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All Fired Up [Solo/Quest]

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All Fired Up [Solo/Quest] Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:55 pm

Keita had been wandering around looking for something to do in Oak for a while, when he had picked up a request from the Rune Knight bulletin board to go and help some people light up some beacons. He was a bit unsure about why they were lighting the beacons, and he did not really care, as he just wanted to go and perform the task that he was asigned and get it over with while helping some people. He had been traveling a bit towards the more hill oriented side of the city, as the large hills were where the beacons were set up, and so it was fairly eeasy to spot it, for obvious reasons. 

Keita headed towards the first hill, where a beacon was essentially already completed, but not entirely finished, as it had yet to be lit. As he walked up the hill towards the beacon, he could see some sort of city guard putting the last bit oif firewood into the beacon, completing it. Keita bid him a greeting, before the man started to light the beacon, telling Keita that if he was here for the request about the beacons, he should head east, as the second beacon was opver there. 

The guard pointed towards the east, and Keita looked in the direction of the finger and discovered that he could see the beacon from where he was, although he could not tell if it was complete or not, he could only tell that the pieces of wood were there in a pile, he was unsure if there was any specific construction methods to the beacon that he could see, so he simply nodded to the man and said that he was going to hurry and get on with the request, and see what was holding up the other beacons from being completed and lit..


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As Keita got towards the second large hill by traveling down the first one and through a fairly valley like area, he noticed that there was a guard up there, lying down. Keita thought that the worst had happened, as he usually believed it was better to be safe than sorry, and simply go off the assumption that something bad could have happened, as it was safer that way. You could start formulating plans in your head if you thought the worse, and so there was no way that you would be caught off guard and mess up, or freeze up in a moment of crisis. Still, Keita did not want to shout towards the man and see if he was okay, as if the man was taken down by someone or something else, it could still be in the area, and he would simply alert whatever it was to his presence, and so he looked around, noticing nothing out of the ordinary, because carefully sneaking up towards the man. 

When he was within a foot of the man, he noticed that the man was quietly snoring, and upon a further inspection of the man and the surrounding area, he could tell that the man had simply found a spot and fell asleep earlier, and it had nothing to do with the beacon or any sort of adversary. Falling asleep on this sort of job was going to get him killed, but he would let the man sleep, as it was not his place to order him around. If he died later, than he died, and it was only due to his own incompetence. Keita lit the beacon and then headed towards the third. The third one, he heard someone yelling for some help, and it seemed that he was caught in a thorn bush, and so Keita simply spent a few minutes helping him out before the request was complete.

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