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Fortune Tarot: Bruma

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Fortune Tarot: Bruma Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:44 pm

Bruma stepped out of the room of her inn with a silent step, careful not to awaken Marcello as she quietly closed the door behind her with the least loud click she could manage. Her white, fur cloak contrasted with the grimy hall of the inn and possessed the air of debutant, with the effect of that impression only amplified by the rather fancy fur hat atop her head. Her hair flowed from underneath the headwear and appeared recently brushed and groomed. Her hair, as well as the rest of her body, was lightly drenched in perfume. She was ready to meet her secret lover.

Bruma left the inn with a bag of Jewels in hand. Though nighttime, she did not need to rely on the moonlight to guide her to her destination as the entire street was awash with lights from different stores and establishments. She reached her destination only a few blocks from where she started, and it was there that she saw the apple of her eye again. She gently pressed her hands against outside display glass as she leaned her face in to get a better look at her desire: a luxurious fur coat significantly puffier than her own and apparently made from an endangered species. She wanted it, needed it. She had seen the price before when she and Marcello passed through but took another look at the price card anyway as if expecting a change. It cost far more than what she and Marcello could afford but at least she got to see it one more time.

Turning around to wander off from the temptation, Bruma perhaps saw the answer to her problem as her gaze fell upon a casino across the street…

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Bruma had learned as a child a variety of foreign languages, including the tongue of Stella. It made it easy to understand she was looking at a casino but even regardless of what the luxurious sign said, it wasn’t difficult to tell the place was a gambling hut. It had obnoxious statues, gaudy magical lights, and well-dressed men and women entering and leaving through the double-glass doors. It was a wonder that the entire establishment appeared so pristine and intact despite the recent occupation by Boscosi forces. Of course, Bruma hated the entire look of the place with out loud and exuberant it appeared, but it did seem like easy money.

The woman in white made her way across the street, careful to avoid the drunks and rowdy folk as she reached the glass doors. Glancing through, she could see a regal lobby with pristine floor tiles, as well as more well-dressed patrons. With a strange glance, Bruma couldn’t help but think her outfit would help her blend in better with what must have been social elites. With just a little hesitation, she pressed her bare palm against the door slid right through into the lobby area where she came face-to-face with a young man in a staff member’s suit.

The man behind the wooden desk gave Bruma an ecstatic smile, obviously feigned, while she merely responded with a somber expression. With both hands on the desk, the man greeted her, “Welcome to the Gato Feliz Casino! How can I assist you?”

“I am here to make money,” she answered forwardly.

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“But of course,” a man said in a calm, Stellan accent, “that is what everyone is here for.” Bruma turned to her side to see a much older man in a similar but higher-quality outfit as the clerk. He had a mature smile as well as a distinct cloud of cologne around him that both gave him a charming air. He and Bruma gave each other glances, his being the epitome of hospitality and hers as stone cold as usual. Then, as if further breaking the ice, the older gentleman curled his lips into a bigger smile before waving his hand toward a corridor.

“If you follow me, you’ll find our games area this way.” With the man’s charms somewhat lowering guard, Bruma complied and started toward the corridor with the man. The sleek tiles eventually gave way to royal red carpet as they traversed several hallways into a much more open, and much louder, area of the building. It was bustling with activity, with people gambling at machines, gambling with others, and surrounding various tables and wheels. It was business as usual, which in itself was strange since Bruma found it difficult to believe there were still so many wealthy Stellans in the occupied territory.

Bruma did not know where to start, but new apparent guide offered her a helping hand. “Let’s get you some coins you can use to play the games, shall we?” The thick accent continued to drip off the man’s lips, but Bruma complied and followed him into another part of the enormous room.

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The guide waved his hand at a window in the wall, with a woman in it. Bruma hesitantly approached the counter of the window as if she were lost. The woman in the window evidently took notice of this as she put on an even larger welcoming smile before asking, “Would you like some coins?”

“I would,” Bruma answered without batting an eye, still unsure about all of this but nonetheless interested.

“And how many would you like?”

