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Heist Surveillance

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So, she finally got a kill a guy. So what? The thrill didn't last long nor did that dress since she had to cleanse herself from touching that filth. Today was a really backdoor day, which speaking of she had to meet Neal in a back alley. The Town square had his attention apparently and he wanted to probably steal something today. She went with Frosch who followed with to talk to Neal who informs her about what he wants her to do. There was a building that she needed to go to and search about. She had to be his note-taker like she was for Mott- something, Fala forgot his name.

Number of Guards

Number of Security Cameras

A number of a lot of other things, blah. She rolled her eyes as she looked at the paper with the list. She said bye to the weirdo and walked towards the building. Frosch didn't care what was happening as they just enjoyed the adventure. Maybe this weird cat frog thing was more like her than she herself felt. At first it was just annoying as fuck, but now it felt more attached to the little annoying weirdo. Frosch gazed up at the building and pointed at it. Fala looked right after to notice that it had several watchful rune knights that were stationed inside. They instantly spot her, but for now, she was innocent so they did nothing. Fala continued to go on with Frosch as she then noticed that there were four employees in the damn floor she was in. She wrote it down in her little notepad and moved on,, but before she fully could one of the employees noticed her and approached her. They randomly came to her and asked if she needed any assistance, but Fala just noped them.

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They shrugged and went into their own business as Fala and Frosch continued on their adventure. Her purple orbs looked at the vault that was quite huge and beside them were several cameras in the inside faced. Her eyes wandered more to see if she noticed anything else before moving on in which she surprisingly did. The vault was powered by a magical crystal. It shined and was bright as the lights around did not help. It sparkled into her own eyes like Abu in Alladin with the red gem. Frosch caught her attention as they pointed out a few other things. A rune knight comes up to her as they question her purpose. As truthful as she could be she wondered if she actually needed a purpose to wander around. They were kind of struck by the answer eas they honestly did not know. They then questioned themselves so much that it took up a lot of time.

Fala told them that her companion wanted to take their thoughts away from something that has been worrying them so they wandered into this building out of all places. They accepted that dumb story and they went on with their day. Both of them left and Fala and Frosch went to find Neal who wanted the information. As she was leaving she realized there were several cameras on the outside as one was facing each way of the street and they were not in front of the building exactly. She continued with her notes till she finally returned to the alley and repeated the information she found out on the place. He looked at her notes by every detail one could imagine and asked questions if he was confused. Frosch just wandered back home as it was getting late. Fala got rewarded and the both of them went to eat and sleep.

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Heist Surveillance _ow_in11Heist Surveillance 13740711 Heist Surveillance 70aacc11

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