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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB]

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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 8:47 pm

At the end of a journey that brought the pair to the Bosco-occupied lands of Stella, Bruma and Marcello had met up with one of Reiner the Bastard’s agents. The two, relatively unknown, had made first contact with the agent out of their own initiative. The work itself paid much better than any work they could find in Fiore, and the pair hoped that giving significant help to the prince in his time of need might earn them help with their traveling bakery. Reiner was well-known outside of Fiore for his support of industry and the merchant class after all. If the power struggle were to go into Reiner’s favor, perhaps the prince would help those who helped him. Regardless of the outcome of the succession crisis, Bruma expected to leave the conflicted region a richer woman at the very least.

After having met with the agent at a municipal building, he informed Bruma and Marcello that they were to pose as liberators from Fiore coming to help the resistance with the intention of actually subduing the resistance members once they were located. To that end, the agent directed them to a nearby tavern that was often filled with rowdy ex-Stella soldiers who were none-too happy with the occupation. It is for that reason that both Bruma and Marcello found themselves on a dirt road that may have had buildings all over the place but was rather quiet with the exception of the tavern mentioned. The sound of music and hollering was fierce, juxtaposing the quietness of the outside which was draped with Boscosi flags.

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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:27 pm

Hoping to save his wife the trouble, Marcello thought of a quick plan to get the rowdy soldiers' blood pumping. How do you gain rapport with the rugged? Alcohol, and violence. In swift fashion, he grabbed each and every Boscosi flag hanging from the taverns outer walls. "Don't watch what I'm about to do, it'll be too embarassing to stomach." Marcello said to Bruma. He stopped to ponder Reiner the Bastard's ambitions and intent for Bosco. By the time it came to truly test his mettle, it would be too late to stop him. A country of merchants and trade is promising, imagine opening a brick and mortar bakery right here in Bosco. Yet, despite all the promise, Marcello felt a careful dread when seeing Reiner, who never wore his emotions on his face, and never hinted at his intentions or sentiments. It takes a true statesman to act in such a manner consistently. No slips of the tongue or what's on his mind. A formidable intellect would make anyone wonder what else he is planning.

Marcello breathed in, a bundle of flags in hand, and entered the tavern. Whistling a common Fiorian tune, he ignored the glares and huffing and set the flags on the bar where he sat. Cringing internally, he hated the idea of acting tough. It was bad enough he looked like a child. Bruma would probably be looking away in sheer horror.

"Someone vandalized your tavern with these, just wanted to let you know."
Marcello said to the barkeep, in a not too quiet but not loud tone of voice.
"Leave." The man behind the bar was an older gentleman, and looked at Marcello sternly. They stared at each other, seeing who would respond properly first. Men's heads began to turn and watch.

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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:50 pm

Bruma rolled her eyes at Marcello’s display, understanding his intention but thinking it a bit too excessive. He must have known she didn’t like him acting so obnoxious, but she allowed his ridiculous display to continue as the man who must have been running the tavern approached and order him to leave. She gave a brief, unimpressed glance in the direction of the man before turning it toward some of the patrons. Her eyes shifted back and forth somewhat before she cleared her throat began speaking aloud to the patrons as she ignored the gruff man demanding their departure.

“What my partner means to say,” she announced in a matter-of-fact tone, "is that we have been sent her from Fiore to drive off the occupiers, but if none of you have any interest in breaking your shackles, then we will leave.” With that, she gave the man a glare as she turned around toward the exit, expecting her partner to follow behind her. She stepped outside of the tavern and looked toward the setting sun and just… waited. She crossed her arms and dimmed her eyes, letting the light breeze push her hair as she waited to see if their announcement would pay off.

Eventually, as people began departing the tavern, one man seemingly bumped into Bruma and then waddled off as if he were drunk. Surprisingly, Bruma did not seem to mind as much as she normally would have as she now magically had a slip of paper in her hand after the man bumped into her. She carefully unfolded the slip of paper which listed an address. She casually slipped it to Marcello then and began making her way toward the spot.

