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For The Horde [Quest] (Marcello/Bruma)

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For The Horde [Quest] (Marcello/Bruma)  Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:43 pm


For The Horde [Quest] (Marcello/Bruma)  DRN

Dusk was nearing as Ariael walked from the inner parts of Baska towards its outskirts. He had arrived in Baska only days ago and had encountered a man with a skull head the night before. Once again had he been approached with a quest, however this quest was different due to the fact that he would be taking along two unknown individuals with him. His mind wondered in curiosity as he thought whether the two would be strong or not. Ariael still hadn't encountered anyone in Fiore who was worth his while, but maybe all of that would change by the end of the night?

A mystical crown covered his head along with a shield strapped to his back. He had yet come across a weapon he could call his own, but Ariael felt that the wait for one wouldn't be long. With a dark cloak covering his body, he scanned the grassy plains. The location where he was to meet the two had not yet come into view. Apparently somewhere around the area there would be a large sign that showed you were on the borders of Baska.

The wind loudly howled from his right. Turning his head, Ariael would see the sign and begin walking towards it. Every since that day his senses had increased greatly. He could smell things that he hadn't been able to before, see things that would have been harder to see, and hear noises that the human ear couldn't possibly pick up. It was as if his training had changed the very core of his being. Arriving at the sign, he would lean his back up against it and wait for the arrival of his "partners".


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It's been some time since Marcello took a night job, but never before had he considered undead monster culling a "job". Needless to say, his two iron battleaxes would do the job. He already had a peculiar strength for someone his size, as there were men twice his size incapable of swinging a single axe as he did. However, if a form of consecration was required for this venture, then he would be unprepared.

Marcello looked to Bruma, and observed her for a moment. Calm, collected, as though this were another day for her. Maybe she had already fought undead things in Iceberg? Well, there was no guarantee they would tangle with the undead. From what Marcello understood, coralling the walking mob towards a travelers encampment would do the job too. Either decision, moving a supposed lug of a monstrosity, or giving the traveling campers one last gift, seemed to involve effort. However, he was already leaning towards the more difficult fight, depending on the circumstances.

It was getting colder. His axes felt heavier than usual, and he was more aware of his armor than before. Dealing in matters of death always left one more aware, the senses more acute. If he hadn't felt slightly nervous he would be more concerned, it would be a sign of recklessness and dullness. The sign was now visible. A figure was leaning against it, comfortably, despite the wind beginning to pick up. He looked to Bruma and whispered, "That might be it. I just noticed too, they're expecting us."


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"There's no need to whisper," Bruma suggested to her other half as they approached the rundown sign from out of the surrounding darkness. She walked side-by-side Marcello for the most part, throwing him a side glance on occasioned as his loft weapons glinted from the moonlight. She hoped this night would not require a great deal of battle; although she had never seen one, she suspected zombies were stupid and slow, and therefore easily led and corralled where they were needed. She did not give much moral consideration to the task, caring little for what the necromancer who contacted them planned to do with his runaway undead.

As the more defensive of the two, Bruma started to outpace Marcello just slightly so as to approach the stranger they were to meet up with first. Like her, he was stressed in a cloak as well, though, her cloak was a bright white and seemingly made from arctic furs as if she were freezing. It was somewhat bulky as well and managed to cover most of her body below her neck. She did indeed feel a sudden chill, however, as a light breeze brushed through her hair, no doubt carrying her scent which would have been reminiscent of mint; that is, the smell of a fresh flower mixed with a cold sensation.

Bruma stopped just a few meters short from the stranger, eyeing his noticable crown which, though odd at first site, appeared oddly fitting on the man. She wasn't sure what to think of him just yet, whether to be cautious or to place her faith that he would not lead them into a disaster.

"Bruma Bhaltair," she introduced herself without even needed to be asked, "and this is my husband, Marcello. We've come assist with the undead issue." She decided to speak somewhat ambiguously in case someone was watching. "If you've decided on a plan, we will carry it out," she explained, hoping the waiting man had a better grasp on the situation than the two who had just arrived.



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Ariael watched as the two individuals approached him. His eye scanned them both and he could see the mana that they radiated didn't compare to his at all. The boy was stronger than the woman in terms of strength, but the woman excelled greater in her intelligence. Could that be the reason she was talking for them both? Ariael was still getting used to his new eye, but its effects were gradually coming to him. Still leaning against the sign, he would say "Nice to meet you both. I'm Ariael and as far as the plan goes... Just kill any you see." He would remove himself from his leaning position and started heading east, hoping that they followed him.

Any other day he would have considered them his prey, but he had places to be and didn't feel like fighting them. Plus it would be quicker if they combined forces and defeated the undead together. "About half a mile from here is the area where they have been rising up. There are a lot of them roaming the place, but with our combined efforts I'm sure we can take them all out. Just be sure not to get hit by any of them. I don't know any healing magic." said Ariael.

As he got closer towards the location, Ariael could feel the menacing presence in the air. His eye could see the dark mana radiating from the ground. A smirk would appear on his face as the undead came into view. He didn't know how long the battle was going to take, but he was ready to stretch his muscles.


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Keeping silent, Marcello followed Ariael assuming nothing more needed to be said. Bruma seemed to have the same opinion, as she looked straight ahead. A wafting stink of decay filled the air, as their curiously relaxed compatriot seemed to almost pick up the pace. As though they were excited to meet the undead horde, but Marcello brushed this thought aside, only someone with a decent amount of power would want to dive into this. Which begged the question, how powerful was this person?

That didn't matter, Ariael's confidence exuded a leader like quality and that was enough. Marcello was here to swing his axes and get the job done. He breathed deeply before playing with his two weapons in hand, they never felt like weapons, and he always wished they were hammers. Decent quality hammers, that were viable for someone of his strength, were hard to find unfortunately.

Marcello was no mage, but knew when people were watching. Or if not someone, something.

"There are eyes on us."
Scanning his darkening environment, he saw no clear whites to aim for, save one murky grey. As the great warriors of Bruma's homeland have said, "Swing first, ask questions later", Marcello followed suit. Holding his axe by the very end of its one and a half meter handle, he lifted it up into the sky, and within a flash found the axe embedded in the ground. There was less resistance to undead flesh than he originally thought.

"Well, that's one." And soon enough there would be many, many more. As though the outskirts of Baska were humming, death itself began to walk towards the trio.

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