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...Pull by the horn??

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...Pull by the horn?? Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:52 pm

When Jikan had asked the doctor if there was any other tasks he would need help with, she did not have this in mind. Granted, that was also true of her previous tasks in which she had to complete the rest of an open heart surgery, but still, this was a whole other thing of a level of...well, silliness.

The situation was so out of the norm, but by this point with the doctor what was?, that Jikan needed to write what he was talking about down so she could make sure she was not going crazy. The details of the letter helped her gather herself. The doc explained that what he has been working on was medicine, a cure for this strange virus that has seemingly come out of nowhere and began a plague within the village.  And with his research and investigation of this new virus, he began to have theories on the plague, thinking that it may have something to do with a water contamination nearby. He had wondered that perhaps that it might have some connection to the sickness that's been going on around town. He had discovered that the virus had a trait of making humans beings aggressive and violent towards other creatures. It is not simply affecting human beings, and there have been some reports of the nearby wildlife being infected, causing them to become extremely violent and difficult to deal with, like boars. Apparently just outside Baska, where a nearby lake runs down the mountains, a pack of boars has been particularly difficult to deal with, more so than usual.

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...Pull by the horn?? Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:59 pm

So he wanted Jikan to find the pack, and capture one of the wild animals, using force if found it necessary, and bring its body back to be studied. So her tasks were simple, track down some boars, render them incapable to escape, and then bring one back to the Doc to run some tests on it. With the understanding of what was really going on with the people now, the random large line of free checkups, she had no reason to decline. The task did not sound like a lot of a hassle, and she could not handle watching some poor kids getting sick and their health deteriorating. The thought just made her think of her younger siblings and she knew that if she was in their case, she would beg anyone to help if they could. With that chip on her mind, Jikan found herself turning around, one hundred and eighty degrees, and walking out the way the door. "Don't worry....I'll get you that boar".

There was no what that she would decline, she was their best shot at getting help with this whole new virus thing going on before it started to get too big for people to handle and became a giant pandemic, or worse, an epidemic. Making her way out of the town, she was off to track some random wild boars that the doctor wanted to examine, she only hoped she could find them quickly. She had no time to lose.

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Walking through the plains of the outskirts, Jikan cast one of her spells, Whispering Voice channel B. Focusing, Jikan both of her arms outwards around her. Concentrating her magic, a small white and brown .25 meter circle is formed in the middle of the core of her body on her abdomen. A gust of wind is formed starting at her feet the slowly grows to form a soft current around her. Allowing any nearby movement to be noticed by her if the wind became displaced. She hoped that this would aid in sensing any nearby wild boars that were roaming, and hopefully cut down on the time it took to sense where they were. She could not have the current that far out, but she would have to use it like a radar and try to get one in the farthest range so she could pinpoint their location. She was not really sure where to look though as she only got a vague location of where they had roamed from the small amount of info the doctor could give her.

Searching around the area, she began to hear the cries of some folks that were settled some distance away. She jumped into a sprint, in no time young male ran towards her asking for anybody to help him. Halting him, Jikan asked what the problem was. The young male had begun to explain that his home was being overrun by wild animals who appeared to suddenly go mad, crazy even.

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They were trampling and causing a stampede of the farm animals and planted crops. Jikan asked the male why they were attacking but the young man just said he didn't know, that everything was normal until a few minutes ago. They were normally docile and tended to stay away from their home but recently they had been overaggressive and attacking their home and nearby travelers sometimes. That was all Jikan needed to hear to know that they were indeed the boars she was looking for and she knew that she needed to go subdue at least one of them. But given the case, she was more than happy to take care of more than one of them. Jikan then asked the young male to take him to where they were currently attacking and the boy nodded before leading her towards them.

Following the young man, they eventually made it back to the farmlands within ten or so minutes. Looking around, there were indeed signs of a struggle. Giving a little scoff, she told the boy to either hide somewhere safe while he went to check it out or to get a weapon and prepare to fight. The young man, more of a teen now that she looked at him, declared that he would go with her as he picked up a spading fork, saying that this was his family's farm and he would defend it. Jikan gave him a respected nod and began to move. Walking towards a barn, it did not take long to find trouble. Some boars were circling bales of hay as a woman was standing on top of it for safety wondering how she would escape. "MOM!!".

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She spotted her son but before she could utter a word, Jikan placed his index finger to his lips, gesturing her to be quiet while they crept in. Somehow the boars did not register the boys call out. Getting close to one of them unnoticed, she postured herself behind one of them with her arms reaching down and picking up a shovel that was left on the floor. Pointing the metal end of the shovel above, Jikan moved slightly with the boar before getting a good location and bring it down onto one of the boar's head, thankfully rendering it unconscious.

This drew the attention of the other four but it was a bit too late as Jikan then kicked and batted away another another one, rendering that one unconscious too. During that commotion, the young man had come up and stabbed one of the boars in their legs, pinning them to the ground. He then essentially curved stomped its head until it fell to the ground in a slump.

Jikan saw the remaining board charging at her but it didn't do much good as she just side stepped out of the way then slammed the shovel into the side of the beast as if it was a hockey puck. Afterwards, Jikan just collected not just the first one she had knocked out but all of the beasts. There was no telling what could happen if the farmers chose to eat the boars. She did not want to give a chance for this virus to spread. Taking an air of precaution, she warned all of them to not to eat any crazy acting animals, especially the boars, as they were carrying a strange virus that makes living creatures hostile. Slinging the boars into a wagon they gifted her. She exited the barn and began to head back to Baska. Returning to Gerard, in Baska Jikan delivered the boars, received her payment, decided to call it a day.

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