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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 10:22 pm

"You still love me, right?" Marcello asked Bruma. He hadn't recovered from the shame of it all. Reading the address Bruma handed to him, he quickly followed alongside. Well, regardless, any potentially wary resistance members would be calmed by Bruma's presence. It's always good to have a collected and sensible person about.

Less than a few blocks away a higher end inn flew boscosi colors. The address however, was for the tailors shop next door. Upon entry, a very tall woman said "Ah, the fool and the warrior. To the right please." her clothes were very well kept, a maid's outfit with a peculiar pin, perhaps a family crest? As Bruma went to the right, there was a hatch door. Going down into the cellar, Marcello didn't expect a trap. This seemed too simple, it was most likely a vetting process. Regardless, the first people they would meet would suffice as new workers. Their actions cannot be tolerated if Bosco is to be united, even if it means putting their labor to use against their will.

A dim candle fluttered at the center of the room, with some daylight still flooding in. The sun hadn't quite set, and the three faces were visible. Two young men, brothers perhaps, who had been at the tavern beamed brightly at Bruma, ignoring Marcello. Another man sat arms crossed, the one who slipped Bruma the address, staring intently at the both of them.
The man with arms crossed said,"who sent you?" No doubt he had a roaring suspicion about how the Tavern incident went down. Perhaps he was hiding even more members.


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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 10:41 pm

Bruma did not bother to answer her dear husband after his foolishness. She would surely extract penance from the man by spending his Jewels later. She did not bother to answer the maid either, leaving that up to Marcello, though, she did necessarily approve of him talking to someone in such a cliché maid outfit. Nonetheless, Bruma felt satisfied with herself and their whole operation as they decided down into the cellar to meet what formed the saddest attempt at a resistance force that Bruma could have expected. She counted only three men and she was willing to bet on there not being very many more around that area. They would nonetheless prove valuable for as long as they were alive, even factoring in the potential injuries they were about to face in their capture.

After the man asked his suspicious question, Bruma held up two fingers which casted short shadows with the help of the candlelight. A bright, cyan magic seal formed above her head as well as below her feet as she did so. “Reiner,” she answered and without hesitation, she slid her fingers in the direction of the man in the middle whom she guessed was in charge. With her fingers acting as the trigger, an arrow made of cold ice bolted out of the seal and flew right into the man’s leg. A few droplets of blood hit the floor, followed by the man himself who fell into the fetal position as he screamed in pain and ordered his two partners to do something.

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Rooting Out the Resistance [Support: Reiner the Bastard - Event Quest - Bruma & MarcelloB] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 11:07 pm

The twins looked at the floored giant in sheer terror, then to Bruma who was ready to cast again, and finally to Marcello, who had already closed the distance between them. One axe lay between the thighs of one twin, another steady Marcello's hand by his side. "Follow us." The freer of the two made a quick dash backward, by which time a lengthy but shallow cut ran along the leg of the first. "I can't command respect like her, can I? That's alright." One quick swing of the flat surface of the axe broke the boy. No doubt some hairline fractures would be found in his arm, but Marcello did it lightly. Enough to shock and still work the mines.

"Useless!" screamed the floored baby of a man. "Now that, they are not, and neither are you. Your labor will help grow Bosco, and slay your former countrymen."

Expecting a fight, Bruma left the cellar on guard, but the maid was nowhere to be seen. Marcello was surprised but didn't care. On their way back to the municipal building, three tied up and bound men in tow, people began to look downward, away from them. While a more discreet delivery might have helped, the statement also works nicely. Bosco's message is clear: dissidents will not be tolerated. He wondered how his wife was feeling, scared his punishment for the earlier display would be severe. Marcello began thinking of ways to appease her as the three men grunted in tow. Upon arrival at the Municipal building once more, Bruma reminded the agent who her husband and she were, lest we be forgotten during prosperity. The sun had finally set, as the pair set off towards their lodging, reward in hand. Marcello sheepishly smiled and complimented his wife’s swift work.

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