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Kaede Cloverstorm

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#1Kaede Cloverstorm 

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Kaede Cloverstorm


Name: Kaede Cloverstorm

Age: June 5th, X770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back left shoulder blade (lavender)

Face: Kochou Shinobu - Demon Slayer


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115 lb

Hair: Midnight Black

Eyes: Dark Lavender

Overall: Kaede is young woman with fair, alabaster skin. Her eyes are a dark lavender hue resembling two shinning amethysts. Her midnight black, silky hair is usually tied back, held together with a beautifully crafted, large butterfly hair ornament that she received as a memento from her departed mother. Kaede is of short stature with an aloof yet delicate air about her. The young woman typically dresses conservatively due to her upbringing in Joya prior to coming to Fiore. Most of Kaede's attire consists of clothing from her homeland. Such as kimonos, yukatas, etc. Rarely does the young mage wear western clothing but when she does. It is long skirts with button-up blouses, dresses that cover most of her skin as well as other outfits that hide her voluptuous assets.
Extra: Crescent-shaped scar in the middle of her back.


Kaede is a principled young woman with much grace and poise. Having been raised by her beautiful, graceful mother and strict grandfather in Joya for most of her childhood, she grew up without much greed or other nasty qualities thanks to her grandfather's strict and valuable teachings. Kaede is mild-mannered and often times comes across as cold or aloof when observed from a distance. While this is partially true, once you get closer, you will find her to be a warm-hearted and empathic young lady that is worth making friends with for her loyal and strong disposition.

A diligent, observant individual, Kaede is not one to be found slacking off like many others her age. The young female mage is always looking to improve upon herself as well as her magic so that she may be of better help to those she cares for. However, these are only fragments of what makes up Kaede as a person. Like everyone else, she has her secrets. Trauma from her childhood took physical form in the shape of a crescent-shaped scar down the middle of her back from her early teen years prior to coming to Fiore, the land of her father.

Although you cannot say she is unscrupulous, Kaede is not without her own "dark side". She is merciless to her enemies, slow to trust others, and manipulative when necessary. She does not see manipulation as something that is "wrong" depending on the reasons behind doing so. The same goes for ignoring the misfortune of others unrelated to oneself. Kaede does not view that as something to be demonized or vilified for doing.

Kaede will do what she deems as necessary for her survival and will go to almost any length to become stronger, even if that inadvertently causes harm to others with whom she has no connection. That is not to say she will go out of her way to intentionally harm others so long as they do not attempt to harm her or her loved ones first.

Kaede is not what you would call a "hopeless romantic" however, if she were to meet a nice gentleman with who she could build a loving, trusting relationship with, she would be content to settle down. Just like when it comes to friendships, in her romantic relationships, Kaede is loyal and devoted almost to a fault.

If someone whom she held dear ever betrayed her, whether it be a friend or a lover, she would be unlikely to forgive that person and may even exact revenge depending on how great their betrayal was. However, Kaede has never been the impulsive type and her anger never burns, it freezes. She will never be blunt or obvious about what has angered her, Kaede instead prefers to let the other person figure it out themselves and if they are unable to do so, she will not hesitate to cast them into the "dog house" so to speak.

One of Kaede's personality ticks is that often she will switch back to her mother tongue when she is tired or wishes to be secretive when the walls have ears. Being bilingual comes in handy for the mage more often than you would think. Overall, Kaede is not just kind but cruel as well. Always prepared to do what is necessary no matter what consequences it may bring so long as it does not go against her principles or ideals.


  • Butterflies: The greenhouse her mother used to tend to back in Joya always had butterflies in abundance during the spring and summer months. They all seemed to flock to Kaede so she naturally grew to adore them. She loved their beautiful translucent wings and how, despite being prey for birds and other animals, they still could protect themselves well.
  • Hydrengias: Her mother's favorite flower, looking at them gives Kaede a sense of nostalgia for her homeland as well for her beloved late mother whom she always misses dearly.


  • Womanizers:
    Being born out of wedlock due to her father being a terrible womanizer, Kaede grew up to hate these types of men the most. Sometimes she wishes she could cut down every womanizing scum she comes across.
  • Alcohol:
    Part of the reason for her mother's misfortune in meeting Kaede's father was alcohol. They met at an Izakaya in Joya and her father got Kaede's mother drunk before bedding her which resulted in the young girl's unexpected birth. Kaede refuses to let a single drop of any kind of alcohol pass her lips for as long as she lives.


  • Power: Kaede wishes to amass power of every kind so that no one can ever look down on or challenge her ever again just because of her gender or her age. For this goal, she will do whatever is necessary to attain it.


  • Death: Being there in her mother's final moments made Kaede understand just how fearsome a thing death can be. Once you die, that's the end of your journey and it is lonely. Although Kaede is only human, the concept of death is the most frightening thing aside from betrayal.
  • Betrayal:
    From her father leaving after learning her mother was pregnant with his child to her maternal step-uncle being the cause of her mother's passing. Betrayal to Kaede is a truly scary thing. It is something she would not wish upon even her worst enemy. One of the reasons that Kaede is slow to trust others is due to the betrayal she has suffered through previously and makes her much more cautious than the average person.


Strength: 2

Speed: 6

Constitution: 8

Endurance: 4

Intelligence: 10


Magic Name: Crystal-Make Magic

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Enhancement: Elemental Superiority

Magic Description:
Crystal-Make Magic is an Earth element equivalent to Ice-Make. It allows the caster to create both animate and inanimate objects out of rainbow-colored crystallized earth. For example, Kaede can create a small kaleidoscope of crystal butterflies or a katana made of crystal, etc. This magic is fairly versatile and relies much on Kaede's own sense of creativity for how well it is used and how precise her spells are executed when cast. Crystal-Make magic is good for both offense and defense. Thanks to Kaede's Elemental Superiority, her magic can ignore its elemental weaknesses making it more powerful than other Earth-elemental magics.


