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Chill a lil bit, hang a lil bit [ Social with Ramses ]

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Chill a lil bit, hang a lil bit [ Social with Ramses ] Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:52 pm

Today, Jikan took a break from the running about and tasks she regularly found herself in. She needed to get away. And so to ensure that she could relax, today she chose to hang about in the outskirts of Baska, among the green plains and wide hills. A cool meandering river to the left of her, the water clear and swishing with aquatic life. It was nice to be near it, it was a nice stream that flowed back to the city so she could not possibly get lost.

Walking about she saw the beautiful sight of the open wild, a few bunnies hopping here and there, chewing on grass. A small pack of boars that were resting under the brown dirt of the soil, even a few people. Farmers, taking care of their day to day lives and duties with sweats of hard work on their face. She needed this. And she honestly did not care about the warning she got from the townspeople. That the outskirts of the town were beautiful but sadly dangerous. Occualssianly while people and wagons were traveling through the outskirts of the town's reach, numerous bandit groups took it as an opportunity to steal from people. And in some worst cases, there were tales of beasts attacking. Maybe a scream being heard before only the scraps of clothing left for anyone that came upon their remains. Jikan felt confident though, she could handle herself. And she predicted when she would really face any danger, at night, that was when the predators, beasts, and men, normally chose to make their move after all.


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Chill a lil bit, hang a lil bit [ Social with Ramses ] DRN

The sound of sandals bouncing against the ground could be heard as Ariael calmly walked through the outskirts of Baska. Wind furiously blew in the area as if it was trying to get his attention. Reaching downwards, he would stop the lower half of his cloak from wildly dancing around him. Slightly opening his mouth and taking in a gulp of the wind Ariael could feel his mana grow excited with the new energy entering his body. "It seems I'll never get use to that." speaking in only a whisper. The part of the outskirts he was in was busy with activity. A couple of farms were dotted around the land with various people out working.

Ariael's eyes quickly scanned the plains in search of anyone who could clear him of his boredom today. Mostly everyone who came in his sight were merely ants who he could probably knockout with a finger. The way they carried about their lives as if they had no care in the world annoyed him. "Pathetic." muttered the man. As he walked and looked his eye would come across someone's mana who was only second to his own in the area. The person was still weak though. Their body was probably a tad bit stronger than his, but they didn't compare in strength nor mana. "My prey for today, or maybe someone who can hold up a good conversation." said Ariael, asking no one in particular.

Walking towards the person, Ariael would cover the distance of five meters that was in between them quickly. Coming to stand about six feet away, he would say "Tell me what brings you to the outskirts of this city. Don't you know that its dangerous around these parts." Standing almost within reach of the red head, a look of disgust would flash on Ariael's face but disappear in an instant.


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Jikan was enjoying the nice cool wind around her as she rested and relax. Her attunity to the earth and the wind made her enjoy moments of peace where she could just be free and enjoy the sensations the motherland and wind gifted her. This tranquence was briefly hindered when she felt, well a short pause of wind vanish, suddenly going in the opposite direction that it had been going towards all day. However, this was very brief, only lasting really a short few seconds. The loving touch was soon back, but it was still an experience she felt was.... odd. But she had no inkling really to why besides that brief feeling.

A further sense of isolation was lost to her as she began to feel a presence approaching her...quickly. She had only a few seconds to prepare herself mentally for a possible confrontation before he was here. A white haired red eyed man who appeared a few inches taller than her. She was wonder what reason this guy came here, perhaps a messager from Doctor Gerald? No, that was not possible, she was sure of that when she caught the brief glance of what she thought she saw a look of disgust on the man's face. A look she knew fully well from the well to do people who judged people by a glance during her travels. But, it felt like something else was under his look, more than disgust...something...odd...animistic even. Her decades of travel made her sure of one thing, she could tell if someone had a natural presence of a...killer.

Her face twisted in one that she had not had to do in a while, coldness. A sweet normal smile was on her face, but the undertone was a chill that to the bones. "I am out here because I wish to be". Her blue green eyes flashed a dark glow for a moment, "but is that much of a concern to you??". She flashed a smile, "besides, sometimes danger is good for the blood. It can cause growth after all".