“A lot,” Bruma responded. The woman in the window glanced at the guiding man—perhaps her own boss—and produced a somewhat questioning expression before silently reaching under counter and producing a bag of casino coins. After a brief exchange of Jewels and the coins, Bruma turned away from the counter and back toward her guide and upon doing so, only just noticed the golden metal nametag on his left breast. Rodrigo was his name and in similar fashion that Bruma had come to expect, Rodrigo gave her another assured smile. He placed a hand on her shoulder, a typically dangerous course of action with Bruma but this time was different. She held onto the back of coins rather sheepishly and merely glanced at him as if expecting him to direct her toward the next step.

“Let’s find something that will make you lots of money, yes?” As he spoke, he began walking in another direction until their stroll brought them to a line of strange machines that Bruma had never seen before in her life.

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"I think you'll find this is a good activity for a beginner to start with," the man informed her as he pulled out a seat in front of the machine and beckoned with his hand gestures for her to sit down. She silently complied, of course, but cocked her eyebrows at Rodrigo's mentioning of her being a beginner to gambling. She must have made her skill level obvious with her lost disposition and though she had some suspicion, she was willing to trust the man in her quest for her expensive fur coat. She fully intended to leave this wretched place with her money once that quest came to an end however.

Taking her seat in the chair, Bruma looked right into the machine, which was mostly a square box with a screen and fancy engravings. The screen was no doubt powered by lacrima as it shined brightly with a light and displayed three vertical columns on the screen, with each column  containing similar symbols in different orders. Bruma was utterly baffled by the machine, a fact which Rodrigo must have picked up on as he held his hand out with his palm open. She glanced at his hand and, without needing to hear anything, understood what he was asking of her. She reached into her bag of coins that had been resting in her lap since she sat down and plucked one out before dropping it into her guide's hand. With anticipation, Bruma watched the man demonstrate how the machine worked for her.

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Rodrigo slid the coin into a small slot to the side of the screen. Then, he pressed a large, red button below the screen that caused the images on the vertical columns to spin rapidly. Eventually, the columns on the slot machine came to a stop, with two of the same images appearing on the first two columns and a different one coming to a stop in the center of the third column. Bruma looked at the screen questioningly before turning her gaze up at Rodrigro from her seat.

“So close,” he explained with an upbeat attitude, “you need to get three in a row to win.” Without saying anything, Bruma looked back at the screen and chewed on the simple rules in her mind. She quickly came to an understanding and reached her hand back into her coin bag before producing another one of the coins between her index finger and thumb. She slid the coin into the coin slot just as Ridrigo had done and pressed the button in the same manner as if afraid of breaking the button. Once again, the columns started spinning in a flurry of lights, and Bruma felt a strange sense of pride that she was legitimately gambling. It was apparently a simple activity too, taking little more than a coin, a button, and a dream.

When the columns came to a stop again, Bruma had once again failed to achieve three in a row, but she felt close to a win and knew she had plenty more coins to continue repeatedly.

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Rodrigo must have felt pleased with himself as he watched Bruma take to the slot machine easily. She looked as though she was easily influenced by the urge to play one more, especially with each quick jerk of her that found itself searching through the bag of coins only to pull out one after the other. Feeling somewhat successful in his hidden endeavor, the guide patted his hands on Bruma's shoulders from behind as a friendly gesture before silently walking off. She would have ordinarily displayed her dislike for such a gesture but she was too entranced by the blinking lights on the screen displaying her almost-win.

Left to her own devices, Bruma went through many of her coins and the machine only seemed to pull deeper into it's clutches after every loss until at last, she had a had just tiny stroke of Luke. The columns spun like wheels of fate, slowing bringing the images together. One. Two. Three! She had obtained three in a row and the machine sang as if it were pleased with her victory as it briefly lit up even brighter than before with blinking lights. It was then that she noticed the machine was spewing out coins from a slot below the screen but... It wasn't very much. Counting the coins, she realized she had gained less coins than she had used up to that point. She then noticed a sticker to the side of the screen, suggesting getting three in a row of different images would provide different amounts of coins as a reward.

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