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The Lovers Tarot: Marcello (Partner: Bruma)

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The Lovers Tarot: Marcello (Partner: Bruma) Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:18 pm

"Light" would be enough to describe Stella. While Marcello had seen dinosaurs before, living amongside them was an entirely different experience. He was no stranger to harsh weather conditions, yet the Sun City remained bathe in a constant wash of brightness. Even the twilight held a gentle yet extravagant afterglow. His thoughts gradually shifted from a potential rampant beast trampling the city, to his wife, who was out and about somewhere.

Maybe they would stay there for more than they normally would. Bruma was no fan of extravagant sights or tourist places, but a warm city might convince her to dress down and relax a little. She still held on to her coat from Iceberg, maybe this would be a chance for Marcello to help her wind down a little.

Tonight would be a good night for a roasted chicken spanakopita. The dough was kneaded and folded into thin layers, as a carefully prepared mixture filled the pot. Perhaps the most difficult part of baking and cooking for Bruma was finding out what she liked. His wife had a penchant for eating in silence as a form of approval, or giving short grunts to say "This is good." Not that Marcello minded, watching her was an experience in of itself. She minded that a bit, but let it slide knowing how much Marcello enjoyed it for some strange reason. He never told her it was because for a brief moment she could find some enjoyment in the world, other than her obvious beauty.

Marcello sat by the window of his lodging, if it could be called that, and looked into the fading sky. He sang softly: "Long, long journey, through the darkness, long, long way to go; But what are miles, across the ocean, to the heart that's coming home?"

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The Lovers Tarot: Marcello (Partner: Bruma) Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:14 pm

Bruma arrived outside of the door to their lodgings, a paper bag in her hand as she thought about dinner. Tonight, they were having chicken, at least that is what it was to her. It wasn’t chicken sasquatch or whatever Marcello liked to call it. It was just chicken, or it was just pork, or it was just beef. Bruma didn’t give much thought about whatever adjective Marcello liked to attach to the title of his meals, and she tended to tune out whatever Marcello talked about after the first major noun in his dinner presentation. Regardless of the type of chicken they might have, she was certain it would taste good coming from her husband. Surely, he wouldn’t disappoint her.

As she reached for the doorknob, she heard something similar to a hum coming from their room. She carefully placed her head against the door to investigate and immediately recognized her Marcello singing to himself. It was a rather cheesy song but all Bruma thought to herself was that he really was a sensitive young man. Maybe she should keep him on his toes a little more but that was a thought for another day. She turned the doorknob and pushed the door ajar, entering the room as she did so with her large and rather heavy-looking paper bag in her arm. She was dressed somewhat lighter than usual, wearing a thin white sweater and matching trousers that she didn’t seem to discomforted in despite the heat of Stella.

“You’re not singing to someone outside that window, are you?” she asked, kidding but not making it obvious.

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The Lovers Tarot: Marcello (Partner: Bruma) Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 7:21 pm

"w-wha-I was just singing to myself! you're teasing me again aren't you!" Marcello responded quick in a slight fright, but settled down once seeing how comfortably she was dressed. He was glad his wife was adjusting to the climate and enjoying herself. Before he could greet her, the pan hanging over the fire began to leak and bubble, sizzling against the wood below. It was a good smell at the very least. The pastry for these pies is often thin, flaky, and flavorful from the imbued filling juices. Marcello had unfortunately lost track of time, but thankfully Bruma's arrival saved their dinner.

His wife was very good at putting him on the spot, thanks to her intellectual prowess yes, but also because she knew how nervous Marcello was at times. She helped him come back down from whatever lofty height his head was stuck at. Bruma would no doubt be an excellent mother.

The sun had faded by now, a dim candle light and the evening twilight still lit the room very nicely. Bruma looked like a casual shopper in her white clothes, as though she hadn't a care in the world. Maybe Stella wasn't such a bad place after all, if it helped his wife feel more comfortable. The brown bag caught Marcello's attention, and the only thing he could think of was a hunk of meat for tomorrow and on's dinners. Marcello had forgotten to take off his chest armor, it seemed like a second skin at this point. He plopped it off lazily by the fire, and sat ready to serve her dinner.

"Here, try it for me."
Marcello sliced a thick portion of the pie like pastry, putting it in a sturdy wooden bowl. He took a decent helping in one spoon, and offered it up to Bruma's lips.

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The Lovers Tarot: Marcello (Partner: Bruma) Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:20 pm

Bruma did not comment on Marcello’s accusation that she was teasing him. She would leave that that conclusion up to him as she placed the bag on the nearby table. She was gentle with it enough as she sat it down but quickly tipped it to its side and reached inside to pull out some of its contents, most noticeable among them being a game board still in its box as well as an assortment of other items that fell out with it. It all seemed random and none of it appeared to go with each other, making it appear as if she had gone to several different stores for her shopping. One of the objects to roll out was a red clown nose, though, she had not bought that. Instead, she had plucked it off a street performer who had been annoying her with his existence.

Bruma was immediately drawn to the smell after relinquishing her bag of goodies, and she did not need to be told to try out the pastry, though, she was somewhat intimidated with how hot it appeared. Marcello clearly wanted to spoon feed her, however, so she entertained his romantic side and leaned into get a taste from the spoon. As practiced plenty before, she parted her lips for the tip and let it slide into her mouth. She pulled away with the pie in her mouth and began to chew. Although she chewed it normally, she couldn’t help but think… it was disgusting! There was spinach in it and turned her tastebuds upside down.

And yet, because Marcello made it for her, she chewed and swallowed it as if it were like any other tasty dish. She even grunted, feigning approval as she may have before.

"It's wonderful... I'd like to have some more," she told him with a rare, mild grin.

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The Lovers Tarot: Marcello (Partner: Bruma) Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:13 pm

Seeing her smile, even if it was forced for his sake, always made Marcello happy. He knew to not make this particular pie again, and thankfully, had some left over gingerbread cookies saved for Bruma. He returned the smile genuinely and was happy she was home. Next time, he would make a chicken and pork curry with unleavened, pan baked bread. Marcello knew Bruma loved almost anything spicy, save for spicy spinach.

"Thank you very kindly, I'd make it every day if you'd like." He said sincerely, as he was happy because she reciprocated his love towards her. But Marcello knew better than to tease her too much. Bruma seemed to always be ten or twenty steps ahead of him in thought, so this was akin to poking a sleeping bear. But nonetheless, it was the danger of the bear that made it fun. Even more so that Bruma was so precious to him. Then, gingerly, Marcello set gingerbread elephants wrapped in cloth on the table.

"What's that you've brought, if I may ask?"
Marcello inquired, slightly panicky at the sight of the red nose. He hated clowns, not the person behind the make up, or even the clown itself. There was merely one bad experience as a child with a clown, which forever ruined them for him. He hadn't noticed much from the game board, he couldn't even make out what game it might me. It would be nice to do something with Bruma that wasn't strongarming or beating the living daylights out of someone, not that he didn't enjoy those. Marcello closed the pot to the spinach pie and began to let the fire die.

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