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In Support of Brunhild: Rekindled [solo]

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In Support of Brunhild: Rekindled [solo] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:32 pm

In Support of Brunhild: Rekindled [solo] Original

A strong relentless breeze announces the arrival of a wizard cloaked in light. Everywhere he goes a very conspicuous atmosphere follows. It could be all coincidental, or his path could have been hardship-filled. The green meadow shifts to the rhythm of his steps slowly leaving a trail for those who would follow. His gaze shoots forward but his mind is not present. Submerged in thought, he leaves behind a cold gaze and a body that automatically moves on its own. He blinks once, he blinks twice and looks around losing his own sense of direction. “Ugh! I did it again…” He gazes at his hands with determination not soon after his hands tighten into a fist. From up close he seems tired, not from walking but from feeling. “It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to walk in the here and now. But, supporting the Divine seems like a good place to start.”

Up ahead stood his destination. A tall and ancient temple, a training ground for aspiring wizards and paladins. The temple features a training ground, study hall, dormitories, and chapel. In the center of the temple stood a massive, ancient tree with vibrant golden leaves. It once stood for Illumen but now tainted and desecrated it stands for nothing but profane worship. “Justice demands the whole place be cleansed. Since they did not abandon their path through choice…  It saddens me, but justice without force is simply powerless; force without justice is tyrannical. His will be done.”



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Hours turn into minutes, minutes turn into seconds. Before he even realized it, the deed was done. Undiscovered, he hikes to the tallest hill and gazes at his own doing from a distance.

“Strange, the quiet sense of something lost. It’s been too long since last I’ve taken up arms to a cause I find just. Spent way too many years hoping I’d get to see them again. What would they think of me? Seeing me embrace this darker path. It doesn’t really matter... does it? Illumin’s light saved me and it has guided me thus far. Within the darkness, his light shines the brightest. Perhaps this is why we’ve been given yet another chance to be guided by him, as all things should inevitably submit to his succor. But he is merciful and his only desire is to return us to our original purpose. A purpose most of us lost, so easy to lose sight of the truth. But what most of us need is a bit of a push to the proper path.” A thick oily substance drips slowly from Alistair’s hand. The liquid’s shine is almost bright enough to cover the burn marks he carries. An acrid, sharp and toxic smell slowly dances to his reach but the dancing light stretches further and faster. Burning bright stands a now collapsing temple. This scene brings a tear to the eyes of all those whose hearts resided inside. It was a sad night painted in agony, in grief, a feeling too familiar to Alistair.

Despite his faith, he believes the world would not be saved through religion alone, but through devotion. “Our world has been deeply wounded by the church and its ways, the holy figureheads, devoted to power and themselves brought nothing but pain. What if we were only devoted to doing good instead?” A small child comes out from within the flames, covered in a gleaming blanket of light that protects her. The clergy all awed surprised and shed a tear at the miracle. Silence interrupted by a single motherly voice that screams gratefully: “Illumin’s light be praised, his light shines true!” Her face covered in tears and a sight that painted Alistair’s face with a brief yet noticeable smile. Alistair is instantly enveloped in relief, happy that things did turn even better than he had hoped.



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The Wizard leaves behind a fiery mess, but a message was carved into the hearts of all those who saw and thought their actions would have gone uncorrected. Alistair now walks once again the path his mind has settled on. Much like a withered pyre, and the ashes that continue to burn his heart ignites. Set on serving Illumen faithfully, and freeing the holy knights he pushes forward tenaciously. “Yes, this is where it begins. My path is clear to me now, Illumen be praised! I shall rise to meet my destiny next to my brethren. No matter what comes next, his light will shine my way.” Alistair then chuckled at himself. “What am I saying, I still have a lot to cover before I even get that strong. Still, it's nice to set priorities.” He smiles excitedly about what tomorrow might bring.

Though he did his best not to wound anyone he honestly thought the child had burned. Seeing the little one emerge from the very flames he ignited was as if a sign from Illumin himself. Alistair now walks away to continue spreading the light and word of Illumin as he was meant to.


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