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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello]

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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:18 pm

It was difficult for many of the inhabitants of Bosco to know just what was really going on in the occupied portions of Stella. For that reason, many people relied on newspapers for news of any conflicts or skirmishes in the area, as well as to learn what some of their most important politicians—in this case, their heirs to the kingdom—were up to in the region. From what Bruma and Marcello had heard from one of Reiner’s agents is that Brunhild ‘the Divine’ was making quite the name for herself in the eyes of the Boscosi people. The partners therefore took it upon themselves to try to reverse that in anyway they could. Therefore, Bruma constructed a simple but dastardly plan to hurt the devouted woman’s reputation.

Bruma had no idea what Brunhild was actually like or even what she or her supporters had been doing in the region, but she did know it mattered a lot more what people think of her than what she’s actually done. To that end, the two made their way to a border town search of a newspaper publisher that supposedly sent news to people back in Bosco. The plan was to persuade the writers of the paper to start fabricating horrible tales of Brunhild and her supporters. What that plan in mind, the two ended up in said border town, searching a dusty road for the building which was likely as draped with Boscosi flags as much as every other building in town.

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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:01 pm

Brunhild was an Illuminian fanatic from the rumors that Marcello heard. It was for this reason that he sought to support Reiner in the first place. The unforgiving judgement passed by their cult like worship of her, on people they deem to be sinners, particularly off put Marcello. This was, of course, all hearsay. It only affected him more than a regular rumor would due to his fear of divine punishment and retribution. A voice within kept repeating endlessly: "Burn the place the Gods reside, endless peace and endless time." Maybe a drink of chamomile tea would do some good.

Bruma's plan was spot on, but even more so because there would be no newspaper under Brunhild. Free enterprise becomes religious enterprise. Striking fear into the heart of the paper owner would be a simple enough task. If push came to shove, the two could make up something on the fly about how Brunhild had a merchant in Baska chopped up into little pieces and fed to the townsfolk as savory meat pies. No one of course likes to speak of it, since every single person there ate the pies the merchant was baked into.

Arriving at the slightly dumpy looking building, Marcello took the lead and entered, Bruma cautious about any antics her husband might be up to. But this time there were none. The building was humming almost, as though it had a heartbeat, a steady rhythm. No doubt that the news was a consistent business to be in. A rather tall and lanky young man with a comically thick monocle stood behind a welcoming desk.
He bellowed to overcome the working men and machinery behind him:
"Deliveries are dead ahead, second left, if you've got news, first right. Thank you."

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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:50 pm

Bruma gave the clerk a side glance, thinking he looked like a tool wearing that device on his eye before wondering if it had some magical property to it; after all, no one else around here seemed to wear one. Regardless, she allowed Marcello to take initiative and walk in front of her to deliver their news. She was certain enjoyed walking in front of her like a big man anyway, even though he only walked in front of her because that was the length his leash reached. As they traversed the hallway, however, Bruma noticed a variety of old newspaper clippings scattered across the walls like prizes from generations past. Some were written in Stellan and others with the Boscosi tongue. It made her wonder just whose side they were really on in this conflict or if they were playing both sides. Either way, they were going to be on the opposite side of whatever Brunhild was on.

Upon arriving at the aforementioned room, Bruma took her seat next to Marcello at the desk waiting for them as the big man behind it gave them his welcoming, “Come in, come in! Tell Big Barca the big news from the street!” Big Barca, despite his round stomach, was apparently a very lively and energetic man. As he spoke, the cigar hanging from his mouth didn’t seem to budge much and its smoke continuously puffed out of his mouth each time he took a breath. The man looked like an absolute hedonist.

Bruma glanced at her partner to await his answer first before she stepped up.

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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:42 pm

Marcello despised the smell of tobacco. He tried it once and never again. Luckily, almost being sick made him have a more serious attitude about the situation, and the glance from Bruma was a proper reminder to press on. In a matter of fact tone, Marcello said:
"Barca, the big news is war, between the heirs for Bosco. We need you to report on the atrocities committed by Brunhild and to give Reiner a positive outlook."
Big Barca gave Marcelo a suspicious glance. He looked very carefully at Bruma who was scanning the room with fervor. Speaking with a more settled attitude, he replied:
"I'm sure you do need it my friend. I'm sure you do! Brunhild has nearly double the support of Reiner, my friend. Of course, this would be big news, but big news comes at a big price."

