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Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve]

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#1Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:05 pm

Hildegard Sachsenwald
The beauty of Stella bewildered her as the greenery was more vibrant than in Bosco. Bosco had to try hard the beauty in comparison. She loved her Country, but she wished people took care of it more because then it could be like this! Her emerald eyes met up with one of the locals of this fine Island of Stella as they welcomed her. The ruffles of her black dress were swaying with the wind as they mocked the waves of the sea. She awaited her company as Hildegard sent a letter to one of her supporters to help her out in Stella.

Dear new friend,

I hope this letter seeks you well, as I wish to meet you in Stella. I offer my hand for you to help me with finding those in need of our help as you and the others helped in Bosco. Please, if you wish to bring a friend. I will not falter in acceptance as all I have two hands to offer.~

Sincerely, Your Hildegard

The entrance of the island was a crescent beach with a single dock in the middle. People were welcomed by palm trees, anthora flowers, and vibrant flowers scattered across-shore. Her green hair motioned slowly as she sat now on a large boulder a few meters from the dock. Legs crisscrossed while her body wanted to hope up in excitement to help all the poor creatures and people in need with Lady Genevieve.

#2Hitomi Minamoto 

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] Empty Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:51 pm

Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi sipped her tea as she read the letter delivered to her by a courier. The letter was written by none other than Hildegard herself, a welcomed surprise for Hitomi. The letter wasn't clear about what she needed as far as the said help she spoke of but Hitomi figured it would all become very clear once she got to the elven princess. Finishing the rest of her tea she grabbed Kusanagi and headed out the door of the room that she rented in one of the nicer inns that Stella had.

It took Hitomi nearly no time at all before to get to the meeting place where she would spot Hildegard. The transportation that she took from the Inn was a horse-drawn carriage but it worked out like most others. Stepping out of the carriage she figured that Hildegard wouldn't notice it was the same person she met at the other place they met before when she was with Odin. Hitomi was no longer Genevieve and everything showed that. Dressed in a pair of green pants, a white shirt, and some black shoes, she was comfortable yet practical in most situations. Her long violet hair was pinned up in a neat bun with bangs framing her face. Once she spotted Hildegard she would have to the elven princess before heading in her direction, a smile on her face.

Hello and good morning Princess Hildegard. I look different from when you last saw me but I'm who you know as Genevieve. For the sake of less confusion she just let her old name continue to be used while she was working here.

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] NRhlo2C
#3Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:10 pm

Hildegard Sachsenwald
Hildegard sighed in relief as she heard the woman's voice. Once she turned around she was confused. This was not the Genevieve she met within the forest! Her hair was longer, body portions were a little different and even the face was brand new. She immediately hopped off her from her position to walk towards her, twirl around to study the woman, and clapped her hands happily. "Oh my, so this is the magic potion people have talked about!~ It must be," she spoke soothingly excited. "Well, I won't ask any questions as it is your own business. So I shall start with a Good Morning.~".

Head tilted towards the side and looked past Genevieve to see an elven man and a demi-human wolf. "Looks like they're ready for us," she spoke while her face turned more determined. She thought for a second and gazed upward. Hildegard realized she had a sword with her and then back up, "That'll be useful for what is about to come," she said in her honey-smooth voice. "Come," she insisted as she started to walk towards the path that leads to a village of non-other than Demi-humans and elves. "They call themselves the Dalish, a group of elves and demi-humans that roam around the world with the plan of only surviving and staying together. Humans come at night to sometimes kidnap a woman or two and kill their livestock," her expression is cold as she has heard some horror stories of what the Dalish have to deal with. "Let us see what they need help with!~", her attitude instantly went back to happy and enthused to help.

No one should have to deal with any of that just because they exist...