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Ariael smirked as the woman's face displayed some level of coldness. It seemed like she wasn't afraid of him unlike the other people that roamed the outskirts. He was tempted to grab the woman by her neck to observe her worth, but he decided to play along with her antics. Placing his hands over his torso, Ariael's mouth shifted from a smirk and formed a smile that seemed to show kindness. "Danger causes growth? That sounds like something someone of the weak would say. When you yourself are the danger... Will you still experience growth? Or will you be force to operate on the same level of strength for a lifetime?" asked Ariael.

The woman's words only made him despise her more. She spoke like a animal that was hanging onto the threads of life. She felt that if she experienced danger then she would grow stronger. He nearly burst out laughing. Only when you are the predator will you grow stronger than the prey you hunt. Even Ariael knew that there were people around the world who were stronger than himself, but would he feel some type of danger if he encountered any of them? Would he feel weak as he battled the strongest of mages?

The Mage Hunter's thoughts would seem to linger. The woman's words had caused him to think about something that he hadn't really thought about before in his lifetime. Ariael was beginning to have a epiphany of some sort. What the outcome of today's encounter would be he still didn't know.


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Jikan watched as the man's faced changed into a smirk. A real odd man this one may be, hopefully only that. Oh she was wishing her luck today made it so she did not run into another drunk creep walking around or a deranged murder hobo. "Dude, of course danger causes growth. Danger is just an extreme version of interaction, competition, simply with real consequences. The choices and responses, and lack of for whatever reason", Jikan did a hand wave at the last section, "from within those situations causes our body, mind, and will to gain something from it, be it small or large".

She looked back at the man, she picked up on an important phrasing for her 'someone of the weak would say'. Maybe that was a hint of the mental mind of whoever this man was. Just another being obsessed with the concept of power, who saw the world as two types, the strong and the weak. Regardless the man's response made her chuckle slightly. "Perhaps it is something the weak would say, or maybe just someone who refuses to be under the boot of others and will simply acquire whatever power they need, no?

Jikan was wondering if she should respond to his other question. Not because she did not have an answer, she had one ready and waiting. Just, the act of him asking that question made her question his concept as a wizard, she assumed he was because of the mana she felt him oozing off causally. "What kind of question is that really? Challenges give opportunity to grow, success is just a bigger gain. I have been in danger many times already, and have gotten growth from them". She had the feeling that might be the case today as well. "So yes, when I myself am in danger, growth is an option and is present. Once I become stronger and face less situations of danger, I will still grow, I determine when my growth stops".

Jikan titled her head slightly and rested a hand on one side of her cheek. "I humored you for a bit so I do think it is my turn. Tell me, what are you doing here. And since you speak of my talking of the "weak", what do you propose of the reality of danger we face every day, wizard".


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The words the woman spoke warmed Ariael's mind. It was nothing that he loved more than having a good conversation with a person. From how she spoke he wondered if he had met one of the few people he was looking for. Her last questions would seem to echo in his head. What was he doing here? Truthfully, a moment ago he didn't know. Ariael had plans to fight the woman to see what she was capable of. Trying to see if she would be his next prey. He saw that she would be weak when it came to fighting, but her knowledge exceeded her physical capabilities.

"You ask what I'm doing here... The answer is that I've been searching for individuals who are much like myself. People who will join me as I mark my name across all of Fiore. You are the exact opposite of myself, but the words you speak will linger on me for who knows how long." said Ariael as he ignored her last question. He didn't want to speak of the weak anymore. Now he had an agenda he had to fulfill. "Guilds are all across Fiore and I am forming one myself. Soon all will know the name Laughing Basilisk. I already have a few people who are joining me, but none of them are like you. Tell me Red Hair... Would you like to become a founding member of my guild. You will hold power that none other has and I will show you the way of turning those weaker than you into your prey." he said in almost a whisper so that only she could hear.

The invitation he had given her wouldn't come again so easily. It would be up to the girl if she wanted to join his ranks.


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Jikan listened to the man's words when he began to speak, she was displeased to a moderate extent that he seemed to ignore and not respond to her last question though. But at least he was going to answer some of her questions. "So, you want to make a group to join you as you try to, what, get known in this land?? What, exactly does that mean. You do not seem the type to do anyone favors or kindess from the heart". She knew one thing that he said though, they were opposites. This guy did not give her pleasant vibes, her felt more connected to the under level of the world, perhaps he was responsible or part of the series of events Jikan had heard plaguing these people's water that she had been looking into recently??