History: Sayuri worked as a seamstress for a local Kimono shop and was very well-known as a beauty. She met a fiorian man named Zelon Cloverstorm at an Izakaya where he coveted Sayuri's beauty. Using the fact she was a kind and trusting woman with no magic, got her incredibly drunk then bedded Sayuri. Several months later, she was with child. Her supposed lover flees back to his country upon hearing the news causing Sayuri to despair greatly but she still insisted on giving birth to the child who was innocent in her father's schemes.

10 months later, a healthy baby girl was born and Sayuri named her Kaede. Kaede being a child born out of wedlock was often bullied by other children. They called her a "jinx" and a "bastard" countless times. Even sometimes would pick up rocks and throw them at her. This was not something to be all that upset over. She could endure it because she had her mother to support her.

However, it was a much different story when the adults in their village would often call her mother a "whore" for being pregnant before marriage. Unwed women having children was frowned upon as something shameful that should be avoided. Kaede hated hearing the adults' venomous words they spat out at her mother.

As Kaede grew up, she began to resemble her mother more and more with each passing day. Her mother was the village pariah and had lost her job as a seamstress. She took young Kaede and returned to her maiden home. There lived her grandfather Kazuo and her step-uncle, Kirihito. Kazuo was a fierce-looking man but he loved his daughter and granddaughter dearly.

When Kaede was around ten years old it was found she had inherited her no-good father's talent for magic. This discovery was made when a group of children decided to throw a larger than normal rock at her. Out of fear of getting hurt and worrying her mother, Kaede put up a shield of crystallized rock that blocked the rock from hitting her. When she opened her eyes to see why she didn't feel the rock make an impact with her head she was surprised but also delighted.

The children had not seen many mages before, were frightened and ran away. Kaede was able to will the crystal shield away and then ran home to tell her mother and grandfather the news. Finding her mother in the greenhouse, she excitedly told Sayuri what had occurred. Later that evening at dinner, Sayuri helped her daughter explain things to her father.

He was proud of the child's rare gift and decided it was time he took up educating her. In truth, Kaede's maternal family was a decades-long line of mages but the talent had skipped over her mother's generation but with his granddaughter who also had the blood of a Fiorian mage, it seemed she could be the next head of their family.

When her step-uncle who was also considered a fairly talented mage learned of this, he grew increasingly worried. After all, despite only being a step-child in the Sakuragi family, he was the only one of his four siblings that showed promise of magic and the prospect to be the heir. Now that his useless sister brought home a child that could compete with him he would need to take action.

For the next several months, Kazuo began training Kaede to strengthen her body and mind. She learned martial Arts in order to not be overly dependent on her magic, she learned meditation to be able to stay clear-headed and focused without being shaken by mental warfare. Her grandfather was a very strict teacher but his teachings were incredibly valuable to the young Kaede.

On the days she didn't train with her grandfather, she learned with her mother in the greenhouse. Flower arranging, tea ceremony, etiquette, etc. Those were some of Kaede's favorite times. Over the next few years, Kaede grew to be a competent mage as well as a very beautiful young lady. So much so that the boys who used to bully Kaede and call her a bastard now tried to court her. However, she found them pathetic and sent them all packing.

Kaede's step-uncle's fears grew by the day and it wouldn't be long before he couldn't stand seeing his bastard niece take what he believed belonged to him. So, he decided to take care of the problem. He began to poison his father's tea. He wanted the old man to die before he could announce the little bastard as his heir.

After a while, Kaede's grandfather fell ill and even the doctors did not know what the cause was. Or so at least they told Sayuri and Kaede. In truth, they had been bribed or threatened by Kirihito to lie to his sister and niece. Eventually, Kazuo grew too weak to teach his granddaughter and so he asked Kirihito to take over as the only other adult in the household with magic.

Kirihito was waiting for this chance. Now he could torment the brat to make her give up her dreams of taking over after the old man. One thing Kirihito decided to teach her was sword fighting under the excuse that mages needed more than just martial Arts and their magic to get by.

In their first training session, Kirihito took advantage of his niece's lack of skill to attempt to cut her down. However, her other relatives and household attendants nearby heard young Kaede scream when Kirihito's blade slashed into her back. Kaede escaped with her life but was scarred from her uncle's cruel attack.

Although her grandfather had become weak, when he learned of what Kirihito did, Kazuo was absolutely furious and decided then and there to allow Kaede to be his heir. He couldn't forgive his stepson for harming one of his own. As a result of his father's decision, Kirihito had become enraged. Blinded by grief, he plotted to kill his niece, let the old man die in grief, and even "taste" his beautiful and weak step-sister.

On the night he put his plan into action, he upped the dose of poison to a lethal amount that would kill Kazuo by the next day at the latest. Then he came into his niece's room ready to kill her but she wasn't in her bed. Sayuri may not have had any magic but she was an intelligent woman. She guessed that her brother might attempt to harm her daughter again and so she helped her escape the manor.

Kirihito and his followers pursued the mother-daughter pair and Sayuri died protecting Kaede from her horrible Step-brother's blade. With her mother's sacrifice, Kaede was able to safely cross the border into Fiore. Where her uncle and his followers could not go after her. Kaede was in despair for many months following her mother's death.

Not able to even retrieve her mother's corpse to give Sayuri a proper burial. There were many times that Kaede wished to give up and follow her mother but she knew that Sayuri would want her to live and be happy. Kaede did what was necessary to survive.

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I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

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