#4Hitomi Minamoto 

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] Empty Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:22 am

Hitomi Minamoto
Hitomi raised an eyebrow as she looked from her sword to Hildegard. The bat demi-human woman honestly didn't know what to expect out of today but she would be sure to lend her hand as best as she could. She could remember the last few times she helped Hildegard's camp, Hitomi had practically slaughtered hundreds partly to do her job but mostly because it was fun. Now here she stood not so eager to do it again but if her blade was needed she wouldn't object. Quietly listening to what was being said, Hitomi didn't have anything to add or input yet, she was simply here to do a job.

Following Hildegard, she would listen to her speak more on a group called the Dalish. Apparently, this group was full of elves and demi-humans just trying to survive. It really was depressing to hear the trouble they had to go through because some humans couldn't act civil but that was the way of life. Nodding her head when she felt necessary Hitomi could only wonder what they would be doing. Did these people need protection? Or maybe they wanted to be trained in order to protect themselves? Hopefully, they would say what they needed and soon. Hitomi was already getting restless and she didn't feel super comfortable being alone with a royal. She would much rather have Odin here but she already knew that wouldn't be possible for a few reasons.

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] NRhlo2C
#5Hildegard Sachsenwald 

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] Empty Sat Jun 12, 2021 5:41 pm

Hildegard Sachsenwald
Hildegard saw how the woman was feeling restless. The warrior within her was roaring out and she could see that. One of the Demi-humans asked simply for them to just make sure everyone is prepared for the battle itself and they may do what they wish afterward. She sighed softly and gave a warry smile. This will have to do if her supporter wished to go off elsewhere. Happily, she went forward to go towards the animals, but as she was she heard loud talking. Swiftly, she went out towards the field and took out her bow.

Her eyes saw a few humans with her keen eyes about thirty meters away picking on an elf as a little demi-human girl was on the ground, bleeding. Her eyes glared towards them and aimed. "Declare loss and leave or be prepared to forfeit your freedom!", she yelled at them. They turned towards her and put a knife towards the elf's neck. "Make me ya knife-eared freak!", he yelled back. Her hand was on the butt of the arrow as the head was towards the man. She had to think and hurry! She stomped her feet and motioned a single finger towards the man who was soon encased by a cage of rose vines. Slowly, the other two men backed away, but swiftly she shot one towards the left and as quickly towards the right. There were no more humans to be seen so she called for medical and then turned back to ask Genevieve, "I shall let you choose their fate.~". One was stuck in the Rose vine cage while the two were on the ground bleeding to death by the arrow of Hildegard's. Will she save them or will she give them no mercy for harming the innocent people of demi's and Elves?

Finally, it was over she said her goodbyes to Genevieve and went to attend to the two that were injured.


#6Hitomi Minamoto 

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] Empty Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:10 am

Hitomi Minamoto
So there was a battle to be had this day, Hitomi was anxious. The last fight she had gotten into was with a man far above her own skill and power scale. It wasn't that she was afraid but she certainly was on edge about how her future battles would play out after that day. Without any changes to her own outward emotion that would give what she was feeling inside away, she simply nodded her head and continued to follow Hildegard. The elven princess looks dignified no matter how many times she saw her, even when she screamed a warning to some humans who had the gall to disrespect her afterward. Hitomi placed her hand on the hilt of her blade to release It from its sheath but Hildegard was much quicker.

As Hitomi lunged forward she could see two arrows fly past her but before hitting their target a man was trapped in a rose cage. Hitomi's lunge began to come to an end and she wasn't too far off from them when she saw the arrows hit their target, downing them. The men looked helpless but before she could do anything Hildegard was giving her the power over their fate. Looking at the three humans she could see there was no hope for the two that were bleeding out from their wounds, only a quick death would stop their suffering, but the man in the cage had time for mercy. Releasing her sword from its sheath, the crackling of lightning surrounding its blade, she quickly lopped off each of their heads before returning to Hildegard who exchanged goodbyes with her.

- exit -

Beautiful Life [Support: Hildegard] [Genevieve] NRhlo2C

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