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Heist Preparation [Quest]

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It was finally time to get a rest or so that is what she said two days ago from when she last met up with Neal. He has some things for her to do, but first, she wanted to go pick up some food for her and the damn green cat. She was napping in the fields with a blanket under her for safe keeps. The last thing she needed was some bugs crawling onto her skin. She will burn the damn place before receiving insects in her hair and who knows elsewhere. Frosch was rolling around cutely as always while gazing at the clouds, "Frosch sees a turtle," they said randomly as they pointed towards a cloud.

Fala rubbed her face and yawned sleepily before tilting her body towards the cat. "You smile creepily sometimes," Fala told them, "I know," they replied simply before getting up. That was the signal for them to start leaving as they had to help Neal in a half hour. Fala slowly got off her ass and started to head to the stall with food. She simply paid what was due and gave Frosch theirs. On the way to Neal they silently ate their food. She had a simple sandwich stacked with meats and a couple of slices of cheese. On the side, she had a fruit smoothie with no added sugars. Frosch had their little snack as well as they went along with their day.

She finally met up with Neal in the back alley to hear what he had to say. as this was going to be his last request.. He informs her that he was close to starting the greatest and best heist yet but, he still needs a few items. Her eyes gazed at him reaching for his pocket to bring out a paper.

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She turned the paper upside down, left, right and then upward while reading the paper. His hand writing was really horrible! She laughed at it as she spoke to no one, "I bet even you could have better handwriting,". Frosch looked at her strangly yet accepted the fact already that Fala was crazy, just like Frosch themselves. She went towards the merchant area to gaze around as she had to start her stealing spree. Most of the items that the guy wanted won't be too hard to steal, but a couple if not more were kind of expensive.

It really meant more work for her and Frosch. The time of day was unknown, but by the sun it was a little afternoon. She looked at some nice pair of night-vision goggles that were behind the merchant themselves. Her eyes instantly looked at Frosch and told them the plan. She wanted to tell Frosch that they need to sneak behind them while she goes and flirts with the man. As always, Frosch accepted and Fala in her pretty cute outfit goes up to the merchant and leans over to look at him. He was gazing back and Fala just told them how attractive their appearance was. It was working since Frosch ran off with the goggles a few minutes after.

Fala said her goodbyes casually and went to the next one. The second item was a pair of watches which Fala did not understand why they needed more watches. She continued anyway as she saw the Rune knights soon enough. Without much thinking - since she can't. She grabbed Frosch and told them to make a mess. They cutely went up to them instead and distracted them while she grabbed the pair. Quickly, she left the area to them return to neal with the deliver they asked for.

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Heist Preparation [Quest] _ow_in11Heist Preparation [Quest] 13740711 Heist Preparation [Quest] 70aacc11

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