It was hard to convince a merchant, especially a sleazy coward of a husk like Barca. It didn't take long to realize he was asking for compensation, even if there were some strongarming done. Perhaps he should let Bruma take over the persuasion. One weeks worth of exposure wouldn't cut it int he long run, people needed to know that Brunhild was a psychotic religious fanatic, that would stop at nothing to make sure a religious state was established. How could he convey to this short sighted profit chaser that the long term was with Reiner, not Brunhild? Violence? What kind of man was he. Marcello looked back at Bruma with a wondering glance, as though to ask for support. No doubt she would be annoyed, but she was the best at this sort of thing.

He spoke one more time to Barca:
"is your entire business a big enough cost? Haven't you noticed the papers in Brunhild's districts are no longer independent? Or maybe one of her goons are already keeping tabs on you?"

Big Barca squirmed in his seat. His eyes widened slightly as he sucked in his lower lip condescendingly. "You see..." he began, before stopping and leaving his words hanging in the air. Instead of answering, Barca cut open a fresh cigar, took a toke, and looked solemnly on his buzzing newsroom.

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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:12 pm

Bruma was somewhat impressed with Marcello’s diplomacy and his attempt as reasoning with the large man who turned his back to them. She may not have come up with such a scheme, opting for a more intimidating approach which she was prepared to unleash upon Big Barca. She reached into the pocket of her cloak and produced a crumpled-up paper before clearing her throat to get the man’s attention as she slid it across the wooden desk before leaning back in her seat. The man, of course, snatched the paper from his desk and unrolled it up to his face. As he began reading, Bruma merely glanced around at their surroundings before returning her glare back toward the man as he attempted to read the note, if one could even call it that.

The note itself was more akin to a child’s drawing, with stick figures and a building obviously representing the building they were in but on fire. There were red blotches as well, which the man inferred as representing blood. Correctly, Big Barca took it as a threat and Bruma could see it in his expression which contrasted with her stone-cold glare.

“I think you will find in the note the evidence that Brunhild is truly a wretch,” she explained calmy, “she is responsible for many atrocities, even against her own people… sometimes with a dog it seems.” Bruma crossed her arms as she finished her fabrication, hoping Big Barca was wise enough to go along with her story.

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Big News [Sabotage: Brunhild the Divine - Event Quest - Bruma & Marcello] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:37 pm

Looking puzzled, Marcello had no idea what was on the paper, but he trusted Bruma and skiddishly looked at Barca with a half intimidating half unknowing face. Marcello knew that it was important Barca get to work immediately, any form of delay or communication to Brunhild would not only put his own paper in jeopardy, but the papers within neighboring cities as well.

Barca began to sweat profusely. He smoked more quickly and finally gave his answer:
"You- You and everyone else do the same damn thing. Well you can have your way. It doesn't matter anymore. To my back I have a dagger and to my front an arrow. At the very least, we won't have to puff up that harlot impostor of a 'divine' as they say."

Barca continued to smoke his cigar and took a deep puff. After inhaling and exhaling the thick grey plume, he stood up with fervor and a spark in his eye. Maybe he was hoping for things to change along the line. He appeared to be tired, not just physically, but of everything going on around him. A few shouts, puffs, and angry pointing sessions later, Barca had given the order: stop the presses, and put in a new headline, "The Deathbringer: Divine, or Swine?" they would begin railing against Brunhild in a manner never before seen. As of that date, Brunhild had single handedly massacred a village of young women and children, who refused to convert. Their possessions were left smoldering in the fires of self righteous condemnation.

Marcello felt a pang of sympathy at first, but then again, journalists and newspaper workers had no shame. They were the kind to ruin anyone and anything for the sake of feeding the masses a moments entertainment. So with that, he figured no harm was truly being done. He and Bruma left the newspaper, test-issue in hand of what would be tomorrows headline.

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