The fact that the man asked her this question of joining him annoyed her a little, but even more, it intrigued her even more. Jikan had been solo for most of her years traveling, sure she had interactions in towns, inns, or tasks she took, but she never was part of a group. And with the name of Laughing Basilisk, well she had a good assumption about what they would be about. Getting power and crushing people probably. Oh there he goes with the word prey again.

"You an odd one. First coming up to me randomly and striking up a 'casual encounter' in this conversation. But tell me this, I can acquire power by myself. Why should I join you? What could I possibly gain that I already do not have or could get myself. ...besides, I do not know you, and I do not trust you. Why should I follow or work with you? I do not know if your goals align with my own, and if that is not the case, you are not much worth to me". She said these words cooly, confidently. If this man was a recruiter now then he had not enough cards to do business with her yet, to get her interest.

Jikan was weary of this man, she would keep an eye on this man in the future and this Laughing Basilisk of his. More information and data needed to be collected, and time to see if they could be a useful tool for her. She had her own personal task she was aiming for, power was only a tool to get to it and joining a guild she knew nothing about was only a side option.


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The words the woman spoke seemed to irritate Ariael. She spoke of trust and goals, something that the silver haired man could care less about. If he did have a goal in life, it was probably to hunt down those who were stronger than him. But could that even be considered a goal? If he told someone that then they would probably look at him as a mad-man, not that he isn't. A smirk would show on his face as he stared into the woman's eyes. Though she was far smarter than she appeared. Maybe she wasn't the fit that he needed for his group?

"I can't answer any of those questions unfortunately. Maybe in the future if we ever see each other again you will come to remember this moment." said Ariael. The sun was setting and the night was slowly about grow over Baska's outskirts. A local had told him the place grew with people who were up to no good. Maybe during the night he would find someone else who interested him. "So tell me... What is your name Red Hair? I can't forget the person who I've had an intriguing conversation with." said Ariael. He would stay until the woman spoke her name. Tomorrow he would head back north to the town of Oak. Ariael had some business there that he needed to attend to. Maybe there he would have the turning point he needed after arriving in Fiore?


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With an at ease look Jikan noted once again the common smirk that this made had given her during the whole time of their meeting and conversation. This time though, it seemed he was trying to stare into her eyes, as if he was trying to see something within her. This guy, whoever he was, really gave her
an interesting time in figuring out what his deal was. It felt as if he was playing an act, but behind a poorly crafted vale, deliberately. It was like he normally tried to come off as something else to trap and draw people in, but was comfortable with being his real, darker self. And it felt like it was a mixture of a game and a hunt. Jikan felt that he was analyzing her every word, her posture, and even more mana. He was looking for something, and Jikan suspected it was a tool. She was glad she said what she said, she was a tool for no one.

Either this man was onlu good to go forward with his own goals, or he was a man, who indeed had power, but was useless in the case of growing others to their goals as well. Either way, he was not answering much of her questions today, one that made her patience to continue this conversation with him even shorter. Maybe in the future his tone would be different if they met again, or at least he would be more helpful and less, well concerning to be around.

"....The name is Jikan, what's yours". Jikan would leave as soon as the man did and would wait to see if he would actually answer her question this time. But he was right about one thing, she felt that she would indeed meet him again, the state of that reunion would be another thing to see though.



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After the woman replied with her name being Jikan, Ariael would turn his back towards her and began walking towards the edge of the outskirts. "The name is Ariael." said the Dragon Slayer while still in hearing distance. The woman had interested him but not enough to the point where he would talk with her forever. Ariael had yet to come across anyone in Fiore who he could consider his absolute prey. Would he even find someone to fit hit needs? All the thinking would only cause his head to hurt. If the outskirts were indeed a bad place to be at night, then would he find someone then?

"Maybe I shouldn't think on it much." muttered Ariael as the sky began to grow darker and darker. Maybe Baska just wasn't the place he was suppose to be. Some of the guilds in Fiore were interesting, but most looked like they would annoy him. Maybe he would join one just to see what it was like to be in one. A guild master was strong, right? "If I can fight one of those Guildmasters maybe my thirst will be quenched. But which one shall I go encounter." he asked himself out loud. To the north there was talks of some spiral near Oak Town and to the south was talks of other mysterious places that had appeared.

Maybe he would just read the newspaper and see which guild was causing chaos. Would he want to join a guild like that though?


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