an increase from when she introduced herself at the start of the tournament and even after her first match. However, there was still a feeling of emptiness and silence in the air. It was obvious that the other girl was the more favored fighter in the match. She looked around to see unsatisfied faces, displeased faces, sad faces. They wanted their "fighter" to win, not her. But that was how the cookie crumbled sometimes. She was the better fighter, she was smarter, and in the end, she set up the causes that gave her the desired effect; victory. If they were she won, then too bad.

Jikan went back to the room assigned to her. Such a fun fight was something she wanted to keep in her mind but a girl needs her rest. She took off her shoes, then she went to the back of the touch that was in the room and jumped over it, laying prone on the soft cushion. An enjoyable sigh leaving her lips as she got comfortable. Her mind ran back to the match. Every thought, every punch, never blow taken. A wonderful battle of skill that was, and one that she proved that she was stronger. A smile shifted onto her face, using the corner of her mouth. Maybe she would keep fighting in these tournaments while she did her wizard work.

Wc: 264
Twc: 264
Required: 1,000


JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #4 Empty Fri Jun 11, 2021 3:53 pm

In a bit, Jikan was well rested and revigorated, and soon, it was time for her last match. Jikan stepped into the ring. Her next opponent was another woman this time, her target. From what she understood, this was the lady she was supposed to beat, and humiliate a little for a bonus. The opponent of this 'champion' was the guy that Jikan had fought and beaten before, in her previous tournament fight.

She beaten the guy before, barely. Even though Jikan was confident that she was indeed a better fighter than the man his sheer size and strength made him a challenge to dealnwith for her. He was not just quick, but fast, it was not like he was some bumbling oaf, he was agile. Not as agile or majestic as Jikan, but still agile all the same. Truthfully, Jikan had only won because she had used his size against himself. Getting him off balance and knocking, nah more like pushing him out of the ring. There were no weapons or magic allowed in that fight then. Maybe if the rules were different Jikan would have lost. No, shencould not think that. She had to have confidence in her power, and will. If she doubted herself it would show in her moves and in the match. She could not afford to be sloppy, not when the female she was fighting for the finals easily decimated the guy she had trouble with, even if it wad just hands to hands. The guy had to be strong, his opponent was just stronger.

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TWC: 525


JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #4 Empty Tue Jun 15, 2021 8:18 am

Jikan breathed and then entered the ring for the final match. The lady, her target, entered the ring at the same time as her. The crowd began its normal flow of events for greeting their desired champions. Voices shrieking out fighter's names, flags, and signs representing one side being wave in the air, a few comedic items present that make noises being used as well. Jikan had not specifically used any of her magic so far in this tournament for this match, she wanted to at least have that advantage against this tricky fighter. She could only hope that it would pay off and aid her.

The lady extended her hand outward before her, a purple magic circle filling her hand before a black gaseous substance began oozing out. In reaction to this, Jikan tried to move about to get out of the way that the gas was first appearing at. She had to be careful, she had no idea what this attack was or what it could do. But soon Jikan found herself surrounded by the mysterious black gas. The gas was soon confined to the area in the ring. Thankfully Jikan found that the dark smoke was not poisonous, just one that prevents sight.

"Well this is not much entertainment. How are your fans supposed to see your fight if you are doing this??". The female wizard did not respond to Jikan, only the sounds of her movement being slightly audible. Then magical circles exploded around her. The fight was on.

Wc: 257
Twc: 782


JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #4 Empty Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:19 am

Jikan lunged, hoping to use her speed to get out of the way. Unfortunately, the impact of the magical energy was hide, enough to still hit her. The energy hit Jkan's left leg, the force hurting but not to the extent to hinder her motion. Jikan landed on her feet with the mysterious lady once again vanishing into the darkness. Annoyed voices from the audience were beginning to be heard, the crowd not happy with not being able to see the final match. But Jikan had little care about it, she had to fight this sneaky witch that slithered through the shadows. Jikan was light on her feet, her eyes scanning the short amount of space visible around her. She was trying to be alert but she was not able to respond when the woman jumped out of the shadows once again, this time with her hands coated in darkness magic. Her hand coming and grabbed Jikan's head, covering her eyes. With far more strength then Jikan suspected she should have, the lady slammed Jikan's head backward to the ground. The black aura sticking to her face and covered her eyes, rendering her blind.

Thinking quickly, Jikan placed her right foot on the women's hip and with a shove pushed her off. Although, the darkness taking her vision from her remained. The wizard Jikan was fighting slide backwards, unbeknownst to Jikan with a smile on her face with the satisfaction that she was able to land her spell.

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