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Travel to Orchid [Keita/Seika]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Travel to Orchid [Keita/Seika] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:17 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Shichiro had been talking to another REune Knight near the entrance of Oak town. Apparently, he was needed urgently elsewhere in fiore, specifically the north. The Rune Knight wasn't sure why this matter suddenly surfaced but he was only instructed to give Shichiro and the members of his troupe the message. According to the Knight, they were to be stationed at Orchid City and await further orders. With the message relayed, the Ruen Knight had lowered his head before sauntering off back to whence he came. Raising his right hand to the back of his head, Shichiro had scratched it, wondering what the upper brass could want with him and his Knights. On top of that, he's never been to Orchid city either so he didn't know what to expect upon his arrival. This was all quite frustrating but he should think of this as a new opportunity to get experience under his belt and travel to new lands. Well, he figured he would go and gather up his cousin Keita. Walking to where Keita was currently staying, Shichiro figured out how he would prepare for the trip to Orchid. As he mentioned before, he's never been there and would like to prepare for the incoming trip. 

For now, he'd just go to where Keita was currently staying in an attempt to get him for the upcoming trip. "Oi Keita, you here? Got news that we're being relocated to Orchid City. Come on, get ready, we have to go soon. Also, I don't suppose you've been there yourself right? It'd be my first time there so I'm hoping we can get there without wasting too much time," Shichiro had said.


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The barracks were quiet that morning as Seika finally aroused himself from his slumber, his body stretching out as he tried to pop the kinks and knots he had twisted himself into while resting in the rather small bunks they were provided. He should have already been up by now if the clock were right, but after his last few missions he had decided to brush up on some of his close quarters combat work. Thus, he had spent essentially all last night out in the wilderness fighting various humanoid monsters until he was almost too tired to drag himself back.

Sitting up, he blinked the tiredness away and moved to finish gathering his things. He had already packed the necessary items that he would need to take to his next assignment, so it was really just to put it all together so he could grab it after his quick shower. It would take him another twenty minutes to finally leave the Rune Knight barracks, an impassive look about his face as he asked one of the guards out front where Ser Shichiro could be found. Being pointed in the direction of the residential district, he was almost confused until he considered the fact that it wasn't mandatory for all Rune Knights to stay in the barracks. Hell Seika only did it because it was free. Shrugging at this, he'd walk over to the residential district before spending a bit of time actually trying to locate the man before spotting him standing in front of a rather unassuming building. He missed the initial part of the man's statement but could vaguely guess as to why the man didn't wan to be late.

Saluting his superior, Seika would announce his presence as he had approached the man from the back. "Apprentice Seika reporting for travel to Orchid City, Ser". He would finish his announcement by lowering his hand from the salute and waiting to be acknowledged.

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Keita had been getting ready in the morning, as he was finally leaving the inn that he ha been staying at to do things in the city, and he was going to go with his fellow Rune Knights and head to Orchid city. Keita was still unsure as to what he was going to be doing in the other city, but he was sure that it was going to be both lucrative and help him with gaining influence in the Rune Knights. Keita just hoped that the missions that they were going to do would be helping people instead of exterminating pests such as the undead that they were wearing down for the past couple of weeks. Keita enjoyed helping people way more than he liked getting rid of enemies, but he would definitely do so if need.

Keita had finished getting all of his clothing packed along with all of the other necessities, so he was ready to go ahead and head out, and so he started walking down the street to go and wait at the outskirts of town for his other two travel companions. Soon, he had made it to the outskirts, and it was just in time to hear his cousin Shichiro start calling out to him to see if he was in the area to go ahead and leave, and so Keita followed the voice around the corner of a street he was coming from to go and meet with them. "Heya Shichiro, and hello again Seika." Keita would say as he got there and got onto the airship.


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#4Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Now that the three of them had gathered together, it was time for them to make a few stops around Oak in order to gather provisions for their trip to Orchid city. Keita must have not heard his initial questions so he decided not to repeat them. Instead he'd return the greeting and extend it to both him and Seika who had now already arrived on the scene. That saved him the trouble of having to go find him later. So now, all they had to do was get ready for their long trip, buy some provisions and meet Shichiro at his airship where he'd fly the trio to the next city. 

"Alright guys, I'm going to run around the town of Oak for a little bit but I have an airship that can fit up to four people waiting in a clearing in the outskirts of Oak. I want you guys to head there when you're done with whatever business you have left here so we can take off and leave. I have to go grab a couple of last minute provisions that will last us a couple of days. It's gonna be  a long trip so make sure you adequately prepare," Shichiro had informed them. After going around and collecting the provisions needed for their trip, Shichiro headed straight for his Airship to travel with the party to Orchid City.



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Being greeted by his superior and now Keita who had finally arrived, Seika would nod to both in return. He was beginning to enjoy working with these two, they had a decent level of teamwork, at least on missions it seemed. Of course Seika's silent disposition didn't aid in that department at all, after the last mission however, he was far more content just... existing silently. If only to prevent himself from sticking his foot back into his mouth with the utmost urgency.

Turning back to Shichiro as the man acknowledged his and the arriving Keita's presence, he listened in as the man basically gave them their marching orders for the day. They were to reconvene on the man's ship later that day after he had taken care of some minor mishaps, which meant that they had a bit of free time to tie up their own loose ends. Figuring he had time to go grab some food before the trip, he'd take his leave to go find a food stand that was on the way to the field.

Arriving shortly after, he'd glance up at the menu before furrowing his brow, there was a bit of hesitation in him as a presence drew past him catching his attention. Turning, he watched the diminutive priest from before strolling past him, the man child almost looked like he was minding his business, but Seika could see the smirk crossing his face as if a bad joke had been told. Swallowing his words however, the tall man would turn back to the stand and collect his food, he didn't have time to deal with this now.


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